So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Lin Zhiyun’s Confession

"Mom... I won't go..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head, and she bit on her lips.

Originally, Shen Yueping’s heart still had a glimmer of hope. However, after listening to Lin Zhiyun’s answer, the lingering hope was completely shattered! She asked as she suppressed her anger, "Why?"

"Mom... I am no longer a virgin..." Since things were already at this stage, Lin Zhiyun could only brace herself to admit it.

"Oh my! Good! I gave birth to a good daughter. I thought you were obedient! I didn't expect... Lin Zhiyun, you are a disappointment to your mother!" Shen Yueping's voice sounded a bit hoarse.

"Mom, actually I have a boyfriend... but the family has been very busy, so I didn't tell you and dad about it..." Lin Zhiyun could only explain it this way. Maybe this was the only way that her mother won’t be too angry.

"Didn’t tell? Why didn't you tell?" Shen Yueping said coldly, "I think you didn’t dare to talk about it? You found a boyfriend who’s older than both me and your dad, right?"

In fact, it was no wonder that Shen Yueping would think this way. Her daughter was already a university student. It was normal to fall in love. Even if she was a conservative person, she was not old-fashioned. If Lin Zhiyun had a boyfriend, as long as the young man was decent, she would definitely not object to it! However, Lin Zhiyun had kept it a secret for a while. This meant there must be some problems with it! Therefore, Shen Yueping naturally thought that Lin Zhiyun had gotten a rich elderly boyfriend who she didn’t dare to bring home!

Older? Lin Zhiyun’s was stunned. Yang Ming’s age isn’t that old, isn’t it? He should be of the same age as me! But when she saw her mother's expression, she immediately understood what was going on. Her mother must have thought in the wrong direction!

"I was afraid that you and dad would be scolding me..." Since her mom had given her a possible reason, Lin Zhiyun had no scruples about using it. She continued the story.

"You are a university student. Your dad and I are not from feudal society. Why would we be scolding you?" Even though Shen Yueping said so, she still thought that Lin Zhiyun’s boyfriend couldn’t be seen by them.

"Mom, actually... I was with him ever since high school..." Lin Zhiyun hesitated and began to defame herself, "I was afraid that you and father would think that our relationship could affect our studies, so I never had the courage to tell you..."

"Is it?" Shen Yueping frowned doubtfully. Could this girl be speaking the truth now? Then she asked, "What does your boyfriend do? What is going on? Yun Er, you tell your mother truthfully! If you dare to lie, your mother will not spare you!"

Shen Yueping’s heart felt a little more at rest. The way she addressed Lin Zhiyun had become the usual “Little Yun.”

"Mom, actually, he is my high school classmate. Now we are attending the same university. He’s also studying in Song Jiang Industry University! His name is Yang Ming." Lin Zhiyun had to put the blame on Yang Ming. Nevertheless, wasn’t he the person who caused all this?

"Oh? Is he your classmate? He’s also a university student?" Shen Yueping truly felt relieved after hearing this. If this was the case, then she could be assured. Although she still had some comments about her daughter's premarital sex, she also knew that most of the young people behaved in this way. Since things had already happened, she couldn’t do anything about it anyway. "So you two, when did you both do that?"

Lin Zhiyun’s face turned red, she naturally understood what her mother’s “that” meant. She said embarrassingly, "It is... the time you noticed it...”

"Hmph, how dare you lie to me. You think I can't see through it? I knew it was that time!" Even though Shen Yueping said so, the tone was obviously more moderate than before. She sighed, "You were having the National Higher Education Entrance Examination that time, wasn’t it? Your dad was still in the hospital. You little child, you still had the time to think about those things?"

"Mom, at that time when something went wrong with the family, no one was willing to help us. He paid dad’s medical bill..." Since the truth had come out, Lin Zhiyun started to brag about Yang Ming. “That was the most difficult time for our family. He was there by my side to help me and comforted me, so I was very touched..."

"So he took advantage of you when you were touched?" Shen Yueping had some disagreement about Yang Ming's approach.

"No... It was my initiative to give it to him..." Lin Zhiyun said quickly.

"You silly kid!" Shen Yueping sighed. "It seems like the Yang Ming you described, is a child of a rich family? If he’s that rich, can he appreciate you in the future?"

"Mom, who said that he is a child of the rich family... his parents seem to be blue-collared workers." Although Lin Zhiyun didn’t know about Yang Ming’s family background, she didn’t think that Yang Ming would be a child of a wealthy family. So, she started supporting him more. "His money was earned by his hard work."

“He can make so much money by working?” Shen Yueping pointed at the money on the table. She didn’t believe it.

"...maybe..." Lin Zhiyun didn’t know how to explain it. Her understanding of Yang Ming was really too little. If she continued the story, it would seem very fake.

"Alright, since that was the case, bring your boyfriend home tonight! Show me and your dad!" Obviously, although Shen Yueping believed in some of Lin Zhiyun's words, she still didn't fully believe it. She had to confirm it.

"Ah? Bring him to the house?" Lin Zhiyun opened her mouth! She knew Yang Ming, but he was really not her boyfriend! If she were to bring him back, wouldn’t everything be exposed?

"Why? Is there any problem?" Shen Yueping began to doubt again.

"No… no… I mean, it is a bit too unexpected..." Lin Zhiyun said quickly, "Isn’t it too sudden?"

"Not at all. Let’s arrange it this way. You go and speak to him, I will talk to your dad later! We will prepare some dishes." Shen Yueping said.

"Ugh... alright." Lin Zhiyun ran out of tricks. She could only force herself to agree to it. What should I do? Lin Zhiyun also knew that if she doesn’t get him here tonight, her mother will definitely not let it go easily!

Lin Zhiyun didn't dare to call Yang Ming at home. So, she could only go out of the house and find a phone booth at the intersection of the road. She called Yang Ming's mobile phone.

Since Yang Ming had just come back from Hong Kong yesterday, he was still asleep. It was the weekend and no one would bother him anyway. However, as he was having his good sleep, the phone rang.

Yang Ming reached for the phone and glanced at the caller ID. It was actually a strange number. Yang Ming frowned and pressed the button, "Hello?"

"Hello, is it Yang Ming?" Lin Zhiyun asked cautiously.

"Ugh... I am. Who are you?" Originally, Yang Ming was still a bit annoyed, but once he heard that it was a pretty girl’s voice, Yang Ming’s tone became better.

"I am Lin... Shen Lin." Lin Zhiyun wanted to say that she was Lin Zhiyun, but immediately recalled that she told him last time that she was called "Shen Lin."

"Oh, it's you. Shen Lin, is there anything wrong?" asked Yang Ming.

"That... Do you have time now?" Lin Zhiyun asked hesitantly.

"Now? Yes, what's the matter?" Yang Ming asked, confused.

"Then can you come out? I have something to request for you..." said Lin Zhiyun.

"Now? Alright, where are you?" Yang Ming knew that this girl had a strong character. Generally, she wouldn’t trouble others easily. If she had to call me, it must be some trouble that she can't solve herself!

"I’m near to my home. Do you want a place that is more convenient for you?" Lin Zhiyun was afraid that Yang Ming won’t come, so she followed up quickly.

"It’s alright. Then you wait for me at your home. I will be there in about ten minutes!" Yang Ming said.

"Okay, sorry to bother you." Lin Zhiyun said politely.

Yang Ming washed up quickly. Then he took out an LV school bag that he bought for Shen Lin from the pile of items he bought in Hong Kong. The last time he saw that Shen Lin's bag was too old. Therefore, this time he bought her a gift. Yang Ming didn’t know much about these anyway. He just heard that an LV bag was better. However, people like him who go to LV to buy a schoolbag were pretty rare. Although LV does produce backpacks, the domestic sales weren’t high in the mainland. The main focus was still about fashion.

Yang Ming got out of his residential area with a schoolbag in his hand. He stopped a taxi and rushed to the shanty town where Shen Lin lived.

It took exactly fifteen minutes. Yang Ming got out of the car and saw that Shen Lin was standing at the spot where he dropped her off every time he drove her. Maybe Shen Lin knew that if he were to come, the car could definitely not enter, so she was waiting here instead!

"Shen Lin!" Yang Ming called her.

"Ah, you are here!" When Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming, her face turned red.

"This is for you!" Yang Ming handed the bag to Lin Zhiyun.

"This... what’s this?" Lin Zhiyun didn’t expect Yang Ming to give her a gift, What is going on? Is he pursuing me? Lin Zhiyun thought about it in confusion.

"Oh... I went to Hong Kong two days ago and bought you a present." Yang Ming explained.

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