So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Shen Yueping's Amazement

At that time, it was breathtaking for Shen Yueping to learn that a schoolbag was actually worth more than thirty thousand HKD. What is this? It is only possible for the three of us in the family to earn such money after working for a year.

Aside from sighing, Shen Yueping could not help but complain about the injustice of fate. Both girls are the same age, but my daughter and the daughter of the other family are simply having two different kinds of lives! The difference is comparable to that between heaven and earth!

Ever since her daughter was young, she didn't buy any brand name clothes for her. Her daughter didn't get to put on any cosmetics as well. As Shen Yueping saw the materialistic girl’s dressing table which was full of imported cosmetics, she felt sorry for her daughter.

Therefore, Shen Yueping’s impression of the bag was quite profound! Now, Shen Yueping looked at the bag in her hand. It was exactly the same as the one belonging to the little materialistic girl. Her amazement was hard to imagine!

On one hand, she was happy for her daughter, but on the other hand, she was somewhat worried. Wasn’t this gift too expensive? However, as she noticed Yang Ming’s expression who seemed as though he didn’t care, Shen Yueping didn’t intend to disclose the value of this bag. It was to prevent her daughter from overthinking after hearing about it.

So, she didn’t press on this topic. "This bag is good and nice looking. It’s quite suitable for my Yun Er. What do you think, Yang Ming?"

"Yeah, I think so too." Yang Ming smiled and nodded.

"Mom, what are both of you saying?" Lin Zhiyun looked at her mother and Yang Ming as though they echoed each other. She interrupted in embarrassment, "Right, where’s dad?"

"Oh, your dad! He said that he will come back earlier today. Why hasn't he come back yet?" Shen Yueping glanced at the watch and said, "I asked your dad to get some takeaway dishes when he came back. We aren’t going to cook tonight!"

"Oh, let's call dad. Let him come back soon!" said Lin Zhiyun.

"Okay, I will call your dad!" Shen Yueping said as she walked to the telephone at home and dialed the cellphone of her beloved.

"Hello, Old Lin. Our Yun Er’s boyfriend is here. What time are you coming back?" Shen Yueping asked.

"On the way, I will be home soon. There was something going on in the hotel today!" Father Lin, Lin Changqing, replied.

"What happened at the hotel?" Shen Yueping asked worriedly.

"I will talk about it when I get back home. I’m currently in the subway with bad signal..." Lin Changqing said.

"Alright, we are waiting for you at home!" said Shen Yueping.

As Shen Yueping hung up the phone, she said to Lin Zhiyun, "Your dad is in the subway. He will be back in a while!"

"Subway? Why didn't you say so earlier? Zhiyun, how good will it be if we fetched Uncle Lin just now!" Yang Ming said in protest.

"I didn't know he got off from work earlier. He usually comes off duty at 9:00 in the evening!" replied Lin Zhiyun.

"Yang Ming, what does your family do?" Shen Yueping took advantage of the free time as she began to throw questions at Yang Ming.

"Mom, you can ask me about these at night. You don't need to ask now." Lin Zhiyun was afraid that Yang Ming would break their cover, so she quickly tried to stop her.

"Mom is just asking casually. Can't we have a chat about family life?" Shen Yueping thought that her daughter was favoring Yang Ming. She was somewhat unhappy. It was really true that when girls grew older, they tended to side with the husband’s family.

"Zhiyun, it’s alright. Let me talk about it!" Yang Ming smiled and nodded, "Aunty Shen, my father is a worker at the Song Jiang Bus Factory. My mother works in the community."

"Uhm?" Shen Yueping was thinking that Yang Ming's parents were big bosses, but she didn’t expect one of them to be a worker and another to be a blue-collar worker! Where does Yang Ming’s money come from?

"What's wrong, Aunty Shen?" Yang Ming looked at Shen Yueping somewhat puzzled.

"Nothing, nothing... Yue Er said that the ten thousand yuan in her bag was yours in addition to the fee for her father’s treatment… It seems that the conditions of your family aren’t good either?" Shen Yueping said euphemistically, but there was also a skeptical tone in it. She thought that Yang Ming was lying to her.

Oh?” Yang Ming sighed. Then, he quickly understood Shen Yueping. So, he smiled and explained, “Aunty Shen, actually I have been doing a business with a classmate of mine. That was my own money!”

“You are doing a business on your own? What business?” Shen Yueping asked in amazement after listening to him.

"It’s a business with my good brother. His family is in the jewelry business. I’m helping out in his family’s company. We are in some jade business together. A few days ago, we went to Hong Kong for a business affair!" Yang Ming said it as though it was real.

"I see! That’s not easy. You started your business even in your student years! How much money can you earn in a month?" Shen Yueping was really surprised. If it was just like what Yang Ming said, then her daughter had found a treasure! This kind of boy who was self-motivated and enterprising was really hard to find nowadays!

"It isn’t fixed, roughly about a few ten thousands." Yang Ming casually said an indefinite number, so that there would be room to maneuver in the future. "It’s based on ability and business volume."

"A few ten thousand!" At this moment, it wasn’t only Shen Yueping who was surprised, even Lin Zhiyun was secretly stunned. She felt it was a lot when she earned slightly more than one thousand per month. Yang Ming actually earned ten thousand!

Besides stumbling into amazement, Shen Yueping was more optimistic about Yang Ming. She wasn’t so angry about Yang Ming’s premature relationship with her daughter.

"Let’s not talk about that. In a few days, I may resign and then run a company on my own. During that time, I can ask Yun Er to help me out. Isn’t she studying business administration? It’s such a coincidence to have a place for her." Yang Ming said.

"What? Me?" Lin Zhiyun was stunned. She didn’t expect Yang Ming to actually say that he wanted to run a company, and even asking her to help out! She couldn’t help but look at Yang Ming with doubt as though she meant, “Isn't it a fake relationship? Why do you want me to go to your company?

Yang Ming pretended as though he didn’t understand any of it. He said in a self-satisfied manner, "I noticed that Zhiyun was working hard in tutoring, but she also can’t make much money from it. It’s better to have her hone her talent at my place! I have mentioned it to her last time, but she was afraid that Aunty Shen would disagree."

"How can I disagree?" Shen Yueping listened to Yang Ming’s words, and she was delighted. Since Yang Ming agreed to let her daughter go to his company for help, it meant that he didn’t have the intention to get rid of her daughter in the future. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let my daughter participate in so many things. As a parent, how would she be upset? As she heard from Yang Ming that her daughter was afraid of disagreement, so she quickly said, "Yun Er, this is a good opportunity to train yourself. The others can’t get it even if they asked for it. Since you have this opportunity, you should cherish it! Yang Ming’s company should also have a person there to prevent those who are under him from cheating you!"

"Mom… I..." Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming anxiously. What the hell is going on? Could it be that he just made up a lie to let her mother be happy?

"Okay, it will settle down like that!" Shen Yueping said indiscriminately.

"Alright, Aunty Shen." Yang Ming nodded with a smile, but he said in his heart. No matter how you refused my help, Lin Zhiyun, your mother already agreed. You just can't simply violate it. Ha, this trick to save the country with a curve [1], it seems quite effective!

Lin Zhiyun still had to say something again. At this moment, the door was pushed open. A middle-aged man came in. "Lin Lin, I heard that you brought your boyfriend back home?"

This person was Lin Zhiyun's father, Lin Changqing. In fact, the news of his daughter suddenly having a boyfriend surprised Lin Changqing! Why was there no precursor beforehand?

Compared with Shen Yueping with her previous discovery, Lin Changqing was somewhat overwhelmed. Although my daughter’s age had reached the time for romance, shouldn’t it be a step-by-step process? At that moment, Lin Changqing, without any psychological preparation, suddenly received a phone call from Shen Yueping saying that her daughter had a boyfriend. Also, he would come to the house tonight as a guest!

For a moment, Lin Changqing was a little overwhelmed! He didn’t object to his daughter from seeking a partner, but he didn’t know how to deal with it. Fortunately, Shen Yueping instructed him. They would make a decision after looking at their daughter's boyfriend's character first today. She didn’t tell him that his daughter had intimate contact with that boyfriend already. Hence, Lin Changqing wasn’t too anxious.

"This must be Uncle Lin!" Yang Ming took the initiative to stand up and introduced himself, "I am Zhiyun’s boyfriend and also a student at Song Jiang’s Industry University."

"Oh, you’re Lin Lin's classmate! Hi!" Lin Changqing nodded to Yang Ming, and one could not see his emotions on his face.

"Oh ya, Old Lin. Yang Ming brought you a gift. I originally wanted to confiscate it, but it’s the kind intention of the child. So, I will leave it to you!" Shen Yueping was now very satisfied with Yang Ming. So, she quickly began to merit Yang Ming.

She knew that Yang Ming’s gift to Lin Changqing was wine. She usually didn’t allow Lin Changqing to drink alcohol, so she directly gave face to Yang Ming.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 曲线救国 save the country with a curve: This was a term that was popularized during the war with Japan. Since a direct approach to Japan wasn’t effective, the country had used many indirect approaches that are slower yet effective in the long run.

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