So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Text Message, Zhou Jiajia, The Past

Xiao Qing didn't expect to attract people from the underworld because of Wang Xuefan’s matter! Xiao Qing couldn't help but worry about it, but worrying about it was useless. For the current situation, it was impossible for her to intercede on behalf of Wang Xuefan for any reason. Even if she agreed to intercede for Wang Xuefan, the university wouldn’t agree!

What should I do now? Xiao Qing’s first thought was to call Yang Ming, but she was afraid that Yang Ming would do something extreme for her! Yang Ming’s combat skills might be powerful. He might be able to scare others when he traveled around, however, he wouldn’t be facing a person now, but the entire Xiongfeng Group! Moreover, the other party could investigate Yang Ming’s personal details. If they knew that he was merely a college student, it would bring him a lot of trouble! Therefore, Xiao Qing couldn’t tell Yang Ming about this matter.

Because she couldn’t do anything about it, she only hoped that Huang Youcai was just scaring her off. She just needed to be careful in the meantime. Fortunately, her apartment was on campus. She just needed to avoid going out to the streets during this time.

On the other hand, Wang Xifan also began to use his own connections to bail his older brother out of the police station. However, since the current affairs involved the issue of leaking secrets, such affairs could be either serious or negligible. No one dared to give a hand to Wang Xuefan. Besides, the head of the criminal investigation team, Chen Fei, was famous for his impartiality and incorruptibility because he wouldn’t cave under others’ reputations.

After his unsuccessful efforts, Wang Xifan could only put his hopes on the university. He hoped that Xiao Qing wouldn’t pursue his brother's responsibility.

Yang Ming took out the polished iron ring from the exquisite jewelry box. It seemed that the original owner of the ring must have worn it often, and she often rubbed it.

Just as Zhang Bing said, this ring had an extraordinary value for the famous celebrity, Shu Ya. Yang Ming didn’t understand. If this ring was really important, why did she auction it?

Yang Ming carefully observed the ring. Once upon a time, I also had the same ring and gave it to Su Ya. I even carved a tiny "Ming" on the ring.

Although the two people had never talked about what this ring meant, Su Ya treated it as a treasure, and she wore it every day. Until the day when the two people were separated, Su Ya also said to him affectionately that she would wear the ring that Yang Ming gave her for the rest of her life.

Yang Ming sighed. The romance was already in the past. Everything had changed. Yang Ming put the ring back in the box and listened to the class with focus.

Yang Ming's computer science foundation wasn’t bad. Nowadays, children had been exposed to computers more or less. Some had one at home; some went to Internet cafes. In short, normal operations were generally not a problem. Therefore, when the lecturer taught the class, it wasn’t as hard as it used to be in the past. For instance, the explanation of switching on and off the computer used to take a day in the past.

During the afternoon, it was Lecturer Wang’s class. Apparently, Lecturer Wang was delighted. The matter reported by the people was solved. His entire person was also relaxed.

"Yang Ming, do you understand? Is there anything else that you don’t understand?" Lecturer Wang noticed Yang Ming looking up at him and he quickly asked in concern.

"Ugh... that. No, I understand." Yang Ming broke into a sweat. This feeling of getting extra attention was really not so good. Although he also knew that Lecturer Wang was grateful for what he said today, Lecturer Wang didn't need to take care of him so much, right?

Yang Ming thought to himself. If you want to take care of me, just take care of me during the exam.

"Oh, well, just ask if you have something you don’t understand. Are there any questions from the others?" Lecturer Wang continued.

Most people didn't know the matter between Yang Ming and Lecturer Wang. So, when they heard Lecturer Wang specifically target Yang Ming just now, they thought that Yang Ming was caught sneaking out of the class! No one cared, but Sun Zhiwei sneered at Yang Ming. He was taking pleasure in Yang Ming’s misfortune.

Yang Ming was too lazy to bother with him. This self-righteous villain, the more you dealt with him, the more he acted pretentiously with you.

This time, Yang Ming didn't dare to continue to stare at Lecturer Wang. Otherwise, he might ask Yang Ming more questions.

Suddenly, Yang Ming felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. Yang Ming took the phone out and saw a short text message. Who would send a text message to me? When Lan Ling was staying here, she always sent him text messages. Chen Mengyan occasionally sent them, but now... Yang Ming’s cell phone hadn’t received a text message for a long time. He occasionally received one or two in the middle of the night, but it was usually a text message about “helping to take revenge” or "professional agency fake certificates."

Yang Ming pressed the button to read.

“Why didn’t you come to class a few days ago?” Yang Ming was dumbfounded by this text message which was incomplete. Looking at the cell phone number, he didn’t recognize it. I don’t have this number in my contact list.

Who sent this? Yang Ming shook his head as he was annoyed with this kind of text message. Yang Ming was too lazy to guess who this person was. He replied directly, "Who are you?"

After replying to the text message, there was no response for a long time. Yang Ming thought that it was a mistake, so he didn't care about it. However, he didn't expect another text message in reply after a while.

"Zhou Jiajia." There were only three words in the text message.

Yang Ming frowned, Zhou Jiajia? Why did she send a text message to me? Doesn’t this chick have a cold shoulder to me? Yang Ming raised his head and looked at Zhou Jiajia who was sitting in front of him. She was focusing on the lecture with a poised look.

Damn, is someone trying to fool around with me? Yang Ming replied, "Do you know who I am?"

After sending this text message, Yang Ming began to pay attention to Zhou Jiajia. Certainly, he noticed Zhou Jiajia lower her head! It seemed that she really sent it. However, Yang Ming was more confused. Do I have any relation to her?

Albeit the past misunderstanding, after going to university, both of them didn’t seem to have cleared up the past. They pretended as though they weren’t acquainted with each other. At this moment, why did she send text messages to me?

After a while, a text message came back again. "Aren’t you Yang Ming?"

Yang Ming shook his head. It seemed that she was looking for him without a doubt. Since he knew that it was Zhou Jiajia’s text message, Yang Ming didn’t want to bother with her. But, he hesitated for a while and replied, “Why are you sending me text messages if you know who I am? Aren’t you afraid that I would look for someone to beat you up?”

After the text message was sent, Yang Ming regretted it a bit! As the saying goes, a gentleman doesn't fight with a woman. Why am I stirring up trouble for her! When he was young and acted on his emotions, he looked for a few delinquent girls to teach Zhou Jiajia a lesson. When Yang Ming thought about it now, he felt that he had overdone it! She was a girl. How could I treat her with violence?

"If you said that, does that mean that you remember me?" Zhou Jiajia's replied with another text message. Yang Ming looked at the tone of this text message. Why does it sound like a complaining housewife?

"Nonsense. Can you forget me?" Yang Ming wrote a message back in agitation. Even if his memory had worsened, he wouldn’t forget his enemy!

"Jiajia, wasn’t my idea good?" Wang Xue said proudly as she looked at the text messages with Yang Ming’s replies.

"But his tone doesn't seem to be nice... He still hates me..." Zhou Jiajia sighed faintly.

It turned out that the idea of sending a text message to Yang Ming was Wang Xue’s.

For someone like Zhou Jiajia, who had a secret crush on Yang Ming, it would take years to get a result! The current situation was that Yang Ming simply didn’t know that Zhou Jiajia liked him! And Zhou Jiajia and Yang Ming didn't have any platform to get in contact, so Wang Xue was secretly anxious for her friend.

Wang Xue noticed Zhou Jiajia was depressed, so she wanted to help Zhou Jiajia. The leaflet incident at the train station was actually a great opportunity. Therefore, under the encouragement of Wang Xue, Zhou Jiajia also decided to try and get close to Yang Ming.

Even though Zhou Jiajia was a genius with computers, she was a complete idiot with romantic issues. Otherwise, she would not have done anything as stupid as to report Yang Ming to the lecturer! Wang Xue heard about Zhou Jiajia's past. She pointed out directly at Zhou Jiajia's head and lectured her for being a big fool. Which man would like this kind of woman who stirred up trouble?

But things had already happened. Zhou Jiajia couldn't help but regret it. After listening to Wang Xue's analysis, Zhou Jiajia also felt that her thoughts at that time were too simple. She thought that Yang Ming and Su Ya would break up, then she would be together with Yang Ming. In retrospect, it was ridiculous! I was the culprit. It wouldn’t make sense if Yang Ming didn’t hate me!

So when Zhou Jiajia was taught a lesson by someone asked by Yang Ming, she didn't have any complaints. After all, she had gone overboard and actually forced Su Ya to transfer!

Moreover, Yang Ming’s degeneration also made Zhou Jiajia sad. She had hurt two people in an instant! Later on, when Zhou Jiajia heard that Yang Ming had enrolled in Song Jiang No. 4 High School, she was somewhat relieved in her heart.

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