So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Unexpected Disaster

Lin Zhiyun did not know that Yang Ming had put a large stack of money into her bag. It was because she used this bag during her high school. She did not use the bag after she started studying in university so she just left it at home.

When she went for tutoring, she carried the bag because she had to give the kid a few reference books that she used before. After returning home, Lin Zhiyun did not open it, because she knew that there was nothing important in it. It was only some notebooks, so she hung the bag on the hanger.

The next day, Yang Ming called Sun Jie to return the car to her. Sun Jie was working in the company, so she told Yang Ming where her company was located and let Yang Ming drive it there.

Yang Ming had nothing to do. Since he was going go Fang Tian’s place for training, he returned the car on his way there. When he came to the parking lot of Sun Jie’s company, Yang Ming stopped the car and entered the building.

He got in the elevator and went to the floor where Sun Jie’s company was located. When he entered through the door, he was stopped by the front desk lady. "Who are you looking for?"

"I am looking for Sun Jie. Where is she?" Yang Ming asked.

"Oh, you’re looking for Manager Sun! Do you have an appointment?" The front desk lady asked politely.

"Appointment? Is there a need for that?" Yang Ming did not expect Sun Jie to be a manager. It seemed that Yang Ming had underestimated her. However, it was normal if he thought about it. Sun Jie was the daughter of a rich family, so It was normal for her to manage some family businesses.

"Yes, sir. If you want to see the general manager, you need to make an appointment." The front desk lady explained.

"So that’s how it goes. I will call and ask." Yang Ming decided to call Sun Jie.

"Okay." The front desk lady smiled and nodded.

Yang Ming dialed Sun Jie’s phone, but he was cut off by Sun Jie. When Yang Ming heard that he could not reach the person temporarily, he frowned involuntarily.

Fortunately, it was not long before Sun Jie returned a call to Yang Ming, "What? I am in a meeting!"

"I have already arrived at your company. I am here at the front desk." Yang Ming said.

"Well, give your phone to the front desk lady. Let me talk to her. Then you can leave the car key with her." Sun Jie said.

"Wait, oh yeah, yesterday I scraped off the paint in the front of your car. Is it okay?" Yang Ming asked.

"Can you fix it if I said it was not okay?" Sun Jie said grumpily.

"No." Yang Ming replied swiftly.

"Then you still ask so much nonsense!" said Sun Jie.

"Heh, wait a moment..." Yang Ming passed the phone to the front desk lady. "It’s for you."

"Hello… Manager Sun, en, okay, I know." After the front desk lady finished, she passed back Yang Ming his phone and said, “Manager Sun says that you are going to leave a car key here, right?"

"Yes, here’s the car key." Yang Ming handed the car key to the front desk manager.

As Yang Ming left, Sun Zhiwei came in. They met face to face at the elevator entrance. Yang Ming went into the No. 1 elevator and Sun Zhiwei came out from No. 2. But it was too quick, Sun Zhiwei did not see clearly that the person who went in was Yang Ming. However, Yang Ming had seen him clearly. Sun Zhiwei, what is he doing here?

Yang Ming shook his head and did not bother thinking about him. When he left the company, he found a subway station and went straight to Fang Tian's home.

Sun Zhiwei came to the company of his sister, Sun Jie. The front desk lady naturally recognized that he was Sun Jie’s younger brother, so she smiled and greeted him, “Master Sun, come to see your sister?”

"En, where is my sister?" Sun Zhiwei nodded and asked.

"Manager Sun is in a meeting. Master Sun, if you are in a hurry, you can just call her!" The front desk lady said.

"Good." Sun Zhiwei nodded and dialed his sister.

Sun Jie had just dealt with Yang Ming, and she was about to start the meeting. She did not expect the mobile phone to ring again. Sun Jie frowned, Yang Ming again? What else does he want? However, Sun Jie glanced at the caller's display, and her face suddenly showed a helpless expression. She had to pick up the phone, "Sun Zhiwei, I’m in a meeting. What's the matter?"

"Sister, my Porsche was sent for maintenance. There is no 4S shop [1] in Song Jiang City. So, I had to send it to Donghai. It will take more than half a month. I want to borrow a car from you first!" Sun Zhiwei said.

"Isn't it just half a month? Why do you need to drive? Just taking a taxi will be enough!" said Sun Jie.

"Sister, aren’t there a few cars in your company? Just let me borrow a car. It is too inconvenient to have no car!" Sun Zhiwei had already tasted the benefits of driving. He was not willing to take a taxi! Often times, taking a taxi is very laborious, especially when it was early in the early morning or late at night.

"Well, is a Buick minivan okay?" Sun Jie suddenly thought that Yang Ming had just returned a car. So she asked Sun Zhiwei. If he could drive that, let him have it first then.

"Yes!" Sun Zhiwei was not picky as long as there was a car.

"Well, the key is with the front desk lady. Pass her the phone!" Sun Jie said.

Sun Zhiwei handed the phone to the front desk lady. She uttered a few “okays” then she passed the key to Sun Zhiwei.

"Zhiwei, I have told her," said Sun Jie.

"That's good. Sister, you should get back to your meeting. I am leaving." Sun Zhiwei said.

"Drive slowly!" Sun Jie said. Sun Jie felt a little headache from this troublesome younger brother. According to Sun Jie’s thoughts, this younger brother should suffer some hardships. Otherwise, how could he be assigned an important role in the future? It was not an option for him since he was the only male of the Sun family, and everyone was looking up to him. Sun Jie shook her head helplessly.

Sun Zhiwei got the car key and went straight to the parking lot. When he saw the blue Buick minivan, he nodded with satisfaction and said to himself, "This car is not bad."

After starting the car, Sun Zhiwei rushed to school while humming. It feels so good to drive by myself. Just now when I wanted to go to my sister’s company by taxi, most of the taxis were occupied. It was really troublesome.

Sun Zhiwei turned on the car’s audio system. This Buick car had been modified, so the sound system was particularly outstanding. Sun Zhiwei couldn't help but admire it. It was better than his own Porsche sports car. It seemed like he should modify his car someday!

Suddenly he heard "Ga Jiiiii" from the front. A Jinbei van [2] quickly cut in front of the Buick. Sun Zhiwei had to quickly step on the brakes.

"What the f*ck! Do you know how to drive!" Sun Zhiwei opened the door and jumped out. He shouted at the driver of the Jinbei van, "Do you want to die?"

At this time, the door of the Jinbei van suddenly opened. Four young men jumped out with iron bars. The leader pointed at Sun Zhiwei and said, "Kill him!"

"What are you doing---?" Sun Zhiwei had yet to finish talking when the iron bars hit his body.

Sun Zhiwei could not fight against an iron bar, not to mention four iron bars. He was knocked down with just a few hits. But these people obviously didn't want to stop; they kept beating him.

Only when a stranger passed by and called the police, did the leader say, "Everyone, retreat!"

As he spoke, the other people immediately stopped fighting. Then they went to the Jinbei van and went away. The kind-hearted stranger was going to take note of the license number of the Jinbei van, but he did not expect the license plate to be removed. There was no plate on the car.

"Brother, was that the guy who beat us up yesterday? Why did he look so different?" It was the black trench coat man who was smashed by the trunk of the car yesterday.

"It was so dark last night, who can see it clearly? But the license plate must be this! Besides, I noticed the scratch on the front of the car. It was scratched by us yesterday! I think we did not make a mistake." The jacket man from yesterday spoke.

"That's good, hehe, damn it, we really had good luck. We met him right when we got out. I thought we had to look for a while!" The black trench coat man proudly smiled, "I guess this kid will be lying in bed for half a month!"

"He deserved it! Who told him to be an a** yesterday?" The jacket man nodded.

As for Sun Zhiwei, he was unlucky. He did not know why he was beaten up. I had never seen any of them, let alone have trouble with them! What was that for?

About trouble, was it because I just scolded them? The only reason Sun Zhiwei could think of was this. Otherwise, why would these people beat him up?

After the police sent him to the hospital, Sun Zhiwei did not understand what was going on. For the police transcript, it was obvious that he could not answer anything. In the end, the police could only judge that it was Sun Zhiwei’s insults that caused him to be beaten up.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 4S stands for “Four in One.” It’s an automobile shop that provides vehicle sales (Sale), parts (Sparepart), service (Service), information feedback (Survey).

[2] Jinbei van

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