So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Teaching A Lesson

Is it really that my character bursts with such invincible charm that this girl fell in love with me? Yang Ming shook his head. He wasn’t narcissistic to this degree! Besides, how was it possible for Zhou Jiajia to like me?

Even Yang Ming found it ridiculous! Never mind the hatred in junior high school, the both of them hadn’t met each other in three years. It was unbelievable that Zhou Jiajia really liked him!

However, to say that she had an ulterior motive, Yang Ming still hadn't discovered what she could seek from him.

Although Yang Ming was crazy rich at this moment, only Xiao Qing and Liu Weishan knew about it. The others weren’t clear about it. Yang Ming didn’t seem rich like Wang Zhitao and Zhang Bing at the university.

Therefore, if Zhou Jiajia had an ulterior motive, then it absolutely made no sense. In fact, Yang Ming was quite immune to this beautiful girl. He didn't want to have any affiliation with Zhou Jiajia anymore. This was because Yang Ming was afraid to establish any contact with this seemingly terrorizing little sister Zhou.

Initially, Yang Ming thought that Huang Youcai would stop, but he guessed wrong! Huang Youcai had stopped, but the people behind him didn’t.

Wang Xifan was anxious for these two days, and he was extremely vexed! His elder brother was taken away by the police. This matter hadn’t been resolved yet. Then, his capable assistant, Huang Youcai, had another "unpredictable" car accident!

Wang Xifan’s scalp was numb. He didn't know which of his competitors had hired a ruthless person who dared to touch Huang Youcai! Although Wang Xifan occasionally was involved in sly methods to scare his competitors, it was only limited to teaching the other party a lesson. At most, it would result in admission to a hospital for a few months. However, causing Huang Youcai to have a lifelong disability, he still hadn’t resorted to such extreme measures.

He still wanted to keep his place in business. If he did things without reserve, he would be likely to be retaliated by others. Wang Xifan wasn’t Feng Xifan in The Deer and the Cauldron [1], a person who had great martial arts to the point of being fearless against revenge from others!

Let’s forget about the matter of Huang Youcai which is a headache. At least, I need to bail my brother out. Compared with Huang Youcai, elder brother is the person closest to me!

Huang Youcai was hospitalized, so the rest of the matter could only be followed up by Wang Xifan. Wang Xifan picked up an anonymous cell phone on the table and dialed the phone number of Xiao Qing's office.

"Hello, Director Xiao, I wonder what you think about it?" Wang Xifan interrogated, "You don't want to see the accident for a second time, right? Director Xiao, isn’t it still frightening?"

Wang Xifan didn't know that Xiao Qing had already heard the news about Huang Youcai’s car accident. He thought she didn't know, so he tried to frighten her. However, Xiao Qing knew that Huang Youcai had an accident. How could there be another person to harass her?

“Who are you?” Xiao Qing asked faintly. She suddenly found out that she wasn’t particularly afraid to pick up threatening phone calls today. It was a wonder why Xiao Qing first thought of Yang Ming. Although she didn't agree with Yang Ming’s extreme methods, Xiao Qing knew that Yang Ming would protect her anyway.

"Who I am is not important, Director Xiao. I will give you another day. I will call again in a while." Wang Xifan said before he hung up.

Xiao Qing frowned as she didn't know what to do. After a moment of hesitation, Xiao Qing decided not to hide this from Yang Ming this time. After all, if she had another "accident," Yang Ming would be mad. It would be hard to imagine what extreme things Yang Ming would come up with for Xiao Qing!

Thinking of this, Xiao Qing called Yang Ming's phone.

Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing’s phone call and thought it was a bit weird. At noon, would she invite me to meet her secretly at her apartment?

"Hello, Sister Xiao Qing, did you miss me again?" Yang Ming picked up the phone.

"Yang Ming, is there someone with you?" Xiao Qing asked for a moment.

"No, what’s wrong Sister Xiao Qing? What happened?" Yang Ming immediately wiped the smile off his face and answered seriously.

"Yang Ming, someone just called me. Let me..." Xiao Qing repeated Wang Xifan's words to Yang Ming.

"I understand, Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming took a deep breath after listening. "Leave it to me."

"Please be careful..." Xiao Qing said.

Damn it. Are you still so full of yourself? As Yang Ming hung up the phone, anger arose in him. If I didn’t make trouble for you, then you should be grateful. And yet you dared to continue with the threats? It seemed that this Wang Xifan was not very quick on the uptake. I need to continue to beat it into him!

However, compared to Huang Youcai, it was more difficult to find Wang Xifan's whereabouts so Yang Ming didn’t plan to get him immediately. Instead, he would call and teach him a lesson first.

Yang Ming found a public phone. He knew Wang Xifan’s cell phone number. He had seen it from Wang Zhitao’s cell phone before. Due to his hatred for Wang Zhitao, Yang Ming had noted it down. He didn’t expect it to be useful now.

"Hello, hello." Wang Xifan picked up his cell phone, but the number that called was unfamiliar to him.

“Wang Xifan?” Yang Ming asked directly.

"I am Who are you?" Wang Xifan frowned. It was rare someone directly addressed him by his name. There were none who dared to disrespect him and omit his title as Chairman Wang!

"You don't need to care who I am. There’s something I have to say to you!" Yang Ming said plainly.

"Is something the matter? If there’s nothing, I will hang up the call!" Wang Xifan thought it was a prank. At the end of the year, the workers of the construction companies under him always came to the head office to ask for their pay!

Their efforts were to no avail. If the head office didn’t agree, did the branch company dare to delay their wages?

"Not bad!" Yang Ming sneered, "Wang Xifan if you don't want to have any accidents, you can hang up immediately."

"What do you want?" Wang Xifan said while holding in his anger. No one dared to talk to him like this!

"Isn’t it about what you want, Boss Wang? It seems that the lesson for Huang Youcai wasn’t enough. Does Boss Wang also think of being admitted to the hospital to accompany him?" Yang Ming said calmly, "Tch tch, the situation of Huang Youcai was difficult to accomplish. It was by chance that he acquired high paraplegia. You can't ask for it! However, I can try my best to do it. If you turn into a person in a vegetative state accidentally, Boss Wang please pardon me! But, rest assured that I will try by any means to get you into high paraplegia!"

"..." Wang Xifan only felt the cold sweat on his body! Before, he thought that the other party was only targeting Huang Youcai. After all, many of the nasty matters in these years were handled by Huang Youcai. It was normal for people to retaliate against him! But, he didn't expect that people were only giving a warning to him! The target was actually him!

"Boss Wang, say something. Your identity is quite special. You can make an appointment with me, or, you can also make a reservation for the hospital ward. But, just to be safe, you should get a place for yourself at the cemetery!" Yang Ming continued, "Although I tend to be accurate at times, the martial arts masters also make mistakes. I‘m afraid that I might accidentally kill you."

"This brother, how did I, Wang Xifan, offend you? I hope you can point it out." Wang Xifan was an experienced leader of the company. Although he was scared, he tried to keep his voice as calm as possible, "If I offended you, I will correct it." ”

"Really? Then, I will give you another chance. You know, I don't like to stir things up so much!" Yang Ming sighed.

You don’t like to stir things up so much? Huang Youcai couldn’t take care of himself already! However, Wang Xifan didn't dare to speak of it! There was no doubt that the other party was a ruthless character. From the point of view of his work, he was simply a desperado! The evil is afraid of the brute; the brute is afraid of the desperado. Although Wang Xifan felt that he was already quite powerful in Song Jiang, he wasn’t stupid. It would end badly if he challenged this kind of person.

"So, I only hurt Huang Youcai." Yang Ming continued, "I had already planned to send someone tonight to deal with you, but since you are not slow on the uptake, I will give you a chance!"

What? Deal with me tonight? Wang Xifan was shocked! Originally, he was in a bad mood for these two days. Wang Xifan still wanted to go to his mistress to distract himself at night. Now, when he heard what the other person said, he wouldn’t dare to go! Although the other party said to give him a chance, who would know if this was a means to confuse people? Wang Xifan decided that he should be careful in the upcoming days! Oh ya, I will get the Security Department to send a few more people in a while so that person can't get a chance to do something to my car.

"This brother, as long as you say it, I will change!" Wang Xifan said quickly.

"Yes? Well, don’t intervene in Wang Xuefan's matter, or, I can't guarantee that there won’t be any further accidents." Yang Ming said faintly, "This is my personal grievance with him. Now that he is in prison, I’m happy. This is my first time using intelligence to deal with people. I’m satisfied! However, if you get him out, you are insulting my intelligence. I can’t help but finish him off directly!"

Chapter Notes:

[1] Deer and the Caudron 

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