So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Regret

After the auction, Shu Ya ran to Uncle Zhong’s office and asked in a hurry, “Uncle Zhong, I don’t want to sell that ring anymore. Is that OK?”

Ah?” Zhong Changsheng was stunned. “Xiao Ya, you know the rules of the auction house. The auctioned item belonged to the one who won the bid!”

"But, I’m willing to pay the penalty for breaching the contract! Six hundred thousand USD, I will pay double!" Shu Ya answered quickly.

"Xiao Ya, we have a unique rule in our auction house. There is no breaching of contract after something is sold. That’s also the reason why uncle's auction house can grow so much... Although the auction house belongs to uncle, the rule can't simply be changed..." Zhong Changsheng said helplessly.

"Is that so..." Shu Ya nodded with low spirits. In her mind, she began to blame herself for being stupid. Why am I still concerned about the ring? In fact, Shu Ya also knew that she was actually thinking of that person, instead of the ring.

Shu Ya regretted her impulsiveness to sell the ring.

"Then, can I see the person who bought the ring?" Shu Ya didn’t want to give up on it.

"Xiao Ya, can you not make it difficult for your uncle? The identity of the bidder is confidential. Even I have no power to disclose it!" Zhong Changsheng shook his head.

"Then... I won't bother you anymore..." Shu Ya shook her head helplessly. Then she went out of Zhong Changsheng’s office like a lost soul.

Although Shu Ya had no choice, Zhong Xiaotian who was listening at the side wasn’t a good person. This kid always liked to play tricks. He had an idea in just a blink of an eye.

Zhong Xiaotian privately found the security guard who was responsible for the security of the VIP room. Then Zhong Xiaotian pulled him to the side, "Show me the recorded video of the VIP room!"

“Young Master Zhong, isn't that bad?” The security guard shook his head. “This isn’t in line with the company regulations. These videos are only available to the police when they have a case.”

Hehe, I’m just simply taking a look. Do you think I’m intending to do something bad?” Zhong Xiaotian smiled, “Do you know who I am? The auction house's young master! Do you think I will do something harmful to the auction house?”

“That can't be the case, but these are the company's regulations. Young Master Zhong, can you not put me in a difficult situation?" The security guard smiled bitterly.

“Let's do it this way. You show me the video. I will give nice comments for you so that you can be promoted as the vice-captain of the security team! How about that?” said Zhong Xiaotian and patted his shoulder.

"Vice-captain of the security team?" The security guard was moved! That also means my salary will be doubled, and I don’t have to be so tired from working! He couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Zhong, are you for real?"

"Hai! Do you think I’m lying to you? Besides, who am I? It is easy for me to promote you with just a few words.” Zhong Xiaotian laughed.

“Right, right!” The security guard thought so. Who dared not listen to the future chairman? Therefore, he clenched his teeth and said, "Well, Young Master Zhong, come with me!"

In the surveillance room, the security guard turned on the previous surveillance video. Zhong Xiaotian fixed the picture on the No. 7 VIP room. Yang Ming was the one who bid. He couldn't help but sneer cunningly. You spit out the ring for me!

Zhong Xiaotian used the mobile phone to take a photo of Yang Ming on the screen and then patted the shoulder of the security guard. "Don’t talk to anyone else about this matter. You can now wait for the promotion notice."

"Thank you, Young Master Zhong!" The security guard knew that he was in the same boat as Young Master Zhong so he didn't care much. The promotion was the most important thing.

Hehe, I will plot a robbery. Anyway, there are so many sinister gangs in Hong Kong. Who will doubt me? When I get the ring, I will use it to please Shu Ya, hehehehe!

Zhong Xiaotian was feeling great just by thinking about it!

"Yang Ming, you are in the limelight today. You spent four hundred thousand for a broken ring! It was even in US dollars!" Outside the auction, Xiao Qing shook her head and said to him.

"Why am I in the limelight? Anyway, no one will know that I bid for it, hehe." Yang Ming smiled helplessly. "Right, godfather, would you blame me for using so much money?"

"The money is yours. Why would I blame you?" Liu Weishan also smiled and shook his head. "But we just don’t understand. Your godmother and I think that the ring was not worth four hundred thousand."

Yang Ming didn’t say anything. Some things were better off not saying out loud.

Regarding the income and expenses of the auction, Lin Tianfeng helped to handle it. Yang Ming didn’t have to worry about these...

Lin Tianfeng wanted to arrange dinner but Liu Weishan didn’t have a good rest yesterday. He was really tired at the moment, so he declined Lin Tianfeng’s invitation. “I want to go back to rest. I feel a little tired. We will eat at the hotel in the evening. The food here is not bad anyway."

"That's fine. Do you need me to call the restaurant to order a meal? I have already told management. Your room card can be used for any expenses in the hotel." Lin Tianfeng nodded and said.

"Okay, thank you, Xiao Lin. You go do your work. Don't worry about us," said Liu Weishan.

"Ok. Professor Liu, call me if you need anything!" Lin Tianfeng nodded and said goodbye to them. Then, he returned to the auction floor.

After Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang went upstairs, they went back to their room. They told Yang Ming and Xiao Qing to take a break. They asked the two to eat first and not wait for them. Since the hotel had food and beverage service available for 24 hours a day, they would eat later.

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing discussed it for a while. It was about four o'clock. They would go back to their rooms, take a rest, and then go out to eat together. Xiao Qing had long coveted the street snacks of Hong Kong.

"Yang Ming, you are a billionaire now. You have to treat me later!" Xiao Qing said with a smile.

"Of course, Sister Xiao Qing. I will be responsible for your living expenses before you marry!" Yang Ming also laughed.

"Heh, you said it. Then, I will not marry in this life so that I can use all of your money! Right, I heard that Hong Kong's clothing is also good. It is fashionable and cheap. I can't miss it later." Xiao Qing thought about it.

"Sure!" Yang Ming said indifferently.

Back in the room, Yang Ming was lying on the bed. He thought about today's experience. I really didn't expect that I would become a billionaire in a day! It really is what they say: Having a good knowledge of natural sciences is not as good as having a good father [1].

Although Liu Weishan was his godfather, it was still partially true to what was said in the idiom above. Liu Weishan had given this money to him! Yang Ming couldn’t help but feel melancholic.

If I could use it slowly, the money may even last for two lifetimes. But I can't just keep using the money like other rich people. What if the money is used up? Moreover, I can't explain the origin of the money to my biological parents.

Based on their current experiences, they couldn’t imagine that a piece of jade can be auctioned for millions or even hundreds of millions. Even if they were to understand it, they wouldn’t take it.

The money was given by Liu Weishan after all. According to his parents’ characters, they were not the kind of people who liked to borrow from others. So Yang Ming was thinking that he should start a business now.

He had the principle as well as his special ability. If he still couldn't make any money, then it would be a problem with his own character.

As he was thinking about it, Yang Ming could not help but feel a little sleepy. So he lay on the bed for a while. After lying for about half an hour, Yang Ming got up and took a hot bath. The climate in Hong Kong was still very hot and humid. If he didn't take a bath, he would feel uncomfortable.

After all this, Yang Ming called Xiao Qing's room. After a while, the phone got picked up, and Xiao Qing’s groggy voice came over, “Hello...”

"Sister Xiao Qing, are you still sleeping?" Xiao Qing's voice that Yang Ming heard was very vague, but it was very charming.

"Oh, I just took a break... let me sleep for a while. I'll call you when I wake up..." Xiao Qing said vaguely.

"Sister Xiao Qing..." Yang Ming was a bit stunned.

"Be a good boy!" Xiao Qing hung up the phone after she finished.

Yang Ming smiled and touched his nose. So, Xiao Qing would act like a child sometimes! Yang Ming was helpless. He turned on the TV and watched a variety show. However, most of them were in Cantonese. Yang Ming couldn't understand much. There were also several Mandarin channels, but those didn’t have good programs.

Yang Ming suddenly remembered that he brought a notebook, and the general hotel seemed to be able to access the Internet. Thinking of this, Yang Ming picked up the phone and called the front desk to ask if there was internet access [2] in the hotel.

After receiving a positive reply, Yang Ming waited in the room for the service staff to come over. Not long after, a male staff member came with a network cable to help Yang Ming connect the network cable at the module interface on the wall. Then he reset the IP address and said, "You may use it now."

"Thank you." Yang Ming smiled and thanked him.

"You’re welcome. This is our job." The staff member nodded. "If you have any questions, please call us. I will stop bothering you at the moment!"

Yang Ming nodded, and the staff member left.

Chapter Notes:

[1] It was a famous folk adage in China that society stressed on the high social status of the father or the family to get an advantage in education and in employment.

[2] Do note that the setting of this novel was in the year 2007 where wireless internet wasn’t common and ethernet was considered the gold standard in most commercial areas. 

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