So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Heading To Hong Kong

"Xia Xue, Yang Ming, what are you doing?" Chen Fei was shocked when he saw such an awkward scene. When did the two of them get together? Could it be that Xia Xue is the culprit that caused Chen Mengyan to be unhappy?

Chen Fei, who was usually very calm, short-circuited when his precious daughter was involved. He saw Yang Ming and Xia Xue hugging each other and kneeling on the ground, with the woman on top and man at the bottom position. Chen Fei was speechless!

Chen Fei’s voice startled Xia Xue. She jumped up from Yang Ming and saw Chen Fei behind her. She said shyly, “Captain Chen… I...”

Chen Fei looked at Xia Xue’s blush and messy clothes. He couldn’t help but sigh. Could it be that they really have an inexplicable relationship? Is Xia Xue the rumored third wheel?

"Ahem!" Chen Fei coughed, "This is an office space. Both of you, please be considerate of your image!"

Hey?” Yang Ming and Xia Xue were both stunned at the same time, and immediately said, “We have nothing to do with each other. You misunderstood!”

Chen Fei listened to the explanations by both of them and nodded with doubt. It seemed that the both of them didn't have a relationship with one another. Xia Xue was under his supervision. So, he would know whether she had a boyfriend or not. Hence, it should be a misunderstanding. However, it was indeed a problem for both of them to behave in public in such a manner!

"Xia Xue, are you using violence again?" Chen Fei thought about it. It was very likely that Xia Xue hated Yang Ming and ambushed him. As a result, both of them were entangled and accidentally fell to the floor.

"Ah? I..." Xia Xue realized her behavior was deduced by the captain. She said embarrassingly, "Captain Chen, I was just joking with him."

"Well, Xia Xue. It’s already noon. You should go ahead to eat first. I will personally bring him there." Chen Fei knew Xia Xue's character, so he didn’t pursue it. He waved his hand at her and signaled her to leave.

"Yes, Captain Chen." Xia Xue quickly replied. When she left, she didn’t forget to glare at Yang Ming.

Yang Ming wasn't bothered by it as he put on a smile and said, "Sister Xia Xue, see you again."

"Yang Ming, what happened just now?" After Xia Xue left, Chen Fei asked with a stern look on his face.

"In fact, it was nothing. Xia Xue seems to view me as an eyesore. She kicked me from behind when I got out, so I grabbed her leg. I didn’t expect her to throw herself at me. As a result, she pushed me down to the floor!" Yang Ming didn’t hide anything. After all, this happened in the police station. The two policemen who passed by had already seen it. Chen Fei could also know the truth of the matter if he went to investigate.

"Oh, I see." Chen Fei nodded after listening, "She didn't have a good temper, but she’s a good person."

"Hehe, I know." Yang Ming smiled and said nothing.

After understanding the truth of the matter, Chen Fei no longer asked. He wasn’t a gossiper. He was only interested in the things related to his daughter.

Yang Ming found it strange. How come Chen Fei just held him on the spot and asked about matters with his girlfriend non-stop? In the case of Xia Xue, he just brushed it aside with a few questions. It was really mysterious.

With Chen Fei leading the way, Yang Ming quickly completed the visa procedures for the Hong Kong and Macau Pass. Chen Fei told Yang Ming that he would call him when the documents were prepared.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of traveling to Hong Kong. In the early morning, Yang Ming took his luggage and rushed to Liu Weishan’s building. Liu Weishan had already been waiting here quite early.

Liu Weishan drove an Audi A6, which was a car provided by the university. A professor like him didn’t need to buy a car for himself. Liu Weishan was now the image of Song Jiang Industry University, and the hospitality toward him was different from ordinary lecturers.

Song Jiang didn’t have an international airport. There was no direct flight to Hong Kong. Therefore, the traveler must board the plane in Donghai City. Fortunately, it wasn’t too far between Song Jiang and Donghai. It was a less than an hour's drive.

The Audi A6 was relatively spacious. Liu Weishan sat in front. Yang Ming, Xiao Qing, and Chu Huifang sat behind. The three of them weren’t chubby, so it didn’t feel crowded.

Since Yang Ming was the last person to board the car, he would either sit beside Xiao Qing or Chu Huifang. But, Xiao Qing didn’t want to let her godmother sit in the middle. The middle seat didn’t have comfortable legroom, so Xiao Qing took the initiative to sit in the middle.

Although Yang Ming and Xiao Qing were now godbrother and godsister, they weren’t blood-related. Yang Ming was a teenager. With the presence of Xiao Qing, a mature woman who exuded elegance, he couldn't help but have a racing heart.

Xiao Qing also noticed that Yang Ming was inappropriate and coughed discreetly. Yang Ming took a deep breath at once. He was a little embarrassed. If Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang noticed his thoughts at the moment, it would be shameful!

Thinking of this, Yang Ming turned his attention to an auction album in his hand.

A jade in the shape of a piece of a Hong Kong map carved by Liu Weishan was regarded as the first item of the auction. Other pieces of jade and ink slabs were interspersed among them.

Most of the contents in the album were collectible paintings, antiques, and pieces of jewelry. There were also some natural rock formations. Yang Ming wasn’t particularly interested in these things. At this moment, in order to avoid the embarrassment with Xiao Qing, he concentrated on the album.

At the end of the album, there were a few mysterious auction items, which meant that the people who participated in the auction didn’t know in advance what these mysterious auction items would be. They would only get to know it when they arrived at the scene.

However, this had further enhanced the popularity of the auction. Many of the rich merchants liked to join in the fun. In fact, everyone who knew that among these mysterious objects, it would be rare if those items had actual value.

Most of them were private items donated by celebrities. Then, they would donate what they earned from the auctions to a few foundations to earn a gimmick. But even then, some rich people still liked to spend a lot of money to earn their smile.

Therefore, this mysterious auction had become a time for some rich people to pursue celebrities.

Of course, there would be some valuable treasures in the mysterious auction house, but that was rare. It would be something that could only be met by chance. Whoever managed to get his hands on such an item would be his fortune.

According to Liu Weishan, the “Four Galloping Horses” was being auctioned as a mysterious auction item in the mysterious auction.

"Why, did anything catch your attention? Are you ready to bring an auction item back home?" Xiao Qing noticed Yang Ming looking at it with gusto. She couldn't help but ask.

"Sister Xiao Qing, please don't ridicule me. The items inside are worth hundreds of millions. How can I afford it?" Yang Ming pointed at the starting price of the auction.

"Oh, Yang Ming, why are you still crying out loud as though you are poor? Most probably after the auction ends, you will become a multi-millionaire." Xiao Qing was Liu Weishan's goddaughter, so she knew about Yang Ming's jade.

"If you have money, do you spend it indiscreetly!" Yang Ming shook his head with a smile. "It’s important to learn how to multiply our money. You can't stay idle and just use up all of it!"

"Big Ming is right!" Liu Weishan suddenly interrupted, "Big Ming, after your godmother and I grow old, we’ll need to depend on you!"

"No problem! I will buy you a villa and hire a nanny!" Yang Ming said without thinking.

"That's not necessary. You and Qingqing [1] should often come to see us. I will be content with you!" Chu Huifang said with a smile, "For Big Ming when you grow up later, you must help us to protect Qingqing!"

"Mom, I’m not a child. How can I let him protect me? It should be me protecting him!" Xiao Qing shook her head and smiled.

"Oh, actually, your father and I are worried about you the most. You are a girl, living alone in society. Your dad and I are afraid that you will be bullied! Right now it’s good. We have Big Ming looking after you. We are relieved!" Chu Huifang sighed and said, "Mom knows that there’s always a knot in your heart, but..."

"Mom, why are you suddenly talking like you’re going to die? Don't jinx it!" Xiao Qing quickly stopped Chu Huifang from saying anything more. In fact, she heard Chu Huifang talk about the things she didn't want to mention. So, she quickly stopped her.

Chu Huifang immediately understood her intention as she smiled and took Xiao Qing’s hand. “Your father and I are both intellectuals. We don’t mind it. It’s a process of life to go through death. what else can’t be said?”

“Alright, let’s not talk about that, godmother. You are only fifty years old and your body is tough!" Yang Ming smoothed things over. Although he wondered what Chu Huifang wanted to say, Xiao Qing didn't want to let her say it. Definitely, she didn’t want to let him know. So, Yang Ming didn’t intend to annoy her.

The three of them spent some time in idle chatter. Soon enough, their car arrived at the Donghai International Airport. The ticket was an electronic ticket booked directly on the internet. So, after the four of them presented their identification cards, they directly went through the procedures.

After completing the procedures, Yang Ming and the rest came to the waiting hall and waited to board. Yang Ming didn’t anticipate that when he appeared at the airport, he was targeted!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Qingqing is a shortened name of Xiao Qing. It’s common for Chinese to shorten name by calling the last word of first name twice, which often appear to be closer and more intimate.

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