So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Some Happy, Some Worried

Yang Ming felt that he was blessed and lucky since he could have a woman like Xiao Qing. Although Xiao Qing didn’t recognize their relationship, Xiao Qing’s words, deeds and her care for him had long exceeded the normal relationship between a godbrother and godsister.

It could be said that they weren’t a couple, but they were better than a couple and even more coordinated than a couple. It was because Xiao Qing was only giving out one-sided. She didn’t seek anything in return from Yang Ming.

In the afternoon, they played at the amusement facilities of Disneyland for a while. Although they played with many children, Xiao Qing and Yang Ming seemed to have returned to their childhood. They were really enjoying this moment.

As they left Disneyland, Yang Ming took out the memory card in the digital camera and kept it carefully. The photos inside couldn’t be seen by outsiders, so Yang Ming had to be careful.

After keeping the memory card, Yang Ming bought a new memory card in the nearby digital store and put it in the camera. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of it being accidentally seen by their godparents.

In fact, the previous photos were nothing. They could explain it by saying that Xiao Qing and Yang Ming had a deep brother and sister relationship. But the last few photos were too much. If it wasn’t Yang Ming hugging Xiao Qing, then it was Yang Ming embracing Xiao Qing. There was even a cheek to cheek photo. These couldn't be seen by others.

Xiao Qing was relieved to see Yang Ming being so careful. Originally, she was afraid that Yang Ming was still young and he might not be capable of keeping a secret. Even if they revealed their relationship, no one would say anything to them, but Liu Weishan would be in a difficult situation.

In continuation of the previous story, Feng Dao and Hei Shu had taken the two people who had been sent by Zhong Xiaotian to rob Yang Ming to a temporary base at the seaside. Then, they started their cruel interrogation.

"Pa!" A water belt was whipped on Brother Black's body. Brother Black screamed in intense pain.

"Speak up. Who are you two? Why are you following our target?" asked Feng Dao.

"I... I didn't follow anyone!" Brother Black talked while grimacing.

"Didn't follow? Son of a b*tch, you really aren’t an honest person. Do you believe it that I will actually kill you?" Hei Shu jumped up and slapped Brother Black.

"Alright Hei Shu, leave this one to me. You go and look after the other person!" Feng Dao pointed at the man with the corn eye.

Hei Shu nodded. He came toward the man with the corn eye with a sullen smile.

"What are you going to do? Don't come over!" The man with the corn eye was terrified of this violent man.

"F*ck you!" Hei Shu kicked at the butt of the man with corn eyes. The body of the man with corn eyes twitched, and his face turned green.

"I’ll talk. I’ll talk. I will tell everything. Brother, don't kick me!" The man with the corn eyes had started to talk before Hei Shu started interrogating him.

"F*ck, corn eyes, can't you be a man?" Brother Black snorted.

It was taboo in this business to reveal the employer’s name to others. If that happened, no one would hire them in the future!

"I didn't let you talk!" Feng Dao saw that Brother Black didn’t speak up at the right time and started speaking at the wrong time. He was so furious that he waved the belt and hit Brother Black’s head. "F*ck your mother. I’ll whip you to death!"

"Pa!" "Ouch..." A horrible scream and one of Brother Black’s eyes was whipped out. The ground was bloody. The man with the corn eyes nearly pissed in his pants.

"Your turn to talk. Why are you following the target?" Feng Dao raised the belt.

Although the man with the corn eyes didn’t know why they called Yang Ming the target, he didn’t dare to hide anything. These two men were simply ruthless. They were more ruthless than the killer in the Chainsaw movie! The man with the corn eyes didn't dare to hide, so he said, "It was Master Zhong Xiaotian who hired us. He asked us to rob an item from a guy... which is an iron ring that belongs to the target you mentioned..."

"What iron ring?" asked Hei Shu.

"It was a ring he bid on in the auction." The man with corn eyes said quickly.

"Why does he need the iron ring for?" Hei Shu and Feng Dao were lost. That Zhong Xiaotian actually hired someone to rob worthless stuff?

"We don't know either, probably to please a woman..." The man with the corn eyes understood the nature of Zhong Xiaotian, so he guessed.

Feng Dao and Hei Shu looked at each other. These two people had no use at all. It was just that they interfered with their action by coincidence. However, Feng Dao and Hei Shu were furious at them. If it weren’t for them, they wouldn’t have lost their target!

So regardless of who they were, since there was no value, then their lives weren’t needed. Therefore, they released all their anger on these two people and killed Brother Black and the man with the corn eyes.

"How do we deal with the bodies?" Feng Dao wiped the blood on his hand.

"Throw them into the sea and feed the fish!" Hei Shu said faintly. They were all assassins and had no qualms about killing people.

So, in the morning, three bodies were found afloat near the Star Ferry Pier in Hong Kong. According to police investigations, all three were gangsters who had died before falling into the sea. The police suspected that the incident was related to the vendetta between the gangs. Things were still under investigation...

After Zhong Xiaotian saw the news on TV, he was shocked. Isn’t that the man with corn eyes and Brother Black that I hired yesterday? How did they get killed? Could it be the cruel man who was from the mainland? Did he have powerful bodyguards around?

But who was the Er Lengzi who was dead as well? Zhong Xiaotian couldn’t figure it out, so he guessed that it might not have anything to do with Yang Ming. Probably, two groups of people collided and caused the death of three people.

But soon Zhong Xiaotian got another shocking news! Last night, in the Blue Seat bar, there was a conflict between a young man from the mainland and Er Lengzi!

He was also from the mainland. Then, Zhong Xiaotian’s nerves immediately tightened up!

If these two things were linked together... Zhong Xiaotian couldn't imagine! Did I offend a ruthless person? Zhong Xiaotian couldn't help but be afraid. He was so scared that he wouldn’t go out these next few days to prevent retaliation.

Of course, Yang Ming simply didn’t know that there was such a person.

There was another person who was upset for two days. The person was Shu Ya. Shu Ya thought that the person who bought her iron ring was like other rich people who liked to please the little celebrities. They would take this ring to find her. But after the ring was sold, no one had come to Shu Ya except for Zhong Xiaotian.

Shu Ya was very puzzled. Since this person didn’t want to please me, why did he spend four hundred thousand USD to buy a useless iron ring? What was this person doing? This was what Shu Ya couldn’t understand.

She also wanted to try to find the person who bought the ring, but the auction house had regulations that they couldn’t reveal the identity of the buyer. So, even if she knew Zhong Changsheng, the chairman of the Huizhong Auction Group, there was no way to get the information. Shu Ya could only wait anxiously.

As they left Disneyland, Yang Ming and Xiao Qing strolled through the commercial streets of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a paradise for shopping. There were many brands, and many brands were much cheaper here than in the mainland, so people liked to come to Hong Kong to shop.

There are many commercial streets in Hong Kong. Yang Ming and Xiao Qing stopped a taxi and let the driver take them to the most famous commercial street in Hong Kong. The driver right away recommended Causeway Bay!

“The luxury of Paris, the elegance of Milan, the classics of London and the simple style of New York, this is the famous Hong Kong Causeway Bay. Causeway Bay is Hong Kong's most famous fashion shopping paradise, the third most expensive place to rent in the world. The location is second only to Fifth Avenue in New York, USA and the Champs Elysées in Paris, France. The high density of the famous brands in Causeway Bay made the air full of brand-name aromas. In Times Square, Lane Crawford and Sogo Department Store top brands even have branches there, and some brands even have specialty stores in two places. Of course, more importantly, the most expensive and cheapest things can be found in this place." Certainly, the driver was good at introducing places just like the previous driver.

This made Yang Ming admire the Hong Kong SAR's[1] emphasis on tourism. It seemed that many taxi companies had such professional training.

Xiao Qing was going to buy some clothes, and Yang Ming was also preparing to buy some gifts for his relatives and friends.

Xiao Qing's vision and tastes were mainly focused on the more conservative professional suits, hence all the clothes she bought were this type of attire.

"Sister Xiao Qing, why don't you buy something more fashionable?" asked Yang Ming.

"Hehe, I’m at the university every day. Who would I wear fashionable clothes for?" Xiao Qing laughed.

Chapter Notes:

[1] SAR is the acronym for the Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong exists as part of the People's Republic of China under the “One Country, Two Systems” doctrine. 

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