So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 31

Chapter 31:  Turning Into a Hero

“Captain Chen, why are you listening to him? Is there anything to investigate here?” Xia Xue felt that it was quite strange after all. Wasn't this merely an attempted robbery? Is there even a need to raise such a big ruckus?

“At that time, I had already felt something was not right. As expected, there was something wrong with this person!” Chen Fei looked into Yang Ming’s eyes as he said, “Thanks to you for mentioning it just now, or else, I will not be able to understand the context.”

“Hmph!” Xia Xue left a cold humph in disdain. She didn’t consider a senior high-school student to be very capable.

After quite a while, the policeman who left before returned excitedly. The moment he rushed into the hearing room, he shouted, “Captain Chen, we have a breakthrough! The photos of these two men were sent to all the police departments. Immediately, Province S called. Both of them are wanted for robbery, rape, and murder!”

“Not bad!” Captain Chen smacked the table and stood up. He walked in front of Yang Ming and said, “Little brat. It seems that not only are you acquitted, you even did something great.”

It was only at this moment that Yang Ming sighed in relief. Since both of those guys were wanted, there shouldn’t be any issue!    

Surely enough, the specialist from the technology department had reached the same conclusion after a short time. Based on the overwhelming evidence at the fight scene and the fingerprints on the dagger, it was safe to conclude that Yang Ming fought back under the condition that his life was threatened. Also, based on the information from Province S, the name of the wizened man was Ji Shuisheng who was skilled in martial arts. His methods were deemed very cruel because he had murdered three people in Province S. There were no victims who survived encounters with him. Thus, it was confirmed that Yang Ming’s actions were due to self-defense.

“Little buddy, I am sorry for holding you up for such a long time! We should advocate your conduct of justice. I am ready to call the chief about your official recognition...”

The door of the interrogation room opened while Chen Fei was finishing his sentence.

A middle-aged man was in the lead and came. Then, Zhao Ying and the principal of the No. 4 High School followed.

Speak of the devil, he was here. Chen Fei asked, “Chief Wang, why have you come?”

Chief Wang Aiguo pointed at Principal Li Yuejin and said, “Hey, my old schoolmate told me that one of the students in his school was arrested so, I came here to see what was happening!” 

“Yang Ming, are you alright?” The moment Zhao Ying saw Yang Ming, her face was filled with joy. She immediately ran towards Yang Ming to hold his hand but, she suddenly recalled that Principal Li was behind her. She immediately let go of his hand. However, her worried expression was clearly exhibited.

After Yang Ming was taken away by the police, Zhao Ying was quite anxious. This was her first time feeling so helpless. It was nothing at first. However, once something happened to Yang Ming, Zhao Ying felt like her heart was squashed. Several thoughts came into Zhao Ying’s mind. Could it be that I have fallen for him? It shouldn't be possible. He’s just my student. Or was it just a feeling of concern between a brother and sister?

Yang Ming said in an appreciative manner, “Teacher Zhao, I am fine. Captain Chen treated me very well.” He never thought that Zhao Ying would come so soon and even bring Principal Li.

Chief Wang Aiguo walked towards Yang Ming with a smile and said, “Little fellow, how was it? Old Chen didn't interrogate through torturing, right?”

Chen Fei shook his head with a bitter smile as he replied, “Chief Wang, don’t you know my character?”

Chief Wang pointed at Yang Ming and asked, “I’m just kidding, Old Chen. What did he do that required him to be brought to this place?”

“Murder.” Chen Fei’s expression was serious the moment he talked about work.

“What? Murder?!” Chief Wang was shocked. His old schoolmate just contacted him about a student under arrest. Nothing further was explained on this matter and Chief Wang thought it was just a normal street fight.

Ah?” Principal Li was surprised as well. He didn't have any knowledge about it earlier. What he learned from Zhao Ying was only that a student was arrested by the police.

“Chief Wang, stop being agitated and listen to me. Yang Ming did commit murder but it was under the condition of proper self-defense. The one he had killed was a wanted murderer from Province S. The case is like this...” Chen Fei reported the scenario clearly to Chief Wang.

“So, it is like this. When you came in, he wasn't cuffed. If he committed murder, how can he be so relaxed?” As Chief Wang grasped the situation, he said, “Old Li, ah, this time your school will be honored. A little hero’s come out from your school! I will definitely spread your glory and broadcast it on television!”

Principal Li felt a sense of relief. It seemed like a good thing. Consequently, Principal Li gave a vibrant smile as he said, “If there’s no issue then it is alright. Regarding the broadcasting, I think there’s no need for it.”

Chief Wang was puzzled. “Why? This is a great opportunity to boost the school’s prestige. Why would Principal Li ignore this opportunity?”

Yang Ming sensed that something was odd. However, his thoughts were aligned with Principal Li. Even if Principal Li didn’t mention it, he would have proposed to keep a low profile with regard to this matter. It was because he didn’t want to have his parents worried about him. Although it was proper self-defense, it was still a murder. His parents might not be able to take it.

“Yang Ming is a Grade 12 student. The National Higher Education Entrance Examination is approaching in two months. I don’t want this case to affect his studies. If a television broadcast is made, he will definitely be distracted. Therefore, such glory isn’t needed!” After Principal Li finished his sentence, he looked at Yang Ming and asked, “Yang Ming, if I do it like this, will you blame me for taking away your opportunity to be famous?”

At that instance, Yang Ming was touched. His tears were close to gushing out! Yang Ming felt that Principal Li was a great principal after listening to those words. He was a principal that considered the best interest of the student! He would forgo such a great opportunity for publicity just because he was afraid that it would interfere with Yang Ming’s studies! As a matter of fact, this opportunity was something that every other school desired!

 Zhao Ying noticed that Yang Ming’s expression wasn’t quite right. Since she was afraid Yang Ming would say something improper, she promptly advised, “What is it, Yang Ming? Principal Li considered your best interest. You wouldn’t be angry, right?

 “Principal Li, thank you very much!” Yang Ming answered with a deep bow. “I am of the same opinion. As I am still a student, what matters to me is enrollment in a university. So, Chief Wang, please accept Principal Li's and my request.”

 “Hahaha, great, this brat isn’t bad!” Chief Wang gave a thumbs up and said, “It is great that someone as young as you isn't greedy for material gain. Great job, Old Li. I am impressed by your ability to groom a good student.”

 Principal Li patted Yang Ming’s shoulder and said, “Hehe. Yang Ming, I am delighted to hear that you think this way! What you said was right. To me, if you could enroll in a good university, that will be much more important than glory! Your exam score will be the best reward for the principal and teachers!”

 Chief Wang instructed Chen Fei, “That’s great. This case will be resolved just like you said and we will keep it low profile. Chen Fei, you will personally handle this matter. If you need any instructions, just find me!”

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