So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 288

Chapter 288: The Reunion of Xiao Chen and Xiao Zhao

"Big Brother, are you okay?" Yang Xiaobo asked curiously as he looked at the dazed Yang Ming.

"Oh? Nothing, hehe, I was reminiscing about the past." Yang Ming couldn’t help but sigh. People are animals that miss the past. Yang Ming had stayed here for three years but his senior high school memory and junior high school memories weren’t the same. In Yang Ming’s memory of junior high school, they were all painful memories except for Su Ya. But in high school, there were the care of Teacher Li, the friendships with Zhang Bing and Li Dagang, the feelings toward Chen Mengyan and the flirtatious memory with Zhao Ying. This made Yang Ming feel warm and have mixed emotions.

“Teacher Li’s office has moved away?” Yang Ming asked. Yang Ming’s reason for asking this was because the teacher’s office in Song Jiang’s No. 4 High School wasn’t fixed. For example, when the teacher was teaching grade 10, he would move to the office for grade 10. When he was teaching grade 11, he would move to the office for grade 11. Since Teacher Li was teaching grade 10 now, she definitely changed her office.

"I don’t know where it was before. Anyway, it is now on the second floor of the school’s office." Yang Xiaobo said.

"Oh, it was on the first floor." Yang Ming nodded and said.

"Shen Hua, you go back to the classroom first. I will bring my brother to find Teacher Li." Yang Xiaobo told Shen Hua. After all, the romantic relationships in high school shouldn’t be disclosed. Even if Teacher Li was open-minded and she could turn a blind eye, he couldn’t be too blatant!

"Okay." Shen Hua nodded obediently. "Should I help you to carry the stuff back first?"

"Yeah, you can help me take it back to the classroom." Yang Xiaobo handed Yang Ming's gifts to Shen Hua then he led Yang Ming to the school’s office.

"Xiaobo, have you heard of a teacher named Zhao Ying? She’s teaching mathematics." Yang Ming asked.

"Zhao Ying? I have never heard of her. The teacher who teaches us mathematics has the surname, Liu. He’s a man." Yang Xiaobo said.

Yang Ming didn’t ask any further after listening. How can it be so coincidental!

Yang Xiaobo took Yang Ming to the door of the school’s office on the second floor of the teaching building, knocked on the door, and then pushed the door open.

"Teacher Li..." said Yang Xiaobo.

"Oh? Yang Xiaobo, is something the matter?" Teacher Li looked up and asked Yang Xiaobo at the door.

"Teacher Li, I..." Before Yang Xiaobo could finish speaking, Yang Ming who was behind him went in. He said excitedly, "Teacher Li, do you still recognize me?"

"Yang Ming?" Li Huihua was astounded. She looked at Yang Ming with some surprise. "How can I not recognize you? You were my student!"

"Teacher Li, I came to visit you." Yang Ming said with a smile.

"Oh? Hehe, great. After your batch graduated, I really missed you guys. I didn't expect you to be so kind!" It can be seen that Teacher Li was very happy.

"Teacher Li, have you been well?" Yang Ming asked politely.

"Fortunately, I successfully helped another batch of students to pass their exam." Li Huihua said, "Sit. Oh yeah, how did you come in with Yang Xiaobo?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. What a coincidence? Yang Xiaobo is my younger cousin, my third uncle's child. I didn't expect him to be your student now!" Yang Ming said.

"So that’s the case. This is really a coincidence!" Li Huihua nodded and laughed after listening.

"Right, Teacher Li, this is the gift I bought from Hong Kong a few days ago." Yang Ming said, put the jewelry box in his hand on the table.

"What is this?" Li Huihua took over and opened it. After a glance, she immediately changed her expression. "It’s fine if you come to visit me, but you don’t have to buy me a gift! Isn’t this expensive?"

Li Huihua was a woman. She was more sensitive to jewelry than men. The necklace that Yang Ming gave her was real platinum, worth a few thousand yuan. Li Huihua felt that it was too expensive.

"Teacher Li, this is a little token of my gratitude. Please accept it!" Yang Ming said.

"That can't be. It's too expensive. If it was just a few hundred yuan, I would accept it. Doesn’t this necklace cost about a few thousand yuan?" Li Huihua shook her head and said.

"Then think of it as the token of gratitude from me, Zhang Bing and Chen Mengyan. After you average it out, it is cheaper. Is this fine with you?" Yang Ming had to play dirty.

"Hehe! You are still so cheeky." Li Huihua laughed too. Yang Ming's sophistry ability during high school was quite strong. Li Huihua was deeply touched.

"So, are you accepting it?" asked Yang Ming.

"I still can't accept it. You are still studying, so you are still spending your family’s money. Wait until you start to work then you can use your own money to buy things for the teacher. I will accept whatever you buy then, but not now!" Li Huihua said seriously.

"Teacher Li, do you really mean it?" asked Yang Ming.

"Yes." Li Huihua nodded. "You know that I have always stood by my own words."

"Hehe, Then Teacher Li, you should accept it this time. I bought this necklace with my own money." Yang Ming shrugged and said, "I’m doing business with Zhang Bing now. I went to Hong Kong for a business matter. So Teacher Li, can you accept it this time?"

"Oh? You and Zhang Bing?" Li Huihua was a little surprised, "I didn't think you guys will be so competent. You guys started a business at the beginning of university?”

"En, but we are also relying on Zhang Bing's father's company." Yang Ming said perfunctorily.

"Oh, if that's the case, then I will accept it!" Teacher Li said happily. Her student was successful, so of course, she was happy.

"Right, Teacher Li, I want to ask which class is Teacher Zhao Ying teaching now?" Yang Ming asked.

"Zhao Ying? Hehe, you bought her a gift too?" Teacher Li smiled.

"Yeah, during my high school, you and Teacher Zhao treated me the best. Of course, I can't forget you both." Yang Ming nodded.

Li Huihua knew that Zhao Ying always stood by Yang Ming. Based on her attitude during the exam, Li Huihua could see it. So, she didn't think there was anything wrong with it, instead, she said regretfully, "Zhao Ying isn’t here anymore."

"Not here? Why?" Yang Ming was stunned. "Where did she go?"

“Zhao Ying took a postgraduate degree at Song Jiang Industry University. She went to further her study.” Li Huihua said, “Yes, it’s your school! Have you seen her?”

"Postgraduate degree? Further study?" Yang Ming's expression was a bit odd.

"Yeah, didn't you know?" Li Huihua felt puzzled too. She coincidentally heard Zhao Ying say that Yang Ming was her brother. So shouldn’t the relationship between the two be good?

"I haven't seen her in a while." Yang Ming shook his head. "Then leave it to the future."

"Well, you may be able to find out if you ask at school." Li Huihua nodded.

Yang Ming and Li Huihua talked about some things about study and work. In the blink of an eye, it was already 1:30 p.m. Li Huihua stood up and said, "I still have to organize the students to see the art festival in the afternoon. Yang Ming, are you coming with us or going back to school?"

"I’m going back to school. I will come back when I’m free." Yang Ming said.

"Okay, come to visit me often." Li Huihua nodded with gratitude. There were so many students in the previous batch. Only Yang Ming had visited her; Wang Zhitao and the class committees disappeared after graduation. This made Li Huihua feel somewhat sad.

"Sure." Yang Ming nodded. Then he said goodbye to Yang Xiaobo and went to the school gate.

Zhao Ying actually studied for a postgraduate degree? After knowing this news, Yang Ming was shocked! What is she doing? She already had a stable job. Why is she still taking a postgraduate degree?

Moreover, Yang Ming felt perplexed that Zhao Ying didn’t study for a postgraduate degree at a normal school but at Song Jiang Industry University!

He remembered all the flirtatious moments between him and Zhao Ying. And that night, they almost crossed the boundary between a student and a teacher... Yang Ming began to feel somewhat uncertain... Was Zhao Ying doing this for me?

However, Yang Ming had always felt that Zhao Ying was a very rational person. Just like during high school, we had affections for each other. But Zhao Ying knew clearly that there was no chance between us, so she determinedly stopped any further relationship between us. After such a long time, would Zhao Ying come to look for him?

Thinking of this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but start to mock himself. Am I overthinking it?

In the crowded cafeteria of Song Jiang’s Industry University, Chen Mengyan emotionlessly looked for a seat with the rice she just got there.

"Ei? Chen Mengyan?" Chen Mengyan was somewhat surprised by the voice from behind. Chen Mengyan turned back. At first, she frowned, but then she was a little surprised too. "Teacher Zhao!"

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