So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Straighten Out

"Mengyan, what is the most important thing between lovers?" Zhao Ying didn't answer her but asked instead.

"The most important thing between lovers? Is it to love each other?" asked Chen Mengyan.

"No, loving each other is just a short-lived passion. After the passion, conflict will arise." Zhao Ying shook her head and said, "The most important thing between lovers is mutual trust! You didn't trust Yang Ming first, only to create opportunities for Yang Ming to have an affair.”

"..." Chen Mengyan kept silent. Ya, what Zhao Ying said made sense. If I trusted Yang Ming in the first place, Yang Ming wouldn't be unhappy. Even when Yang Ming went out to travel, I would talk endlessly on phone with him every day. He would never have gone with Zhang Bing to look for a prostitute!

As Zhao Ying noticed that Chen Mengyan didn't speak, she continued, "Mengyan, things have already happened. What you’re thinking now isn’t about how to face it, but how to escape. In other words, how to find ways to drive out those women around Yang Ming. Isn’t monopolizing him your intention all along?"

"I..." Her thoughts were read by Zhao Ying clearly. Chen Mengyan was a bit worried.

"Haha. Initially, your thoughts are correct. After all, people are selfish. Not only you, but I also hope that I’m the only one who my significant other loves. But, some things don’t happen according to our wishes.” Zhao Ying continued, "For example, the girl named Lin Zhiyun. If she forgave Yang Ming and accepted Yang Ming, you should be happy for her. After all, this was the mistake Yang Ming made. He has the obligation to make up for it! If you stop him blindly and don't want him to do this, I think, even if you get Yang Ming and become his only one, you may not be happy!"

"Why?" Chen Mengyan asked curiously.

"First of all, Yang Ming will hold a grudge against your approach. Even if he didn't say it on the surface, he will definitely feel displeased toward you. In this way, you may seem to have Yang Ming alone, but no one can guarantee that Yang Ming will love you more. Even I dare to say that his love for you will be less than the love he gives on average to others. Moreover, this situation isn’t expected to last long, the relationship between the two of you will be completely broken." Zhao Ying said, "If you forgive Yang Ming's fault and actively help him make up his mistake. He will feel guilty to you. This time, he will treat you better!"

"But the love that originally belonged to me is now divided into several parts. I’m still feeling a little uncomfortable..." Chen Mengyan hesitated. However, it seemed she listened to Zhao Ying’s words.

"Divided into several parts? Isn’t this the plot in a novel?" Zhao Ying said with a smile, "For a simple example, you have mom and dad, grandparents, grandfather. Are you in conflict with their love? Are you taking parts of your love to Dad and assigning it to Grandpa? Or is your love for your grandmother assigned to your mother?"

"This..." Chen Mengyan was surprised, and she seemed to straighten out her thoughts.

"Haha, for example, if you have a younger sister, can you say that after you had a younger sister, would you divide your love for your parents to your sister?" Zhao Ying said with a smile, "This isn’t a conflict. You are making a mountain out of a molehill[1]."

"You’re right." Chen Mengyan nodded and agreed with Zhao Ying's statement.

"And these are not the main ones. Lin Zhiyun is not the key to the problem. The key to the problem now is that girl named Lan Ling!" Zhao Ying said, "Yang Ming had gotten voodoo from her. Besides, you should know the consequences if Yang Ming were to leave her! If you force Yang Ming to leave Lan Ling, it is tantamount to forcing him to die! Chen Mengyan, why do you always dig into the horns? Can you not see such a simple cause and effect? Even if Yang Ming left Lan Ling for you, you should fight to stop him! When Yang Ming dies from the voodoo, what is the use of fighting? When Yang Ming is gone, what more do you want?"

Zhao Ying’s words were like a hammer on Chen Meng’s heart. Yes, how can I let Yang Ming leave Lan Ling? It was tantamount to letting him die!

"I won’t say anything else. You are a smart child. You should know how to give and take, right?" Zhao Ying patted Chen Mengyan's shoulder and said, "If you like him, love him, then you should be tolerant! Love isn’t selfish. Love should include tolerance! This is the true meaning of love! Selfish love will never last long. Only with a heart that accommodates each other, can two people spend the rest of their lives together, right?"

"Thank you, Sister Ying. I will carefully consider it..." Chen Mengyan said thoughtfully, "My mood is much better now."

"That's good. Well, time is almost up. Let’s go to class. I have to go to class as well." Zhao Ying said.

"En, Sister Ying, can you tell me your phone number? I will look for you if I have other unhappy matters." Chen Mengyan asked.

"Okay, remember it. My cell phone number is 136xxxx1099." Zhao Ying said.

"I got it." Chen Mengyan took out the phone and entered the number. When she saw the cell phone that Yang Ming bought for her, she couldn’t help but feel a bit sour in her heart as she remembered the past.

After Chen Mengyan left, Zhao Ying also sighed with a hint of helplessness. She leaned on the bench, and she was at a loss. She finally came to Song Jiang Industry University and became a student. As a result, the gap with Yang Ming’s identity was gone. However, new troubles were coming again. What Zhao Ying thought at the beginning was to see if she could substitute for Chen Mengyan. After all, Chen Mengyan and her starting lines were similar.

Initially, Zhao Ying was chatting with her for the purpose of learning about Yang Ming from Chen Mengyan. However, she didn't expect Chen Mengyan to tell her such a complicated situation!

Now I’m facing not only Chen Mengyan but three people including Chen Mengyan, Lan Ling and Lin Zhiyun! First of all, Lan Ling, Zhao Ying can’t beat her! Even if she could, Zhao Ying won’t do such a stupid thing!

She was a rational person who knew when to advance and retreat. Since Lan Ling and Yang Ming were inseparable, there was no need to do anything useless. For Lin Zhiyun, based on Zhao Ying's understanding of Yang Ming's character, Yang Ming would definitely not abandon her!

Therefore, it seemed that Zhao Ying was persuading Chen Mengyan. However, it was better suited as a persuasion for herself to keep calm. Things had already happened, and it was time to change her strategy.

As a matter of fact, Zhao Ying wanted to give up once. However, she had spent a lot of effort to become Yang Ming’s classmate. She didn't want to have her efforts be in vain!

Nevertheless, it seemed that Chen Mengyan’s experience wasn’t quite positive, so Zhao Ying had to reconsider. Although she said that love included tolerance, Zhao Ying's heart was also bleeding. This Yang Ming, he really is a player!

In regards to the current affair, she could only take one step at a time. Zhao Ying knew that the relationship between Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming wasn’t quite positive. Therefore, it wasn’t a wise choice to blend in with it.

Although Chen Mengyan's situation wasn’t good, she was still Yang Ming's genuine girlfriend. Even if she had to accept Lin Zhiyun and Lan Ling, she would never accept Zhao Ying!

Therefore, Zhao Ying decided to wait and see first. It was also an opportunity for her to calmly consider the feelings she had for Yang Ming. If I proceed without hesitation, was it worth it?

It was true that Yang Ming’s several instances of protecting Zhao Ying impacted her a lot. Zhao Ying also determined that she had fallen in love with him! However, the key issue depended on Yang Ming's intention.

Zhao Ying had some regrets now. If on that night, my concerns weren’t too much of a hindrance, would I already be in a relationship with Yang Ming now?

It seemed that sometimes, people shouldn’t really have too many concerns, or else, there wouldn’t be such a saying, a man without shame is invincible!

Zhao Ying shook her head and went to class.

Yang Ming also returned to the school. The first thing he did after he returned to school was to call Zhao Ying, but unfortunately, Zhao Ying’s cell phone number service actually was canceled!

In fact, after Zhao Ying enrolled in postgraduate studies, she changed her sim card. After all, she was now a student, and she was ready to start again. But Yang Ming didn't know.

Yang Ming hung up his cell phone. He thought to himself. Is Zhao Ying really studying for her postgraduate here? Then, why didn’t she contact me? Yang Ming decided to go to Zhao Ying’s residence in the evening to have a look.

As he returned to his bedroom, Yang Ming opened the laptop again and quickly studied the homework given by Fang Tian. But unfortunately, except for yesterday's gambling lesson CD, other CDs were esoteric and difficult to understand. For example, the CD Yang Ming was watching at that instant was about emergency first aid. Yang Ming couldn’t understand a lot of the professional jargon in it.

Since nothing much could be done, Yang Ming could only watch for a while. Then, he took a break and searched for relevant information on the Internet. Afterward, he watched it for a while and continued to research. He had done this repeatedly. By the time Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua came back, Yang Ming only watched one-tenth of the CD!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Exaggerate the severity of something trivial

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