So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Journey Back Home

However, in many cases, what mattered was the intention! As the Chinese idiom goes, goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it [1].

Yang Ming had a staff member from the hotel provide him with a large woven bag [2] to pack up the items for his relatives and friends. Then, he pulled the zipper. There weren’t many items that belonged to him in those packages.

After he finished packing up, Yang Ming carefully checked the inside of the room. Only after he made sure that there was nothing left over, did he look at the time. It was already half past four.

Yang Ming opened the door of the room and saw that the door of Liu Weishan's room was also opened. He quickly went over. As he entered the room, he saw Xiao Qing helping their godfather and godmother to pack their bags. Yang Ming quickly went and helped out.

Although Xiao Qing was thirty years old, that was her first time with Yang Ming. Particularly after the frantic night yesterday, walking seemed to be a bit tough. Yang Ming couldn’t let her do all the work!

"Qingqing, what's wrong with your legs?" Chu Huifang also noticed Xiao Qing’s abnormal behavior.

After listening to Chu Huifang’s words, Yang Ming’s immediately felt a shiver in his heart. However, Xiao Qing was calm as she spoke, "There was too much walking during shopping yesterday. It began to get sore at night… hehe."

"This child, don't even know how to take care of herself. Don't work hard. Let Big Ming do it!" Chu Huifang was concerned as she took Xiao Qing's arm and let her sit at the bedside.

"Look at you and Big Ming. Why do both of you have serious eye bags? What happened? Didn't sleep well last night?" Chu Huifang looked at Xiao Qing.

"That’s because of Yang Ming!" Xiao Qing suddenly said in an angry voice.

Heh?” Yang Ming was scared as he jumped up. He desperately hinted at Xiao Qing with a few eye signals. Was Xiao Qing blurred because she didn’t sleep? How can she speak of such nonsense?

However, Xiao Qing continued to ignore Yang Ming’s eye signals and said, "Yang Ming, this guy, actually called me at three o'clock in the middle of the night to wake me up! After I woke up, I couldn’t fall asleep again."

Yang Ming listened to Xiao Qing’s words, and breathed a sigh of relief. Aren’t you scaring me?

"I thought I had overslept and missed the flight... In the end, I was mistaken about the time… Hehe." Yang Ming immediately followed up according to Xiao Qing's lies.

"Dear child, so sloppy!" Chu Huifang shook her head ridiculously after listening. "Why are you still afraid of Qingqing complaining to me? You were winking at Qingqing just now. Don't think that I didn't see it!"

Yang Ming broke into a cold sweat, Luckily Xiao Qing lied. Otherwise, I couldn’t really explain it.

At almost six o'clock, Lin Tianfeng dropped by. He was also responsible for taking Yang Ming and them to the airport today. With Lin Tianfeng’s men in charge of taking the luggage, Yang Ming didn’t feel that it was inconvenient to hold a large bag of items.

When they arrived at the airport, they checked in the bulky baggage. They went to the waiting hall and waited for the return flight.

This time, the ticket was under Lin Tianfeng's prior reservation. They were flying first class. So, Yang Ming and the others enjoyed preferential boarding treatment. The space for first class was also relatively large. It was the kind with double seats, and the legs can also be stretched out.

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing naturally sat together, but the two people didn’t dare to have any intimate manners. Since they didn’t sleep last night, Yang Ming and Xiao Qing began to feel sleepy as they boarded the plane. They asked the flight attendant for a blanket. After that, the both of them were covered with the blanket. Although the climate in Hong Kong was relatively hot, it would be cold once they arrived in Donghai. It was impossible to fall asleep and think about putting on extra clothes. Therefore, in order to prevent themselves from catching a cold, they covered themselves with a blanket.

However, because of this blanket, Yang Ming’s courage grew bigger. Since no one could witness the scene below the blanket unlike he could, he simply put his hand between Xiao Qing’s legs.

Xiao Qing opened her eyes and glared at Yang Ming. She was too lazy to care about him. Then, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Seeing that Xiao Qing didn't respond, Yang Ming didn't feel any meaning after touching it for a while, so he held Xiao Qing's hand and closed his eyes too.

When the plane was about to land, Yang Ming felt someone push him. He opened his sleepy eyes and saw a flight attendant in front of him.

"Sir, the plane is about to land." The flight attendant reminded him.

"Thank you." Yang Ming nodded as he loosened his hold on Xiao Qing's hand. Then, handed the blanket back to the flight attendant.

Xiao Qing woke up when Yang Ming moved. She asked in a somewhat confused manner, "Have we arrived?"

"Well, we are landing soon. Let's hurry up and find extra clothing to put on!" Yang Ming nodded and said.

Xiao Qing rubbed her eyes, then she took out the coat that she prepared beforehand and put it on.

After the plane landed, Yang Ming went to wait for the checked luggage before leaving the airport. Outside the airport, the car sent by the university was already waiting. The university knew that Liu Weishan would definitely bring something back when he came back. So, they didn’t send the Audi A6, but a Mercedes-Benz van.

Following the instructions of Liu Weishan, Yang Ming was sent back home first. Since Xiao Qing also lived in the apartments at school, it was close to Liu Weishan’s residence. So, after they dropped Yang Ming off, they could go back together.

Knowing that Yang Ming came back today, Yang Dahai and Mother Yang had taken leave earlier to wait for their son to come back. As they saw Yang Ming come home, Yang Dahai quickly asked, "Big Ming, where’s your godfather and the others?"

"They went back!" Yang Ming put down the luggage in his hand. He didn't understand what his father meant.

"Why didn't you let them drop by?" Mother Yang said, "You have recognized them as your godparents for so long. Professor Liu is taking care of you, but your father and I haven't met them yet. We need to thank them personally!"

"That was why!" Yang Ming suddenly realized. "We just got off the plane today. We are quite tired. We will talk about it next time when we have the chance!"

"That’s also true!" Mother Yang nodded and said, "Old Yang, what Big Ming said was true. They just got off the plane. It would be quite tiring. Next time, we will visit them in person!"

"Alright, I will listen to you!" Yang Dahai nodded. In terms of Yang Ming getting his godparents, the both of them were incredibly supportive.

"Oh ya, dad and mom, here are the clothes I bought for you. I didn't know which one is the right style for you to wear, so I bought a few more pieces. Do you want to try them?" Yang Ming opened the woven bag and took out the clothes he bought for his parents.

"This child, you are so courteous even with your own parents! Don’t buy new clothes. It’s a waste of money!" Yang Dahai complained.

"Old Yang!" Mother Yang took a glimpse at Yang Dahai, "The child has good intentions. You should just say less about it! Come, Big Ming, let your mom take a look at what you bought."

Yang Ming quickly opened the packets of clothes and placed them on the sofa.

"Oh? There is even a suit?" Yang Dahai looked at the suit in the bag and said, "Big Ming, your dad is a workshop worker. Even if you buy me a suit, I have no chance to wear it!"

"Dad, didn't you said that you want to visit my godfather? You shouldn’t be underdressed." Yang Ming smiled and said, "Try it on!"

"About that, that’s also true! They are intellectuals, I shouldn’t bring shame to them!" Yang Dahai nodded. He picked up the suit. As he was about to try it, he suddenly noticed the brand on top of it. He couldn’t help but be surprised, "Armani? Eighteen thousand? Big Ming, why did you buy such an expensive thing?"

Yang Ming was surprised, he suddenly remembered that he forgot to tear the brand label off! His father would certainly feel it was expensive to spend more than ten thousand yuan to buy clothing. So, he had to explain, "Dad, these are from my godsister, Sister Xiao Qing, who spent money to buy it. I wanted to pay for it, but she didn’t agree."

"Ai! How can you spend others’ money?" Yang Dahai shook his head.

"Forget about it, Old Yang. Since it was Big Ming's godsister, she just wanted to express her intention. Also, we can’t return back the goods right?"

"That's true! Forget it, Big Ming, if you make money later, you should also buy something for others! Don't owe people favors!" Yang Dahai nodded.

Yang Ming thought to himself in his heart. What was the relationship between me and Xiao Qing? We don’t owe each other any favors. Even if she really bought it, that was alright also! However, he uttered with his mouth, "Okay, I know."

"Right, Big Ming, have you bought something for Chen Mengyan?" Mother Yang was very concerned about this prospective daughter-in-law, and she looked for opportunities to ask.

"I have bought it, mom. Don't worry about this! The gifts for Zhang Bing, Yang Li, and Yang Xiaobo are here!" Yang Ming said.

"Oh, not bad. You haven't forgotten your cousins!" Yang Dahai nodded happily.

"Dad and mom, you should try the clothes first. I will go back to sleep in my room. I didn't have a good rest at the hotel last night." Yang Ming said while yawning.

"Okay, then you should take a rest!" Mother Yang said quickly.

As Yang Ming went back to his room, he lay down and went to sleep. It was much more comfortable on his own bed!

Chapter Notes:

[1] A Chinese idiom which illustrated that it's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.

[2] woven bag - probably like one of these

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