So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Celebrity Puppy Love

Zhang Long and Zhang Yuliang were distant relatives, so Zhang Yuliang had always been in care. He was having a good time in the underworld! However, Yang Ming’s reputation was quite big in Song Jiang No. 4 High School. Zhang Yuliang reminded himself over there to not provoke Yang Ming. So, Zhang Long had always been in awe of Yang Ming! Zhang Song was a freshman this year. When he started, Yang Ming had already graduated, so he didn't know Yang Ming.

"It’s alright!" Yang Ming waved and said, "I’m full. I don't want to eat anymore. Just tell your brother, don't bother to harass my brother in the future. My brother has a good temper, but my temper isn’t quite good. You do as you see fit!"

"Certainly, that’s a must! Zhang Song, you have to apologize to Brother Yang! Also, you are not allowed to harass Yang Xiaobo again!" Zhang Long shouted at Zhang Song, but asked curiously, "Brother Yang, is Yang Xiaobo your brother?"

"Nonsense, his surname is Yang. If he isn't my brother, is he your brother?" Yang Ming noticed this guy actually dared to question his words. He was angered. What is he doing? If this was in the past few years, I would have already launched a kick at him!

"Yes, yes. I just simply asked. Zhang Song, what are you doing? Have you not heard that I ask you to apologize?" Zhang Long quickly laughed.

"Brother… I..." Zhang Song wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Zhang Long. "Hurry. Do you want to be beaten up?"

"Brother Yang, it was my fault. I will not harass Yang Xiaobo anymore..." Zhang Song couldn’t help but bow his head and say it.

"Okay, you may leave. I have no time to talk to you." Although it was easy to speak to Yang Ming, it didn’t mean that Yang Ming would be easy on the little punk!

"Then, I will go first. Brother Yang, if there’s anything, please call me." Zhang Long took Zhang Song and left respectfully.

"Brother, who is that person? He was so arrogant. Why didn't you beat him up?" As he went back to his desk, Zhang Song was somewhat dissatisfied and asked, "Aren’t you the boss of Song Jiang No. 4 High School? Also, don’t we have Brother Liang?"

"Beat him up? I need to be able to beat him up first! Isn’t your Brother Liang bad*ss? If he met Yang Ming, he also has to call him Brother Yang in a respectful voice!" Zhang Long said coldly, "You shouldn't provoke Yang Xiaobo again in the future. Otherwise, we will have bad days ahead of us!"

"Is that really true? Is he so bad*ss?" Zhang Song didn't believe it.

"Hey, I also graduated from Red Flag Middle School. I know more about him! Yang Ming was mixing around in the society when he was in the heyday. The bosses of all the schools in the vicinity call him Brother when they met him. No one dared to fool around him. You might not know. Yang Ming graduated from Red Flag Middle School and went to Song Jiang No. 4 High School. At that time, several outstanding people from Red Flag Middle School also went to Song Jiang No. 4 High School to ask Yang Ming who would be the new boss! It showed how much influence Yang Ming had at the time!" Zhang Long said in a stern voice.

"Isn't that the past? Now that he had graduated, what are we afraid of?" Zhang Song still held some disdain. "I don't believe that he still has the prestige of the past!"

"Don't look for trouble. Did you know that Brother Liang said Yang Ming and Brother Bao from the South City were buddies? Brother Bao, that is the real gangster. He wasn’t someone this small school’s gangsters can touch." Zhang Long warned, "If you don't want to live, then you can continue to provoke him!"

"Damn! He’s so ruthless!" Zhang Song was surprised after listening to it. "If we follow Yang Ming in the future, wouldn’t we get rich?"

"Why follow him? Are you stupid? Is it so easy to survive in the underworld? We will be dead if we couldn’t mingle around! We are students. It's cool to be pretentious at school. Stop thinking about something so useless!" Zhang Long said.

"Elder brother, you are so strong!" After Zhang Long left, Yang Xiaobo said with great admiration, "Shen Hua, why don't you thank our elder brother? Zhang Song certainly won't bother you in the future!"

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Shen Hua was also very happy. Students of this age group more or less worshipped violence. Shen Hua was overwhelmed by Zhang Song. She also hoped that her boyfriend would be stronger and looked for some friends who were ruthless to intimidate Zhang Song so that he won’t be harassing her. But, she was helpless because Yang Xiaobo was a good kid who didn’t know any friends in the society. So, this matter wasn’t resolved. Today, she saw Yang Xiaobo’s elder brother intimidate Zhang Song and his elder brother, Zhang Long, with a few sentences. Shen Hua was happy. She heard that Zhang Long was familiar with the little punks outside of school. But now, it seemed that her boyfriend's elder brother seemed to be stronger.

As such, no one would dare to bully me and Yang Xiaobo in school again!

"No need to thank me. That fellow is a fool. Don't bother with them." Yang Ming said indifferently.

"Elder brother, you don't know how annoying Zhang Song is. He always harasses Shen Hua all day long and calls her at home!" Yang Xiaobo said helplessly.

"This person is courting death. Call me later if they are bothering you!" Yang Ming smiled.

"That will do!" Yang Xiaobo also worshipped violence a little. Yang Xiaobo was excited that his elder brother was a ruthless person. Elder brother was an example for him since he was a child. Now, Yang Xiaobo felt that his big brother was awesome. Not only did he study well, but also stayed strong in other aspects. Since he had such an elder brother, he would be bad*ss in school too then.

"Oh ya, Xiaobo, do you know a teacher named Li Huihua?" Yang Ming asked.

"Teacher Li? Elder brother, are you talking about our class teacher?" Yang Xiaobo asked curiously, "Elder brother, do you know her?"

"Is she your class teacher?" Yang Ming was stunned after listening. "Isn’t that too coincidental? She was my class teacher in my time!"

"Really, elder brother?" Yang Xiaobo was also surprised.

"Of course, it is true. I came back from Hong Kong this time and bought her a gift! This is great. Take me to see her later." Yang Ming said.

"That's not a problem. But elder brother, you are quite thoughtful. You still remember your own teacher!" Yang Xiaobo sighed.

"Teacher Li treated me well in the past, much better than Wu Chiren in junior high school!" Yang Ming shook his head and said, "I will remember it all my life."

"What? Shameful person [1]?" Shen Hua listened to Yang Ming's words.

"Heh?" Yang Ming and Yang Xiaobo were surprised as soon as they heard it. Then, they broke into laughter.

"Xiaobo, your girlfriend is quite interesting. She can link it in such a way! But the nickname, the shameless person, is quite suitable for Wu Chiren!" Yang Ming smiled and said, "It's really accurate."

After Yang Ming finished, they laughed again. “Oh ya, elder brother, have you met any celebrities in Hong Kong? I heard it’s easy to meet celebrities in Hong Kong!” Yang Xiaobo asked.

"Celebrities. I didn't pay attention. Do you like these too?" Yang Ming asked.

"Yeah, I especially like Shu Ya, who is the young maiden celebrity who sang "Love in Childhood" and "Boy At the Same Table!" Now, she’s famous. Many people in our class like her! Me and Shen Hua are also her ‘Ya fans’." Yang Xiaobo said.

Muted fans [2]? Why is it called in such a way? Yang Ming thought to himself. Celebrities nowadays like to give their fan group a nickname, even corn, jelly, or something else. This time around it’s muted fans?

Yang Ming had a bit of impression on Shu Ya. He bought a ring from her. If Yang Xiaobo hadn't mentioned it, he really would have forgotten about it. The ring is still with Xiao Qing. I have to get it back and take a look at it.

Rather, based on the names of the songs that Shu Ya sang, "Love in Childhood", "Boy at the same table," she was a typical person in puppy love! Even as a young maiden, does a young maiden go for puppy love?

"I’ve never seen her before. I’m not very familiar with this person." Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"Elder brother, are you serious? You don't know someone who’s so popular?" Yang Xiaobo expressed disbelief.

"Your elder brother doesn't follow celebrities, so I don't know. I will go back and look for it on the Internet later!" Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

"Ai, I’m still expecting you to go to Hong Kong to get her signature!" Yang Xiaobo said reluctantly.

"What’s the point of a signature!" Yang Ming smiled, but he thought in his heart. I bought her expensive ring. It wasn’t too much to get her signature, right?

After enjoying their KFC, Yang Xiaobo returned to the entrance of Song Jiang No.4 High School with Yang Ming. Yang Ming took out the sports shoes and casual clothes for Yang Xiaobo from the car. Then, he took out a piece of jewelry that he bought for Teacher Li.

"Sorry, Shen Hua. I don't know the matters of my younger cousins, otherwise, I would have definitely brought a gift. I will make up for it next time!" Yang Ming gave Yang Xiaobo the items and said to Shen Hua.

"It’s alright, elder brother. You don’t need to be so courteous." Shen Hua quickly said.

The three people walked onto campus together and looked at everything that was familiar. Yang Ming was filled with sentiments. A few months ago, I was still a part of this place. A familiar school building, familiar teaching building, familiar playground, familiar...

As he recalled bits and pieces in high school, he thought of Chen Mengyan, and Zhao Ying... he remembered the flirtatious moments during that time...

Chapter Notes:

[1] (吴迟仁) Wu Chiren had the same pronunciation as (无耻人) shameless person.

[2] Ya 雅 has the same pronunciation as mute 哑. In this context, Yang Ming twisted it to “muted” fans. 

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