So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Wedding Groom Suddenly Disappeared

"The matter went smoothly. After graduation, I stayed at school as a teacher. He went to a Hong Kong computer company to be a programmer. Originally, we all had our own jobs and our classmates envied us." Xiao Qing sighed and said, "Later, we were going to get married. We issued invitations and arranged a banquet for family and friends. On the day before we got married, we went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register. We did a pre-marital check, but because of this pre-marital check, Song Hang actually disappeared!"

Yang Ming found it strange. Can the pre-marital check actually lead to the disappearance of the groom?

"The result of the hospital inspection was that… my development wasn’t very good… it may affect my fertility..." Xiao Qing was drunk. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such embarrassing words to Yang Ming, "Song Hang heard from someone that I was born to curse my husband. So that evening, he signed up for a company training program in Hong Kong, and he disappeared since then!"

What is the relationship between infertility and cursing the husband? Is this Song Hang actually stupid? Did he still believe in this feudal superstition as a university graduate student? Yang Ming was confused but he didn’t ask more questions. He had to continue to act as a good listener.

"The next day we were going to get married! The hotel and the wedding car were all booked. The invitations were also sent out!" Xiao Qing said while she was getting agitated, "Yang Ming, do you know how embarrassed I was the next day? In front of my friends, I was the only one who showed up at the wedding banquet and the groom disappeared!

I don't know how I went through that day. Facing the strange eyes of the guests, not only did I have to apologize and explain to them that Song Hang was absent because of his company affair, but since the wedding was canceled, I still had to talk to the hotel about canceling the booking!

His family was in the countryside. This wedding banquet was our daily savings. I didn't expect him to even take this wedding money away before he left! Left with no choice, I could only borrow money to pay the hotel first for the breach of contract. Thank goodness for Professor Liu who is my godfather for lending me the money to pay for the hotel. Otherwise, I didn't know what to do!

However, from the strange eyes of the guests, I could see that the news that Song Hang disappeared had spread. They said whatever they could guess. Someone actually said that I was found not to be a virgin when I did the pre-marital check, so Song Hang got angry and left. Worse still, some even said that I was infected with sexually transmitted diseases!

At that time, I would have killed myself if it weren’t for godfather who kept guiding and persuading me and godmother who kept comforting me! I had lost all my reputation and Song Hang was the cause of this!

I hate him, this cold-blooded guy! Today, he still asked me to be his mistress. I really doubt if he was making any sense. Was he not afraid that I would have cursed him to death by now?”

Although Yang Ming didn't understand why Song Hang said that Xiao Qing would curse him to death, there must be a reason. According to Xiao Qing, Song Hang came from the countryside. It was normal to have some superstitions in their local area. Later, he came to Hong Kong. His knowledge and vision were broadened. He no longer believed in these superstitions.

"Sister Xiao Qing, you don't have to hate this kind of person. It's not worth it!" Yang Ming shook his head. "At least, we are living quite well now, am I right? You have parents and me as your brother. You have lost love but in exchange for family, it was worth it!"

"Hehe, it’s indeed true when I think about it. If it were not because of Song Hang, I would not be so close to my parents and I would not recognize this marriage!" Xiao Qing’s mood became better after talking to Yang Ming. "Besides, I have figured it out now. What was the use of men? I just want someone who can protect me, instead of scum like the Song Hang. He only thought for himself and acted selfishly. Why would I expect him to protect me? Hmm Hmm..." Xiao Qing sneered twice and said, "Furthermore, now I have you as my brother. Will you protect your sister in the future?"

"Of course, I will! No one can hurt my family, including you, my sister." Yang Ming nodded and said.

But as soon as Yang Ming had spoken, people who looked for trouble came!

"Hehe, pretty lady. It’s so lonely to be drinking alone. Would you mind drinking with me?" A long-haired young man who seemed to be twenty years old came over and sat down on the other side of Xiao Qing. He directly ignored Yang Ming.

Xiao Qing had never been to a bar before. Her daily life revolved around shopping, teaching at the university, eating at the restaurant. She never came to this kind of place where different kinds of people were here, so she didn’t know what to do at that moment.

Yang Ming’s cursed the guy’s ancestors for the whole 18th generation in his mind. Are you f*cking giving me eye drops [1]? Yang Ming felt angry at this guy when he looked at him. He said grumpily, "Do your eyes grow on the ankles? Who told you that she’s alone?"

"F*ck? Who’s that? Who’s talking?" The long-haired youth apparently did not acknowledge Yang Ming, so he acted surprised and looked around."Ya, whose d*ck is actually speaking?"

"F*ck your mother." Yang Ming casually stuffed the empty Corona bottle on the table into the mouth of the long-haired youth. Then he said heartlessly, "Go and blow your own d*ck!"

"Wu wu..." The long-haired youth opened his eyes wide. He didn't expect Yang Ming to actually do this. He looked at Yang Ming with anger, but he couldn't speak.

"F*ck off!" Yang Ming said faintly, "I had just finished saying that no one can hurt my sister. Then, you just came over and tested it? Are you happy now?"

"Pui!!" The long-haired youth pulled the bottle out of his mouth and pointed at Yang Ming. "You! Just you wait!"

For such words as "just you wait!" and "We shall see," Yang Ming didn’t bother with them anymore. He was used to them already.

"Sister Xiao Qing, what happened?" After the long-haired youth left, Yang Ming suddenly found Xiao Qing looking at him with some sparkles in her eyes.

"Yang Ming, why are you so good to me?" Xiao Qing asked with excitement.

Is this also considered good? Yang Ming thought in his mind. He just taught a lesson to a dumb*ss, but due to Xiao Qing’s abnormal mood today, he said, “I said that I wanted to protect you!”

Xiao Qing nodded and didn't say anything. He didn't know what she was thinking.

Yang Ming thought that the long-haired youth was just a kid who was looking for trouble. The phrase "just you wait" was just to intimidate him. Yang Ming didn’t expect this guy to return so quickly with another muscular man.

The long-haired youth saw that Yang Ming was still there, so he said to the muscular man as he pointed at Yang Ming, "Brother Leng, it was him! It was this kid who beat me with a beer bottle!"

"Oh? Did you mention the name, Er Lengzi, to him?" asked the muscular man as he frowned.

"I mentioned it. Why wouldn’t I say it? I said that I’m the man under Brother Leng. But this kid said who the f*ck is Brother Leng? It is the thing that he used to wrap his d*ck!" The long-haired youth told a lie.

Yang Ming felt a cold chill from these words! Even if I wanted to say this, I couldn’t do it. It was too damn disgusting. How can this long-haired youth make this up?

But he didn't expect that the muscular man who was called "Er Lengzi" to really be an er leng zi [2]. He actually believed the long-haired youth and said to Yang Ming, "F*ck! What the f*ck are you saying?"

"I don't have that special hobby. I’m disgusted already when I just look at you." Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of him. At first glance, this guy only had his muscles without any good skills.

"What did you say? Am I making you disgusted? Then I’ll ask you to s*ck my d*ck today!" Er Lengzi said in anger.

"Huh?" Yang Ming was stunned, Oh God! Is this guy really a homosexual? This is fucking disgusting! When Er Lengzi was walking toward him, Yang Ming actually had goosebumps, "Don’t come near me!"

Er Lengzi heard Yang Ming say "Don't come near me," and he thought that Yang Ming was afraid of him. So, he accelerated as though he were proud of it.

Yang Ming didn't want to have any physical contact with him. He simply took the bar stool and threw it. Er Lengzi didn't dodge in time, and the stool smashed on his head. His head turned into a blood fountain.

"Sir, please don't destroy the facilities of the bar..." The waiter saw the bar stool that Yang Ming threw was deformed. He immediately tried to persuade Yang Ming.

"Take this. It’s for compensation!" Yang Ming took out his wallet, took out a stack of RMB [3] and stuffed it into the hands of the waiter. "And the money for the alcohol!!"

Since the person who caused the trouble was willing to compensate, the waiter didn’t speak anymore. He just stood there quietly.

"Boy, I will kill you today!" Because Er Lengzi was smashed by Yang Ming, he was enraged and he wanted to put up a desperate fight with Yang Ming. Therefore, he rushed toward Yang Ming.

Xiao Qing was shocked and said quickly, "Yang Ming, be careful!"

Yang Ming didn’t bother with him at all. He launched a kick toward his abdomen. This man only looked strong in appearance. Yang Ming could defeat him easily!

"Stop!" A voice suddenly came out...

Chapter Notes:

[1] A Chinese phrase which is used for screwing up in the dark, fooling someone, or gossiping behind a person’s back. The origination of the phrase was basically the idea that if your eyes are uncomfortable, the eyedrops would soothe that discomfort. Now, anything that causes someone any form of discomfort can use this phrase - stating that this particular person is doing something that makes you need an “eyedrop.”

[2] In Chinese, er leng zi are negative words that describe a person as being stupid.

[3] An official name for China’s currency - Renminbi

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