So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Sister Lin

"Who’s joking with you?" Yang Ming suddenly said with a cold face, "I changed my mind. I don't want the tools. I want to buy this paper box now! Didn't I give you two hundred just now? Well, since you said that one of them is fake, then I don't want either of them. I will give both to you in exchange for this box!"

As he spoke, Yang Ming picked up the money box and turned away.

"Stay right there!" Uncle suddenly became very fierce. "I don't want to sell that, you b*st*rd! Better give it back to me, otherwise, I won’t be polite with you!"

"I have already given you face, but you didn’t want to take it." Yang Ming stopped and said plainly.

"Little b*st*rd, you try and take another step." Uncle threatened.

"Really? Then I will take a step." Yang Ming raised his leg and walked forward.

The uncle originally wanted to intimidate Yang Ming so that he would retreat when he knew of the difficulties. However, he didn't expect Yang Ming to be so arrogant. He became very anxious! The uncle was a blue-collared worker in the past. It was only later that he earned a little more money to open this hardware store. He belonged to the category of uncultured people, so it was inevitable that some of his actions would be a bit careless. Looking at how Yang Ming was about to step away - There’s more than five hundred yuan in the box! The uncle also refused to be so careless. He took a mop beside him and was about to smack Yang Ming with it.

He didn't expect that before it hit Yang Ming, Yang Ming caught it instead!

"I don't want to make it into a big matter. Are you forcing me to call the police? Or report to the industry and commerce department that you are swindling me?" Yang Ming said coldly, "I didn't bargain with you because I care about your business, and you actually wanted to swindle me with your fake money?"

"Kid, words shouldn’t be said so indiscriminately. When did I swindle you with fake money?" Uncle defended himself strongly.

"Am I dialing 110 or 12315? You choose it yourself." Yang Ming took out the phone and said faintly.

"This..." When the uncle noticed Yang Ming was serious about it, he was also a little dumbfounded.

"Don't think that I don't know your tricks. There is another layer in the money box, right?" Yang Ming opened the money box as he spoke.

The evidence was right in front of him, the uncle couldn’t deny it anymore. In terms of physical strength, he was no longer a match to this young man either!

"Young man, I... I'm sorry. I was so blinded by greed! This was the first time I have done so... Please don’t go after me..." Uncle said bitterly.

“First time?” Yang Ming glared. “Your skills are pretty good. This shouldn't be the first time, right?”

"Ugh... Actually, this is the second time... Young man, I won’t lie to you that I was cheated by other’s fake money too!" Uncle said with a bitter face, "The day before yesterday I received one hundred fifty yuan from a man. At that time, I just woke up and I was a bit blurry, so I didn't see it clearly! Then my daughter-in-law saw it and said that it was fake money, she scolded me badly. So, I had to think about how can give it back out..."

"Others cheated you, so you cheat others?" Yang Ming frowned. "Aren’t you just passing the pain onto others?"

"Young man... I’m a small business owner. I can’t make much money in a day. I can’t afford to lose much... I sent out a fifty when I was passing back the change. Today, I was going to give the remaining one hundred to you, but you found out in the end..." Uncle said shamefully.

"You can't afford to lose money, yet others could lose money? I guess you took me as your big head [1]?" As Yang Ming spoke, suddenly, the door of the hardware store opened and a girl came in! Yang Ming was stunned. Isn’t this person Lin Zhiyun?

"That... boss... the change you gave me yesterday... that was fake money..." Lin Zhiyun whispered fearfully as soon as she entered the door.

Looking at Lin Zhiyun's poor and wronged look, he was enraged! As the saying goes “kind people are easily bullied”! Little Sister Lin was already unlucky enough. Yang Ming thought in his heart, How can such a kind girl meet so many unlucky incidents? She has worse luck than the Backkom Bear [2]!

"Pak" Yang Ming slammed the table and sneered, "Aren’t you too wicked? You even cheated a girl?"

"That... I..." Looking at how Yang Ming slammed the iron counter with his golden fist and broke some of the glass to the point where even the entire counter’s structure constantly shook, the boss was secretly scared. This young man was quite strong!

"Yang Ming?" When Lin Zhiyun came in, Yang Ming was facing her with his back, so she didn't notice that Yang Ming was here. At this time, the customer beside her was aggressively rampaging, and it shocked her. When she looked closely, it was actually Yang Ming.

"Where’s the money? Pass it to me!" Yang Ming looked at the fifty-dollar bill in the hands of Lin Zhiyun and took it directly. Then he took five pieces of real ten yuan from the money box and exchanged it for Lin Zhiyun without uttering a single word.

Yang Ming originally wanted to give her a little more, but he knew Lin Zhiyun's character clearly. This girl has strong principles. Yang Ming knew that she wouldn’t take it if it was more than her usual amount, so he didn’t have to waste that effort.

"You have no opinion?" Yang Ming glanced at the uncle.

"No… no..." Uncle was now suffering silently. The counter was shattered by others, and yet he couldn’t call the police! Even if he called for the police, he would be the one with a loss!

"I will regard you as tactful then. I will just call it off this time. I will be taking this set of tools away, and you don't have to give me the remaining forty yuan change. Consider that as cash for fixing your counter." Yang Ming stared at the uncle and picked the toolbox out, then he pulled Lin Zhiyun out of the hardware store.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Zhiyun was stunned! She was still thinking about how to talk to the uncle. She didn't expect to go in and meet Yang Ming on a rampage and then have the money exchanged for her and take her out.

"Yang Ming, just now... What happened?" Lin Zhiyun asked with doubt.

"Just now, hehe, this is the case..." Yang Ming told of his own experience in one go, and then asked, "What about you? What happened?"

"I bought a can opener for my classmate in the same dorm yesterday. At that time, because the dormitory was about to lock the door, I was very anxious. I didn't pay attention to whether the money was fake or real. When I returned to the dormitory and gave the money to my classmate, she said it was a fake..." When she got to this point, Lin Zhiyun suddenly showed an expression where she felt very wronged.

"What's wrong, Zhiyun?" Yang Ming saw Lin Zhiyun's look and asked quickly.

"Nothing, I could only blame myself for not being careful on this matter... My classmate said that I deliberately used fake money to cheat her..." Lin Zhiyun said softly.

"Who said that?" Yang Ming was enraged after he heard that. "She didn’t want to buy it herself. She asked you to buy it, and yet she still spoke to you that way?"

"It doesn't matter... We are in the same dorm..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

Ai! Yang Ming sighed, Lin Zhiyun is too kind. This caused everyone to bully her easily! He couldn’t help but say it as he hated the iron for not becoming steel [3], "Zhiyun, you just don’t know how to refuse people! So what if they are your dorm mate? Can you easily trouble others just because you are a dorm mate? Have you heard the phrase ‘Kind people are easily bullied’?"

"But... there’s the phrase that ‘kind deeds are returned kindly’." Lin Zhiyun whispered.

"Well, kind deeds are returned kindly, but it depends on who’s returning it too. This type of white-eyed wolf [4], you would only be wasting your effort on them. Why do you care about her?" Yang Ming couldn't speak of some words too blatantly, but Lin Zhiyun's character really made Yang Ming felt uneasy. So, he said, "Look, how come no one dared to bully me?"

"Pfft!" Lin Zhiyun couldn't help but laugh at Yang Ming's words. "It will be good if you didn’t bully others already!"

"Am I that bad?" Yang Ming shook his head, It seemed like I had never bullied the weak, right? "Alright, Zhiyun, I don't have to say much about other things. You need to know how to reject others in the future, alright?"

"Oh..." Lin Zhiyun didn't promise or reject Yang Ming’s suggestion upfront. Yang Ming sighed and knew that her character could not be changed easily anyway so he couldn’t do much.

At the school entrance, Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun parted ways. Yang Ming stopped a taxi, and then named a street that was relatively close to the Qing Huo Road. The driver nodded and started the car engine.

Qing Huo Road wasn’t very far from Yang Ming’s school, but there was a certain distance to it. Fortunately, now was already passed the busy commuting hour, it took only about ten minutes to reach the destination. After Yang Ming paid for the taxi fare, he took the toolbox and got out of the car.

The only reason why Yang Ming didn't get off at the Bomb Bar was that he didn't want to leave any clues.

When he found the Bomb Bar, Yang Ming saw Huang Youcai’s Buick sedan with the license number "789" not far away. It’s because the cars were all parked side by side at the open space car park, so when Yang Ming was leaning on the Buick, no other people were able to see him unless those people had x-ray vision too. But the probability for such an incident was close to zero.

Yang Ming had already found the mechanical structural drawing of this Buick car on the Internet, so it was easy to destroy its brake system. Yang Ming was destroying it on purpose. Yes, he was doing it deliberately. He wanted Huang Youcai to know that someone deliberately damaged his car! Otherwise, if this brat wasn’t smart enough and thought that it was a natural fault, then it would not serve its purpose as a warning.

Chapter Notes:

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[1] In Chinese, big head often means someone who’s gullible and can easily be swindled.

[2] Backkom Bear, a Korea’s 3D animation about a rather unlucky bear:

[3] Chinese idiom, 恨铁不成钢: To feel resentful toward something for failing to meet expectations

[4] White-eye wolf, people who don’t remember the good deeds others did for them. 

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