So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 266

Chapter 266: F*ck Sister

Yang Ming took Xiao Qing's sandals off, then he covered her body with a blanket... It’s so tempting! Yang Ming secretly swallowed his slobber, then he clenched his teeth and turned around. When he was ready to return to his room, he heard Xiao Qing call him.

"Yang Ming, I want to puke..." Xiao Qing's half-moaning voice made Yang Ming's bones crisp... The temptation of a mature woman!

"Please wait, Sister Xiao Qing!" Yang Ming quickly ran to the bathroom to find a water basin to bring over. When he just wanted to lift Xiao Qing, he heard Xiao Qing “Ugh---” The alcohol in her stomach spilled onto herself and the bedsheet.

The fume of alcohol spread to Yang Ming. Yang Ming frowned. Fortunately, Xiao Qing didn’t eat anything. She just drank a bunch of alcohol, so besides the alcohol fumes, there was no smell of food mixed together. It wasn’t too bad.

"Ei!" Yang Ming sighed. Xiao Qing was thirty years old, but she was like a child. Yang Ming was helpless. The current situation was that Xiao Qing vomited on herself and the bedsheet. Yang Ming didn’t know what to do!

"Yang Ming... I’m so uncomfortable... This smell is so bad. Help me take off my clothes..." When Yang Ming was at a loss, Xiao Qing suddenly frowned and complained.

Heh?” Yang Ming was stunned. You want me to help you undress? Sister, are you seducing me or are you thinking that I won’t do anything to you? Your younger brother, I, is an energetic young man. Besides, I drank some beer. If I lose my mind and can’t hold it, what can I do about it?

"It's so uncomfortable..." Xiao Qing was still talking to herself.

Yang Ming didn't have any choice. He had to unzip Xiao Qing's white dress. He clenched his teeth and pulled off the dress.

Xiao Qing didn’t wear undergarments. The busty chest was wrapped in a white bra and projected into Yang Ming’s eyes. Yang Ming could not help but breathe rapidly.

"Pants… Pants..." Xiao Qing had no clothes on, then her two legs began to move around. She was whispering vaguely.

“You even asked me to take off your pants?” Yang Ming sweated! Nevermind. Not only have I taken off her dress already, but also her pants! Yang Ming clenched his teeth then pulled off Xiao Qing pants abruptly. He even pulled off Xiao Qing’s underwear because he was exerting too much strength!

But, Yang Ming didn’t realize that he pulled off Xiao Qing’s underwear because there was no light in the room. Looking at Xiao Qing’s white colored lower body part, he thought she was wearing white panties!

The dress stank of alcohol. Yang Ming had to run to the bathroom and soak the dress in the wash basin.

En?” Yang Ming held Xiao Qing’s pants and was stunned. What the f*ck? Isn’t this her underwear? There’s even a small pad on it!

Then what did I just see? But there wasn’t any hair. When he thought of this, Yang Ming seemed to understand something. Could it be that Xiao Qing is the legendary white tiger [1]?

My god. Song Hang probably disappeared because of this! It was because there were such superstition beliefs in the countryside village that a white tiger woman will curse her husband!

But on the contrary, there were still many saying that the white tiger woman will bring fortune to the husband. Some people even specifically look for the white tiger to be their wife!

Thinking of this, Yang Ming sweated, This is awful. I pulled off Xiao Qing’s underwear. When she wakes up tomorrow, will she think that I did something bad to her?

Maybe I should dress her again? Forget it, Yang Ming really didn't have that courage. He didn’t know just now and he didn’t look clearly. Now that he knew that Xiao Qing was a white tiger, it was impossible to hold back his curiosity to take a closer look. At that time...

Yang Ming took Xiao Qing's underwear out and hung it on the towel rack next to him. But he still heard Xiao Qing whispered in the room, "It’s still reeking alcohol..."

Yang Ming smiled bitterly, Of course, how can the stinky smell vanish suddenly? Yang Ming returned to the room. He saw that Xiao Qing had kicked the blanket to the ground! The naked scene between her legs appeared vividly in Yang Ming’s eyes!

F*ck me! Okay, you want to challenge my limit, right? Yang Ming swallowed some slobber. But he suddenly remembered that Xiao Qing had vomited on the bed too, so it was inevitable that the smell was still there!

Thinking of this, Yang Ming had to hold Xiao Qing up! In for a penny and in for a pound, I might as well bear through it. It can’t be helped if I can’t hold it in!

Yang Ming carried Xiao Qing into the bathroom. Then, he put her into the bathtub and filled it with hot water. He was going to clean up the alcohol smell from Xiao Qing’s body.

After settling Xiao Qing, Yang Ming closed the door of the bathroom. Then, he walked toward the room’s phone. He picked up the phone and called the front desk, "Hello, I am in room 2810. Can you send someone to change the bed sheet for me?"

"Okay, please wait a moment. Our staff will be there soon!" The front desk person replied.

Sure enough, the staff sent by the front desk had come after a while. He swiftly changed a new set of bedsheets and blanket then exited the room.

Yang Ming sighed and returned to the bathroom. He found that Xiao Qing was still confused in such a situation! Yang Ming had no choice but to remove Xiao Qing’s bra. He had seen her bottom part already. Never mind the top part!

But when two round and bulging things bounced up, Yang Ming couldn’t help but swallow more slobber!

Yang Ming pulled a bath towel and wrapped Xiao Qing up. Then, he took her out of the bathroom and placed her on the bed with the new bed sheet. He took off the bath towel and covered her with a blanket!

Yang Ming breathed a sigh of relief! It was really not a man’s work, but Liu Xiahui [2] isn’t that great after all. Yang Ming thought smugly.

"Water... I want to drink water..." Xiao Qing, who returned to the bed, didn't stop making noise. Now she asked for water again!

Yang Ming sighed and stood up to the side table. He poured a cup of hot water for Xiao Qing and came to the bed. "Sister Xiao Qing, here’s the water..."

"You feed me..." Xiao Qing lay on the bed with her eyes closed and said vaguely.

Feed you? You are lying on the bed. How can I feed you? Wouldn’t I spill it all on the bed?

"Good girl. Listen to me. Get up and drink for yourself!" Yang Ming said as though he was pampering a child.

"Oh..." Xiao Qing seemed to understand Yang Ming's words. She extended her hands and held on Yang Ming's neck. Then, her body tilted upwards.

Yang Ming didn’t care. He thought Xiao Qing was using his neck as a support. He just wanted to bring the cup to Xiao Qing's mouth, but he didn’t expect Xiao Qing to kiss his mouth!

"Um..." Yang Ming was astounded. When he just wanted to talk, he felt that Xiao Qing was sucking the saliva in his mouth desperately... My god, is she thinking that my mouth is the water source?

However, Yang Ming just couldn’t bear with it anymore. Now it was Xiao Qing who kissed him first. Yang Ming made a decision at that moment. Why am I still holding back? I’m not holding back anymore!

In fact, this was the critical boundary in his thoughts. Once it was broken, Yang Ming began to have no worries. He kissed Xiao Qing with passion. Xiao Qing seemed to feel his passion, so she responded to Yang Ming too. Although she wasn’t familiar with kissing, it was still a fiery kiss.

Yang Ming started to move his hands too. His hand moved forward and grabbed Xiao Qing’s bosoms...

Soon enough, two bodies were entangled with each other. They were doing the exercise that was pleasurable for people for thousands or millions of years...

In fact, Xiao Qing wasn’t completely drunk, but she was in a state of being half awake and half confused. But under the influence of alcohol, her mind was somewhat dull.

However, she was still clear about what Yang Ming had done, such as helping her undress and helping her taking a bath. Although Xiao Qing knew that this wasn’t appropriate, her mind wasn’t able to function well, and she wasn’t willing to think too much. So, she did it subconsciously.

I didn’t know how to drink water until I was so confused. I actually used Yang Ming’s mouth as a source of water. Although Xiao Qing felt that it wasn’t quite right, her brain was processing slowly as she couldn’t make sense of what was happening!

Due to her slow reaction, Yang Ming had kissed her back! At this moment, Xiao Qing’s mind was fresh. Her subconscious mind told her that this was definitely not right, but her sexual tension had been aroused by Yang Ming. Especially now that the brain was somewhat not under her control due to the influence of alcohol, the movements of her body were all based on instinct!

Therefore, Xiao Qing was only awake for a while and began to respond passionately to Yang Ming...

The person who drinks alcohol on the first day often wakes up earlier the next day. Yang Ming opened his eyes. He suddenly saw that Xiao Qing was sleeping comfortably in his arms. Then, he was shocked!

F*ck me. I really did it yesterday! This is so bad. How can I explain it later? Yang Ming had a headache! If Xiao Qing wasn’t his godsister, then things would be much easier. Yang Ming only had to take responsibility for her. But the current situation... seemed to be quite complicated!

Godsister, oh my god. Now I really “f*ck” sister [3]!

Chapter Notes:

[1] White tiger means a woman without pubic hair. In ancient China, people believed that a white tiger woman is lustful and will bring bad luck to her husband.

[2] Liu Xiahui was a philosopher during the Chunqiu period in China. There was a story that was passed down by people that he was staying alone with another woman in an abandoned temple. The woman was getting cold and she asked to sit in Liu Xiahui’s embrace so that she could get warmed up. Liu Xiahui rejected it at first but he later agreed because it was to save the woman. He hugged the woman in his embrace for a night without having any evil intention.

[3] In Chinese, godsister sounds like f*ck sister. 

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