So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 281

Chapter 281: What Should I Do in The Future?

"Oh? You brought me a gift?" Lin Changqing was astounded. He thought, This young man really knew what to do. He knew how to respect me. As he heard his wife, he knew that Yang Ming must have brought him wine. So he was happy while looking around for it. He wanted to see the wine that Yang Ming brought for him.

"Stop looking around. It’s there!" Shen Yueping knew that her husband was fond of wine, but he shouldn’t look stupid in front of others. When she realized her intention of praising Yang Ming had reached him, she pointed to the two plastic bags at the edge of the sofa.

Lin Changqing wanted to look at it later but he couldn’t help but be tempted by wine. So he didn’t care much. He walked straight toward it. When he saw the packaging of the wine, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Eh.” Then he said surprisingly, "That... Yang Ming, is it? You bought Maotai?"

"I didn't buy it purposely. Someone else gave it to my godfather. My godfather’s liver isn’t good so he can’t drink any alcohol. I heard that Uncle Lin was fond of this so I brought it to you!" Yang Ming explained with a smile.

"So that’s the case!" Lin Changqing nodded. He thought that his godfather must be a big shot. If not, who would give him a Maotai!

"Old Lin, stop playing with your wine. Where’s the food I asked you to buy?" Shen Yueping suddenly saw that her husband was empty-handed when he entered the house. Did he forget what I said?

"Right, I haven't told you yet. Our hotel was smashed today! Originally, I had ordered the dishes but they can’t make them now!" answered Lin Changqing.

"Ah? What happened? Why was the hotel smashed?" Shen Yueping said worriedly.

"It's because of the gang fights for territory! I heard that the boss from the north of the city had swept several hotels here!" Lin Changqing shook his head.

"That’s quite scary, then what would you guys do?" asked Shen Yueping.

"We? Ai! We have to take leave for the time being. They will inform us if there was any news!" Lin Changqing shook his head. After his legs recovered, this was his first job. After only one month, he was unemployed again.

Shen Yueping nodded and said nothing. It seemed that the family’s economy will shrink. But suddenly she thought of what Yang Ming said just now. Yang Ming asked to let her daughter work at his company, so they didn’t have to worry about money. Yang Ming wouldn’t treat his girlfriend unfairly.

"Well, don't think too much. Today, our daughter's boyfriend is here. It's a happy thing!" Shen Yueping said quickly.

"You’re right!" Lin Changqing nodded and said, "Why don’t we find a restaurant to dine in?"

"Hehe, Uncle Lin, I think so too! When I came, I told Zhiyun that we should find a restaurant. We didn’t have to be busy ourselves, and it was easier!" Yang Ming immediately agreed.

"Let's go then!" Shen Yueping also agreed. We can’t really not eat anything, can we? So she immediately dragged Lin Zhiyun. The four of them walked out of their home.

"Why don’t we bring our own wine?" Lin Changqing remembered the wine that Yang Ming gave him. He really wanted to try it.

"Uncle Lin, the general hotel usually won’t allow us to bring in wine. Let's order from the hotel!" Yang Ming said with a smile.

Lin Changqing also worked as a security guard for more than a month at the hotel. He knew the rules of some hotels. Indeed, in order to promote the drinks at their own hotels, many large hotels have posted plain-text notices in the lobby so that guests don’t bring their own wine.

But this was the rule in the big hotels, he had never been to such a high-end place to eat. Besides, Lin Changqing was planning to go to the nearby "Popular Snacks" to eat today.

When they walked to the alley, Yang Ming pressed the anti-theft lock of the Pentium. Then he said, "Uncle Lin, Aunty Shen, you get in the car!" As he spoke, he helped them open the door.

"Yang Ming, are you driving?" Shen Yueping looked at Yang Ming's car in surprise, "Is this yours?"

"No, it is my partner’s. We both can drive it." Yang Ming told them.

Although Lin Changqing was surprised, he didn’t show it. He and Shen Yueping sat in the back seat of the car. Lin Zhiyun naturally sat in the front seat.

Yang Ming started the car, but he was thinking about where to go to eat. By listening to Lin Changqing’s words, he had learned that the conflict between the Yu Xiangde and Bao Sanli had reached the level of incandescence! He estimated that it wouldn’t take long to decide the winner. Moreover, Bao Sanli had shown a sign of disadvantage.

Most of the hotels and entertainment venues wouldn’t be safe tonight. Yang Ming had to think of a quiet place. If he had to choose a place with their own power and had a connection with the government, it must be Tavern Heaven on Earth. Although giving money to Wang Zhitao brought Yang Ming discomfort, he had no choice but to go there because he didn’t want his first dinner with Lin Zhiyun’s parents to be interrupted!

Thinking of this, Yang Ming drove the car to Tavern Heaven on Earth. When he parked the car at the door of Tavern Heaven on Earth, Lin Changqing and Shen Yueping discovered that they actually came to the famous Tavern Heaven on Earth!

This was the famous place for spending a large sum of money. Although Lin Changqing and his family had never been there before, they would still chat with friends or neighbors about this place!

A drinking buddy of Lin Changqing also said that when his son married a wife, it would be great if he could have a banquet at Tavern Heaven on Earth! But, at that time everyone knew that he was just simply saying it! It was impossible for it to be real.

Now, Lin Changqing found that when he actually came to eat here one day, he suddenly became worried. "Yueping, do you think Yang Ming wanted to bring us for dinner here? Isn’t it too expensive?"

"How do I know? But Yang Ming treats our Yun Er well. He went to Hong Kong two days ago. He brought a bag that is worth thirty thousand yuan for Yun Er!" Shen Yueping whispered.

"What! Thirty thousand yuan!" Lin Changqing was amazed, "Are you sure? Are they making this up?" Lin Changqing couldn't imagine a bag that would cost thirty thousand yuan.

"I’m sure! They didn’t mention the price. I asked Yang Ming how much the bag was, and Yang Ming didn’t say it! I saw a similar bag that belonged to the daughter of the family where I’m working part-time! It costs about thirty thousand HKD." Shen Yueping said with certainty.

"Oh? If that's the case, it should be correct! It seemed that Yang Ming's family is very good? The wine that the others gave to his godfather is a famous wine!" Lin Changqing nodded and said.

"I didn't ask about his godfather’s family, but Yang Ming's family seems to be similar to ours. They were ordinary blue-collars!" Shen Yueping said.

"Ordinary blue-collars? What do you mean?" Lin Changqing didn’t understand much.

"Yang Ming's father is an ordinary worker at the Song Jiang Bus Factory. His mother works for the community. Isn't this blue-collar?" Shen Yueping said.

"Ah? Then why is Yang Ming so rich? Is he lying to you?" Lin Changqing asked, confused.

"I don’t think he’s lying. I have asked him. Did you know? Yang Ming is now working for a friend's company. He can earn a few ten thousand yuan in a month!" When Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun were leading the way ahead, Shen Yueping explained the situation of her daughter’s boyfriend to her husband!

Shen Yueping was satisfied with Yang Ming as her daughter’s boyfriend, so she was afraid that her husband might say something.

"Really? Is he so capable?" Lin Changqing was astounded but then he immediately understood what his wife meant. "Yueping, are you satisfied with your daughter's boyfriend?"

"Yes, our daughter can find such a boyfriend. It is her blessing!" Shen Yueping didn’t conceal her intentions, because it was not necessary.

"I still have to think about it. I need to know Yang Ming's character!" Lin Changqing said.

At the front, Lin Zhiyun frowned and asked Yang Ming, "Yang Ming, what are you doing? First, you said you’re running a company. Then you invite my parents to such a high-end place to eat. Do you know that we’re just pretending now?”

"I know. What's wrong? Is there anything wrong?" Yang Ming deliberately pretended to not understand her.

"I mean, do you have to spend such a large sum of money? If you are doing this then I will be owing you a lot more!" Lin Zhiyun said in a hurry.

"Even if it’s acting, I have to act realistically. I have to do this so that your parents can rest assured!" Yang Ming smiled.

"But if they really like you, what are you going to do after that?" This was Lin Zhiyun’s biggest concern. Looking at my mother’s behavior today, she nearly treated Yang Ming as a son-in-law! If she asks Yang Ming to be a guest at my house in the future. What should I do?

"This... I really didn't think about it..." Yang Ming pretended to be amazed. In fact, he thought in his mind, I think your mother has already accepted me.

"You... What should I do in the future?" Lin Zhiyun was anxious.

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