So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 269

Chapter 269: It’s Fine If You Like It

"Going to Disneyland?" The driver nodded as he started the car, and then said as he minded his own business, "Are you foreigners that came to visit here?"

"Yeah, we are from the mainland." Yang Ming nodded as he replied.

"Hehe, these attractions are earning money from you foreign tourists. Locals generally don't visit that place." The driver smiled and said.

“Why?” Yang Ming asked puzzled. Isn’t Disneyland famous?

"The ticket costs more than three hundred. A family will need a few thousand to go!" The driver shook his head, "Blue-collared workers like us are reluctant to go!"

"Hehe, what you said makes sense, but we are not locals. If we go out and we don't walk around, we will regret it after we go back!" Yang Ming nodded and agreed, "In fact, the reason why the locals think this way is because Disneyland is near their home. They can go whenever they wish to. There was no need to go there specifically! Like some of our local attractions and parks, I haven’t been to a few."

"Em, yes, listening to what you have said, it seems that is the case!" The driver also nodded and said, "I went to Beijing with my wife and children last year. We also visited every attraction. It wasn’t easy to go on vacation. We didn't want to have any regrets! Also, when we went on vacation, money was not a problem!"

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing found it amusing after listening to it. The driver was quite interesting.

“I heard that Hong Kong’s Disneyland is different from other places.” Xiao Qing said.

“Yes, Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth theme park in the world to be built in the Disneyland model. Also, it is the Disney’s 11th global theme park. It was the first theme park based on California Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Rumors said that a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland will bring their visitors temporarily away from the real world and into the colorful fairytale kingdom. They get to experience the mysterious and magical future of the country and the thrilling adventure world." The taxi driver said fluently.

"Ugh..." Yang Ming became speechless after listening to it, "Taxi driver, are you sure have you not been there yet?"

"Of course, I have never been there, but I am on the road every day. There are always merchants asking me. I naturally have to know about it and speak to them!" The driver smiled.

At Disneyland, Yang Ming bought two adult tickets, two hundred and ninety-five yuan for one. The price mentioned by the driver whereby it would be more than three hundred was referring particularly to holidays. But the funny thing was that the entrance to Disneyland could still be reserved for a year with the purchase of a six hundred and thirty yuan annual ticket for free access all year round!

"Hehe, if there were children in the family, it wasn’t bad to have an annual ticket!" Yang Ming smiled.

"You are still a child. Aren’t you thinking too far?" Xiao Qing said with a smile.

"Not far away. Do you want to have one together?" There was no outsider around, and Yang Ming’s began to speak casually.

"..." Xiao Qing's expression darkened She bowed her head and didn’t speak.

When Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing's attitude, he found it a bit strange at first, but suddenly he remembered what Xiao Qing said in the bar yesterday. Xiao Qing might not be able to have children!

"I'm sorry, Sister Xiao Qing. I didn't mean to say that..." Yang Ming quickly apologized.

"Forget it. It’s not a big deal. Hehe." Xiao Qing smiled and looked normal, "If I can't get pregnant, isn’t it good for you?"

"Ugh..." Yang Ming didn't think Xiao Qing could adjust her emotion so fast. He wanted to comfort her a little, but he gave her a chance to mock him.

Xiao Qing, who came from hardship, was more mature than the average person. She could control her emotions well. Out of love for Yang Ming, she always put Yang Ming's interests first. She cared about Yang Ming like a child bride [1].

"Oh well, that’s something unrealistic! You want me to have a baby with you. What about our godparents? Will the children call them the grandparents from the father’s or mother’s side [2]? You just voiced it out without thinking it through your head!" Xiao Qing rebuked Yang Ming.

"Hehe..." Yang Ming didn’t expect this question. He couldn’t help but feel awkward as he heard Xiao Qing say so.

In Disneyland, the main objective was to take photos with the animated characters and capture some memories of the buildings there. Since both of them couldn’t take a photo together, Yang Ming hired a photographer to take photos of them.

In the beginning, Xiao Qing was still reluctant. When taking pictures, she tried not to be too close to Yang Ming. However, afterward, both of them became more open, and there wasn’t so much reluctance. Just like a couple, they took a lot of photos. Among the photos, Yang Ming picked up Xiao Qing spinning in the air. The shot was successful, which made Yang Ming praise the photographer's skill.

At noon, the two were eating at the resort hotel in Disneyland. Although the things inside were expensive, Yang Ming was now a billionaire and he really didn’t care much.

"Yang Ming, should you tell me the truth now? What is the relationship between you and Chen Mengyan?" Xiao Qing pointed to the limited edition doll in Yang Ming’s hand.

"Ugh… Sister Xiao Qing. If I said it, won’t you be jealous?" Yang Ming smiled a little as he was embarrassed. Xiao Qing found it strange when he bought this doll. Isn't this something that little girls like to play with? What would Yang Ming want to do with it? So, she asked with curiosity. Yang Ming didn’t care at the time. He just said that he bought it for Chen Mengyan.

Xiao Qing had some doubts. If it was a typical classmate relationship, he shouldn’t be specifically buying a gift for her. Also, Xiao Qing had some speculations about the relationship between Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan.

"Why would I be jealous? I’m not your girlfriend." Xiao Qing smiled. She had cleared up her opinion straight away. "I’m your sister. You have a girlfriend. I am happy for you."

However, the more Xiao Qing acted like this, the more Yang Ming felt sorry for Xiao Qing. So, he no longer hid it. He said sincerely, "Xiao Qing, in fact, Chen Mengyan is also my girlfriend... but we have a little conflict. ”

"I guess that's the way it is, haha! But you have to call me Sister Xiao Qing. That habit isn’t good. If you get used to it, it will be ingrained deeply as your habit. When you are in front of others, they will think that you weren’t polite if you addressed me that way!" Xiao Qing smiled mischievously. "Didn’t you call me aunt before?"

"Ugh... that..." Yang Ming was full of sweat. At that time, Xiao Qing said that he was a hooligan. He was so angry that he addressed Xiao Qing in that manner. Now that things were in the distant past, Yang Ming couldn’t help but be embarrassed once Xiao Qing raised it again. It was inevitable that there would be some embarrassment, but Yang Ming’s reaction was also fast. “Since you don’t think that I am a hooligan, I naturally don’t think of you as an aunt! We all knew each other well last night!”

"How jocular of you." Xiao Qing smiled and said, "Then let me guess. What is the reason for the conflict between you and that Chen Mengyan? I think 80% is because of Lan Ling. Isn’t it? My fickle brother!”

"*Cough*!" Yang Ming blushed due to Xiao Qing’s words. He had to cough to cover it up.

"Hmm, did I guess it right?" Xiao Qing smiled smugly.

"Probably it is..." Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

"Talk to me. What is going on?" Xiao Qing asked while eating.

Yang Ming hesitated a little, but he decided to tell Xiao Qing the truth of the matter. Xiao Qing was caring and thoughtful for him to such a degree. She would never harm him. So, Yang Ming wasn’t worried about it.

Therefore, Yang Ming started talking about the story of how he started out with Chen Mengyan. Then, he proceeded to how he was misunderstood. Afterward, he met Lan Ling in Yunnan, and he was afflicted with the voodoo of the Miao tribe. Later, it was exposed and Chen Mengyan knew the truth of the matter. Both of them were in a cold war!

Xiao Qing didn’t doubt the truth of the matter after listening to it. She felt that Yang Ming wouldn’t lie to her and crafted a nonsensical story. Since Xiao Qing’s standpoint was firm, she would be Yang Ming’s godsister in appearance. She didn’t want to interfere with Yang Ming’s private life.

"Since you say so, it seems you can’t be blamed for such matters!" Xiao Qing nodded and then asked, "Oh ya, yesterday, you and me... won't you infect me with that voodoo?"

"It shouldn’t be. This voodoo should only be effective on men." Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"Then, what did you decide to do? Do you plan to let the cold war continue?" asked Xiao Qing.

"What else can I do? She ignored me. I’m afraid of rushing her and make her hate me more." Yang Ming said.

"That’s also true. I’m old already. I don’t understand what the little girl thinks in her heart. After we go back, I will try to help you analyze it!" Xiao Qing nodded and said.

"Who said that you are old, Sister Xiao Qing? Your skin is smoother than the young girls. There aren’t even wrinkles on your face!" Yang Ming said quickly.

"Hehe, you really know how to make me happy. It’s fine if you like it." Xiao Qing nodded.

Chapter Notes:

[1] A past tradition of arranged marriage in China whereby a family will adopt a pre-adolescent and the children will be raised together.

[2] Chinese culture deemed the address of elders in the family very particular. As such, addressing the grandparents from the father’s and mother’s side were different. In this case, it was the conflict to address the grandparents whereby both of them had the same persons as foster parents. 

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