So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Encounter

"Right, does Chen Mengyan know that I’m back?" Yang Ming asked Zhang Bing.

"Of course, I took a lot of effort to reveal it to her!" Zhang Bing said proudly.

"How did you reveal it to her? Couldn't you just tell her directly?" Yang Ming felt suspicious.

"To speak directly to her, she would have to bother listening to me first. During this time, Chen Mengyan was just on her own. She didn’t want to talk to me and Zhao Sisi." Zhang Bing smiled bitterly. "So, I used a trick!"

"What trick?" Yang Ming showed some interest.

"When I was in class this morning, I pretended to pick up a phone call and deliberately went to a place not far from Chen Mengyan. Then I said loudly, ‘Yang Ming, it’s you. Are you back? Have you bought my presents?' I think the whole class could hear my voice at that volume. I bet Chen Mengyan must have heard it!" Zhang Bing said.

"F*cking awesome!" Yang Ming laughed uncontrollably. You can even do that? However, it seemed like Zhang Bing was pretty smart. "What reaction did Chen Mengyan have?"

"There was no special reaction. She just glared at me and continued doing what she was doing." Zhang Bing said, "But in the afternoon, I found out that Chen Mengyan's mood was much better and her face had returned to her usual expression. I don't know what good thing she bumped into!"

Yang Ming frowned after listening to it. She wasn’t fine in the morning. How come she suddenly became fine in the afternoon? Was it because she had heard the news of my return? No, that didn't make sense. If that was the case, Chen Mengyan would have been very happy in the morning!

I haven’t even gotten into contact with Chen Mengyan in the afternoon. According to Zhang Bing, Chen Mengyan didn’t seem to be contacting anyone. Is it... Yang Ming was shocked. It was said that the best remedy for the loss of love was to start another relationship. Did someone take advantage of this and get in? As he thought about this, Yang Ming quickly said to Zhang Bing, "Zhang Bing, how’s our relationship?"

"Damn good! Undoubtedly, my brother!" Zhang Bing replied strangely, not knowing what Yang Ming was going to do.

"Then I will give you a difficult task. From tomorrow onward, you help me pay attention to who Chen Mengyan is in contact with." It wasn’t that Yang Ming didn’t trust Chen Mengyan, but the situation was that he had already let Chen Mengyan down. Therefore, it was impossible for Yang Ming to not be worried about it.

"What? Do you want me to be a detective?" Zhang Bing smiled bitterly. "Do I look like one with my body figure?"

"One word, go or not?" Yang Ming asked.

"Alright, alright! I’ll go." Zhang Bing nodded. "I will have to buy a cap tomorrow."

"Don’t. Just be who you are right now. If the university’s security mistakes you as a bad guy due to your strange attire, you will be in trouble!" Yang Ming quickly stopped him.

"I was just saying it! Alright, Bro. You go ahead and pursue Zhao Ying. Just hand classmate Chen over to me!" Zhang Bing said.

Yang Ming smiled and said nothing. He went straight out of the dormitory.

He came to a place where he hadn’t been for so long. Yang Ming’s heart started pounding suddenly as he walked up the familiar stairs and came to the familiar door. Yang Ming knocked on the door gently.

After a long time, no one answered. Yang Ming knocked on the door again, and yet there was still no response. Was there no one at home? Even if Zhao Ying wasn’t there, that little girl called Wang Xiaoyan who was living with her should be there.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming used his own x-ray vision and began to scan the situation in the house. Certainly, the room was dark. Regardless of whether it was Zhao Ying’s room or Wang Xiaoyan’s room, there was no one inside.

It seemed like there were really not at home, and he had come for nothing. Helplessly, Yang Ming had to return back by the route he took. If I knew this was the case, I would have taken a look at the situation here when I was downstairs, so I didn’t have to climb downstairs again.

"Feng Dao, this kid is definitely problematic! Otherwise, how else would he know about our boss' residence?" Hei Shu frowned and asked.

"Yeah, why did he come to our boss? Could he have gotten hold of the secrets of our organization?" Feng Dao also had some doubts.

"Possibly! Otherwise, how did he ruin our plan last time?" Hei Shu nodded.

"Kill him or capture him?" asked Feng Dao.

"I'm afraid we can't kill him. It's a residential area. We will be in trouble if others saw it. Let’s capture him and decide after we get to know the situation!" said Hei Shu.

"Okay, he is coming down. Let's get ready." Feng Dao said.

Hei Shu nodded to show that he understood.

Yang Ming looked downstairs as he was feeling dejected. His gaze stopped at the corner of the second floor and his mouth showed a trace of a sneer. The dialogue between these two people had been "seen" by Yang Ming’s eyes.

Weren't these the two people who followed him in Hong Kong? Why are they in Song Jiang now again? Yang Ming had a strong impression of them.

Yang Ming continued to walk downstairs, but Hei Shu and Feng Dao didn’t know that Yang Ming had already discovered them and was preparing to give them a finishing strike.

"Come out, now." Once he was at the door entrance, just when Hei Shu and Feng Dao were about to make their move, Yang Ming stopped and said plainly.

Hei Shu and Feng Dao were both stunned. Had Yang Ming found out about us? However, they were indeed assassins with professional knowledge about their field. They understood the principle that all was fair in a war. So, even though both of them stopped their respective actions, they didn’t go up. They were now hiding in the corner of the corridor door. They didn’t believe that Yang Ming could see them unless this person’s vision had the ability to turn around a corner.

Yang Ming saw that Hei Shu and Feng Dao stopped their action, yet didn’t come out to meet him. He frowned slightly and sighed coldly, "The fat man on the left side and man on the right side who has a mole on top of your brow, I was talking to you both!"

"Eh?" Feng Dao and Hei Shu became dumbfounded. Yang Ming had clearly described their physical features. It seemed like we were already discovered by the opponent! However, it was impossible. How did he find out about us?

Even though both of them were doubtful, Hei Shu and Feng Dao still came out. Anyway, there were two people on our own side who were both trained assassins. Two on one, what’s there to be afraid of? Even if we were to fight each other, we had an absolute advantage.

“How did you find out about us?” Hei Shu asked first.

"Who are you two? What’s the point of stalking me? From Hong Kong to Song Jiang, aren’t you two tired?" Yang Ming didn’t answer the question that Hei Shu asked, but asked his own questions.

"You actually know all of this?" Hei Shu was stunned, but then he smiled, "But it doesn't matter if you know it or not. You still guessed it wrong. We followed you from Song Jiang to Hong Kong. We wanted to finish you in Hong Kong, but we didn't expect you to escape from us."

"Do you think that I can't see through your tricks? You even waited for me for half an hour at the alley. You both are quite patient, aren’t you?" Yang Ming mocked them.

"You!" Hei Shu's face went a little red. He didn't expect these to be seen by Yang Ming! The two of them thought they were doing very well.

"Hei Shu, let’s stop talking to him. Capture him first!" Feng Dao interrupted Hei Shu.

"Wait!" Yang Ming frowned. "Did you just say that you followed me from Song Jiang?"

"Yes. Aren't you very capable? Why didn't you know about this?" Hei Shu also laughed at Yang Ming once.

"No, I was just curious. Why were you following me? Who sent you over?" The last time Yang Ming met an assassin at the door of Fang Tian’s house had made him feel rather perplexed. Who wanted to attack me? Now looking at these two people, they obviously belonged to the same group as the previous person. They weren’t just gangsters, but assassins with a certain professional knowledge.

In other words, in a sense, the both of them and I belong to the same class of people!

"Asking us why we were following you? Don't you know what you are doing? Ask us? It's ridiculous!" Feng Dao sneered.

"What did I do?" Yang Ming was also stunned. I didn’t seem to have offended anyone? Guo Jianchao? This guy was afraid of gangsters. It was impossible for him to have contact with assassins! Who else? Wang Zhitao? Liu Zhaojun? It was even more impossible for them. They were all students who were not likely to hire assassins regardless of how fierce they were.

"You continue to pretend. There’s no use in pretending!" Feng Dao no longer said anything. He said to Hei Shu, "Get him!"

Although Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of these two people, he was rather confused. This vengeance seemed to have come from nowhere. I didn't even know what was going on, and they started hunting for me!

Yang Ming wanted to figure out what was going on. However, looking at the two people in front of him, they obviously didn’t intend to talk to him anymore. Well, since they had started making a move, Yang Ming didn’t have to restrain himself either. Once he got hold of the two of them, he didn’t think that they wouldn’t tell the truth.

Feng Dao and Hei Shu started attacking Yang Ming from both sides. The two of them originally thought they were far superior. From their point of view, Yang Ming was nothing special and one of them could have dealt with him. However, due to Yang Ming’s abnormal performance, the two of them had some vigilance and dared not to relax anymore. So, the two of them struck together.

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