So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 261

Chapter 261: A Strange Xiao Qing

Both Hei Shu and Feng Dao acted very fast, and the whole act only lasted about three minutes. This was a straight alley, and there were no side roads. Where would they go?

"Where did he go?" asked Feng Dao.

"Something's not right. There’s nowhere to go, right? Did we bump into ghosts?" Hei Shu was very confused.

"F*ck, are we having such bad luck?" Feng Dao complained.

"Just because of the two stupids behind us!" Hei Shu started the car then quickly drove around in the alley. He didn’t detect any abnormality. When he was about to drive away and find a place to deal with the two troublesome guys, suddenly he heard Feng Dao say,

"Wait!" Feng Dao shook his head, "He was with a woman. It is impossible to run so fast. I think they must be hiding somewhere!"

"You’re right! So you mean..." Hei Shu agreed with a nod.

"Let's drive the car to the entrance of the alley. Then we find a place to hide and observe!" Feng Dao thought for a moment.

"This is a good idea! If they are hiding there, they will definitely come out!" Hei Shu said and started the car.

"Who are they?" Xiao Qing asked nervously to Yang Ming who seemed to be very calm.

"I don't know. Maybe they wanted to rob us?" Yang Ming answered with ease.

"They are gone. Can we go out?" asked Xiao Qing.

"No, wait!" Yang Ming shook his head.

"Young man, next time, remember to walk in a crowded place in the future. There are many bad people at night!" An old lady who was standing behind them told them.

"Thank you very much, auntie!" Yang Ming thanked her. "We are tourists from China so we were not familiar with the place. I didn't expect to be targeted by the bad guys!"

"Yeah, the sinister gangsters here always prey on foreign tourists. You have to be careful!" The old lady instructed.

"We will be careful. Thank you!" Xiao Qing also said.

"Hehe, there’s no need for that. It’s not a big deal!" The old lady laughed.

Here’s what happened. When Yang Ming came out of the hotel, he was aware that someone followed behind him based on his killer instinct. At first, he thought that Lin Tianfeng was worried about their safety, so he sent bodyguards from the hotel to secretly protect them. But Yang Ming soon found that it was not the case at all!

Yang Ming quickly determined the location of these two people. Although they were far away from them, Yang Ming couldn't hear what they said, but he could read their lips! Yang Ming noticed that they mentioned the person that Young Master Zhong was looking for. Yang Ming immediately realized that these two people were not the bodyguards from the hotel, but they were sent by other parties!

But, do I have any grudges with anyone in Hong Kong? This was the only thing Yang Ming couldn't figure out. But in any case, regardless of whether they were looking for the wrong person or they were looking for him. Yang Ming was not afraid of them.

Not to mention two people, even if there were two more, Yang Ming could deal with them easily! Therefore, Yang Ming decided to lead the two guys to a more secluded alley where he planned to defeat them.

This was why Yang Ming went to this secluded alley. However, Yang Ming soon found out that something was wrong because there was a black Honda sedan which was trailing the two men!

When he saw the men from the black Honda sedan come out and knock out the two people who were following him, Yang Ming could not help but frown! What the hell is going on? Could it be a conflict between two gangs?

At this time, Yang Ming suddenly saw that there was a first-floor house with a door open on the side of the alley. An old lady sat by the door enjoying the cool air, so Yang Ming ducked into the house without saying anything.

The old lady was shocked and immediately followed them inside. As she wanted to call her son in the room, she heard Yang Ming say, "Auntie, don't shout. We are not bad guys!"

The old lady saw that Yang Ming and Xiao Qing didn’t look like bad guys, so she asked, "What are you doing in my home then?"

"Auntie, we are being stalked by the bad guys. Those people want to rob us!" Yang Ming explained, “We hid from them when they weren’t paying attention!”

"Ah!" The old lady was shocked and quickly looked out the window. She saw two groups of people fighting. She was so scared that she quickly closed the door, pulled the curtain closed and said, "Young man, I think you have met gangsters! Be sure to stay away from them. These people are not good people!"

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing naturally nodded and agreed.

After a long time, Hei Shu and Feng Dao were a little impatient. Feng Dao cursed, "F*ck, it looks like the kid got away!"

"En, otherwise it was impossible for them to hide so long! They must have gotten away!" Hei Shu nodded, "Damn it, this kid is quite clever!"

"If it weren't for the two guys behind us, the kid wouldn’t have got away!" said Feng Dao.

"Yes, f*ck it. Let’s go. We’ll find a place to punish these two guys!" Hei Shu said with hatred. Then he started the car and drove away.

As soon as they left, Yang Ming brought Xiao Qing out of the old lady's house. How could Yang Ming be so accurate with the timing? Please remember that Yang Ming's special ability was telescopic vision. No matter how much Feng Dao did to take cover, it was useless against Yang Ming!

However, he did not say this to Xiao Qing. He was afraid that Xiao Qing would worry more afterward. He just explained that they should wait for a while before leaving, so Xiao Qing did not have doubts.

The first two people may be really thieves, but the two people who drove the car had suspicious identities! These four people were obviously not from the same group, but their target was him.

Moreover, the two people behind were obviously much better than the two people in front. However, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that Yang Ming felt that there was one person in the car who looked very familiar to him. He wasn’t sure where he saw him!

This was why Yang Ming was quite sure that one guy came after him.

Both of them had good skills. They seemed to have some training. Although it wouldn’t be difficult for Yang Ming to put them down with a bit more effort, Xiao Qing was around. Because Yang Ming did not want to take the risk, he did not take any action. Yang Ming was not in a hurry. If this person was coming after him, he will definitely approach him again.

"Yang Ming, how did you notice them?" Outside the old lady's home, Xiao Qing asked some questions with worry.

"Oh, it was nothing. When we were walking on the road just now, I accidentally found them in the rearview mirror of a car parked by the road." Yang Ming simply created a reason.

"Is that so? That was really thrilling!" Xiao Qing patted her chest and said.

"It’s not a big deal if they dared to come. The unlucky ones will only be them!" Yang Ming said with an indifferent smile, "Sister Xiao Qing, have you forgotten my skills?"

"Hehe, you really like to show off!" Xiao Qing also smiled.

After the incident just now, they did not dare to go in the small alley again. In fact, Yang Ming deliberately walked into the small alley before, but Xiao Qing did not know it.

This time, Yang Ming quickly found several snack streets on the side of Kowloon City according to the map. There were many famous restaurants in Kowloon City, and the food district was located on several streets from Fuk Lo Tsun Road to City South Road.

There were more than one hundred snack shops here, and there was a snack shop between every two or three shops. Moreover, there were Chinese and foreign specialties, including Shanghai, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chaozhou, Hot Pot, Seafood, Hakka, Taiwanese, Thai and some typical local snacks. In terms of decoration, the restaurants here also had their own characteristics. Some of them were splendid, some were popularized, and the prices were abundant and cheap. It was a pleasure to visit these restaurants.

Yang Ming once read a sentence on TV. That was, "If you come to Kowloon City, you must eat."

It can be seen how famous the snacks in Kowloon City were, but when it came to food stalls, they were more famous in Mong Kok. Anyway, Liu Weishan still had several academic conferences to attend these days, so he wasn’t in a hurry to visit all day.

"Sister Xiao Qing, what do you think about this store? Zhu Ji's century-old shop, the sirloin noodles is a must!" Yang Ming pointed to a very antique signboard. However, he didn’t hear Xiao Qing’s reply for a long time. He couldn’t help but wonder, “Sister Xiao Qing? En?”

Yang Ming looked to the side strangely but suddenly found that Xiao Qing who was beside him was looking at a man not far from there. Her eyes were filled with an indescribable hatred. Xiao Qing’s body couldn’t help but start shaking!

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