So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Comforting an Online Female Friend

The speed of the internet network here was several times faster than at Yang Ming’s apartment in Song Jiang City. It seemed like this hotel might be using a megabyte or even gigabyte fiber optics internet connection. However, if you thought about it, it was a reasonable service. Most of the people who stayed here would have a laptop with them. They would be searching for information through the internet, therefore, it was necessary for the hotel to provide a high-speed internet connection.

After opening QQ, Yang Ming received a lot of messages. The first thing that Yang Ming saw was Zhang Bing’s, this brat’s, message.

"Yang Ming, damn, you ran to Hong Kong without telling me. Buy me gifts! Don't forget!"

Yang Ming smiled and shook his head. Of course, I will be buying gifts. Not only will I be buying Zhang Bing’s gift, but also my parents, as well as buying one for Xie Yongqiang too. After all, he was the one who approved the leave. There was also Tian Donghua and Uncle Chen. As for Xia Xue... it was alright. This violent girl had never been happy meeting me. It would be a waste to pass her any gift. Shen Lin, this girl, could also be counted as a friend of mine already, so let’s bring her something. Also for Hou Zhenhan’s mother, I can’t forget this. Of course, Chen Mengyan’s gift must never be forgotten.

Who else? My friends, I have not been in contact with Li Dagang and Xu Peng. I wonder where they are now. I should buy one for my younger male cousin, Yang Xiaobo, too. As for the female cousin... it was okay to just buy one extra gift then. Speaking of Yang Li, should I get a gift for Sun Jie too? Since I had already xoxo her, I think it was necessary to prepare a gift!

That was probably all. Suddenly a long-lost name flashed in Yang Ming’s mind! Zhao Ying! I haven’t heard from her for a long time. The Sister Ying who truly cared for me, I wonder how she is now. The last time I saw her was on the Business Street in Song Jiang. She was with Jing Gang at that time. Could Zhao Ying and Jing Gang be… Yang Ming felt angry just by thinking about it. What kind of material is that Jing Gang made of? With that dwarfish look, he is no match for Zhao Ying at all!

It was nonsense to say that Yang Ming had no feelings for Zhao Ying. That night, at that moment, Yang Ming’s heart was genuinely moved. He could feel that Zhao Ying had the same feelings for him.

What was Zhao Ying worrying about? Teacher-student love? Or Chen Mengyan? Yang Ming’s head hurt thinking of these. However, Yang Ming had also made up his mind. After returning to Song Jiang, he must visit Zhao Ying. No matter what, he would not want to have any regrets. Some things that could be clarified would be best stated clearly in person again, or else it would be uncomfortably stuck in the heart for a long time!

He continued to read the messages from other people. There were messages from Wild Female Teacher. This girl was indeed obedient. She actually renamed herself into a “Wild Female Student.” Yang Ming couldn’t help but smile.

The Wild Female Student told Yang Ming that she had become a student, and her time for surfing the internet may be far less in the future. She was going to stay on campus, and the desktop computer at home couldn’t be brought to campus.

The rest were some group news and spam. Yang Ming took a few looks at it then turned it off. Only then was he free to see which of his friends were online.

Surprisingly, he found out that "I'm a Superstar" was online! Yang Ming hadn't seen her for a long time!

I'm a Superstar had also noticed that Yang Ming was online. It seemed like she got very excited too. She immediately sent a crying emoji 😭 to Yang Ming.

"What's wrong?" Yang Ming returned a message.

"There's No True Love in this World, I did a stupid thing today!" I'm a Superstar replied.

"Stupid thing? What happened?" Yang Ming asked patiently. After all, I'm a Superstar was the only internet friend who had a relatively close relationship with Yang Ming. It was a friendship that was purely online. The two of them would talk to each other about the challenges and troubles in their lives, but they would never meet in reality. This would be a true friend on the internet.

Although Yang Ming and the internet friend, “Wild Female Student,” were also quite close, it was not as close as with “I'm a Superstar.”

"I have lost something that is very precious to me..." said I'm a Superstar.

"Lost it? Then buy another similar one!" Yang Ming couldn't help but smile. Girls are so sentimental. They could be moody about a small thing for a very long time!

"But I can't buy it!" I'm a Superstar said.

"..." Yang Ming had nothing to say. It was useless to be sad if you can’t buy it! But he still comforted her, "Then there’s no choice. Since things were already in the past, don't think about it so much."

"But I am still thinking about it!" I'm a Superstar said.

Yang Ming felt his head spinning. God, but who was the one who made her a friend? He had no choice but to continue saying, "Superstar, you have to believe that everything in this world was by design. You losing an item was meant to happen. Maybe you would get your thing back again later! Everything is a fateful arrangement, and you shouldn’t be too persistent...”

"You mean… I could still get back some of the things that I have lost later?" asked I'm a Superstar.

Yang Ming really didn’t know how to answer her. He was just fabricating some words. Yet she took it seriously. If Yang Ming were to say "yes," and if she didn’t get back what she lost, she would blame him instead!

"Reply to me. True Love, what are you doing?" I'm a Superstar rushed for an answer anxiously.

"Yes." Yang Ming shook his head. Let’s first stabilize this girl’s emotions for now. Let’s handle what happens in the future later. After all, later can be really late. Three to five days are called "later," and ten to twenty years are also called "later."

"Thank you, True Love. I feel much better. I am not that sad anymore, but instead feeling full of hope!" I'm a Superstar sent a smile 😊.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment! Yang Ming wanted to send this sentence, but he did not want to make I'm a Superstar sad again, so he just took his words as a white lie.

"You're welcome. We are friends!" Yang Ming also sent a smile 😊 over.

"Right. True Love, are you a boy?" asked I'm a Superstar.

"B*llsh*t! That’s a meaningless question." Yang Ming sent an angry 😠expression.

"Hehe, just making sure!" said I'm a Superstar.

"Now that you have confirmed it. What's the matter?" Yang Ming knew that I'm a Superstar certainly wouldn't have asked without any reason. She must have had some intention in asking so.

"If a boy likes a girl yet can’t see her, how long would he still like her? Will he always like her?" asked I'm a Superstar.

"I don't understand what are you talking about." Yang Ming said bluntly. In fact, he really didn't understand I'm a Superstar’s messy question.

"Oh... I mean, there was a boy and a girl. They liked each other. One day, for some reason, this girl had to leave the boy. Do you think that the boy would always like her? Will he forget her?" I'm a Superstar explained.

Looking at I'm a Superstar’s question, Yang Ming felt a bit distracted. He remembered Su Ya, his first love. Have I forgotten her? Yang Ming shook his head, feeling some sense of self-deprecation. Although Su Ya had no news after she left, he still... had a special feeling for her. The photos on the bookshelf can explain all of this.

"It's hard to say. Individuals are all different." Yang Ming sighed and replied.

"Then tell me about yourself. If it was you, would you always like that girl?" I'm a Superstar asked.

"I guess so." Yang Ming hesitated, and slowly typed three words back.

"Thank you! True Love, chatting with you made me feel really happy!" I'm a Superstar said.

You are happy, but I am not happy. Yang Ming shook his head. Remembering Su Ya twice in a day was not a good sign. Yang Ming had always been very rational toward things that were not possible. Although he still held onto Su Ya, she had disappeared for many years. What was the point of thinking about her? Yang Ming now even regretted that he bid for the ring today!

Something was really wrong with me. Buying a ring for four hundred thousand US dollars? Just for reminiscing the owner of the object? Yang Ming shook his head and decided to stop thinking about it.

"Hehe, feel much better now?" Yang Ming asked.

"Yeah, I am much better." I'm a Superstar was obviously happy.

As Yang Ming was thinking about continuing the conversation, the phone in the room rang. Yang Ming quickly picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

"Yang Ming, I am Xiao Qing. Can you go out now?" Xiao Qing's voice came through.

"Oh? Sister Xiao Qing? Sure, give me five minutes to clean up. Let's meet at the elevator!" Yang Ming said.

"Okay." Xiao Qing answered.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming told I'm a Superstar, "I have to go out for something. We’ll chat next time!"

"Okay, then go do your work." I'm a Superstar replied.

Yang Ming turned off his QQ, and then closed down the laptop’s monitor so that it went into a standby mode. After doing all this, Yang Ming turned off the lights in the room and walked out the door.

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