So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Sister Ying

"Chen Mengyan. Come over here. There is a spot here!" Zhao Ying greeted her warmly.

"Okay, Teacher Zhao." Chen Mengyan quickly walked over with her tray. "Teacher Zhao, what brought you to eat here?"

"Hehe, don't call me a teacher. Now, both of us are students. I am now a postgraduate student here." Zhao Ying laughed.

"Ah! Teacher Zhao, you are studying for your postgraduate here?" Chen Mengyan felt a bit strange.

"Yeah. I am a postgraduate economics student." Zhao Ying nodded and said, "Stop calling me Teacher Zhao. How about you call me, Sister Ying?"

"That’s fine. Then I will call you, Sister Ying." Chen Mengyan said.

"Right, how are you and Yang Ming? You both should be quite fine. Why didn’t I see him with you?" Zhao Ying asked her.

"He..." When Yang Ming was mentioned, Chen Mengyan's face turned melancholic immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Ying saw that Chen Mengyan hesitated in saying something. She asked curiously, "Are you two having a fight?”

"He..." Chen Mengyan didn’t know how to say it.

Zhao Ying who was sensitive to others immediately realized that something was wrong. Something must have happened between the two of them!

"Mengyan, it’s alright. What's the matter? Speak to your sister." Zhao Ying said amiably as if she was the elder sister.

"Sister Ying, I..." Chen Mengyan felt like crying already. "Yang Ming, he doesn’t seem to like me anymore..."

"Ah? How is this possible? Was there any misunderstanding?" Zhao Ying was also surprised by it. She roughly knew about Yang Ming’s feelings toward Chen Mengyan. How come Yang Ming suddenly changed his mind?

Zhao Ying started to worry again once she thought about this. If Yang Ming can change his mind toward Chen Mengyan, then as for me, wouldn’t it be...

After mentioning Yang Ming, Chen Mengyan lost her appetite. Zhao Ying also lost some of her appetite. They hurriedly ate a few bites of food and were soon full.

"Mengyan, it’s still early now. Let's find a quiet place. You tell your sister what happened between you and Yang Ming. See if your sister can help you!" Zhao Ying suggested.

Chen Mengyan nodded. She really wanted to talk to someone about it. Yes, in the recent period, Chen Mengyan’s heart felt very much constrained. She couldn’t talk to anyone, neither her parents nor her classmates. She regretted that she didn’t have a sister or someone like her sister. Today, when she met Zhao Ying, even though Zhao Ying was her teacher in high school, Zhao Ying no longer was her teacher. Since the age gap wasn’t big, naturally she felt a sense of intimacy toward her. So, when Zhao Ying asked her to address her as a sister, Chen Mengyan did it without any hesitation!

Now, Zhao Ying took the initiative to counsel her. Chen Mengyan naturally wanted to confess to her.

They came to a quiet wooded area in the university. It was winter now, so there were fewer people here unlike in summer when there would be students and couples dating here.

They found a cleaner bench and sat down. Zhao Ying took the initiative to grab Chen Mengyan and let her lean on her body. "Talk to sister. What’s the matter?"

Zhao Ying actually felt very nervous too. She was thinking whether or not Yang Ming had changed. If Chen Mengyan had no chance, then what was the point of her doing all these things?

"Yang Ming... Yang Ming got another woman outside..." There were no outsiders anywhere else and Chen Mengyan released her feelings. She leaned on Zhao Ying’s body and started crying loudly.

It turned out that there was a mistress... Zhao Ying had a sense of relief because Chen Mengyan said that he found another woman other than her, instead of dumping her because he found another woman!

The difference between the two can be big! The first situation meant that Yang Ming was just fickle, and Zhao Ying was already quite clear about this. But the second situation meant that Yang Ming had changed his mind!

Therefore, from the current point of view, Yang Ming didn’t change his mind. This made Zhao Ying feel relieved.

"He found another woman? Who is that woman? Is it his classmate?" Zhao Ying continued to ask calmly.

"En… no… he brought her back when he was traveling abroad!" Chen Mengyan said with some anger. "He was cohabiting with the girl... yet he kept it from me and never told me!"

"He brought her from abroad?" This time it was Zhao Ying's turn to be confused. Yang Ming actually brought a girl back from abroad?

"En, she’s from Yunnan… and then Yang Ming actually told me that he got a voodoo from the girl so he couldn't leave the girl!" Chen Mengyan said with a frown.

"Voodoo? Wait, Mengyan, what is this thing?" Zhao Ying asked.

"Voodoo is..." Chen Mengyan told Zhao Ying what Yang Ming had told her, and then she said with a pouting mouth, "I don't even know if it is true or not."

"Since he had said so, it should be true, right? Otherwise, Yang Ming won’t make up such a reason to lie to you, would he? He already has some legitimate reasons, so he didn’t really need to make it mysterious, did he?" Although Zhao Ying felt that it was almost unbelievable, she still chose to believe in Yang Ming. This was the difference between her and Chen Mengyan.

Regardless of what Yang Ming did, Zhao Ying didn’t have any doubt in him. She chose to believe him unconditionally. This was a form of trust. Although it was blind, it was very moving.

"Let’s not talk about that. Sister Ying, you know what? Yang Ming actually had that kind of relationship with another girl... And he actually told me that he wanted to be responsible for that girl!" Chen Mengyan felt wronged. "If he was responsible for her, then what was my position now? He also brazenly said to me that he wanted to have the three of us at the same time. How can a person be so shameless?"

Zhao Ying also had some headaches listening to Chen Mengyan’s words. This Yang Ming, what is he doing? It has been only a few days after high school graduation, and yet things became so messy? Three wives and four concubines [1]? In your dreams!

However, Zhao Ying was very familiar with Yang Ming's character. Yang Ming was the kind of person who dared to do and dared to be. If he said so, then he must be planning to do it! Therefore she advised, "Mengyan, can you explain what happened between him and this girl?"

Chen Menyan told the story about Lin Zhiyun to Zhao Ying with her choking voice. After Zhao Ying listened, she sighed. Chen Mengyan was really honing a bull’s horn [2]. She can’t really blame Yang Ming for this, can she?

"Mengyan, about this, do you think Yang Ming is wrong?" Zhao Ying suddenly asked.

"Wrong? Of course, he is wrong! He is my boyfriend, and yet he is actually thinking about being responsible for other girls. He completely ignored my thoughts!" Chen Mengyan said angrily.

"However, if you think about it from another angle, if you were the girl named Lin Zhiyun, what would you be thinking?" Zhao Ying said slowly, "Both she and Yang Ming were actually victims. Yang Ming chose to be responsible for her, which also meant that Yang Ming is a responsible person instead of the kind of man who runs away when something happens! Mengyan, let me ask you. Do you like a man with a great spirit or a coward who would escape from mistakes?”

"I..." Chen Mengyan was stunned. Yeah, she had been standing on her own point of view to consider the problem in the past few days. All that she cared about were her own gains and losses. Now, listening to Zhao Ying’s words, she realized that Lin Zhiyun was the true victim! Originally things had nothing to do with her, but she got dragged into the vengeance between Yang Ming and Wang Zhitao.

Yes, if Yang Ming was a yes-man who would escape from the incident, would I still like him? But it was difficult for her to accept Lin Zhiyun too. After all, this is already the new society. How could she accept something like three wives and four concubines [1]?

"Well, even if this was something that was forced by circumstances, what about Lan Ling?" Chen Mengyan had decided not to pursue Yang Ming’s idea of being responsible for someone else. After all, the girl hadn’t appeared yet. Her threat was far less than Lan Ling who already had some physical relationship with Yang Ming. The most important thing was that Lan Ling and Yang Ming were inseparable!

"Lan Ling, hehe, Mengyan, in fact, you don't have to be too serious about that." Zhao Ying smiled and said, "According to what you said, it was Zhang Bing who took Yang Ming to look for... well, to look for a prostitute. If an honest student like Zhang Bing would be like that already, and on top of that, it was Yang Ming’s first time going to that kind of place, that is already hard to come by!”

"Sister Ying, he went to find a prostitute! How is that still hard to come by?" Chen Mengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry listening to it.

"Mengyan, you have to understand one thing. That is, which man doesn’t have an affair? Those who do not have one doesn’t mean they do not want one. Either they don’t have that quality or don’t have the guts to do so." Zhao Ying did not know whether this statement was true or false. She just saw it on the internet and used it to guide Chen Mengyan. "Also, at the root of the matter, you are still the one at fault!”

"I’m at fault?" Chen Mengyan was stunned.

[1] 三妻四妾 Three wives and four concubines: Multiple wives, frequently used to describe marriages of rich individuals in ancient times.

[2] 钻牛角尖 honing a bull’s horn: Wasting time to solve some insoluble or insignificant problem.

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