So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Oriole Ambush

"Young Master Zhong, are you talking about this fellow who came from mainland China?" A man with sunglasses asked as he was looking at the photos on the mobile phone.

"It’s him. No matter what, grab the iron ring on his hand!" instructed Zhong Xiaotian.

"Iron ring? Young Master Zhong, have you not been mistaken? How much is an iron ring worth? Is it worth the effort?" The man with sunglasses asked as he found it strange.

"Hmph! I don't care if it’s worthless. I just want to get it. Cut to the chase. Can you do it? If you can't, I will find someone else!" Zhong Xiaotian wasn't willing to explain more but stated it coldly.

"Hehe, Young Master Zhong, don't worry. It’s not a big deal. Of course, we can do it. It’s a piece of cake! Just the reward..." That was what the sunglasses man was most concerned about. After all, a broken iron ring wasn't even worth a penny. Wasn't the reward even less?

"The reward is naturally pleasing for you. Whenever I looked for someone to do some errand, when did I, Zhong Xiaotian, ever come off as stingy?" Zhong Xiaotian said disdainfully, "I will first give you ten thousand as a deposit. After finishing the task, I will give you another fifty thousand!"

"Surely, surely, Young Master Zhong has always been generous!" The sunglasses man was so happy when he heard it such a high reward.

"If you get things done wonderfully, there will be additional rewards! If something goes wrong, don't expect me to look for you again!" Zhong Xiaotian put ten thousand in the hand of the sunglasses man.

"Yes, Young Master Zhong, I will not let you down!" said the sunglasses man as he nodded.

As Yang Ming left the room, he noticed that Xiao Qing put on a smile and stood by the elevator waiting for him. When Xiao Qing saw Yang Ming, she recalled herself just speaking with him in a lazy voice that was similar to a spoiled voice. She couldn’t help but blush.

Yang Ming found it strange as he noticed Xiao Qing’s blushed face. He asked, puzzled, “Sister Xiao Qing, what happened to you? Did you get hot during your nap?”

"Oh, nothing. Haha, I’m just not used to the climate here." Xiao Qing hid it in disguise. Although Yang Ming was her foster brother, after all, they weren't blood-related. Xiao Qing couldn’t treat him like a younger brother. So, it was unavoidable to have some awkwardness between them.

"Where are we going?" asked Yang Ming.

"I have never been to Hong Kong, but I heard that the snacks here are good. How about we just walk around?" Xiao Qing suggested.

"Alright, then let's just walk around." Yang Ming nodded.

When the elevator arrived, the two of them came to the lobby on the first floor. As they were about to go out, a staff member greeted them, "Hello, is it Mr. Yang and Ms. Xiao?"

"Yes, is something the matter?" Yang Ming nodded and asked.

"Hello, this is the case. Mr. Lin has instructed us that if Mr. Yang wanted to travel, our hotel will provide a free car." The staff member said respectfully.

"Oh, I see." Yang Ming nodded, then he turned his head and looked at Xiao Qing in question.

"We still want to go out and walk around within the vicinity. There's no need for a car." Xiao Qing hesitated and said.

"That's fine. This is the contact card of our hotel. If you can't find the way back to the hotel when you go out or if you need help, you can call me directly!" The staff member said as he handed over a contact card.

"Okay, will do." Yang Ming took the contact card and put it in his pocket.

The both of them walked side by side out of the hotel. Yang Ming was quite tall, especially after some period of training. He seemed to be a more mature person as a whole. So, he appeared to be older than his actual age. Although Xiao Qing exuded a mature vibe, her skin was well maintained. She as a person who was thirty years old appeared to be in her early twenties. Hence, when the two of them walked together, outsiders couldn't see the difference in age. They might think that these two were a couple.

Since they were godbrother and godsister, Xiao Qing wasn’t quite evasive with it. She walked together directly with Yang Ming. Even if someone saw it, there wouldn't be any gossip. Moreover, they were in Hong Kong. No one knew them anyway.

“It’s so prosperous here!” When Xiao Qing got out of the hotel and saw the night view of Hong Kong, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s much more beautiful than Song Jiang!”

"Indeed, there’s a song that describes the beauty of Hong Kong. It’s called ‘The Pearl of the Orient.’ When this song came out, it was 1986. At that time, Hong Kong was very prosperous. It was already more than twenty years ago. After those years, Hong Kong's development still escalated at a rapid pace! Otherwise, it wouldn't be one of the four Asian dragons!" Yang Ming nodded as he said this.

“Where are we going? I heard that Hong Kong’s snacks are famous in Asia!” Xiao Qing asked.

"I heard that there are more food stalls and snack shops in Mong Kok and Kowloon City. How about visiting those places?" Yang Ming suggested, "Well... we are closer to the Fuk Lo Tsun Road in Kowloon City. Shall we start looking up that place first?"

"Alright, I have never been here anyway! You lead the way!" Xiao Qing nodded and smiled.

"Sister Xiao Qing, I must say that this is also my first time. Are you forcing me to teach a pig to play on a flute [1]? Let's go. There is a map given by the hotel. We shouldn’t get lost if we follow the road signs!" Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

"Hehe, then I will follow you. You wouldn’t sell off your sister, right?" Xiao Qing and Yang Ming were also more amiable toward each other. After all, they were in contact with each other for most of the day. Both of them were Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang’s goddaughter and godson.

"Corn-eyed, is that the kid? Is he the person Young Master Zhong wanted us to look for?" The sunglasses man looked at his phone and asked a young man with a big earring and a big thief-like eye.

"Brother Black! It’s him! That’s the kid!" The young man, known as Corn-eyed, immediately nodded and confirmed.

"Go. Follow them. Let’s find a place where no one is around and we’ll deal with them!” said Brother Black.

"Hey, Brother Black, the girl next to the kid is great!" Corn-eyed appraised her in a lewd manner.

"Damn, don't meddle with useless details. After we finish the task, we will quickly retreat. Young Master Zhong will give us a total of sixty-thousand yuan, which is enough for our leisure expenditures for two months!" Brother Black warned.

"Hehe, you’re right! But, I’m itching for it. It was still not bad to molest her!” Corn-eyed smirked.

Brother Black shook his head. Corn-eyed is too lewd. If he doesn’t change his faulty attitude, bad things will happen sooner or later.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind [2].

At this time, there was still another group of people paying attention to Yang Ming's movements.

In a black Honda sedan parked at the side of the road, two black-shirted men were discussing.

"Feng Dao, what are the two people in front doing?" asked Hei Shu.

"Who the f*ck knows? Maybe it’s just two thieves?" Feng Dao shook his head.

"What do we do? Do we do it?" asked Hei Shu.

"Of course, we must do it. Finally, there are no bodyguards around this kid. So, we naturally have to hurry in our operation!" said Feng Dao.

"Well, let's follow them!" Hei Shu said as he started the car.

This car was a second-hand refurbished scrap car they bought at a private garage. The car plate and registration were fake. Anyway, these two people didn’t plan to have the car in the long run. It would be thrown away in a few days. The price was cheap as well - only ten thousand HKD.

"Motherf*cker, the right-hand drive car is really fu*king hard to drive!" Hei Shu complained.

"It’s alright. Just keep up with the target. Don't lose it." Feng Dao said as he shook his head.

"What are the two guys in front doing?" Hei Shu frowned as he looked at Brother Black and the man with the corn eye behind Yang Ming.

"Who knows? They might be robbers." Feng Dao was also a little annoyed. The two fellows had other options, but they still wanted to choose my target!

"It’s not a problem to follow them. Later on, when we do it, don’t let the other two robbers see us!” said Hei Shu.

"Damn, let’s just eliminate these two fellows! Motherf*cker, why are they asking for trouble? It’s their misfortune!" said Feng Dao.

"I think so too!" As Hei Shu spoke, he sped up and rushed toward the two fellows!

Hei Shu drove ferociously. This fellow was an assassin who never took human life seriously. With a "squeaky" brake noise, the car suddenly turned to the front of Brother Black and the man with corn eyes.

"Damn! You son of a b*tch! Do you know how to drive? Do you have eyes?" The man with corn eyes was astonished. The car almost crashed into him, and he was so angry that he pointed to the people in the Honda.

"Pak"! As soon as the door opened, Feng Dao and Hei Shu made their way to the man with the corn eye and Brother Black.

"What are you two going to do?" Black Brother asked with great vigilance, as he realized something was unusual.

"What are we doing? Come into the car with me!" Feng Dao said as he launched a flying kick straight at Brother Black’s chest. At the same time, Hei Shu made his move as well.

Although Brother Black and the man with corn eye were all small punks, they were usually fighting veterans. However, they were unmatched against their opponents who were assassins! They had great agility and accuracy. In the blink of an eye, Brother Black and the man with the corn eye were defeated as they fell to the ground.

After the two of them were tied and put in the car, Hei Shu and Feng Dao made sure no one noticed them before they got back into their car.

"Eh? Where are they?" Feng Dao noticed that Yang Ming and Xiao Qing had disappeared!

Chapter Notes:

[1] To attempt the absurd or impossible.

[2] To depict a situation where someone is being so focused on a narrow goal that one neglects the potentially greater danger lying behind them. 

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