So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Back to the Alma Mater

The next morning, Yang Ming, Zhang Bing, and Tian Donghua went to the school cafeteria for breakfast.

"Yang Ming, have you brought a gift for Chen Mengyan?" asked Zhang Bing.

"I did." Yang Ming nodded. "Right, how is the Mengyan lately? Is there any news?"

"It's still like that. She’s really hard to understand. Aside from going to class, it looks like she didn't seem to be involved in other activities." Zhang Bing shook his head, "Bro, you have to hurry up and do something!"

"Do you think I don't want to?" Yang Ming smiled bitterly. "I have no entry point. There is no chance. If I just go to her, will she care about me?"

"Ai, forget it. I don't have much to say about your affairs. In short, you have to grab your chances. Recently, the people who have written love letters to Chen Mengyan aren’t fewer!" Zhang Bing reminded him.

"I know. I will pay attention." Yang Ming nodded.

After the meal, Tian Donghua accompanied Yang Ming to class, and Zhang Bing went to class himself.

"I really can't understand you. You don’t attend your own classes and only mess around with me!" Yang Ming looked at Tian Donghua and said, puzzled.

"I’m just bored!" Tian Donghua said, "I have been sleeping in the dormitory for the past few days when you weren’t here."

"Why don't you follow Zhang Bing to his class?" asked Yang Ming.

"F*ck, you think I don't want to? I just went to listen for half of the lesson then I was thrown out by an old lady, saying that I wasn’t her student! F*ck, I’m really unlucky." Tian Donghua complained.

Yang Ming smiled. There were some rigid professors in any university. Tian Donghua was really having bad luck.

"Yang Ming, you have been absent for so many days. Where have you been?" As soon as he entered the classroom, Sun Zhiwei greeted him. A few days ago, Sun Zhiwei got beat up, so he was still angry. When Yang Ming came in, he prepared to vent his anger on him.

"I went to Hong Kong." Yang Ming said faintly. He didn't want to answer it, but Sun Zhiwei was the class monitor. If Yang Ming didn’t answer him, it would be a disrespect to him.

"Do you know that you have been absent from school for so long, what kind of consequences you will get when I report to the tutor?" Sun Zhiwei threatened. He wanted to see Yang Ming beg him.

"I don't know." Yang Ming didn't want to talk to him, so Yang Ming ignored him. Then he found a seat with Tian Donghua.

"I’m talking to you!" Sun Zhiwei became enraged when Yang Ming ignored him. "You beg me now, and I will help you solve your trouble, or you will suffer!"

"Is it? Then go and report it!" Yang Ming said with no anger. Why does this person act like a child? He must have been spoiled since he was young!

"Well, just you wait!" Sun Zhiwei threatened.

Yang Ming didn’t care. Liu Weishan took him out, who would dare to disrespect him in the university! Besides, Xiao Qing had already greeted Xie Yongqiang before, so he didn’t bother with Sun Zhiwei.

"Dumb*ss!" Yang Ming scolded.

"Young master Sun, if he takes over the family business, I think the family will be close to their downfall!" Tian Donghua sighed and said.

Yang Ming didn't care about Tian Donghua's words. After all, it didn't matter to him. Whether his family would be fallen or not, Yang Ming wasn’t related to it.

"Yang Ming, that Zhou Jiajia in your class isn’t bad. Can you introduce me to her?" Tian Donghua looked lewdly at Zhou Jiajia who wasn’t far away.

"She isn’t from our class. She’s from class 1. I’m not familiar with her. If you want to know her, you can talk to her." Yang Ming glanced at Zhou Jiajia.

"Ugh... forget it. I’m already hurt. I don't want to be hurt again!" Tian Donghua shook his head. "This woman looks very smart and not easy to get."

“Smart?” Yang Ming asked curiously. Tian Donghua’s evaluation of Zhou Jiajia was actually smart.

"Yeah, didn’t you notice that many people were seeking advice from her? Tian Donghua said.

Yang Ming looked up and saw. Apparently, many people were holding their books and consulted Zhou Jiajia, so he said, "Maybe some pig brothers want to pursue her?"

"That also shows that she’s really smart. These pig brothers can only approach her through consulting homework. Or else if you ask questions to those who don’t know, it is impossible to have an effect!" Tian Donghua analyzed.

"You may be right. Why don’t you ask her?" Yang Ming said casually.

"Forget it, even if I want to ask, I don’t know what to ask. I have never studied before." Tian Donghua sighed.

Yang Ming thought that Tian Donghua still had some self-awareness. However, Zhou Jiajia's performance was good since she was young. She would belong to the category of good student. Yang Ming just didn’t like the way she handled some matters.

However, Yang Ming found it strange. There weren’t many girls studying computer science. Why was Zhou Jiajia interested in this? However, Yang Ming was just curious about it. He wasn’t interested in her affairs.

At noon, after Yang Ming talked to Zhang Bing, he rushed to his high school alma mater, Song Jiang No. 4 High School. There were gifts for the younger cousin, Yang Xiaobo, Zhao Ying and Li Huihua in the car.

Yang Ming hadn’t seen Zhao Ying for a long time. He was going to visit her this time. Yang Ming knew that it was unlikely that something would happen between them, but every time Yang Ming thought of Zhao Ying, there was always a reluctance to lose her.

As for Li Huihua, she was the only teacher that Yang Ming had bought a gift for in addition to Zhao Ying. Yang Ming had always been grateful to Li Huihua, especially regarding the matter with Chen Afu. Li Huihua protected Yang Ming! So, Yang Ming had always remembered her kindness. Although Li Huihua usually had strict requirements for students, she cared for her students. She had no prejudice against them. Besides, she was more open-minded, instead of a rigid person. Therefore, Yang Ming had always thought that Li Huihua was a good teacher. If he had met her when he was in junior high school, then he and Su Ya might have been together now.

But things were in the past and no one could change it.

Yang Ming was going to call Yang Xiaobo and ask him if he was in the school. Yang Ming called Yang Xiaobo at the intersection of the red light.

"Hello, Xiaobo, I’m your brother. Where are you? Are you at school?" asked Yang Ming.

"Big brother, I’m at school. When are you coming?" replied Yang Xiaobo.

"I’m on the way. I can be there in ten minutes. Go to the school gate and wait for me!" Yang Ming said.

"Okay, then I am going to the school gate to wait for you now!" Yang Xiaobo replied.

Hanging up the phone, the signal light at the intersection had just turned green. Then, Yang Ming immediately headed in the direction of No. 4 High School. Before reaching the gate, Yang Ming saw his younger cousin, Yang Xiaobo, far away. At his side, there was a girl. They were talking about something. It seemed that their relationship was quite intimate.

Did my younger cousin have a girlfriend? Yang Ming inspected the girl carefully. The girl was medium-sized and looked pretty. She belonged to the middle-upper class. Looking at her age, it should be similar to Yang Xiaobo!

Yang Ming parked the car at the door of the No.4 High School. Then, he got out of the car and shouted to Yang Xiaobo, "Xiaobo, here!"

"Big Brother!" When Yang Xiaobo heard Yang Ming call him, he turned around in surprise. "Eh? Big Brother, you bought a car?"

"I borrowed from a friend!" Yang Ming smiled and said, "Have you been waiting for a long time?"

"It’s fine. It didn't take long!" Yang Xiaobo said, "Right, big brother, let me introduce you. This is my... classmate, Shen Hua. Shen Hua, this is my elder cousin, Yang Ming. I have told you before!"

"Hi, Big Brother." Shen Hua nodded with shyness. Her face was blushing.

"Hehe, hi. Xiaobo, you really have good taste!" Yang Ming casually praised. How could he not understand his younger cousin? This girl was probably his girlfriend!

Certainly, after the girl named Shen Hua heard Yang Ming, her face turned even redder. She looked down and didn’t dare to raise her head. Yang Ming smiled and patted Yang Xiaobo's shoulder. "You’re good. You, kid, are much stronger than me. You already have a girlfriend when you’re in grade 10!"

"Hehe, I’m inheriting the legacy of my brother..." Yang Xiaobo laughed.

"Shut up. I haven't died yet!" Yang Ming was furious and slapped Yang Xiaobo’s head! What is the "legacy"? Only the dead can leave a legacy!

Looking at the two brothers joking together, Shen Hua couldn’t help but laugh.

"Brother, what about my stuff?" asked Yang Xiaobo.

"You only remember your little things!" Yang Ming shook his head. "In the car. Let's go eat. Let's leave the things here and we’ll come back later!"

"That's OK, brother. Then you treat us to KFC. It’s just in front!" Yang Xiaobo said.

"Well, eat whatever you want to eat" Yang Ming didn’t bother much. Then he asked, "What about your girlfriend?"

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