So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Four Snakes Gang

Yang Ming had enough fun with him. He looked at the person in the black trench coat, and he was irritated. So, he took the chance when the person with black trench coat bent over to find the weapon in the trunk. He slammed the trunk with great strength and crushed the back of the person in the black trench coat. On the other hand, this fellow was sulking, but it was followed by a pig-like squeal. It seemed the damage wasn’t minor.

When the man with the jacket noticed that Yang Ming defeated his comrade at light speed, he was terrified. He pointed at Yang Ming in a jitter, "How can you hurt people? I’m really going to call the police."

"Do as you like." Yang Ming kicked the buttocks of the man with the black trench coat and said, "Call the police? Are you going to do that? Why don't you call? Do you need my help?"

"Let me tell you, we are the ruthless people of Song Jiang City. If I call the police, you will be screwed." The man with the jacket said in fear.

"Alright, stop acting. How are we going to proceed with this?" Yang Ming interrupted his words impatiently, "You won’t dare to call the police for an illegal car, would you?"

Yang Ming noticed that the man with the jacket didn't talk, so he continued, "Let's do it this way. I’m not going to take much money from you. Give me ten thousand yuan."

"What about my car?" The man with the jacket didn't expect Yang Ming to actually take money from him.

"Just take your broken car back and fix it on your own." Yang Ming delivered another flying kick on the "Porsche" shell. Suddenly, there was another big dent, which made the man with the jacket filled with distress.

The man with jacket realized that he finally met a ruthless person today! If the man with the black trench coat wasn’t defeated by Yang Ming, then they still had a chance to fight. But, now facing the mighty Yang Ming, the man with the jacket had no chance of winning! Rather, he wanted to escape.

When Yang Ming noticed him looking around at his surroundings, Yang Ming immediately guessed his thoughts. Yang Ming reached out and grabbed the collar of the man with the jacket. He immediately yelled, "Give me your reply. Are you going to give me money or live through the experience of being crashed just like your car?"

*Cough*... Let me go. I will give you the money!” The man with the jacket thought to himself, A wise man knows when to retreat. It’s my defeat today, but I will remember his license plate number. I swear I will take my revenge!

The man with the jacket was helpless, and he had to fork out five thousand yuan. Then, he took out five thousand yuan from the pocket of the man with the black trench coat. Originally, they planned to go wild with the money, but the money was given out before it was spent. Fortunately, they managed to scam fifty thousand yuan yesterday. As they only lost ten thousand yuan, they still have forty thousand yuan remaining. With that thought in mind, the man with the jacket seemed less gloomy.

Yang Ming didn’t care what that guy thought, so he took the money and went back into his car. He reversed his car and steered to the left. Then, he left the scene.

"What did you say to him? Did we need to pay for damages?" Lin Zhiyun was in the car, and there was no street light at the scene. She couldn’t see the man with the jacket pay Yang Ming from her perspective. Moreover, the sound insulation in the car was great. She couldn’t hear their conversation. So, when Yang Ming got back into the car, Lin Zhiyun immediately asked with concern.

"Nothing, it was just extortion [1]. I taught them a lesson." Yang Ming didn’t say much further. He didn't want to bring the ugliness of society into his campus life. Lin Zhiyun looked like clear water. Yang Ming didn’t want her to be tainted.

"Oh." Lin Zhiyun noticed that Yang Ming was unwilling to say anymore, and she stopped asking questions. Anyway, it was fine since nothing happened. Then, she quickly apologized, "I'm sorry!"

“Sorry?” Yang Ming said, “What do you mean?”

"If you didn't drive me home, you won't be taking this route." Lin Zhiyun explained.

"It's okay! Don't think too much." Yang Ming smiled and said, "What's more, we didn't lose anything."

Lin Zhiyun couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. What kind of person is Yang Ming? Usually, Lin Zhiyun was only in contact with her classmates. In comparison with Yang Ming, they weren’t even on the same level as him.

Considering the way he handled people and situations, in addition to his calmness in the face of danger, Lin Zhiyun couldn’t imagine that Yang Ming was a freshman student like her! Albeit the inexplicable relationship with Yang Ming, the situation at the time wasn’t clear enough, but it was overwhelmed with only pain and fear. But now, the person who raped her was sitting next to her. Yet, Lin Zhiyun had no sense of rejection toward him.

In her subconscious, Lin Zhiyun thought that Yang Ming helped her, and she promised to sell her first night to him. So, it was a fair trade. At this moment, the two of them didn’t owe each other anything! It was precisely for that reason that Lin Zhiyun could be so kind to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming also saw Lin Zhiyun in a daze, but he definitely didn’t guess that Lin Zhiyun thought of him at the moment! Yang Ming thought she was too tired. Yes, a girl, having to go for a tutoring job even at late hours. It was really hard!

Thinking of that, Yang Ming took advantage of Lin Zhiyun’s daze and smuggled the ten thousand yuan that he had just extorted into Lin Zhiyun’s school bag. Yang Ming originally did it out of good intentions, but he didn’t expect his action would completely ruin Lin Zhiyun!

It was still the same intersection that Yang Ming dropped her off last time. Yang Ming still watched Lin Zhiyun walk back to the house before returning to the car and driving home.

After Bao Sanli got the four underlings of Yu Xiangde, including Brother Bear, he was delighted. Immediately, he gave a call to Yu Xiangde with sarcasm and sneers.

Yu Xiangde was worried about the disappearance of his men at this moment. He had Big Bear go to kidnap a person, How could there be no news after that? It was such a simple task. Why did it turn out to be complicated?

At first, Yu Xiangde didn’t take it seriously. He thought Big Bear's phone ran out of battery, and he would contact him after a while. But, he had been waiting for so long that it was already late in the evening, yet there wasn’t any news from Big Bear. Yu Xiangde panicked! Did he come across any trouble?

However, before Yu Xiangde sent his men out to look for him, Bao Sanli made a call, claiming that Big Bear with his underlings had fallen into his hands. With this sarcasm, Yu Xiangde was p*ssed to the point of smashing his phone to the floor.

Yang Ming’s tactic of borrowing a knife to kill a man [2] and presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers [3] might not be clever but was rather brilliant. It was simply killing two birds with one stone. Not only did he successfully direct Yu Xiangde’s hatred toward his uncle to Bao Sanli, but also caused Bao Sanli to owe him a great favor!

If Yang Ming directly disposed of Big Bear and his three underlings or released them back, it would surely redirect Yu Xiangde’s gun to point at him. After all, it was their loss suffered by Yang Ming’s hands! Yang Ming wasn’t afraid, but his uncle's family might not be able to endure it. Although Yang Ming and his uncle's family weren’t in good terms, he still had to look after them! Therefore, Yang Ming simply cut off the aftermath and delivered the four people silently to Bao Sanli.

In order to take care of his own reputation, it was absolutely impossible for Bao Sanli to tell them how Big Bear and three of his underlings were caught. Thus, Yu Xiangde couldn’t grasp whether did Big Bear screwed up during the kidnapping or simply just got caught by Bao Sanli. Hence, the insurmountable irritation kept assaulting him!

In this case, the only person who caught a glance at Yang Ming was the cricket cap man. He was turned into an idiot already, so Yang Ming wasn’t worried that he would be exposed.

Originally, Yu Xiangde’s was cautious with the help he had gotten from Donghai. After all, he also knew the importance of keeping the wolf from the door [4]! Therefore, Yu Xiangde did not allow a large number of people from Donghai City to come over.

But at the moment, he was pissed off! Bao Sanli was overbearing. Yu Xiangde began to ignore the consequences. At this moment, he picked up the phone and contacted the boss, One-eyed Snake of the Donghai Four Snakes Gang.

"Hey, Brother Snake? I am Yu Xiangde." Yu Xiangde tried to make his tone sound normal. However, his face had been somewhat filled with anger.

"Haha, is it Brother De? What’s the matter?" One-eyed Snake asked.

"I have considered it dearly, and I agree with your request! We should cooperate!" Yu Xiangde said simply.

"Oh? Haha, Brother De finally agreed? That’s right! We should cooperate. Both sides benefit!" One-eyed Snake smiled and said, "In this case, I will bring my men over tomorrow, and we can talk about the details!"

"Okay, then I will wait for the Brother Snake to come!" Yu Xiangde said.

The Four Snakes Gang was a second-rate gang in Donghai City. They mainly focused on safeguarding the venues and receiving protection fees. In the city of Donghai, it had been suppressed by the "Red Club," and there was almost no possibility for growth. The boss, One-eyed Snake of Four Snakes Gang couldn’t reconcile to the status quo, and he always thought of expanding the Four Snakes Gang. It was a coincidence with the turmoil in Song Jiang City. One-eyed Snake felt that this was a good opportunity for him, so he contacted Yu Xiangde through his social network.

Although Yu Xiangde also wanted to utilize an outsider’s aid to fight against the Bao Sanli, he wasn’t a fool. He knew that Cobra [5] wasn’t kind, so such an affair was left out. He just accepted some of the firearms given by the Cobra. He didn’t allow the men from the Four Snakes Gang to step into Song Jiang City. But now, it was already at the point of life and death. Yu Xiangde was at a disadvantage due to his recent loss. He couldn't bear to watch Bao Sanli win over his territory, so Yu Xiangde finally made up his mind.

The underworld of Song Jiang City was destined to become bloody. Yang Ming who initiated this incident was sleeping in bed at the moment. He was too tired from the day.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Author used Chinese slang Porcelain crasher 碰瓷 to describe a widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation.

[2] It is a Chinese idiom which meant making use of another person to get rid of an adversary. In this case, it illustrated Yang Ming using Bao Sanli as a shield to face off Yu Xiangde hatred and revenge.

[3] It is a Chinese idiom which meant winning favor or influence of a person or party by using somebody else's property. In this case, it illustrated Yang Ming using Yu Xiangde’s underling as a gift to win Bao Sanli’s favor.

[4] to ward off danger.

[5] We suspect Cobra is one of the members/leader of the Four Snakes Gang. 

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