So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Huizhong Auction House

"Feng Dao, are you sure that he was the person who ruined our business last time?" A black shirt man asked the person next to him.

"Yes, I remember clearly. Last time, if my knife didn’t have a certain collectible value, and if I hadn’t lied that it was a collectible for my friend, I don’t think I could have escaped!" A man whose name was Feng Dao said.

"But how did he know that there was a knife in your luggage?" The black shirt man asked, puzzled.

"This was the most incredible and most dangerous thing. I suspect that our affairs had been known to him! Otherwise, I had never opened the baggage when I entered the airport and passed the security check. How could he possibly know? Even the x-ray didn’t reveal it. Could he have x-ray vision?" Feng Dao frowned and said.

"Do you want to inform the boss? Last time your mission wasn’t completed, and the boss was angry. Now that you found the culprit, you can alleviate a little responsibility!" The black shirt man suggested.

"We have been here for so long, and we finally found the target. If I just tell the boss, it would seem that it wasn’t proportional to our contribution! What I mean is to grab this kid, send him to the boss, and then I’ll let the boss decide!" Feng Dao said.

"But the boss asked us to take a break for a while and not make any trouble. Have you forgotten about it…” The black shirt man shook his head.

"What? Are you afraid?" Feng Dao screamed.

"Afraid? I’m not afraid, my buddy. I just don't want to violate the boss's orders!" The black shirt man said with disdain.

"That’s the deal then! Boss asked us to take a break in Song Jiang City, but the kid is going to Hong Kong. So, if we go to Hong Kong, why should we be afraid of being targeted by the police?" Feng Dao continued, "If we seize him there, who would know?"

"That's right! Good, I will accompany you for your redemption!" The black shirt man nodded.

"Hei Shu, you’re my brother!" Feng Dao smiled and patted the shoulder of the black shirt man called Hei Shu.

The plane landed smoothly at the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok on Lantau Island. Since Hong Kong had returned to China, many airports in China have opened up direct flights to Hong Kong. It was now more convenient to go to Hong Kong than before.

The airport was built in 1997. It was one of the most advanced and largest airports in the world. It was also one of the busiest airports in the world. It ranks fifth in the world in terms of international passenger traffic, and it was even the best of the world in terms of international cargo volume.

Its size was more than double that of Song Jiang Airport. Yang Ming couldn't help but be shocked by this magnificent vibe!

Liu Weishan called the staff of the auction team responsible for pick up at the airport and he learned that they were in the fourth parking lot. A reception staff was sent to the exit.

Following the flow of people to the exit, Yang Ming saw a few men holding the sign "Professor Liu Weishan" not far away.

"Godfather, they are there!" Yang Ming pointed at those people.

"Oh?" Liu Weishan looked in the direction Yang Ming pointed to. He vaguely saw his name.

"Your eyes are great!" Xiao Qing said with a smile.

"Yeah!" Yang Ming sweated. If my eyes can’t see it, I don’t think you can see it with a telescope!

The staff responsible for picking up the passengers apparently had already seen Liu Weishan’s photo in advance. They immediately greeted him enthusiastically when they saw Liu Weishan and his party coming over.

"Hello, are you Professor Liu?" A middle-aged man with glasses greeted him with standard Mandarin.

“Hello!” Liu Weishan nodded, “You are?”

"I’m from the Hong Kong Huizhong Auction House. Mr. Zhong instructed me to take you to the hotel. I will be responsible for the travel and the hospitality of your group in Hong Kong during this time." The middle-aged man with glasses said, "My name is Lin, Lin Tianfeng. You can call me Assistant Lin or Xiao Lin."

"Well, I will call you Xiao Lin. That’s more friendly." Liu Weishan nodded. "Sorry to trouble you."

This middle-aged person wearing glasses probably seemed old, but Liu Weishan was still older than him. Moreover, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call him "Xiao Lin" due to the status of Liu Weishan's academic and collection.

"Not a trouble at all, Professor Liu. You can give them the luggage!" As Lin Tianfeng said this, he told a few people behind him, "You fellows, help Professor Liu and his family with the luggage."

"Okay, Mr. Lin." The few men replied. These people were Lin Tianfeng's men so naturally, it was impossible for them to call him ‘Xiao Lin’. However, Hong Kong people didn’t like to call people by their position. In order to show respect for others, they used the titles: mister and misses.

For example, many company CEOs have asked their secretaries and men to call themselves mister, and not president. In fact, this was their habit.

In the parking lot, Yang Ming finally saw what a top luxury car was! In Hong Kong, the number of luxury cars was simply countless. The car brought by Lin Tianfeng was the most luxurious of all!

Actually, it was a stretch limousine version of the Audi Q7! [1] It was the first time Yang Ming was seeing an extended version of this car. In Song Jiang, Yang Ming mostly saw fake Lincoln stretch limousines, and this Q7 was a genuine imported modified car.

What surprised Yang Ming was that this Stretched Limousine Q7’s door was actually a jet door! The interior was luxuriously decorated with gorgeous purple disco ballroom lighting that adorned the floor and ceiling. The extended seats were decorated with an ingenious design inspired by American crocodiles and snakes. The edge of the seat was designed after the curved lines of the snake and the back of the chair which mimicked the protrusions on the back of the crocodile seemed to have a massage function.

“Is this car customized?” Yang Ming asked curiously.

"It was customized by Mr. Zhong in the United States. At the present time, there is only one in Hong Kong." Lin Tianfeng smiled.

Yang Ming nodded. It seemed that Mr. Zhong must be rich, but this kind of car is really comfortable to ride in. Yang Ming secretly vowed to give his parents a car like this. They have worked hard for their entire life, but they haven’t enjoyed it. When he became rich, Yang Ming felt that he should let his parents enjoy luxury for once.

"Is this car expensive?" Yang Ming asked casually.

"Oh, I heard that it cost about five hundred thousand dollars." Lin Tianfeng said, "Why, Mr. Yang is also interested?"

"Just call me Yang Ming." Yang Ming waved his hand and said with a smile, "I’m just simply asking. How would I afford it?"

Lin Tianfeng didn’t know that the money from the sculptures auctioned by Liu Weishan belonged to Yang Ming. When he heard Yang Ming say so, he didn’t say anything.

The car was parked at the door of a four-star hotel under the Hong Kong Huizhong Auction House. During the auction, all the people who came here were participating in the auction and it wasn’t open for business.

However, the reception manager here clearly knew Lin Tianfeng. He immediately greeted him, "Mr. Lin, come over!"

"This is Mr. Zhong's guest, Professor Liu Weishan. This is his wife, Ms. Chu. These two are Professor Liu’s godson and goddaughter." Lin Tianfeng introduced them to the reception manager.

“Greetings, Professor Liu. We welcome your stay with your family at our Huizhong Hotel.” The reception manager knew that they were Mr. Zhong’s guests and quickly asked.

Before this, Yang Ming had learned that Mr. Zhong was the boss of Huizhong Auction House and a good friend of Liu Weishan. From the attitude of the reception manager to Lin Tianfeng, this Lin Tianfeng was obviously close staff around Mr. Zhong, probably the right-hand man.

Liu Weishan nodded, "Can you prepare three rooms for us?" Liu Weishan originally wanted two rooms. But considering that Yang Ming and Xiao Qing weren’t brother and sister, after all, they would inevitably feel awkward, so he booked three rooms.

"Of course, there’s no problem!" The reception manager smiled and nodded. Even if Mr. Zhong’s guest wanted ten rooms, he had to prepare them! “Which floor does Professor Liu like to stay on? Lively place or quiet place?”

"It was better to be quiet." Liu Weishan was old, and he didn’t like lively places.

“Is the top floor suitable for you? The quietest place is there, and there was a great view at night.” The reception manager suggested.

"Okay. Then sorry to trouble you." Liu Weishan nodded. There was an elevator here, so the height of the floor wasn’t a problem.

The top floor was the most expensive room here. But Liu Weishan wasn’t the same as others. The person who Lin Tianfeng personally picked up was definitely a good friend of Mr. Zhong, so the reception manager didn’t dare to neglect him. The property of this hotel belonged to Mr. Zhong anyway!

"Well, then 2808, 2810, 2812 - three rooms!" The reception manager said, "I am going to get your room cards." As the reception manager said this, he personally went to the bar to get three room cards and brought them over.

Lin Tianfeng took the room cards and nodded to the reception manager, "You can deal with your own matters. I can go with Professor Liu!"

The elevator came to the 28th floor. Lin Tianfeng personally settled each person's luggage before leaving. When he left, he said, "It’s already noon now. It should have been time for lunch, but since everyone took their meals on the plane, you guys should take a break. I will arrange dinner in the evening and Mr. Zhong will come over too."

Chapter Notes:

[1] Audi Q7 stretch limousine 

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