So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 286

Chapter 286: My Brother Is Better

“I’m just like him…” Shen Hua said softly.

Yang Ming felt joyous. He thought in his heart that the girlfriend that Xiaobo had found was like a woman who followed the man who sings [1].

"Then let’s go! You lead the way!" Even though Yang Ming also graduated from Song Jiang No. 4 High School, this KFC had just opened this summer. So, Yang Ming hadn’t been there before.

The size of this KFC wasn’t small. The main source of traffic were students from all the schools nearby. KFC would always find these sort of high traffic areas to open their own stores.

"I have coupons here!" Yang Ming was going to order with Yang Xiaobo when Shen Hua suddenly took out a large coupon.

"Oh, it seems like I can save a lot of money!" Yang Ming smiled and picked it up.

"Xiaobo, how long have you both been together?" Yang Ming asked when ordering at the counter.

"Hehe, elder brother, let me tell you the truth. We were into one another ever since school started!" Yang Xiaobo laughed.

"Oh? That also meant that you both have been together for more than three months? That’s not bad!" Yang Ming smiled.

"It’s still alright!" Yang Xiaobo wanted to say that he had inherited Yang Ming's "legacy," but he was lucky that he had a fast reaction and immediately shut up. Otherwise, he would be smacked by Yang Ming again.

"This girl is not bad. Treat her well." Yang Ming began to teach his younger cousin. "You’d better not disappoint her!"

"Elder brother, you can rest assured. Your brother won’t lose your face!" Yang Xiaobo said with a tap on his chest.

"En! That's right. What do you both want to eat?" Yang Ming said bluntly. Yang Xiaobo still didn’t know that his elder brother owed a lot of relationship debts!

"Let’s have this set meal for each of us, and a corn for Shen Hua." Yang Xiaobo suggested.

Yang Ming nodded and said to the staff, "I want two of these set meals, a corn, a spicy fried drumstick, another original fried chicken, a pair of spicy wings. Alright, that's all."

"Okay sir, it’s a total of 78 yuan. Eating here or take away?" The staff at the counter asked.

"Eating here!" Yang Ming said as he handed over the hundred yuan bill.

"Sh*t. Elder brother, since when have you made a fortune?" Yang Xiaobo saw the stack of banknotes that Yang Ming had just taken out.

"I did some business with my classmate. I went to Hong Kong to talk about business." Yang Ming explained.

"Elder brother, you are the real deal!" Yang Xiaobo said enviously, "I will say, elder brother, you are much better than my other cousin."

"Hehe." Yang Ming smiled. I wonder how Yang Li was doing. I haven’t seen her since the last incident.

"Elder Brother, can I discuss some things with you?" Yang Xiaobo hesitated and said.

"What is it? What can't be done? Just say it upfront!" Yang Ming smiled.

"Elder Brother, can you lend me two hundred yuan?" inquired Yang Xiaobo.

"What do you want to do with the money?" asked Yang Ming.

"In a few days, it will be Shen Hua's birthday. I wanted to celebrate with her, but you know it too. My parents usually gave me a limited amount of pocket money. There isn’t enough. I don't have much savings!" Yang Xiaobo said with a frown, "I can't talk to my family about it."

"I see! This is the right thing to do!" Yang Ming nodded. "Alright, but you mustn't return it after you borrow it. If that was the case, I would be sponsoring your fund to pick up girls!"

"Really? Thank you, elder brother!" Yang Xiaobo said. He wasn’t overly polite with Yang Ming. What’s there to be too polite about when I’m with my elder cousin?

"Is two hundred enough?" Yang Ming took out his wallet and took out five hundred yuan for Yang Xiaobo. "I will give you five hundred. Since everything is so expensive now, it’s a rare occasion to celebrate a birthday. You can’t be too stingy about it!”

"Wow! Elder Brother, I really love you!" Yang Xiaobo was overjoyed. He took the money and couldn’t stop smiling!

"Okay, things are being served. Hurry up and take the tray!" Yang Ming kicked Yang Xiaobo.

"Yes!" Yang Xiaobo said with joy. In his heart, Five hundred, if I make good use of it, I may be able to save enough money to go to the hotel.

The cousins took the trays and walked back to their previous position. Yang Ming saw a boy sitting beside Shen Hua talking about something.

"Your classmate?" Yang Ming didn’t think about anything else and asked casually.

"No! He belonged to the senior’s eighth class!" Yang Xiaobo said it resolutely, and then he quickly walked over. Yang Ming felt a bit strange.

"Zhang Song, how come you’re here again? Shen Hua is my girlfriend. Why are you always harassing her?" Yang Xiaobo asked.

"Oh, what’s the complaint about? This is KFC, a public place. Who says that I can’t be here?" Zhang Song shrugged and said.

"Then you can leave now because we have to eat!" Yang Xiaobo said as he stared at him.

"Then, you have your meal. Leave me alone. I want to speak to little sister Shen Hua about life and ambitions!" Zhang Song didn’t intend to get up.

"My brother is here today, so you’d better not provoke us!" Zhang Song always gave Yang Xiaobo some headaches. Since Zhang Song’s brother was a gangster in the school, he pretended to be a bully at school. Yang Xiaobo didn’t want to have any conflict with him. However, since last month, this guy actually began to pursue Shen Hua. Yang Xiaobo was angry that he was prying his own corner [2]. He wanted to fight with the guy, but when he thought of the gangster brother, he endured it.

"Ha, you want to scare me with your brother? I’m so scared!" Zhang Song said with a very annoying expression. "My brother is right there. Let’s see whose brother is better?"

"You..." Yang Xiaobo always had Yang Ming as his role model since childhood. In his eyes, his elder brother was excellent in both character and academics. He didn’t know about Yang Ming's misdeeds.

Seeing this, Yang Ming also understood what happened! Wasn't it just an idiot who liked harassing my cousin? Why did you need to reason with him? However, it seemed like my cousin was afraid of this Zhang Song?

"Okay, don’t waste your saliva on him!" Yang Ming put the tray on the table and said to Zhang Song coldly, "Young kid, are you getting out of the way or you need my help?"

"Who are you?" Zhang Song looked at Yang Ming's tall figure and got a little bit worried. However, as he thought that his brother wasn’t far away, his confidence increased, "I’m going to stay here. Are there any signs that say I can't sit here?"

"Idiot!" Yang Ming scolded as his hand reached out to grab Zhang Song's neck. He lifted him up and threw him to the side without looking at him. "F*ck off, little brat."

"Oh..." Yang Xiaobo was stunned. "Elder brother, have you become that violent?"

"Violent? I would want to talk to an idiot reasonably, but can he understand it?" Yang Ming said disdainfully.

"You. Good for you! Wait here! If you dare, sit here and don't go." Zhang Song stood up and thought that he was definitely not Yang Ming's opponent, so he pointed at Yang Ming as he threatened him.

"Come. Eat." Yang Ming didn’t pay attention to him at all, but he asked Yang Xiaobo and Shen Hua to start eating.

Seeing that Yang Ming didn’t bother with him at all, Zhang Song left angrily.

"Elder brother, will he go back to look for someone? Why don’t we take it away and eat out?" Yang Xiaobo was somewhat worried. After all, Zhang Song’s brother, Zhang Long, was a ruthless character.

"Look for someone? Let him look for them." Yang Ming said indifferently, "Why take away? It is not good once it’s cold. Let’s eat quickly."

Yang Xiaobo felt helpless and had to start eating. Shen Hua was also somewhat worried too. She didn’t have much appetite to eat.

Certainly, after a while. Zhang Song came with three or four people with aggressive vibes. One of the leaders walked over and asked, "Who just bullied my brother?"

Yang Ming looked up and felt that the person looked familiar. He seemed to be the younger brother of Li Dagang. Yang Ming was licking the chicken wings and didn’t bother with him at all.

"Is it you?" Zhang Long came over and tugged at Yang Ming.

"F*ck! I’m eating. Can’t you see?" Yang Ming's chicken wing fell out of his hand to the ground with this tug. Yang Ming was furious.

"Ergh?" Zhang Long was also stunned too. After he observed Yang Ming’s appearance carefully, sweat started dripping off his face. The original fierce face had changed. He immediately changed to a smile. "Brother Yang, how come you are here?"

"What? Can't I come to eat?" Yang Ming looked at Zhang Long and asked, "You are very arrogant aren’t you? You threw my chicken wing to the ground!"

"I'm sorry, Brother Yang. I didn't mean it... Zhang Song, you go and buy a pair of chicken wings for Brother Yang!" Zhang Long quickly told his brother.

"Brother… He was the one who hit me!" Zhang Song felt somewhat inexplicable.

"Hurry up. Didn't you hear me clearly?" Zhang Long became agitated. Who is Yang Ming? He’s a person whom even Zhang Yuliang would bow down to!

Chapter Notes:

[1] 夫唱妇随 a woman who followed the man who sings: This idiom is primarily meant for the patriarchal society where the wife needs to obey the husband.

[2] 撬墙角 pry one’s corner: Pursuing other people’s girlfriend. 

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