So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 268

Chapter 268: A Breathtaking Moment

After Yang Ming heard her, he couldn't help but turn grim. It seemed that Xiao Qing had already decided. Yang Ming could not help but smile bitterly. "I know..."

Looking at Yang Ming’s downhearted expression, Xiao Qing couldn’t help but find it amusing. It seemed that she had fooled him. However, she didn’t want Yang Ming to be too sad, so she cleared her throat and said, "Actually, our Chinese language is profound. The same word often has many different meanings and many different pronunciations..."

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. Why was she suddenly talking about the Chinese language? However, Yang Ming wasn’t stupid. When he heard Xiao Qing say "the same word," he immediately thought of the difference between what he thought of "godsister" and "f*ck" sister!

Could it be that Xiao Qing meant... When he thought of this, Yang Ming had to ask, "Sister Xiao Qing, do you mean I can still do it when no one is around..."

Xiao Qing rolled her eyes at Yang Ming and interrupted his words. She said snappily, "I didn’t say anything!"

"Hehe, I didn't expect Sister Xiao Qing who is so pure to actually know these hidden meanings!" Since he knew the actual intention of Xiao Qing, Yang Ming was happy and his speech became unscrupulous, "Actually, I had that idea in my head when I greeted you as godsister!"

"Did you regard me as a child? Did you think I didn't understand?" Xiao Qing pointed her finger at Yang Ming's head. "I do surf the internet, but Yang Ming, you actually had this idea before. What should I say about you?"

"Hehe, then don't say it. Sister Xiao Qing, why don’t we f*ck sister again?" Although Yang Ming didn’t get an answer from Xiao Qing, it was almost the same as a tacit approval, so Yang Ming turned around and reached for Xiao Qing.

"No!" Xiao Qing pushed away Yang Ming.

"Ah?" Yang Ming was stunned. Did I understand the wrong meaning?

He didn’t know what to do, and then he heard Xiao Qing say, "It was my first time yesterday. Do you want me not be able to get out of bed and have our godparents notice something wrong??"

"Ugh..." Yang Ming smiled with slight embarrassment. He was being too impatient. He couldn't help but blame himself. He said with a low spirit, "I'm sorry, Sister Xiao Qing..."

"Well, don't blame yourself. Go shopping with me today. If you do well... we will talk about it at night!" said Xiao Qing.

If you do well, we will talk about it at night? Yang Ming was dumbfounded. Why is she talking like a child throwing a tantrum? It was the same as not saying anything. But, Yang Ming didn’t mind. Since Xiao Qing said so, it meant she wasn’t angry!

"Hehe, don't worry, Sister Xiao Qing, I am sure that I will fulfill my responsibility as a boyfriend! For example, helping you... take some things." But Yang Ming's mind was thinking, Is f*cking a girlfriend the responsibility of a boyfriend?

"Hehe." Xiao Qing smiled slightly. She hadn't been this happy in a long time, but she still had to remind Yang Ming, "Yang Ming, about our relationship, it stays with us. On the outside, you must remember our identity. Do you understand?"

"I understand, Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming nodded. "But, Sister Xiao Qing, isn’t this unfair to you?"

"There is no fair and unfair, Yang Ming. Don’t think too much." Xiao Qing said firmly, "Sister had decided not to marry in this life. Besides, you had promised to take care of me forever. Yang Ming, as long as you don’t abandon your sister in the future, it’s fine."

"Sister Xiao Qing, what are you saying? Why would I abandon you? Yang Ming added hurriedly.

"Well, let’s not talk about this anymore. You should quickly go back and tidy yourself up. It's already six o'clock. I think our parents will wake up in a while. Don't let them notice anything," said Xiao Qing.

"Okay. I’m leaving then?" Yang Ming said with some reluctance.

"Well, don't be like a child!" Xiao Qing said with a smile.

When Yang Ming got up, he saw a little scarlet spot on the sheets. He couldn't help but be surprised. He talked to Xiao Qing, "Sister Xiao Qing, this bed sheet..."

"I will put it away later. Why? Do you want to take it away?" Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming with a strange look.

"I... probably have this intention." Yang Ming scratched his scalp and said.

"Then I will keep it first. I’ll return it to you when we get back to Song Jiang." Xiao Qing was already thirty years old. She wasn’t interested in such things like a girl anymore.

Yang Ming picked up the clothes on the ground and put them on. Xiao Qing was sorting out herself. When Yang Ming had just tied the waistband of his trousers, he heard the sound of knocking on the door. Yang Ming was shocked and quickly looked at Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing thought that was funny. Yesterday, there were so many people surrounding him in the bar. He didn't have the slightest fear. He was so calm but today he was shocked by the knocking of the door.

"Okay, no big deal, you sit here for a while!" Xiao Qing had pulled out a new set of clothes. The clothes yesterday were still soaking in the basin in the bathroom.

As Xiao Qing finished speaking, she pulled her own clothes. Then she covered the blood on the sheets with a blanket before walking to the door, "Who is it?"

"Qingqing, it’s me, your mother. Have you woken up?" Chu Huifang’s voice came over.

"Mom, I have already woken up. What's the matter?" Xiao Qing asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just went to Yang Ming's room. No one was there after knocking for a long while. Did something bad happen?" Chu Huifang said worriedly.

"Hehe, it’s fine." Xiao Qing said as she opened the door, "Yang Ming is in my room. We are discussing where to eat!"

"So Big Ming is here. You really scared me. I was thinking to ask the staff to open the door for me." Chu Huifang said as she entered the room.

"Ei? Qingqing, you are an adult now. How come you didn’t make your bed? Yang Ming is here too. Aren’t you afraid that he would make fun of you?" Chu Huifang shook her head and said she would help Xiao Qing to make the bed.

Xiao Qing and Yang Ming were shocked! If this was the case, the secret under the blanket would be discovered. That would be terrible! In addition to Xiao Qing’s blood, there was still Yang Ming’s ejaculation!

"Mom, you don’t have to do it. I will make it myself later!" Xiao Qing said quickly.

"Nevermind, I will make it for you. You and Big Ming can go have fun with your dad. I will clean up the room!" Chu Huifang waved her hands and said.

"Godmother, let's go together. There will be staff to clean the room in a while. The bedsheet and blanket will be replaced with new ones. Aren’t you doing something unnecessary if you make it now?" Yang Ming said anxiously.

"Oh? That’s also true!" Chu Huifang nodded after listening to Yang Ming's words. She now only remembered they were staying at the hotel, and there was no need to make the bed. "Let's go. Let's find your dad to have some breakfast!"

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing were relieved at the same time. God, it was so dangerous.

When they were leaving, Yang Ming signaled Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing immediately recalled and said, "Mom, Yang Ming, you guys go first. I’m going to the bathroom!"

"Oh, well, Big Ming and I will go first!" Chu Huifang didn’t suspect a thing and left with Yang Ming first.

Twenty minutes later, Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing again. Xiao Qing made an "ok" gesture to him. Yang Ming was relieved after that.

The family ate breakfast in the hotel's dining room then they started their own plan. Today, Chu Huifang accompanied Liu Weishan to attend an academic conference. Yang Ming and Xiao Qing went out shopping.

After last night’s physical activities, Yang Ming and Xiao Qing were much more in sync with each other. They no longer had any embarrassment when going out together. They walked together naturally, just like a couple.

"Where are we going?" Xiao Qing asked.

“Would you like to go to Disneyland?” Yang Ming suggested, “I heard that this is the only Disneyland in Asia!”

"Isn't there one more in Tokyo? And the scale is bigger than this!" said Xiao Qing.

"Tokyo..." Yang Ming shook his head. He didn’t plan to go to Japan. It wasn’t that he was angry about it, but he didn’t like the attitude that some people did the wrong things and didn’t want to admit them.

"Hehe, I never expected your generation to still have so much resistance." Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming and smiled, "Let's go. Let's go see Hong Kong's Disneyland!"

Disneyland wasn’t close to the hotel. It was impossible for them to walk to, so Yang Ming reached out and stopped a taxi. Then, he told the driver where to go.

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