So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Hong Kong Auction House (A)

Yang Ming entered the room and lay comfortably on the bed. When he was on the plane, although he wasn’t quite tired, maintaining a position for a few hours seemed to strain his body. Yang Ming really wanted to have a good sleep.

He took out his phone as he wanted to call Chen Mengyan. Although the two of them were now in a state of cold war, it wasn’t an official breakup. Hence, the two people were still in a relationship now. Anyway, Yang Ming had gone overseas. He should give a call to Chen Mengyan. However, Yang Ming suddenly thought of Chen Fei’s idea of giving a surprise to his girlfriend. So, he decided not to talk to Chen Mengyan about it first. Anyway, he would leave his phone on for 24 hours a day. Chen Mengyan could contact him if she needed something.

When Chen Fei returned home, he saw Chen Mengyan. He suddenly said inadvertently, "Oh ya, Mengyan, do you have a classmate named Yang Ming?"

"Ah?" Chen Mengxi was shocked. Did my father notice my abnormality in the past few days?

"Two days ago, he went to my office and applied for a Hong Kong and Macau Pass." Chen Fei said in a self-serving manner.

Chen Mengyan patted her chest. It seemed to be a false alarm. However, she was curious, "Dad, how do you know about Yang Ming? Oh, yes, he..." Chen Mengyan just wanted to say that Yang Ming was caught, but suddenly she stopped. If she mentioned it on her own, didn’t that mean that her relationship with Yang Ming was atypical?

However, Chen Fei did not seem to notice it. He continued, "I didn't expect Yang Ming to be the godson of my junior high school teacher. Oh ya, my junior high school teacher is now a professor of your school's history department, Professor Liu Weishan. Have you heard of him before?"

"Ah! Liu Weishan!" Chen Mengyan naturally heard of this academic celebrity. She could not help but ask, "How did Yang Ming become his godson?"

"I’m not clear about this." Chen Fei shook his head. He had already revealed the news of Yang Ming heading to Hong Kong to Chen Mengyan. He had achieved his objective. As for what his daughter would do, it wasn’t something that Chen Fei could interfere with. He hoped that these two young people could grasp their romantic relationship. Chen Fei shook his head.

As a father, he naturally cared about his daughter's romantic life. Also, he was optimistic toward Yang Ming. So, he hoped that these two people could have a bright future together.

Chen Mengyan heard the news of Yang Ming’s heading to Hong Kong. Her first thought was to call Yang Ming, but after some contemplation, she thought, You are a boy. You irritated me so naturally, you have to call me first!

On one hand, Chen Mengyan acted sullenly because she didn’t want to call Yang Ming. On the other hand, she was afraid that Yang Ming would meet other girls in Hong Kong. Chen Mengyan had lost confidence in this player.

With the long period of hesitation, a few days passed. In the blink of an eye, Yang Ming went to Hong Kong. Both of them hadn’t gotten in touch with each other. There were many times where results could be achieved by simply taking action. But, Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan were in their first relationship. No one had any experience.

Although Yang Ming had the young girlfriend, Lan Ling, the two of them started their relationship with sex. They were inseparable because of special reasons. So in terms of romance, Yang Ming was still completely a newbie.

Yang Ming was awakened by a phone call, and it was the hotel phone in the room.

"Hello?" Yang Ming picked up the phone, and his voice was a little bit impatient. He thought that someone would ask him for a prostitute.

He didn't expect that it would be Xiao Qing's voice on the other end of the phone. "Yang Ming, were you asleep?"

"Yeah, I slept for a while." Yang Ming heard Xiao Qing's voice, then he smiled and replied. He was more clear-headed right now, and he found his thoughts funny. This hotel was dedicated for the merchants who participated in the auction. It was impossible for such a vulgar call for prostitutes to take place! Also, it was Hong Kong. The prostitution business was semi-open. If someone wanted a prostitute, he just needed to make a phone call.

"Get up and clean yourself. In a little while, Mr. Lin will come over and take us out for a meal." Xiao Qing instructed.

"Okay, I understand, Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming promised.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming went to the bathroom and took a hot bath. Then, he found an autumn outfit and put it on. The temperature in Hong Kong was different from Song Jiang. It was quite warm. Hence, wearing a long-sleeved shirt was enough, but he would need to put on a leather jacket if he was in Song Jiang.

After doing all this, Yang Ming went out of the room. He came to Xiao Qing’s room door and knocked on the door.

"Coming!" Xiao Qing shouted. After a while, she opened the door and said, "Mom... Hey? Yang Ming, why is it you?"

Yang Ming’s eyes were wide-open. At this moment, Xiao Qing had just taken a shower. She wore a bathrobe and was drying her wet hair with a bath towel. The exquisite figure was looming under the robe!

"Oh... that... Yang Ming, wait a moment. I will get dressed." Xiao Qing said a little embarrassed.

"Alright..." Yang Ming also became awkward and turned to the corridor. Yang Ming subconsciously leaned forward to hide his embarrassment.

After a while, Xiao Qing opened the door. At this time, Xiao Qing had already dressed. It was a white dress that looked elegant and noble. The faint shampoo scent lingering around her excited Yang Ming's lower body reaction uncontrollably.

This damn voodoo! Yang Ming found himself being more and more impulsive. Now, Lan Ling was gone, and he had a quarrel with Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming had abstained for a month. He really couldn't stand it anymore.

Yang Ming forced his mind to think elsewhere. The person in front of me is my sister. Even though we aren’t blood-related, Liu Weishan wouldn’t want to see scandals between me and Xiao Qing.

"What happened just now, Sister Xiao Qing?" Yang Ming tried to make his expression look natural.

"My godmother just left my room. Then, you knocked on the door. I thought she left something here. I didn't think about it and opened the door, but I didn't expect it to be you!" Xiao Qing protested, "Hmm, you little pervert trying to take advantage of me!"

Hey, sister, don't you speak to me in this tone. Did you know that you are very attractive now? Yang Ming rolled his eyes, as though he could not get his hands on this forbidden fruit. It felt really uncomfortable.

"Sister Xiao Qing, we have cleared out the incident last time at the bookstore. Why are you still calling me a pervert?" Yang Ming said with a bitter smile.

"I’m just joking." Xiao Qing smiled and said, "I am done dressing. Let’s get ready to go. Oh ya, Mr. Zhong is an outstanding person. When you arrive at the restaurant, please don't speak any nonsense. Don't put shame on our godparents."

"Don’t worry, Sister Xiao Qing, I know what I’m doing..." Yang Ming nodded. However, as he heard Xiao Qing saying our dad and our mom, Yang Ming found it awkward. Why does it like sound a dialogue between a husband and wife [1]?

The dinner was set up in a special restaurant in Hong Kong. Although this restaurant wasn’t large, it was extremely popular. Rumors said that it was necessary to make a reservation a few days in advance to have a table to dine in. The private room was hard to reserve as well. For those who could reserve a private room, they were usually people with high social status.

The taste of the dishes there was also quite unique. Even Liu Weishan, who didn't pay much attention to his daily diet, praised the food here highly. The host of the night, Mr. Zhong, was delighted naturally...

After their meal, the guests enjoyed their time.

The auction would be held at 8 a.m. on the following day. It would be right next to the hotel where they stayed. After the meal, Mr. Zhong handed the documents to Liu Weishan. What he prepared for the Liu Weishan’s family was an independent VIP room. With that, there wouldn’t be too much attention on Liu Weishan. This was also specially requested by Liu Weishan.

After all, Liu Weishan was famous in the auction of jewelry and jade. His popularity was booming. He didn’t want others to disturb his peace and quiet. Originally, he didn’t intend to participate in the full auction. But, since he was bringing Yang Ming and Xiao Qing this time, the participation in the auction was to give the two children some experience.

The night passed without incident. Early the next morning, Lin Tianfeng waited at the door of the hotel. Liu Weishan, Yang Ming and the rest of them entered the auction hall through an internal dedicated passage led by Lin Tianfeng. They came to the 7th VIP room.

The VIP rooms were located at the front of the auction hall. Each compartment was separated by a partition. Only the front was open and covered with curtains. Hence, they need not worry about other people disturbing them.

Not long after, other people who participated in the auction also entered the auction hall one after another. At 8 a.m. in the morning, the largest auction in Hong Kong this year was initiated. There was no opening speech and no appreciation speech. The auctioneer briefly introduced the rules of the auction and announced the start of the auction.

Then, the auctioneer used the projector to display the first item of the auction, a jade carved in the shape of a Hong Kong map.

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese culture, a married couple tended to address both sides of parents as just parents, for example, dad and mom. 

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