So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Godparents

Yang Ming thought about it. Anyway, it seemed I’m quite free, and it was a great opportunity to expand my horizons. But, it might be inconvenient for Liu Weishan. So, he said, “If I went, won’t I disturb you? Also, there aren't any holidays for our university."

"Oh, it's nothing, I will take Aunt Chu to go together. Qingqing will be coming as well if she isn't busy. As for your university, Qingqing also told me that you didn't seem to be diligent and eager for lectures." Liu Weishan laughed.

Ah? Yang Ming didn't think that Liu Weishan had already known him in detail. He couldn't help but break into a cold sweat. "Hehe, Elder Liu should make the decision."

"Alright. On the Hong Kong side, I will ask them to send invitations over. Otherwise, Song Jiang isn’t a provincial capital and it would be a bit troublesome to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao pass." Liu Weishan nodded and said.

In the evening, Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing. At this moment, the misunderstandings between the two people had been cleared. Xiao Qing always cared about Yang Ming as a big sister.

"Yang Ming, Xie Yongqiang told me about you!" Xiao Qing smiled and looked at Yang Ming, "I heard that you both have made some arrangement?"

Yang Ming smiled embarrassingly. He thought deep in his heart, This Xie Yongqiang was really a mouthful. Was he trying to please Xiao Qing?

"Sister Qing, you also know it. I’m not the kind of student who studied obediently. Also, I have a lot of messy affairs to deal with usually," said Yang Ming as he scratched his head.

"What are the messy affairs to deal with? From what I see, you are dating your little girlfriend." Xiao Qing joked, "Right, how come I haven’t seen your little girlfriend for quite some time? Yang Ming, since my parents are preparing dinner, tell me about it. What happened to you and Lan Ling? Are you a lolicon? She seems to be underage."

When it comes to Lan Ling, Yang Ming couldn't help but be gloomy. He said in a sorrowful tone, "There was some family affair she needed to deal with, so she went back to her hometown already." Naturally, Yang Ming wouldn't talk too much with Xiao Qing. After all, voodoo wasn’t something that could be comprehended by many people.

"Is it that the relationship between you and her was exposed, so her family locked her up?" Xiao Qing didn't notice Yang Ming's expression, so she made a joke.

"Please, Sister Qing, she just looks a little younger. She is already eighteen years old!" Yang Ming shook his head and smiled bitterly, "She really had some matters to deal with, so she had to leave for a while. I don't know when she can come back."

“Is it?” Xiao Qing realized that Yang Ming’s tone was a bit low at the moment, so she comforted him, “It’s alright. I can see that Lan Ling likes you very much, and she will definitely come back.”

Yang Ming nodded. He didn’t believe that Lan Ling would leave him behind.

"Oh ya, can you tell me what happened to Chen Mengyan?" Xiao Qing saw Yang Ming's mood wasn’t in good spirits, so she took the initiative to change the topic. "I remember, wasn't she your girlfriend? How come it is Lan Ling? Yang Ming, are you having an affair?"

Chen Mengyan? You just had to mention that! Girlfriend? Yang Ming ridiculed himself. His relationship with Chen Mengyan couldn’t be deemed as ordinary friends even. For so many days, Chen Mengyan hadn’t dropped him any texts. Yang Ming tried to look for Chen Mengyan several times, but he was afraid to overreach his boundary. At this moment, he had to respond to Xiao Qing’s question, and he answered, "We are just high school friends."

"Oh, I see." Xiao Qing nodded. "I see your relationship with her at times was quite ambiguous. I thought she was your girlfriend."

Yang Ming smiled a bit and didn't explain it deliberately. He didn't want to talk about his own relationship problems, because the problems in this aspect were simply too messy. "Oh ya, Sister Qing, why didn't you help Elder Liu and Aunt Chu to cook?"

Xiao Qing shook her head and said with a smile, "I want to help, but my godmother usually has nothing to do. Every weekend is her happiest day. It’s a pleasure for a woman to go into the kitchen. My godmother really enjoyed this kind of leisure. Once, I went to help, but I was pushed out of the kitchen instead. My godfather tends to accompany my godmother, and occasionally give her a hand. Isn’t it superfluous if I go in and help?"

"Oh, it seems like so!" Yang Ming said with a sigh, "I wanted to help just now. It seems that it isn’t needed!"

It didn't take long for Aunt Chu to prepare the meal. Yang Ming and Xiao Qing went to help them to serve the dishes. The family sat together in harmony as they enjoyed their dinner.

"Yang Ming, you should eat more. Qingqing, you too." During the dinner, Aunt Chu kept serving Yang Ming and Xiao Qing. She seemed to be happy as she saw Yang Ming and them enjoying the dishes she prepared.

"Elder Liu, you said that if our son and daughter-in-law were still there, at this moment, would they come back to eat every weekend like Yang Ming and Qingqing?" Aunt Chu sighed slightly as she was touched by the scene.

"My wife, don't think so much." Liu Weishan also sighed, "Or, you should accept Yang Ming as a godson."

"I think so too. But, Yang Ming and Qing Qing are different. Qing Qing is an orphan, and she can make the decision. But, Yang Ming also has parents. How can we take away the lovely son of others!" Aunt Chu shook her head.

Yang Ming looked at Aunt Chu with a somewhat lost expression. He couldn’t help but be moved by her words. Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang treated him kindly with unconditional love while Yang Ming had nothing to reciprocate with. Particularly, Yang Ming was even more grateful when he saw Liu Weishan unselfishly taking out his sculptures for auction!

It wasn’t a big deal to be recognized as their godson. I believe that once my parents knew what happened, they would agree! With that thought in mind, Yang Ming couldn’t help but say with excitement, "Aunt Chu, if you and Elder Liu are fine with it, then I will be your godson!"

"Alright, Alright. Great!" Aunt Chu heard Yang Ming's response and immediately said happily, "How can I dislike it? I am too happy to accept it! Yang Ming, can you call me your godmother?"

"Godmother..." Yang Ming replied without thinking. Aunt Chu and Elder Liu were caring to him. Yang Ming knew it very well, so he wasn’t reluctant to address her as "godmother." "Godmother, you should call me Big Ming in the future. My parents tend to call me that."

"Alright, we will call you Big Ming!" Chu Huifang heard that she and Yang Ming's biological parents were treated similarly, she smiled with her mouth wide open, "Big Ming, this is the red envelope that godmother wanted to give you!" Chu Huifang took out a big red envelope from her pocket and handed it to Yang Ming.

"This..." Yang Ming was stunned. How come the red envelope was ready? Yang Ming wasn’t dumb. He hesitated a little bit and he figured out the key details in such a flow of events. It must be that Chu Huifang and Liu Weishan had planned it before, otherwise, how could they come up with a red envelope so readily? It seems they were coordinating with each other for such an act!

Yang Ming raised his head and looked at Liu Weishan. He noticed that Liu Weishan seemed to look awkward. He didn’t expect his wife to even prepare the red envelope. His face was red as he said awkwardly, “Big Ming, it’s indeed that both your godmother and I have discussed it for quite some time. But, it was indeed our true feelings just now!"

However, Yang Ming didn’t feel that he was framed. It was apparent that Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang treated him kindly. So, Yang Ming stood up and took the red envelope in Chu Huifang’s hand and smiled, "Thank you, godmother!"

Chu Huifang was just overwhelmed with joy. Indeed, she had already prepared the red envelope beforehand. She just wanted to find a chance to give it to Yang Ming after the meal, but she was just too excited as she took it out. After she took it out, she also regretted it. If she did this, wouldn’t she draw out Yang Ming’s resistance? Now that Yang Ming accepted it, she let out a sigh of relief. "There is no need for thanks. I’m your godmother already. You should take the red envelope!"

As he accepted the red envelope, Yang Ming slightly weighed it in his hand. It was actually quite heavy. It was almost ten thousand yuan. However, Yang Ming still put it in his pocket. Chu Huifang was looking at it. If he hesitated, she might overthink it. Yang Ming was aware of his godmother's current thoughts. Her own son had disappeared. This pain would be unforgettable. Now, she recognized Yang Ming as a godson. She might not be able to risk any more mistakes.

"Alright, let's eat." Xiao Qing noticed the awkward situation, and she quickly smoothed it over.

"Oh, Qingqing, you are now Big Ming's sister. You have to take care of your brother in the future!" Chu Huifang laughed.

"Godmother, Sister Qing has been taking good care of me since before." Yang Ming said quickly, "The dishes are cold. Let's eat first!"

During the meal, Yang Ming was a little embarrassed. Liu Weishan and Chu Huifang both looked at him with a smile, but Yang Ming could understand their mood at the moment. So, he also ate without reserve. If he ate too politely, they might feel unhappy about it.

Of course, Yang Ming’s easy-going attitude made Chu Huifang delighted, “Do you have enough? Do you want to have another bowl?”

"I still want to eat, but I need to take care of myself!" Yang Ming patted his belly. "I’m just so full I can’t move anymore!"

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