So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 249

Chapter 249: There’s Indeed No True Love in this World

Xiao Qing lived in a single apartment in the school. A university was usually rich. The single teacher would be provided a free apartment. Xiao Qing lived there.

Yang Ming and Xiao Qing left Liu Weishan's home. Xiao Qing headed back to her apartment. Yang Ming went back to the dormitory of the school.

"Yang Ming, come over and see my parents often." Xiao Qing had no parents since she was a child, so it wasn’t wrong to call Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang as parents directly. But Yang Ming was different. In order for them to be separate from his parents, he could only call them godfather and godmother. Even so, Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang were happy about that.

On the way home, Yang Ming called his parents and told them that Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang had acknowledged him as their godson. His parents agreed with it when they heard that Liu Weishan was also a professor at Song Jiang Industry University. After all, they were a blue-collar family. It was a good thing for their son to be recognized by other intellectuals.

Yang Ming was relieved to hear that his parents had no resistance and resentment about this matter. In fact, Yang Dahai and Mother Yang were open-minded. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. They also reminded Yang Ming to not mess around in university because he was the godson of Professor Liu.

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. Mess around? Was I such a person? As long as no one troubled me, I’m satisfied!

Back in the dormitory, Yang Ming noticed that Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua weren’t there. He cursed. These two lustful men. Zhang Bing must be playing around with Zhao Sisi at a hotel. As for Tian Donghua, it seemed that he went to find a prostitute. I don't know if it was true or not.

After Lan Ling was gone, Chen Mengyan and he were in the middle of a cold war. Yang Ming was left alone. In desperation, he turned on the computer and surfed the internet.

Yang Ming opened QQ and wanted to see if anyone had left a message for him recently. This time, because of Chen Mengyan’s affairs, Yang Ming didn’t log in to QQ much. Lan Ling's avatar was still gray, without any flashing. It seemed that there might be no communication tools around her, or else she would have contacted him.

As for Chen Mengyan's avatar, it was also gray. Yang Ming clicked on her profile. At this time, the QQ server automatically updated her information. Her original “Xiao Yan" nickname was changed to “There's Indeed No True Love in this World." Yang Ming was astounded, My god, this name was so similar to mine. Was this the legendary couple name that people have mentioned?

However, Yang Ming had just fantasized. He wouldn't be stupid to think that way. It seemed that Chen Mengyan changed her name because of him. Yang Ming didn’t dare to talk to her casually, so he had to close the QQ.

As the saying goes, a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity. Yang Ming was overthinking it. In fact, Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming’s name was “There’s No True Love in This World,” so she changed her nickname to “There's Indeed No True Love in This World.” On one hand, Chen Mengyan was really annoyed by Yang Ming's decision. Even if you got a voodoo from Lan Ling, shouldn’t you tell me the truth? Our relationship started earlier than hers. When I was in high school, I was intimate with him at the cinema, so I should be his No.1 girlfriend. In the novel, I’m the female lead. Why were you hiding it from me for such a long time?

About Lin Zhiyun’s matter, since it happened in high school, then you should have also told me truthfully. Was I, Chen Mengyan, a person who haggled over every ounce? Since you were framed, I wouldn’t blame you too much, but you had been lying to me for so long. Where did you put me in your heart? Chen Mengyan thought resentfully.

During this period of time, Chen Mengyan also found a lot of information about voodoo through the Internet. Especially after reading Wesley's novel [1] about voodoo, she had a certain understanding in this area. If it was just as Yang Ming said. It would be a tough situation! Although Chen Mengyan wasn’t a conservative person, she still had a traditional mindset. When she made up her mind to be with Yang Ming, she decided to stay with him for the rest of her life. She never thought that they would break up later. She was the kind of person who wouldn’t change once she decided. But now, the situation had changed a little. Even if she chose Yang Ming, she wouldn’t allow him to practice polygamy! Now it was a new era and a new society. Chen Mengyan couldn’t accept this situation of Yang Ming for a period of time.

But, not accepting it didn’t mean that the facts would change. As Yang Ming said, if he left Lan Ling, the voodoo would kill him. Even if Chen Mengyan was jealous, she would definitely not take that risk for her loved one! When the person was dead, what was she fighting for?

So now Chen Mengyan was conflicted. This was a deadlock, and she couldn't figure it out. She really couldn't give up on Yang Ming. This was the only man she chose to love in her life. She didn't want to give up. But if she didn’t want to give up, was it necessary to accept the absurd fact that he had another woman?

Facing this player, Chen Mengyan really couldn’t make a decision. So, she couldn’t help but delay it. However, Chen Mengyan was also a little scared. Although she hadn’t decided to accept Yang Ming, she was afraid that if she had not responded to Yang Ming for such a long time, this guy would wrong her again. So, Chen Mengyan played a trick. She changed her qq nickname to "There's Indeed No True Love in this World" similar to Yang Ming’s, in order to imply to Yang Ming that her heart still had him in it.

Therefore, a simple matter was complicated by Yang Ming again. He didn’t manage to see through Chen Mengyan’s thoughts.

“Is diving [2] fun?” Wild Female Teacher suddenly sent a message. Yang Ming opened it and couldn’t help but be startled.

"How did you know that I was in incognito mode?" Surprised, Yang Ming replied to Wild Female Teacher.

"I used a plug-in that shows IP and incognito status, so I noticed you are online!" said Wild Female Teacher.

"Oh, that’s the case." Yang Ming didn’t feel surprised. Now there was a lot of third-party software like this.

"Right, last time you mentioned that you’re having some conflict with your girlfriend. What is going on? Is it okay now?" asked Wild Female Teacher.

"Not yet, things got complicated." Yang Ming sent a depressed emoji ☹ over.

"Right, I told you last time. I’m going to get together with him soon." Wild Female Teacher said.

"Congratulations to you!" Yang Ming sent a flower . They were considered good internet buddies. Although Yang Ming was in a bad mood, he didn’t want to affect the mood of others.

"Hehe." Wild Female Teacher smiled and sent a sly smile 😏.

"Want to join me for Landlords? I’m becoming a student in a few days. I don’t think there will be much more time for online games," said Wild Female Teacher.

"Become a student? Then aren’t you going to change your name to Wild Female Student?" Yang Ming didn’t ask the reason.

"I had this idea. Come to the Northeast Netcom xx server xx room xx table. I’ll be waiting for you there." Wild Female Teacher said.

Yang Ming logged into the QQ game. He found the room that the Wild Female Teacher mentioned. Then, he joined her to play Landlords.

I'm a Superstar was busy with something lately. She didn’t contact Yang Ming for a long time. However, the friendship between the two people was a dull friendship. When they encountered each other, they confided in each other. When they didn’t, they wouldn’t miss each other. This would be the friendship in a virtual world.

The next day, Liu Weishan called. "Big Ming, the invitation letter from Hong Kong has been completed. It’s with me now. It’s a fax document. I will ask a student to bring it to you later. Where are you?"

"I am in the dormitory now, Male Dorm C Block. Let him call me when he reaches here." Yang Ming said.

"Okay. Take this invitation letter to the city police station and go to the police officer with the surname Chen. He was my student. I have already told him. He will help you to settle it quickly. If not, you won’t know what documents to prepare as well.” Liu Weishan said, “Remember the phone number of his office. It’s 8xxx0110. Just tell him you’re my godson.”

"Okay, godfather. I know." Yang Ming found a piece of paper and wrote down the phone number.

Not long after, a student called Yang Ming and said that Professor Liu had sent him over with some documents. Then, Yang Ming went downstairs. At the entrance of the dormitory building, he saw a male student with glasses holding a portfolio. Yang Ming met him before. It was on the first day of school! It seemed that the person that Liu Weishan mentioned was him?

"Zhang Weihan!" Yang Ming walked over and said hello to him.

"Excuse me, you are?" Zhang Weihan apparently had forgotten about Yang Ming. Every day, he gave out at least eight business cards. Naturally, he wouldn’t remember Yang Ming.

Chapter Notes:

[1] “Bewitched” is a novel in the Wesley series written by Ni Kuang.

[2] In Chinese culture, diving is widely used as an informal word to represent people who stay inactive in an online chat room.

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