So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Dangerous Fight

Feng Dao grabbed Yang Ming's left arm and Hei Shu grabbed Yang Ming's right arm. The two people cooperated well as they struck at the same moment.

It was the first time Yang Ming had a fight with assassins. He had to be vigilant. Although these two guys seemed to be bad, Yang Ming didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Many players with great disparity fought together, but often the weaker side won. This was because the stronger side was conceited and underestimated his opponent! Yang Ming was familiar with the fable of the tortoise from his childhood, so Yang Ming didn’t want to commit such a low-level mistake.

When the both of them attempted to catch Yang Ming with their hands, Yang Ming made an abrupt movement. He suddenly ducked. Feng Dao and Hei Shu caught empty space at the same time. It was a shocking agility. Yang Ming had already clenched his fists. He aimed at the small bellies of Hei Shu and Feng Dao. In the blink of an eye, he stood up and delivered a heavy blow on the spots he targeted.

Although Yang Ming had undergone strength training during this period of time, Feng Dao and Hei Shu weren’t vegetarians[1]. They had a stronger vitality than ordinary people, especially the muscles in the abdomen. Hence, Yang Ming’s heavy punches could only bring them abnormal pain. However, it didn’t substantiate to any concrete harm to them! They recovered in an instant!

However, this small instant was enough for Yang Ming. Yang Ming quickly turned around to chop Feng Dao’s neck in an attempt to stun him. In this way, the other person would be much easier to handle. Otherwise, they would strike in a pincer attack. Yang Ming wasn’t Zhou Botong [2]. The taste of a pincer attack from the enemy on both sides wasn’t very good.

"Pak!" The chop of his hand landed. Yang Ming felt a pain lingering on his hand. This person's bones were really hard! Yang Ming only saw Feng Dao snort but didn't fall down. He staggered as he approached Yang Ming!

At Yang Ming’s back, there was also a whistling wind! Yang Ming’s heart was shocked! Damn, the most taboo thing when fighting was this kind of front and back pinch attack. Once Yang Ming let them succeed, there would be hardly a chance to turn over! Yang Ming regretted that he was afraid of killing Feng Dao, and he didn't use all of his strength. Since the neck was a relatively fragile part, it was easily a fatal hit.

Yang Ming hadn't figured out the reason he became the nemesis for these two people. Probably, there might be some misunderstanding in the middle! As the saying goes, it is better to make friends than enemies. Yang Ming didn’t have his own power now. He didn’t want to make enemies everywhere.

If he really killed Feng Dao, then this hatred would be established. So, Yang Ming was giving mercy. He didn't expect Feng Dao to have such endurance!

Looking at Feng Dao who he had caught, and feeling Hei Shu who came behind him, Yang Ming knew it would be bad. He rushed to the right. He didn't expect that one day he would walk sideways like a crab like a sorry figure!

However, with Yang Ming’s Heaven and Earth Great Shift [3], Feng Dao and Hei Shu could not see where he went. Hei Shu retracted the kick he launched halfway in a stiff manner. He almost trampled on Feng Dao’s face!

Yang Ming made a lucky call! If he didn’t have a lot of fighting experience when he was a punk on the street, he couldn’t have dodged the attack!

Hei Shu and the Feng Dao saw Yang Ming escape. They rushed over to Yang Ming again.

This time, Yang Ming knew that the two men’s skins were thick. He won’t show mercy again. He began to increase his speed and strength. Yang Ming rushed over to Feng Dao. Just now this guy was struck by Yang Ming’s hand chop. Even though he didn’t faint, he certainly wouldn’t feel good. Since he hadn’t fully recovered yet, Yang Ming first picked this weak person to begin with. Such an approach was understandable.

Hei Shu also seemed to notice Yang Ming’s intention. Yang Ming made his move, and Hei Shu did the same. Yang Ming had no choice but to turn around to deal with Hei Shu. Since they were both vigilant, the tricks were mostly exploratory attacks. There weren’t any fatal moves.

Although it seemed that no one was gaining an advantage, Yang Ming was secretly worried! Hei Shu is creating a chance for Feng Dao to recover! Once Feng Dao recovered, it won’t be easy to deal with two people!

However, there was no other way now! Yang Ming knew these two people. None of them was his opponent. Even if they were added together, they might not surpass him. However, unlike Yang Ming, they still possessed the advantage of having two people with rich combat experience. It was still Yang Ming’s first time dealing with people at the assassin level!

With a jolt of impatience, Yang Ming was eagerly seeking instant benefits. As a result, he got hit a few times. Seeing Feng Dao stretch his neck, it seemed that he had recovered. Yang Ming took a deep breath as he knew that he couldn’t just let it be!

Stay calm. I need to stay calm! Who am I? I am the heir to the King of Assassins! If I can’t deal with these petty characters, then I can’t be the King of Assassin in the future.

Oh ya! Yang Ming suddenly thought of a good idea. At this moment, Hei Shu's weakness wasn’t himself. He knew that Yang Ming wouldn’t fight face to face with him. So, his actions were entirely intended to mess with Yang Ming's disposition to give time for Feng Dao!

Now, Hei Shu’s weakness was Feng Dao! Perhaps, if Hei Shu had already noticed that If Feng Dao was defeated, then he wouldn’t able to cope with Yang Ming! With these thoughts in mind, Yang Ming’s heart could not help but get excited. He had found a solution!

Yang Ming slightly adjusted his breathing. Then, he attacked Feng Dao ruthlessly. Yang Ming displayed his own ultimate technique, Yang Style Flying Kick! Certainly, Hei Shu was shocked as he rushed over in an attempt to stop Yang Ming. Then incredible things happened!

The direction of the leg that Yang Ming kicked out didn't change. But, the leg which played the auxiliary role changed direction and quickly kicked toward Hei Shu's chest. Hei Shu couldn't evade it and was kicked right on the spot!

He didn't expect that Yang Ming’s two legs could actually be kicked out at the same time! After delivering a heavy blow to Hei Shu, Yang Ming also fell to the ground!

At this time, Feng Dao moved. He quickly moved toward Yang Ming. Yang Ming was shocked. A conditioned reflex struck as Yang Ming flipped up like a carp [4]. He launched his body from the ground toward Feng Dao as though it was a punch from a boxer on Feng Dao’s chest.

When Yang Ming’s fist just hit Feng Dao’s clothes, a strong current suddenly struck Yang Ming. He was staggered on the spot. With such an opening, Feng Dao quickly pulled up Hei Shu off the ground and hurriedly fled.

Oh, sh*t! Yang Ming cursed. This person's clothes actually had the function of instant electric discharge! Yang Ming couldn’t bear to just let them escape. He still hadn't figured out what these two guys sought from him!

Yang Ming endured the feeling of scorching numbness on his hand as he chased in the direction where Feng Dao and Hei Shu escaped. However, he only managed to see a motorcycle without plate numbers disappearing rapidly in the distance.

Go to Hell!

Yang Ming sighed. It seemed that it was absolutely impossible to catch up. He looked at his own hand. It was already scorched red! Yang Ming shook his head and returned to Zhang Bin’s Pentium. He drove away.

When he went downstairs, Yang Ming "saw" the conversation between the two about him knowing their boss's residence. What boss? Was Zhao Ying their boss?

Yang Ming was even amused by his own thoughts. Zhao Ying wouldn’t have any connection with any underworld assassin organization. So, what did the two people mean? Were they mistaken?

Yang Ming was also more inclined to this possibility. Even if Zhao Ying was their boss, then Zhao Ying had no reason to deal with him! So, Yang Ming wanted to have a nice chat with these two people. But, this wish hadn’t been realized!

It was really dangerous tonight. If these two people hadn’t succeeded, they would definitely not give up. Yang Ming was sure they would come and look for him again. Yang Ming was slightly distressed. It seemed that he had to be careful.

Fang Tian was abroad at this time. Yang Ming didn't even have a person to discuss this with.

Yang Ming was uncertain, but Hei Shu and the Feng Dao were even more confused. What did this person do? Why was he so powerful? They were also considered excellent assassins. Usually, there were few rivals. Never mind a situation where two people cooperated, even in a one-on-one situation, it wouldn’t be so miserable!

"Hei Shu, today I’m lucky that I wore this electric shock suit. It can release a high voltage of electricity in an instant, or else, it would have been our end!" Feng Dao smiled bitterly and said, "Undoubtedly, my neck bone must be fractured. I won't be able to move for two or three months! This kid is really ruthless!"

"Not only you. My chest was crushed as if he used a big stone! His technique is really weird! He obviously launched a kick at you, and yet he actually turned around and kicked me!" Hei Shu said.

"However, this also showed that this kid definitely is questionable!" Feng Dao said, "We can't let him go!"

"What should we do?" asked Hei Shu.

"Let's go back and discuss it before making a decision. I guess it wouldn’t work if we confronted him face to face!" Feng Dao said.

"Well, I’ll just listen to you." Hei Shu nodded.

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese slang, saying someone is not vegetarian indicates the impression that particular person mentioned is a person who retaliates even if he is at a disadvantage.

[2] Legendary Condor hero from the past 

[3] The most powerful of all the Ming Cult's skills. In this case, it was describing Yang Ming translocated himself to dodge the attack like an ultimate move. Sort of exaggerating the way that Yang Ming dodged the attack.

[4] This sounds like the Kip/Kick up 

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