So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Be My Boyfriend

"Ah? Are you giving me a present?" Lin Zhiyun listened to Yang Ming's words. She found it rather strange. Her relationship with him wasn’t particularly good. Why would he bring a gift for her?

Before that, Lin Zhiyun didn't want to have any connection with Yang Ming anymore, so she refused Yang Ming from the bottom of her heart. But now it was different. She had avoided him the best she could, yet she asked him to come here in the end!

Without her mother's coercion, Lin Zhiyun didn’t want to come to Yang Ming. But now she was forced to do so.

With such a relationship, Lin Zhiyun wasn’t so repulsed at Yang Ming. Her closed heart had opened up a tiny gap. Although she didn’t think that she could be together with Yang Ming, at least she would start to orientate her relationship with Yang Ming. It was undeniable that it was a good start.

"Yeah, when I drove you home last time, I noticed that your bag was quite old. I bought one for you in Hong Kong this time! Not only you, but I had also brought gifts to the friends who I know." Yang Ming also felt that it was quite flirtatious to giving her a gift so bluntly, so he explained, "This time I did some business in Hong Kong and earned some money. I gave everyone around me a gift!"

"Ah, thank you." Hearing what Yang Ming said, Lin Zhiyun took what Yang Ming had handed to her.

"Oh ya, did you need me for something?" Yang Ming remembered that Lin Zhiyun (Shen Lin) needed something from him.

"That... can we find a place to talk about it..." Lin Zhiyun felt that they were at her doorstep which wasn’t quite appropriate. What should I do if my mother comes out and sees it! Wouldn’t it be exposed right away?

"Well, is there any coffee shop nearby? Let's have a drink?" Yang Ming nodded and said.

"This place doesn’t seem to have coffee shops..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head. This was the poorest shanty town in Song Jiang City. No one will drink coffee if it was not necessary.

"Ugh... forget about it, I haven’t eaten anything yet. Why don’t we look for a small restaurant?" Yang Ming suggested, "Oh ya, have you had lunch?"

"No... then let's find a small restaurant!" Lin Zhiyun shook her head and said.

“What's delicious nearby?” asked Yang Ming.

"There is nothing delicious, but there is something to fill the stomach." Lin Zhiyun laughed.

"Well, it’s enough as long as it’s filling." Yang Ming said indifferently.

Lin Zhiyun took Yang Ming to a restaurant called “Popular Snacks.” The restaurant looked worn out. The table and chairs seemed to have seven or eight years of history, but the popularity inside still flourished.

"Lin Lin, you’re here to eat!" The proprietress obviously knew Lin Zhiyun. She was calling Lin Zhiyun's nickname. Only Shen Yueping liked to call her Yun Er [1]. Other people usually called her Lin Lin.

"Aunty Hong, is the private room available?" Lin Zhiyun asked with hesitation.

"Nobody’s there. What's wrong?" The proprietress, Aunty Hong, asked.

"I have something to discuss with him. Can I use the private room?" Lin Zhiyun saw many people outside so it wasn’t convenient for her to say something. Therefore, she wanted to go to the private room.

"Others won’t be able to, but if the person is you, Aunty Hong can’t say no!" Aunty Hong smiled and said, "Go ahead!"

"Thank you, Aunty Hong... We might not order much to eat..." Lin Zhiyun said apologetically.

"Hey, that’s not big deal. It doesn't matter." Aunty Hong said without being bothered.

Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun entered a small room in the snack stall, and then Aunty Hong passed them the menu.

"What do you want to have?" Yang Ming handed the menu to Lin Zhiyun.

"I... anything will do..." When Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming let her order, she was somewhat embarrassed.

"That’s fine, then I will just order. Give me spicy beancurd, sautéed potato, green pepper, and eggplant, a spicy tofu, a shredded pork with chili and soy sauce, and sweet and sour potato shreds with vinegar. Also, two bowls of rice." Yang Ming looked at the menu and ordered.

"Ah? Yang Ming, will you be able to finish it if you order so much?" Lin Zhiyun was a little surprised.

"Yes, little fellow, don’t try to be polite just because you’re in the private room. It’s alright if you just order a plate of fried noodles!" Aunty Hong also added on quickly.

"No problem, Aunty Hong. I haven't eaten for two days. I’m hungry now!" Yang Ming said with a smile. What he said was also true. After he went home yesterday, he was tired. He was asleep until just before. Therefore, he was indeed hungry.

"Well then. I will tell the kitchen to prepare it for you." Aunty Hong nodded and left the private room.

"Yang Ming, you don’t need to keep up the appearances. Aunty Hong is an old neighbor. Our relationship is great. There’s no need to be so polite!" Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming with some strange look. Originally, Lin Zhiyun planned to treat him for this meal. After all, she had some request for Yang Ming, but he now ordered so many dishes. No matter what, it would be at least fifty yuan, which was equivalent to two hours of tutoring! Lin Zhiyun was really in distress.

"Hehe, I’m really hungry. I didn't lie to you. Just you see, I will definitely finish these in a while!" Yang Ming smiled.

"Well," Lin Zhiyun shook her head helplessly, "I can't eat much anyway."

"Right, why were you looking for me?" Yang Ming thought that Shen Lin was strange today.

"Ugh... Yang Ming... Can you be my boyfriend?" Lin Zhiyun said this and her face blushed.

Huh?” Yang Ming’s hand which was extending to reach the teapot suddenly stopped in the air. He widened his eyes and stared at Lin Zhiyun with a stunned look. No way? This is the legendary female chasing a male? Love confession?

"No... I don't mean that..." Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming's look and knew that he misunderstood her intention, so she quickly waved her hands. "I mean, can you... pretend to be my boyfriend?"

“Pretend?” Yang Ming was even more confused as he asked inexplicably, “What do you mean? Why do I need to pretend?”

"Actually... things are like this... I told my mom I have a boyfriend. She forced me to bring my boyfriend back home... I usually don’t get in contact with the boys. I only know you..." Lin Zhiyun said a little embarrassed as she minced her words.

"Isn't this simple? You just need to tell your mother that you don't have a boyfriend. Why do you have to say that you have a boyfriend?" Yang Ming was a bit puzzled. Isn't that asking for trouble?

"..." Lin Zhiyun bit her lip as she didn't know how to tell Yang Ming. If I say that I’m not a virgin, how shameful it would be. How can I say this out loud? But, if I don’t say it, Yang Ming will definitely have doubts. Besides, I must let him know about it. Otherwise, if my mother will interrogate him and if he doesn't know about it, it will blow the cover.

So, Lin Zhiyun hesitated a bit, but she decided to tell the truth, "Yang Ming... I didn't make it clear just now. In fact, my mother found out that I’m not... that... perfect [2]... So, she asked what happened to me... I can only say that I have a boyfriend..."

"Heh?" Yang Ming was stunned as he stared at Lin Zhiyun. He naturally knew what "perfect" meant. However, Lin Zhiyun was so pure, how did it happen... Also, it wasn’t his responsibility. Wasn’t it obvious that he was going to be cuckolded?

"Can you help me..." Lin Zhiyun whispered softly.

"This... In fact, this matter is very simple. Isn’t it alright if you ask the man to help you? He is your actual boyfriend. Why are you looking for someone to replace him?" To be honest, Yang Ming wasn’t willing to carry out such a request. Wasn’t it obvious that I would be looking for trouble for myself? I needed to go to the girl’s house and admit to the girl’s parents that I had your daughter... but in fact, it wasn’t the case! It was an arduous task with no gratitude!

"I can't find him." Lin Zhiyun said plainly. But in her heart, Am I not looking for you?

"You can't find him? Why can't you find him? You and he... broke up?" Yang Ming asked puzzled. He thought in his heart, Lin Zhiyun looks so beautiful. How can the man be stupid? How can he break up with her?

"No... He didn't even know what I looked like..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head and took a sip of water in the teacup and sighed.

"He didn't know what you look like? Damn. Isn’t that man is too shameful? He took your... Then he left without a word? Sooner or later, he will be struck by thunder [3]!" Yang Ming cursed viciously. After all, it was because of this person, that Lin Zhiyun needed to find him to shoulder other’s blame. It was unspeakable. Yang Ming could only curse him.

Lin Zhiyun listened to Yang Ming’s words. “Pu”, she almost spit out her tea! *Cough!* Lin Zhiyun choked on the water... someone cursed himself to get struck by thunder. It was the first time for Lin Zhiyun to bear witness of it! She almost lost her breath in her laughter!

"What happened to you?" Yang Ming looked at Lin Zhiyun's expression, his face full of doubt.

"No… nothing!" Lin Zhiyun refrained her from laughing. "Yang Ming, can you help me with it?"

"Ai!" Looking at Lin Zhiyun's watery eyes and her pitiful look. Yang Ming couldn’t bear to reject her. But now, Yang Ming’s impression of her had plummeted. She had xoxo with others, but she gets me to shoulder the blame. This girl isn’t quite conscientious!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Yun Er is the nickname used by Lin Zhiyun’s mother. The “Er” in this case means son. It’s usually a nickname used by a parental figure to show more closeness.

[2] Lin Zhiyun was trying to hint that her hymen is not “perfect” anymore. In other words, she’s not a virgin.

[3] In Chinese culture, it was a common phrase to curse someone who did something bad to get shocked by thunder. The folklore is that the heavens judged everything on earth. And, the evil will be punished by the heavens. 

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