So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Yang Ming's Reasoning

"What did I do with the card? Can you stop framing me like I’m the thief? This camera was newly bought. It has never been used. I didn’t even buy a memory card yet!" Wang Xuefan said smugly, "Old Wu, can you let it go now?"

"This..." Wu Tongshan slowly released Wang Xuefan's collar. He was somewhat unwilling, but he was helpless. He could only stare at Wang Xuefan.

Xiao Qing frowned too. It seemed that Wu Tongshan wasn’t making groundless accusations! Previously, Xiao Qing had some doubts too, so the laboratory's security measures were strictly changed. Now Wu Tongshan caught Wang Xuefan using a digital camera, but there was no memory card in the camera. Xiao Qing was overwhelmed by the situation.

In fact, after she listened to the statements of the two people, she was more inclined to Wu Tongshan’s statement! Who would take a camera to test macro shooting? This was pure nonsense!

Yang Ming saw things clearly by the side. When he noticed Xiao Qing frown, he knew that she was overwhelmed! Now in this situation, Xiao Qing was the head of the department. Without evidence, it was impossible for her to agree with Wu Tongshan to perform a body search on Wang Xuefan!

Moreover, Wang Xuefan wasn’t anxious about it. Besides, he kept shouting at Wu Tongshan and asked him to search him. So, the memory card was clearly not with him!

However, Yang Ming wasn’t quite sure. He had a special ability anyway, and it was a waste if he didn’t use it. Therefore, he started to scan Wang Xuefan’s body with his x-ray vision!

Sure enough, he didn't find a trace of the memory card on Wang Xuefan! No wonder this guy was so calm. It seemed that he was ready for it! Yang Ming certainly didn’t believe his reason of testing the macro shooting of the digital camera! Xiao Qing probably didn’t believe him either, but there was no evidence so she couldn’t do anything.

Originally, Yang Ming didn't intend to bother with this kind of matter. But since this was related to Xiao Qing, Yang Ming had to get involved in it! Seeing his woman in such a difficult situation, this wasn’t Yang Ming's style!

So, Yang Ming could only inspect this Wang Xuefan carefully! Okay, since there was no memory card on the surface, then I will conduct a profound scan again. I heard that it was even possible to put a memory card in the anus!

With that thought in mind, Yang Ming started to scan Wang Xuefan.

Ha! Yang Ming was delighted. The memory card was actually stuck in Wang Xuefan’s a**hole! This guy really doesn’t mind being dirty! Since the evidence had been found, Yang Ming didn’t worry anymore!

"Can I say something?" Yang Ming stood up when Xiao Qing was in a dilemma.

“Who are you?” Wu Tongshan and Wang Xuefan asked at the same time.

"I’m Xiao Qing's younger brother. The onlooker sees more of the game. Have you heard of it?" Yang Ming said, "I just wanted to give you an evaluation of this from the perspective of a bystander!"

"This..." Wu Tongshan looked at Xiao Qing. How can an outsider comment casually on such an affair? However, since Yang Ming was Xiao Qing’s younger brother, he had to be respectful in front of the head of the department. As such, he stumbled into a dilemma. As for Wang Xuefan, he didn’t mind. My memory card has been properly hidden. What can you do to me? Can you just open my *ss and search it?

"Alright, Yang Ming. Go ahead and speak up. What should we do now?" Xiao Qing noticed that Yang Ming seemed to be confident. She decided to give him a chance to perform. The reason that Xiao Qing fell in love with Yang Ming was that he brought her a sense of security and Yang Ming cared about her. But who didn’t want her man to be a capable person? Therefore, Xiao Qing also consciously wanted to look into Yang Ming’s capability in handling affairs! It was also a test for him! Although Yang Ming might not handle it well, and Xiao Qing’s love for him wouldn’t change, who wouldn't want a better partner?

"Hehe, in fact, it is simple. Professor Wang, you said that this camera was new?" Yang Ming asked.

"Yes!" When Wang Xuefan heard Yang Ming say so, he thought that Yang Ming was inclined to him. Hence, he quickly added, "I bought this new camera. I haven’t even equipped a memory card. Yet, you are claiming that I’m snapping some classified information with it. Bullsh*t!"

"Oh, can you show me the camera?" Yang Ming asked.

"Of course!" Wang Xuefan nodded and said to Wu Tongshan, "Old Wu, where’s the camera? Give it back to me and let little... little brother take a look!"

Since Yang Ming was the younger brother of Xiao Qing, Director Xiao, he couldn’t refer to Yang Ming as a nephew. Wasn’t it the same as taking advantage of Xiao Qing? Therefore, Wang Xuefan could only call him little brother, although Yang Ming looked very young.

"Hmph." Wu Tongshan felt that Yang Ming seemed to help Wang Xuefan, so he gave the digital camera to Yang Ming snappily.

Yang Ming opened the battery compartment of the digital camera and found that there was no memory card inside.

"Sister Xiao Qing, do you have an SD card here?" Yang Ming asked.

"SD card? How much memory do you need?" asked Xiao Qing.

"Any memory will do. Just give me one." Yang Ming said.

"Oh?" Xiao Qing had some doubts, but she did it anyway. As a person who studied computer science, who didn’t have a few SD cards with them? Xiao Qing opened the drawer and found a 128 MB SD memory card. Then she handed it to Yang Ming and said, "This is the original SD card on my cell phone. I didn’t use it because the memory was too small. Then I changed to one with bigger memory for myself."

"It’s fine." Yang Ming nodded and took the SD card.

Wu Tongshan and Wang Xuefan found it rather strange. What was Yang Ming doing? What did he want to do with an SD card? Was he spoofing?

Looking at Yang Ming's SD card inserting the memory card into the slot of the camera, Wu Tongshan finally couldn't hold himself.

"What the hell are you doing? Now isn’t the time to play with the camera. The most important thing is, do you think he is a spy? Say something!"

"You will know in a bit," said Yang Ming plainly. He thought, If it wasn’t for Sister Xiao Qing, I wouldn’t even bother with you. Even if you fought with him until you were injured, it didn’t matter to me!

Yang Ming turned on the switch of the digital camera and then adjusted the mode to the camera mode. He simply took a photo and then he returned to the interface where the photo was displayed. Then he sneered, "Professor Wang, is this camera really new?"

"Yeah... What’s wrong?" Wang Xuefan didn't know why Yang Ming would ask such a question. I bought this camera myself to shoot confidential information, so I never used it for other purposes. The surface of the camera is still new. It is almost the same as when first I bought it!

"Hehe, if it was a newly bought camera, how could you take more than 4,000 photos? How did you shoot it?" Yang Ming put the camera on Xiao Qing's desk and pointed to the digital camera and the serial number of the photo file and said, "Sister Xiao Qing, look. The serial number of this photo is img_4519, which means, this is the 4,519th photo taken on this camera! Professor Wang, didn’t you buy a new camera? Didn’t this camera not have a memory card? Why was the serial number of the photo more than 4,000?"

"This..." Wang Xuefan broke into a cold sweat.

"Haha! Wang Xuefan, ah, Wang Xuefan! Justice has long arms! Do you have anything else to say next?" Wu Tongshan listened to Yang Ming's commentary and immediately laughed!

Xiao Qing was satisfied with Yang Ming’s performance! Yang Ming actually thought of such a way to solve this matter! It seems that my younger brother is quite smart, not just the kind of person who relied on force.

"Hmph, how did I know that the serial number of the photo was more than 4,000? Maybe I was deceived by the profiteer. Wasn’t it possible to sell me a refurbished camera? Right, it must be like this. I will find the person!" Wang Xuefan wanted to retrieve the digital camera on the table as he spoke.

"Wait!" Yang Ming suddenly reached out and grabbed Wang Xuefan's arm. "Don’t be in such a hurry to take it back. If it was refurbished then it’s refurbished. Professor Wang won’t mind the cost of a camera, right?"

"Give it back to me. I have to go home! Don't delay my time!" Wang Xuefan said impatiently.

"Go home? I don’t think you can make it back." Yang Ming knew that the memory card was stuffed in his anus so he wouldn’t let him go!

"What do you mean? Let me tell you. Don't think that because you are the younger brother of Director Xiao, you can be so arrogant!" Wang Xuefan said with irritation.

"I’m arrogant? I am just telling the truth. Sister Xiao Qing, call the police!" Yang Ming said coldly.

"Call the police?" Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming and saw that he nodded slightly at her, so Xiao Qing picked up the phone.

Although Xiao Qing didn't know why Yang Ming was so sure, she still decisively listened to Yang Ming’s decision. Xiao Qing felt that at this moment she was like a wife who was obedient to her husband’s order, and that feeling was great!

"Director Xiao, stop kidding. Why are you calling the police? Isn't it too shameful? If it was actually a misunderstanding, the reputation of our school wouldn’t be good!" Wang Xuefan was anxious.

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