So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Accident?

After doing all this, Yang Ming left quickly. I might not know how to fix a car, but vandalism was not very technical, especially vandalism with a more violent nature which relied on brute force. After Yang Ming’s series of vandalism, the estimate to repair this car was a lot.

Of course, Yang Ming felt that he was already merciful. He didn’t install a bomb for him. He was already quite tolerant. Otherwise, if a bomb was installed at the door of the Bomb Bar, it would definitely make good news.

Yang Ming went to a coffee shop opposite the bar and found a place by the window to sit down. He ordered a cup of coffee and a plate of nuts as he quietly observed the situation over there.

Huang Youcai waited for a while, yet he didn't see the man named Ma Xiaowu come. He secretly cussed. Was this kid fooling around with me? Why was he still not here yet? Damn, I have things going on later in the evening! Just now, a mistress called Huang Youcai and let him come over at night. Huang Youcai took a look at the time and decided not to wait any longer. He found the waiter and paid the bill. Then, he walked out of the Bomb Bar.

Yang Ming watched Huang Youcai go to the Buick and made a slight sneer.

"Hello, I’m coming right away. Don't worry, baby. Take a shower and wait for me in bed!" Huang Youcai's mistress once again called and urged him. Huang Youcai took a quick walk to the car.

As he thought of the charm of his little lover in bed, Huang Youcai hummed a little song, and his heart was itching.

As Huang Youcai started the Buick, Huang Youcai stepped on the accelerator. He always drove so fiercely! The old lady in front was shocked by it. Huang Youcai didn't even look at her as he left.

At the intersection ahead, a bread minivan was turning. Huang Youcai didn't care about him as he quickly accelerated. The bread minivan’s driver might have known that he was unmatched against the Buick, so he could only stop at the roadside with the emergency brake.

Huang Youcai was triumphant with pride. Hmph, did you dare to show yourself with that small car? If you dared to challenge me, I will kill you!

However, Huang Youcai’s pride didn’t last long. At his front left, a huge bad*ss truck was approaching. Huang Youcai was shocked, I can’t face off against this truck!

The huge truck signaled a horn "HuHu" which intended to stop Huang Youcai. However, it wasn’t Huang Youcai who didn’t want to stop. At this moment, he suddenly found that the brakes weren’t working!

Peng” a loud noise. The Buick slammed into the huge truck. Although the huge truck slowed down, the Buick hadn't! As a result, the Buick crashed into the huge truck sideways. Then, it toppled and crashed horizontally!

Seeing this, Yang Ming didn’t plan to continue watching it. He didn’t have to look into the situation of Huang Youcai. Under such circumstances, it would be a serious injury even if there was no death.

Yang Ming shook his head. Originally, he planned to have Huang Youcai crash into the wall or topple into the ditch, but he didn't expect this guy's luck to be so bad that he would encounter such a situation. Yang Ming had nothing else to say. It was just plain unlucky!

Yang Ming paid the bill and left the coffee shop. The people in the coffee shop were paying attention to the car accident. No one noticed Yang Ming. Yang Ming directly grabbed a ride and returned to the university. As for the situation of Huang Youcai, he could learn about it through the news tomorrow.

Seeing that Yang Ming came back so late, Zhang Bing smiled and said, "How’s your godsister? Is she fine being comforted by you?"

Yang Ming looked at Zhang Bing’s lascivious look and laughed, "I said there was nothing special between us!"

"I see, I see. Not now, but there must be in the future!" Zhang Bing nodded and said.

"I really don’t know what to do with you sometimes. Oh ya. How about the task I handed to you?" Yang Ming changed a topic.

"Task? What task?" Zhang Bing was surprised.

"Damn, buddy, did you really forget it? I wanted you to help me track Chen Mengyan!" Yang Ming said.

"Yes!" Zhang Bing said suddenly, "I had forgotten to talk to you since the accident had just happened. I saw Chen Mengyan at noon. She met a person. Guess, who was the person?"

"Zhang Bing, when did you learn to play with riddles?" Yang Ming rolled his eyes and said, "Just say it if there’s something. How would I guess?"

"Hehe, sorry. I’m addicted to guessing the riddles with Zhao Sisi!" Zhang Bing scratched his head and said, "Chen Mengyan was actually with Teacher Zhao at noon!"

“Teacher Zhao? Which Teacher Zhao?” Yang Ming thought it was Zhang Bing’s lecturer, and he frowned, “Man?”

"What man? Damn, it was Zhao Ying!" Zhang Bing said.

"What?" Yang Ming was shocked as he opened his mouth widely. "You said she was with Zhao Ying?"

"Yeah, I was surprised at the time. In the cafeteria, both Chen Mengyan and Zhao Ying had a chat with laughter!" Zhang Bing nodded.

No way? Yang Ming was a bit stunned. How did Chen Mengyan get together with Zhao Ying? Not good. Yang Ming thought about his relationship with Zhao Ying before. He felt a little headache. If Chen Mengyan found out about it, then there would be no hope for them!

But according to Zhang Bing’s description, their relationship seemed to be good. Probably, Chen Mengyan still didn’t know anything or Zhao Ying simply didn't mention the past affairs. Thinking of the time when he saw Zhao Ying and Jing Gang were together on the street, Yang Ming couldn’t help but shake his head. Perhaps, Zhao Ying had forgotten him. At that moment, she was together with Chen Mengyan because of the previous teacher-student relationship!

But no matter what, Yang Ming felt that it was necessary to talk to Zhao Ying! Yang Ming had a conflict. On the one hand, he didn’t want Chen Mengyan to learn about his relationship with Zhao Ying. On the other hand, he didn’t want Zhao Ying to be with others!

When he thought of Zhao Ying as someone else's girlfriend, Yang Ming felt sour in his heart! Oh, sometimes, it was hard to make a decision.

The taste of revenge was cool. That night, Yang Ming slept soundly! However, would Wang Xifan learn the lesson? Otherwise, Yang Ming could only continue to warn him.

But, all of this had to wait until tomorrow. At this moment, it was unknown whether Huang Youcai was still alive or dead. Yang Ming couldn’t plan further ahead.

On the next day, Yang Ming paid special attention to the morning news of the city. Certainly, it broadcasted a major traffic accident on Qing Huo Road last night.

The driver of the big truck was alright, but the driver of the Buick was seriously injured with high paraplegia. At the moment, he was just out of the critical stage, and he was undergoing treatment in the hospital. The cause of the accident was under further investigation.

Yang Ming smiled. He wasn’t dead; that was great. Yang Ming was really afraid that Huang Youcai would be dead. If he was dead, it wouldn’t leave an impact of deterrence!

In fact, the cause of the accident was quickly investigated. The brakes of the Buick were sabotaged intentionally. However, when Huang Youcai was asked if he had offended anyone, both Huang Youcai and Wang’s Century Xiongfeng Group remained silent.

Huang Youcai often offended people and used some despicable means to win the battle and retaliate against the business opponents. Therefore, the number of his enemies had piled up. If he spoke about it, then the dirty things he had done before would be substantial enough to send him to prison! So, Huang Youcai couldn't say it! Even if he wanted to say it, Wang Xifan wouldn’t let him say it! Instead, at this moment, Wang Xifan had promised to give him a sum of money so Huang Youcai couldn’t say anything! Since the party involved remained silent, the case was just concluded.

However, Huang Youcai really didn't expect that this was done by people from Xiao Qing’s side! It was because he felt that Xiao Qing wouldn’t do something ruthless!

Xiao Qing apparently saw the morning news. When she saw that Huang Youcai was put into such a situation, her heart twitched! She couldn't help but think of what Yang Ming said last night!

Your man is much more powerful than you think! And, Yang Ming’s confident face told me that he would handle this matter!

Xiao Qing originally thought that Yang Ming merely said it. Even he took action, it wouldn’t be so fast! Moreover, it wouldn’t be such extreme measures! But at this moment, Xiao Qing felt that her hands were shaking. She picked up the phone trembling and dialed Yang Ming's number.

"Hello, Sister Xiao Qing. Did you miss me so early in the morning?" Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing's number and knew that she might have seen the news, but he still pretended there was nothing as he spoke with a serene tone.

"Yang Ming! Have you seen the news?" Xiao Qing asked urgently. Her voice trembled.

"News? No, I don't usually watch the news in the morning." Yang Ming said oddly.

"Huang Youcai had a car accident with high paraplegia!" Xiao Qing said.

"Oh? Was he in a car accident? He reaped what he sowed! Haha! Sister Xiao Qing, even God is helping you!" Yang Ming smiled and said.

"Was it you who did it?" Xiao Qing suddenly lowered her voice and asked.

"What?" asked Yang Ming.

"I mean Huang Youcai’s car accident!” Xiao Qing said.

"Hehe, wasn’t he hit by a big truck? What did that have to do with me..." Yang Ming smiled.

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