So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Shu Ya and Su Ya

Yang Ming closed down the CD he was looking at and smiled as he shook his head. I learned so fast yesterday that I thought I was a genius. I didn't expect to get stuck today.

As he thought about it in detail, the reason he could learn the gambling techniques quickly yesterday was that it was applicable to his x-ray vision. So he didn’t need to master many techniques, for example, memorizing the cards, counting the cards, etc. As long as he was able to put out a good vibe, he could handle it! But the first-aid CD that he was watching now wasn’t the case. Yang Ming had no medical knowledge at all. Therefore, this information was mumbo-jumbo to him. Moreover, it was not in his field of interest. Yang Ming was learning for the sake of learning, so it was boring for him. In turn, the progress was slower. However, these were all very important things after all. Yang Ming must learn it in order to be a qualified assassin. Otherwise, if he was injured one day and there was no hospital nearby, wouldn’t he die?

After he turned off the CD, Yang Ming opened the webpage and was ready to check out the news. Suddenly he remembered the Shu Ya that Yang Xiaobo had mentioned, so he searched it on Baidu.

Originally, Yang Ming wouldn’t have paid attention to it at all, but he remembered Fang Tian’s words that day. He asked Yang Ming to pay attention to the news trends in all aspects of society. Besides, the name Shu Ya sounded similar to his first love, so Yang Ming was going to find out more about it.

After all, Yang Ming was somewhat curious. How can this star, Shu Ya, have this ring? Although this ring belonged to the "public version" ornament from that year, there were numerous copies issued in the country. But wasn’t this too coincidental? The names were almost the same, and there was this ring. So, Yang Ming had some doubts.

But Yang Ming didn't think too much. Although he didn't pay much attention to these celebrities, he often watched the online news. Even if he didn’t pay close attention, if Shu Ya was a famous singer, as Yang Xiaobo said, then her photo would always appear on the front page of the website! However, Yang Ming didn't remember seeing photos of Su Ya, which was why Yang Ming didn't have much doubt about Shu Ya.

Yang Ming entered the words "Shu Ya" in the search box and clicked on the search button. Once Yang Ming searched, Yang Ming was shocked and amazed. There were actually tens of millions of web pages about her! It seems that this "Shu Ya" is really a famous celebrity!

Yang Ming opened a few news sites and a website of Shu Ya's support group. Indeed, it was undeniable that when seeing Shu Ya’s photo, Yang Ming’s pupil changed instantly. She’s so beautiful, Yang Ming couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

However, Yang Ming also knew that these were the result of makeup and the photos were taken with some professional cameras, so it was normal to be amazed by it. Yang Ming took a closer look. On the face of “Shu Ya,” there was no shadow of "Su Ya."

It seemed that they weren’t the same person! It was because even if a person’s look has changed, it was impossible not to see the shadow of the child at a young age.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming ruled out the possibility that she was Su Ya directly. After all, how could there be so many coincidences in the world? Besides, in Yang Ming’s impression, Su Ya was more pure and beautiful than this so-called pure celebrity. This wasn’t anything like the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because Su Ya, when she was still in junior high school, was praised by many people saying she had the potential to be a big star.

Yang Ming downloaded several songs from Shu Ya, including "The Love of the Year" and "The Boy at the Same Table."

Yang Ming listened to her song. Shu Ya's singing was quite good. Her voice was very sweet, but Yang Ming didn't listen carefully as he had to go to Zhao Ying’s house later on. He would listen to it in the future.

"F*ck, Yang Ming, you like Shu Ya too?" Zhang Bing came in and saw Shu Ya’s photos on Yang Ming's browser, so he asked.

"I was just simply looking at it. What's wrong? Do you like her?" asked Yang Ming.

"Who doesn't like beauties? Zhao Sisi also likes her very much. Oh yeah, when you went to Hong Kong last time, did you see her?" asked Zhang Bing.

"Why’s everyone asking me this question?" Yang Ming said helplessly, "I didn't see the person, but I spent a lot of money on a ring she wore!"

"Oh? Ring? Is it the iron ring with a small rose on it?" Zhang Bing opened his eyes in surprise.

"How did you know?" When Yang Ming saw Zhang Bing like this, he felt strange.

"F*ck, how do I know? This is big news. Didn’t you know? There were hot posts in many forums in the past few days discussing this matter!" Zhang Bing said, "Let me search for you!"

As Zhang Bing spoke, he used Yang Ming's computer to log in to a famous local BBS. Sure enough, in the entertainment gossip section, a post at the top area was about this, and the content and its attention, "Mysterious rich man spent a lot of money for the smile of a young maiden."

Yang Ming looked at the contents of the post and found that there was no truth in it. Those were all nonsense. They didn’t even catch the shadow of the truth. In the post, they said that he was a young master of a large group. In order to pursue Shu Ya, he spent four hundred thousand at the auction to buy an iron ring. Aside from the truth of buying the ring, none of the others were true.

"Do you believe this kind of news? I didn't even know what Shu Ya looked like before!" Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"But Bro, why did you buy this ring then?" Zhang Bing asked, puzzled.

"I just thought that this ring was similar to the ring I gave to a person. I bid for it without thinking." Yang Ming shook his head.

"You’re so cool!" Zhang Bing stuck out his tongue. "You bid four hundred thousand USD without thinking? That’s in US dollars! Where did your money come from?"

"It's from my godfather!" Yang Ming was right. The money actually belonged to Liu Weishan. "Yeah, My godfather gave me some money. He wanted to ask me to do business. I think I’m familiar with the jewelry business. Do you think we can have a partnership on something?"

"Oh? Your godfather?" Zhang Bing said, "That’s good! I will call my father in a while. He is definitely willing to do it!"

Zhang Bing knew Liu Weishan's position in the academic world. If Liu Weishan was willing to participate, even if it was just a name, Zhang Jewelry Company wouldn’t stay at the current size! Zhang Jewelry Company eventually would be taken over by Zhang Bing, so he was very happy to hear the news.

"That’s great! Then you discuss with Uncle Zhang. Let's find a chance to discuss it in detail." Yang Ming said.

"Okay." Zhang Bing nodded. "Oh yeah, Bro, can I see the ring you bid on?"

"The ring is with Xiao Qing. If you want to take a look, I will bring it next time! But what’s so special about the ring?" Yang Ming asked, confused.

"Don't you know? There is news that the ring is very important to Shu Ya. Every time she attends any important activities, Shu Ya always puts it on her hand. Think about it, for such an important item, how can she just sell it? Zhang Bing said, "Besides, Shu Ya's family doesn’t lack money either. She won’t care about that little money. Moreover, the money she got from the auction was donated, right? So, I think there’s something else going on in this matter!"

"This broken ring, she wears it all day long?" Yang Ming felt incredible after listening to it.

"Yeah, it is said that there was some special meaning to it. Some people guessed that it was given to her by her former lover, so she had been wearing it all the time. But Shu Ya had never explained this upfront before!" explained Zhang Bing.

Yang Ming nodded. If there was no explanation upfront then most of them were just rumors. There was too much gossip nowadays!

However, after listening to Zhang Bing’s words, Yang Ming also decided to retrieve the ring from Xiao Qing. Maybe there was something weird about it!

“What do you want to eat later?” Zhang Bing saw Yang Ming shutting down the computer, so he asked.

"What to eat? I have to go out now, so you and Tian Donghua eat first." Yang Ming said.

"Oh? Are you going out? Where are you going?" Zhang Bing asked casually.

"I brought some gifts from Hong Kong for Teacher Li and Zhao Ying." Yang Ming said, "I gave it to Teacher Li today when I visited her, but Teacher Li said that Sister Ying studies for her postgraduate degree at our school. I couldn’t find her, so I’m going to visit her tonight."

"Zhao Ying? Studies at our school?" Zhang Bing asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I just heard about it as well!" Yang Ming nodded.

"Is that true?" Zhang Bing asked, "Is it possible that Zhao Ying came here for you?"

"Stop the bullsh*t!" Yang Ming glared at Zhang Bing.

"I understand. It’s a sensitive period now!" Zhang Bing smiled.

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