So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 277

Chapter 277: It's... Her?

"Then, I am leaving..." said Lin Zhiyun as she stood up. But when she walked to the door, she suddenly remembered something and turned around to tell Yang Ming, "Oh yeah, there was something I lied to you about… My name isn’t Shen Lin..."

"Oh." Yang Ming didn’t take it seriously. He nodded and continued to eat. She didn’t know who he was at first. It was normal for her to tell him a fake name, isn’t it a girl’s natural tendency to protect herself? Yang Ming didn’t give it a second thought.

"Actually, my real name is Lin Zhiyun. Don't make a mistake tonight!" Lin Zhiyun reminded him. "Then I will leave first!"

"En, goodbye." Yang Ming nodded.

Lin Zhiyun, this name sounds quite nice. Why was it so familiar?

"Lin Zhiyun, Lin Zhiyun... What? Lin Zhiyun!" Yang Ming's chopsticks fell to the ground with a pak sound, She... is Lin Zhiyun?

Yang Ming was completely dumbfounded. That was really shocking news. Yang Ming almost fell to the ground.

Lin Zhiyun, this was such a familiar name. At that time, Yang Ming was looking for her. He didn’t expect that this Shen Lin beside him was actually Lin Zhiyun!

Yang Ming had finally understood why Lin Zhiyun wanted to help him and told Chen Fei that she was his girlfriend! Everything came from the three thousand yuan that he gave to her to save her father!

Probably, Lin Zhiyun felt that Yang Ming was just taking what he deserved! Thinking of this, Yang Ming could not help but feel ashamed! I just thought that Lin Zhiyun was a silly girl who played one-night stands. Damn it!

But why didn’t Lin Zhiyun tell me the truth? I guess she didn’t intend to talk about it even now? Also, the only reason that I knew her name was Lin Zhiyun was that of my relationship with Chen Fei! Lin Zhiyun could be thinking that I didn’t really know it was her!

She was really a good girl, and yet I still misunderstood her! It has been such a long time. If it wasn’t because of this incident, then Lin Zhiyun may not have any conversation with me.

For a girl, this required a lot of courage and the willingness to be put under strong pressure! Yang Ming really wanted to give himself a big slap. She was such a good girl. Not only did he not treasure her, he misunderstood her!

But it was such a pity. Pretty girl Lin was simply so unlucky! Yang Ming recalled his experience with her. She had always been so unlucky, but her strong and unyielding character had never bowed down to life!

If it had been someone else, she could totally use this incident to blackmail me! However, although Lin Zhiyun knew that I had money, she never asked from me before. This showed that she didn’t want to rely on others!

Yang Ming regretted and was ashamed of himself. But, there was also some joy in his heart! I finally found her. Well, since there is such a good opportunity now, let me compensate her nicely!

Hehe, it was not hard to tell that Lin Zhiyun was a filial daughter. Therefore, Yang Ming wasn’t afraid that Lin Zhiyun would refuse his helping hand to her. Isn’t it pretending to be the boyfriend? Well, I will try my best to fulfill the obligations of being a boyfriend!

Lin Zhiyun also knew that he was a fake, but Mother Lin didn’t know. Even if I occasionally go and help the Lin family out, Mother Lin wouldn’t refuse my help. After all, she thought that I’m the genuine goods. At that time, even if Lin Zhiyun wanted to oppose it, she can’t really say it out loud, can she?

If she said it, wouldn’t she expose the lie? Hehehe, Yang Ming thought about it sinisterly. For a relatively strong girl like Lin Zhiyun, Yang Ming had decided to save the country with a curve [1].

Considering Lin Zhiyun's point of view, Yang Ming thought that the only reason Lin Zhiyun hid these things from him was that she didn’t want him to know about these things. So, Yang Ming thought about it and decided not to tell her that he knew the truth.

If things were made clear, then their interactions would be increasingly awkward, and there would be no benefit to either him or Lin Zhiyun! Therefore, Yang Ming decided to use his actual actions to slowly compensate her and make her feel touched.

Only in this way can he resolve the scars in Lin Zhiyun's heart and make up for the mistakes that he had done to her.

Yang Ming quickly finished eating the rice in the bowl. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the bowl of rice that Lin Zhiyun had eaten before tasted even better than the first bowl he had eaten. But this was mostly just a placebo effect. The Yang Ming at that instant no longer had a cold-shoulder for Lin Zhiyun at all, but rather he wanted to be more intimate with her instead.

But things always had to be gradual. Originally, Yang Ming wanted to meet Lin Zhiyun's parents just for the sake of doing it. However, now that things had changed, he couldn’t be so casual. Leaving a good impression on the mother-in-law signified half of the step toward success already!

As he thought about this, Yang Ming didn’t want to continue dilly-dallying at this snack stall! He had to make some preparations! This will be the first time I’m going to my girlfriend's house. I can’t just go empty-handed!

Yang Ming quickly finished the food on the table and found Aunty Hong for the bill.

"A total of forty-two yuan. Forty is good enough!" Aunty Hong said with a smile.

"How would that be appropriate? I have some spare change here..." Yang Ming said as he got the coins for two yuan and handed it to Aunty Hong.

"This child, why are you so serious?" Aunty Hong smiled and shook her head, "I watched Lin Lin grow up. I’m not an outsider! I assume you are her boyfriend?"

"Yeah, Aunty Hong, have you seen through it?" Yang Ming smiled and said. Now, Yang Ming was willing to be Lin Zhiyun's boyfriend.

"Ha, how can I not notice it? In all these years, this was the first time Lin Lin took a boy out for dinner. Who would believe it if you say you don’t have anything between the two of you? Fortunately, young man, you are more honest. When I asked Lin Lin just now, her face turned red and she said you were not!" said Aunty Hong.

"Hehe, girls are shyer!" Yang Ming said with a smile, "We haven't seen our parents yet, so, of course, she can't admit it."

Since Aunty Hong was the old neighbor of Lin Zhiyun, she knew more about Lin Zhiyun's family. Therefore, Yang Ming decided to inquire more about the Lin family from Aunty Hong, such as what things Father Lin or Mother Lin like, or whether they have any hobbies.

"Oh? When will you be meeting the parents?" Since the meal time was over, the store wasn’t too busy. With a waiter taking care of things, there was nothing much that Aunty Hong had to do. She started chatting with Yang Ming.

"I’m going to Lin Zhiyun’s house tonight." Yang Ming revealed the matter slightly.

"Haha, it’s time for the son-in-law to meet the mother-in-law. Congratulations, young man." Aunty Hong knew that the relationship between Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming was quite solid after hearing this.

"Ai ya, what congratulations? This is the first time I’m meeting them. I don't even know what to buy. Oh yeah, Aunty Hong, do you know what Zhiyun’s parents like?" Yang Ming began to knock and strike sideways [2].

"Hehe, why don’t you ask Zhiyun about all these things? Why would you need to ask me?" Aunty Hong laughed.

"Aunty Hong, you also know Zhiyun’s character. She told me that I don't have to buy anything, but I can't do that! After all, when I go to her home for the first time, how can I be empty-handed?" Yang Ming understood Lin Zhiyun’s character quite well, he was pretty sure that Aunty Hong won’t feel suspicious if he was to put it that way.

"Oh, that makes sense. Lin Lin, this child, had not been greedy ever since she was a child." Aunty Hong nodded and said, "Then I will give you some advice!"

Women at Aunty Hong’s age were naturally more busybody. Many of them liked to be a matchmaker for the young people. Since it was such a rare incident that Yang Ming asked advice from her, she, of course, had to take the opportunity to say it!

"Thank you, Aunty Hong!" Yang Ming said happily.

"No need to be so polite. We may even be neighbors in the future, hehe!" Aunty Hong pulled Yang Ming to an empty table and instructed the waiter to give them two cups of tea. She began to talk incessantly, "Lin Zhiyun is really a good girl. Not only is she incredibly filial, but she is also a master at doing housework. In your generation, it is really rare to have such a girl. Whoever married her would be considered lucky!"

"Hehe, yeah." Yang Ming smiled awkwardly.

"Look, I went off the topic. Let’s first talk about Lin Lin's parents. Old Lin doesn’t have a fixed job. He now works in security in a hotel. He usually has a hobby of drinking, but you know about Lin Lin’s family conditions. There wasn’t a lot of money to buy good wine, so he would usually go get some beer from food stalls... If you really have the intention, take two bottles of good wine over and Old Lin will definitely be very happy. As for Lin Lin’s mother, Sister Shen, she’s presently doing housework for others. I haven't heard that she has any special preferences. However, which woman doesn't like to be beautiful? Buy a set of skin care products for her!" said Aunty Hong continuously.

"Thank you, Aunty Hong. You told me a lot!" Yang Ming said in relief. This saved him a lot of trouble!

"I’m quite free right now. It was just a casual chat." Aunty Hong nodded.

"Then I will go and prepare now Aunty Hong. I will come back again another day!" Yang Ming thanked her.

"Okay, go ahead young man!" said Aunty Hong as she patted on Yang Ming's shoulder.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 曲线救国 save the country with a curve: This was a term that was popularized during the war with Japan. Since a direct approach to Japan wasn’t effective, the country had used many indirect approaches that were slower yet more effective in the long run.

[2] 旁敲侧击 knock and strike sideways: To take an indirect approach in making inquiries. 

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