So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Being Threatened

At noon, Yang Ming and Xiao Qing left the school together. The relationship between them was brother and sister. If they avoided each other too much, it would raise the suspicion of others. So they acted naturally in confidence. Even if someone asked Yang Ming, Xiao Qing could say that he was her godbrother. He went to her apartment for lunch. There was nothing to doubt over.

The more forthright you were, the more you would be fine. The more sneaky you were, the more you would be misunderstood.

Xiao Qing lived in a standard single apartment, just like a hotel. A bed, a writing desk, a laptop, and some messy books. In the small partition by the door, some kitchen utensils were placed there.

Yang Ming locked the door. Then he stepped forward and hugged Xiao Qing...

They had been restraining their desires just now. It was noticeable when they went upstairs. Yang Ming and Xiao Qing looked a little excited. Just like a newly-married couple, the passions of the two people were instantly lit...

In the afternoon, when Xiao Qing left her home, Xiao Qing was still flushed red. Then Yang Ming went to Liu Weishan’s place to get the ring, so Xiao Qing returned to the university first.

They had done that just now, therefore, their expressions weren’t natural. So they didn’t go together to avoid being noticed.

Yang Ming came to Liu Weishan's house. Chu Huifang and Liu Weishan had just eaten, and they were resting. When they saw Yang Ming, they were delighted.

"Big Ming, have you eaten yet?" asked Chu Huifang.

"Godmother, I have eaten already. I just ate at Sister Xiao Qing's house." Yang Ming nodded.

"Oh? You ate with Qingqing? The brother-sister relationship between you two isn’t bad!" Chu Huifang smiled.

Isn’t bad... sweat. We almost became a couple. Yang Ming thought to himself.

"Let's eat here next time. You should ask Qingqing to come over too. It’s so troublesome to cook yourself! I’m cooking every day, so it’s just cooking an extra portion!" Chu Huifang said.

"Okay, godmother." Yang Ming promised.

"Don't you have to go to class in the afternoon? How come you’re here?" Chu Huifang suddenly remembered that today was Tuesday, and Yang Ming should go to school in the afternoon.

"Hehe, didn’t I buy a ring during the previous auction? Sister Xiao Qing said that it was here so I was going to take it back and look into it." Yang Ming smiled.

"Oh, is that so? Then you should take the ring and go to class. It will be 1 p.m. soon. Don't delay the important things!" As Chu Huifang said, she went to the study room to give Yang Ming the ring.

In the Xiongfeng Group, Wang Xifan, the chairman of Xiongfeng Group, tapped the table in anger, "What the hell is going on?"

"Chairman, I have already asked around. It was because Professor Wang was caught when he photographed confidential information. The evidence is conclusive. It is estimated that something bad will happen!" said Wang Xifan’s secretary, Huang Youcai.

"Can you ask the university to solve this issue?" asked Wang Xifan.

"I’m afraid that this isn’t so simple. I heard that it was caught by the head of the department, and he personally reported it to the police." Huang Youcai said.

"Xiao Huang, you will handle this matter. Go to Song Jiang Industry University in the afternoon. Then, find the head of the department to convince him to not pursue the responsibility of my brother!" Wang Xifan ordered.

"Okay, I will try my best." Huang Youcai nodded quickly.

"Let him offer the price. You can make the decision if it’s less than a million yuan! Nothing bad must happen to my brother!" Wang Xifan said.

It turned out that Wang Xuefan was actually the half-brother of Wang Xifan! The two men had been colluding together. Wang Xuefan stole information from the school and then handed it over to his brother’s, Wang Xifan’s, company to launch products for profit.

Huang Youcai was born as a little punk. He was a little clever. Wang Xifan met Huang Youcai through a friend’s introduction. Wang Xifan immediately felt that this person was talented, just like his name - talented [1]! After that, he was considered Wang Xifan’s right-hand man.

However, Huang Youcai didn't let him down. He completed his missions flawlessly. In particular, this person knew a lot of friends in society. When doing things, if he couldn’t handle it through the normal approach, he would intimidate the person, and things would be solved easily.

So this time, Huang Youcai was confident. Wasn't he just a head of the department? With these kinds of educated people, he would listen to me as soon as I intimidate him. At that time, I will give a carrot and a big stick. Then give some money, and the matter would be settled easily!

It was no wonder that Huang Youcai was confident. For the few bosses he had threatened before, everyone was so bad*ss at first, but Huang Youcai called a few people from the underworld.

In the beginning, those bosses wanted to call the police. Huang Youcai directly threatened them. If they dared to report to the police, there would be no peace in the future! No way, no one wanted to risk their own safety! If the bosses reported to the police at that moment, these people could indeed be arrested. But these people weren’t committing any major crimes. If they came out after a few days, wouldn’t the bosses suffer from it?

Therefore, those bosses could only listen to him.

This time, Huang Youcai also felt that it was an easy matter. He deliberately exaggerated the difficulty to make his boss appreciate him more. After all, the person involved was the boss' big brother! If things were done nicely, then my reward would be greatly improved!

Although Huang Youcai was essentially a gangster, now he was also Wang Xifan’s secretary. Hence, he wore a proper outfit for the appearance. When he arrived at the university, people thought he was an educated person, so he easily inquired about the office of the director of the computer science department.

I didn't expect Director Xiao Qing to be a woman! Huang Youcai licked his lips and smiled. In this way, it was easier. If she didn’t agree, I will ask someone to rape her!

Huang Youcai found the office of Xiao Qing confidently. He directly pushed the door and went inside without knocking on the door.

"Who are you?" When Xiao Qing looked up and saw a man walk in straight away, she couldn’t help but be stunned.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Huang Youcai. I’m from the Xiongfeng Group." Huang Youcai sat down on the sofa in Xiao Qing's office.

"Do you have some business for coming here?" Xiao Qing frowned.

"Regarding my purpose for coming here, I’m afraid I don't have to say it clearly." Huang Youcai was a veteran so he was good at talking. "Director Xiao, we understand each other about some things. You and I are smart people, so let’s cut all the bullsh*t. How much do you need? Give me a price.”

"I don't understand what you’re talking about." Xiao Qing's face immediately froze! Of course, she knew what Huang Youcai was saying, but Xiao Qing didn’t want to bother about the things he said.

"Five hundred thousand?" Huang Youcai offered his own price.

"Mr. Huang, I really don't understand what are you doing. Please leave. I still have to work!" Xiao Qing said coldly.

"One million!" Huang Youcai put on the table the maximum price he could offer.

"I'm sorry. Mr. Huang, please leave." Xiao Qing said plainly.

"Everyone has a price. Can I know what is the price for Director Xiao? It doesn't matter. You can tell me, and then I can tell my boss for you!" Huang Youcai had a lot of experience in dealing with people like Xiao Qing who started off being stubborn at first, so he wasn’t bothered.

"Mr. Huang, please don't bother me anymore, otherwise, I will call the Security Department." Xiao Qing warned.

"Call? Did Miss Xiao really decide to do this?" Huang Youcai suddenly stood up, and then he completely leaned over Xiao Qing's desk. "Don't say that I didn’t warn you. You are doing a very dangerous thing!"

After that, Huang Youcai sat back down and continued to speak as if he were telling a story. "Isn’t it almost the end of the year? At this time, the law and order aren’t very good. Robbery and rape are happening all over the place! Sometimes, you have to take a step back. Does Miss Xiao understand this logic?"

"Are you threatening me?" Xiao Qing frowned.

"Threatening? Hehe, I’m not. I’m just telling Miss Xiao to pay attention to her personal safety! If you see caution notices in the mall, do you think the mall is threatening you?" Huang Youcai laughed. "Besides, the road at night is slippery, and accidents often happen. Zeze! Miss Xiao looks so beautiful so it would be a pity to lose it. It would be really a waste!”

"Go now, or I will call the police!" Xiao Qing warned.

"Okay!" Huang Youcai shrugged indifferently. "I’m telling you that there was a woman, like you, and she said that she wanted to call the police. Do you know what her results were?"

"I have no interest in knowing." Xiao Qing said so, but she was worried. After all, she was a woman!

"Hehe, after that, she was raped and thrown into the sewer... It was really a pity!" Huang Youcai shook his head. "I heard that... it was done by the rogue outside?"

"You!" Faced with a real threat, Xiao Qing was afraid to speak out.

"Well, Miss Xiao, this is my business card. I hope that you will give me a positive answer before leaving work today... If not, you will suffer the consequences. If you don't believe me, then just think that I didn’t say it..." Huang Youcai took out a business card and placed it on Xiao Qing's desk. After that, he turned around and walked out of the office.

Chapter Notes:

[1] You cai’s translation for individual words are: Got talent. Hence, talented. 

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