So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 283

Chapter 283: A Night Talk Between Mother and Daughter

Coming out from Lin Zhiyun’s home, Yang Ming went straight to Fang Tian's house. During the time he went to Hong Kong, he had delayed his daily normal training. He wasn’t sure if Elder Fang would get angry.

When Yang Ming rushed over, Fang Tian was watching TV at home. He saw Yang Ming, but he didn’t bother with him and continued to watch TV.

"Ugh... Elder Fang, why are you ignoring me?" Yang Ming smiled.

"Someone is looking for you. You have to be careful for a while." Fang Tian said faintly.

"Ah?" Yang Ming was stunned. He didn't expect Fang Tian to say this in the first sentence. He couldn’t help but frown. Did Fang Tian receive any news? I was really being targeted by someone in Hong Kong! "Old man, do you know something?"

"I don't know the details. I just received some news that someone wanted to eliminate you." Fang Tian said, "Why? Have they already started already?"

"I think so. When I was in Hong Kong..." Yang Ming told him what he had encountered in Hong Kong, "Elder Fang, how did you know?"

"I have my own channel. I will tell you about this channel in the future." Fang Tian said, "Well, there are several insider discs of various industries, including some industry knowledge of competition, gambling, airplane maneuver, etc. I asked Dong Jun to retrieve those from the base that provides professional assassin training. You should bring it home and watch."

From the professional assassin training base? Yang Ming shook his head. This sentence sounds simple but it was hard to do that! In that place, there are many masters of assassin guarding it. It seemed that Dong Jun’s skill has reached a superb level.

Yang Ming thought, When will I be like Dong Jun?

"You should go back and check it out. Dong Jun is now abroad. He is looking for information from other industries! As a qualified assassin, you must understand all industries. I’m not asking you to master them, but at least be proficient. Otherwise, you will suffer big losses." Fang Tian said, "Oh ya, don’t stop your physical training. Your speed, strength and reflex actions aren’t enough. You may be good in China, but many people from the worldwide assassin rank can ‘seckill’ [1] you."

"Seckill?" Yang Ming sweated. The word had just come out in recent years...

"Well, yes, if you come to an actual PK [2] with some foreign assassin organizations, the other party will be able to kill you in second." Fang Tian nodded.

"..." Yang Ming was speechless. "Elder Fang, you seem to be quite trendy."

"Trendy? Hehe, I have already said you have to learn a lot as an assassin. You need to follow up with the trends of society. It’s just a few internet slangs! Why are you so surprised! Not only me, but you have to do the same. For those things that you weren’t interested in before, you must begin to gradually force yourself to learn it! For example, popular TV shows, popular songs, popular stars, the hottest game on the Internet, the most popular book, and so on." Fang Tian said.

"Understood." Yang Ming nodded and knew that what Fang Tian said was very reasonable.

"You should go back now. Stop visiting me for a while. After you have read this information, call me. I have to do something so I may not be at home in the upcoming days." Fang Tian said.

"Okay. Elder Fang, where are you going?" Yang Ming asked curiously.

"Going abroad to Europe." Fang Tian said, "I will contact you when I get there."

"Oh, then be careful." Yang Ming nodded and no longer asked. If Fang Tian wanted him to know, then the old man would tell him. Yang Ming guessed that he might go to find Dong Jun. He didn’t think that Fang Tian was going on a tour.

"No one can kill me, so don’t worry. Besides, I’m only going on a tour." Fang Tian smiled and said.

Huh? Tour?” Yang Ming was stunned.

Tonight was the time to return to university. Yang Ming could drive the car directly to the university because Zhang Bin would definitely return to university too. When he left, Yang Ming suddenly thought that Lin Zhiyun should be starting university tomorrow as well. Instead of squeezing in the subway in the morning, why not go back to the university tonight?

So when Yang Ming came out from Fang Tian’s house, he called Lin Zhiyun’s family.

Lin Changqing went to sleep first. At that time, Shen Yueping and Lin Zhiyun didn’t drink the wine, so they weren’t sleepy. They were sitting at the coffee table in the living room and chatting. Shen Yueping was asking Lin Zhiyun about her and Yang Ming. Then the phone rang.

"Hello, good evening." Shen Yueping picked up the phone.

"Hello, Aunty Shen? I’m Yang Ming!" Yang Ming heard the voice of Shen Yueping on the other end of the phone.

"Oh? Yang Ming, have you already gone home? Is there anything else to look for Yun Er?" Shen Yueping said enthusiastically.

"I haven't returned yet. I returned here halfway through. I thought that since Zhiyun will go to university anyway tomorrow, I would pick her up and go back to university later today, otherwise, she will have to squeeze in the subway tomorrow." Yang Ming said.

"En, yeah, Yun Er’s tutoring has been changed to the morning so she won’t be in the house during the weekend!" Shen Yueping thought about it.

Originally, Lin Zhiyun’s tutor on Sunday was at eight o'clock in the evening. The place for tutoring wasn’t close to the university, so she could only return home at night. Now that the tutoring time had changed, she can go back to university directly on Sunday night.

"Then can I pick up Zhiyun now?" Yang Ming asked.

"Alright, come over!" Shen Yueping agreed fully. Shen Yueping had experienced it. How would she believe that Yang Ming’s return was only to drive her daughter back to university? It must be that the young people couldn’t help missing each other. They wanted to do other things at night. Shen Yueping could understand this. Anyway, she had already approved of Yang Ming, and these aspects weren’t as strict as they were.

"Mom, what's the matter?" Lin Zhiyun asked after her mother hung up the phone.

"Yang Ming just called and said that he wanted to pick you to go back to the university together. So, I asked him to come over." Shen Yueping said.

"Ah? It’s so late already. He is still coming over?" Lin Zhiyun exclaimed. She didn’t expect Yang Ming to care about her so much. The relationship between them was just pretending only!

"Hehe, he really cares about you!" Shen Yueping said with a smile. "Now your dad is asleep. Let’s have a talk between us. Yun Er, you tell mom, you and Yang Ming... Did you guys use any safety measures?"

"Safety measures?" Lin Zhiyun was astounded. She didn't know what her mom was saying.

"Yes, during that time, did he wear it?" Shen Yueping said this straightforwardly.

"Ah!" Lin Zhiyun's face blushed all of sudden, "Mom... mom, why are you asking this..."

"Of course, I have to ask. This is important. You guys are still young. You can't just enjoy the fun. If you guys have created some trouble, what would you do?" Shen Yueping said with the look of a teacher.

"We don't have..." Lin Zhiyun wanted to say that “we don't have that,” but she thought there was something wrong with it because she really did that with him… Aiya, how do I say this?

But, Shen Yueping misunderstood as soon as she heard it! She immediately said seriously, "Look, I knew you guys wouldn’t use it! Yun Er, you can’t do that! Mom has experience in it so I have to tell you. The woman's safety period isn’t so accurate. There are times it might have some error. Or, he always ejaculates outside of your body. But, it doesn't work, nor it is safe! Your father and I had you because we were careless in the past!"

"..." Lin Zhiyun really wanted to find a hole and hide inside. Why is mom talking to me about this?

Shen Yueping cared about her daughter so she imparted this physiological knowledge to her. In China, many schools didn’t pay much attention to the course of physiology, which also caused students to have a lack of sexual knowledge.

Most of their knowledge came from foreign adult movies, so they didn't know much about using contraception. This caused many unmarried pregnant girls to have abortions in the hospitals. Most of them were still not adults.

Shen Yueping often noticed such news when she read the newspapers. Therefore, as a qualified mother, she felt obligated to explain this knowledge to her daughter. She noticed that her daughter wasn’t talking so she thought Lin Zhiyun was accepting her education. So, she continued, "If you do that without any preparation under impulsiveness, you must tell me afterward. Mom will buy you an emergency pill. Don't ignore this. This is a big deal!"

"Mom… I..." Lin Zhiyun didn't know what to say.

"Well, mom knows that you are embarrassed, but you’d better tell this to Yang Ming clearly. This is related to the happiness of both of your lives!" Shen Yueping said solemnly, "If you are embarrassed to voice it out, it doesn’t matter. Mom will ask him to come over and tell him one day!"

Chapter Notes:

[1] 秒杀 seckill

[2] PK - Player kill

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