So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Capricious Yang Ming

"Stop! Who’s here to cause trouble?" A voice sounded afar. Yang Ming looked up. A middle-aged man in a black tunic shouted as he walked over. He was followed by two buffed men, with sharp eyes and serious expressions. Yang Ming noticed in a glance that the two men had definitely undergone rigorous training. It was likely that they were retired from the army.

The music in the bar stopped momentarily, and the people surrounding them made way. Yang Ming was sitting on the side of the bar without hesitation, and there wasn’t any sign of fluctuation in mood.

Xiao Qing, who was on the side, had never seen such a scene. She was afraid as she leaned against Yang Ming. Yang Ming took advantage and pinched Xiao Qing’s hand twice to comfort her. He wanted to do this long ago!

"Who was here to make trouble?" The middle-aged man in the tunic glanced at the waiter standing nearby.

"It's Er Lengzi of East Street and the guests over there!" answered the waiter.

"Er Lengzi, are you having a good prospect? Do you know the rules of the Blue Seat Bar? How dare you cause trouble for me?" The middle-aged man snorted, "It seems that you don't want that tool [1] of yours?"

"Mr. Ma… I..." Er Lengzi immediately broke into a cold sweat, and his bloody gourd-like head dripped a bead of sweat.

"Fellow Shun, Fellow Gang, grab both of them and bring them to my office!" The middle-aged man told the two people at his side.

"Yes, Mr. Ma!" As they said this, one of the two men went over and subdued Er Lengzi. Er Lengzi didn’t dare resist and hung down his head. He stood there in a depressed manner.

Fellow Shun came to approach Yang Ming. Before he had yet walked to Yang Ming, he heard Yang Ming faintly say, “Mr. Ma, is it? It was Er Lengzi who first provoked us. And, we are the customers here! The waiter here can testify. I don't understand what you are going to do now!"

"Those who make trouble here, hmph, have to come to my office and explain it again!" Mr. Ma said impatiently.

"And if I don't go?" asked Yang Ming plainly.

"Don't go? I'm afraid it's not for you to decide!" Fellow Shun sneered.

"Hehe, you can try." Yang Ming looked down on him. He playfully used the stirrer to stir the empty cup of Baileys Irish Cream that Xiao Qing had finished as he disregarded them.

When Fellow Shun noticed Yang Ming disregarding him, he couldn’t help but be annoyed. He reached out to subdue Yang Ming. But, before he could react on what had happened, Yang Ming's figure appeared behind him. Fellow Shun felt that the back of his neck was icy cold, and he couldn't help but feel horrified. He didn't dare to make any movements.

Yang Ming grabbed Fellow Shun’s hair in one hand and held the stirrer with the other hand at the back of Fellow Shun’s neck. He said coldly, "If I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead by now."

Fellow Shun was shocked, and Mr. Ma was even more shocked! Fellow Shun and Fellow Gang were both veterans who he hired from professional bodyguard companies at high prices. Unlike ordinary gangsters, many of them were retired mercenaries. They had countless experiences in battle. As such, they didn’t expect to be unmatched with this young man.

"Can I go now?" Yang Ming looked at Mr. Ma and asked with a smile.

"Who are you?" Mr. Ma said in horror.

At this time, there was a waiter, who had just reminded Yang Ming not to destroy the property of the bar. He quickly ran to Mr. Ma’s side and whispered, “He paid with RMB just now...”

"What?" Mr. Ma had a glimpse of shivering fear in his heart and immediately asked, "Are you from the mainland?"

Yang Ming nodded and asked, "Is there any problem?"

"No, since you don't know the rules here, so be it this time. I will give you face [2]. You can go now!" Mr. Ma took a deep breath and said.

In Hong Kong, there are often some vicious people from the mainland. When Mr. Ma saw Yang Ming’s skills, he unconsciously affiliated him with agents. This was a taboo for the people of the underworld! So when he thought of it, he couldn't help but break into a cold sweat. He couldn't afford to offend them. Even if he tried to subdue Yang Ming, it would inflict endless disaster!

Wouldn’t Yang Ming’s companions start to look for him if they found out that he disappeared? By that time, no one could protect me! So, Mr. Ma immediately made a wise choice by letting Yang Ming leave!

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Ma. I will heed your favor!" Yang Ming released Fellow Shun, then held Xiao Qing's hand and walked out of the Blue Seat Bar smoothly.

"Mr. Ma, what about Er Lengzi?" Fellow Gang asked.

"Throw him in the sea and feed him to the fishes!" After Mr. Ma said this coldly, he turned around and went upstairs. In fact, he complicated Yang Ming’s identity, but he also escaped a disaster.

Yang Ming’s current strength wouldn’t allow Fellow Shun and Fellow Gang to keep him there. At that time, not only would there would be a commotion, but the Blue Seat Bar would be ruined!

Outside the bar, Yang Ming also breathed a sigh of relief. Mr. Ma still gave face, otherwise, he would have to go through some trouble even if he was able to make his way out.

"It was so scary!" Xiao Qing stuck out her tongue, like a little girl.

"Do you know the danger now? Don't come to bars in the future!" Yang Ming shook his head helplessly. Women are really the source of trouble. If he was alone in the bar to drink, the long-haired youth wouldn’t come to look for trouble from him even if he had nothing better to do.

"It would be alright if you came with me!" Xiao Qing said in an ambiguous way. She leaned her entire body on Yang Ming.

Please, my sister, are you seducing me to commit a crime? Yang Ming felt Xiao Qing’s bulging chest. You aren’t well developed? Is this called poor development? Yang Ming looked at Xiao Qing devilish figure, and he almost had a nosebleed. He didn't know which idiotic doctor came up with such a conclusion at that time!

However, Yang Ming also knew that Xiao Qing was drunk. The atmosphere in the bar was quite tight, so Xiao Qing still kept a little of her consciousness. But now, it was over. So, Xiao Qing had begun to relax as she became blurred.

Yang Ming reluctantly held Xiao Qing and went in a taxi which was waiting by the roadside, and then said, "Go to Huizhong Hotel."

The driver of the taxi looked at Yang Ming and Xiao Qing. He smiled ambiguously and said, "Alright! No problem."

Yang Ming could only put on a bitter smile on his expression. Under normal circumstances, when he held a drunk pretty girl from the bar, even if he said nothing, who would believe it? Especially, if the person wanted to go to the hotel like him?

Xiao Qing didn’t care so much as she leaned over on Yang Ming’s body. A heavy surge of drowsiness came through as she closed her eyes.

At the entrance of the Huizhong Hotel, Yang Ming paid the driver as held Xiao Qing carefully. Although Xiao Qing was an adult, she wasn’t heavy. Yang Ming didn’t have to struggle much to carry her.

As he went into the lobby of the hotel, the staff greeted him, "Mr. Yang, you are back!"

Yang Ming nodded.

“Do you need help?” The staff member continued to ask.

"No need. Oh ya, can you help me press the button of the elevator?" Yang Ming said as he walked toward the elevator.

"No problem, Mr. Yang." The waiter helped Yang Ming open the door of the elevator, and then pressed the button on the 28th floor before he stepped out of the elevator.

Yang Ming expressed his gratitude to him with a slight smile.

It seemed that it didn't take much time. In fact, the two people stayed in the bar for a few hours. Now it was past eleven o'clock. Their godparents should already be asleep.

"Sister Xiao Qing, where is your room card?" Yang Ming asked Xiao Qing as he came to the door of Xiao Qing's room.

Yang Ming waited for a while, but for a long time, no one answered him. Yang Ming smiled and saw her hands hanging on his neck. Xiao Qing seemed to be in deep sleep. He thought to himself, It seems I have to do it on my own.

"Sister Xiao Qing, I’m not deliberately trying to take advantage of you. I’m helping you to look for your room card!" Yang Ming deceived himself as he extended his hand and began to explore Xiao Qing's body.

"Yang Ming... You are naughty. You actually dare to take advantage of your sister?" Xiao Qing suddenly mumbled a few words, but it shocked Yang Ming!

The outstretched hand stopped in the trouser pocket by Xiao Qing's buttocks. He said awkwardly, "Sister Xiao Qing, I am looking for the room card..."

"Oh... then take advantage of me..." He didn't know if Xiao Qing actually grasped what he said for her to actually reply in such a manner.

Yang Ming was suddenly made a little bit capricious... Sister Xiao Qing said, "then you take advantage of me?" Is she allowing me to take advantage of her? Yang Ming felt shameful to think about it. He reached into Xiao Qing's trouser pocket. He couldn't help but pinch Xiao Qing's hip.

No! I need to resist the temptation. Xiao Qing is now drunk. How can I treat it seriously when she speaks such nonsense? Yang Ming gritted his teeth. He withdrew his hand along with the room card he found. He opened the door and took Xiao Qing to the bedside. Then, he carefully put her on the bed.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The original text was 爪子 (zhua zi), it is a slang in Sichuan frequently used to describe "doing something/what are you doing." In this context, it's mostly meant for that tool of yours that can do something - penis.

[2] Face carries the meaning of one’s reputation. In this case, it illustrated the person carried out an action as he took into consideration the others’ reputation. 

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