So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 243

Chapter 243: A Coincidence

Over the wine table, Hou Zhenhan did not propose anything about cooperation in the Song Jiang underworld, which made the Bao Sanli breathe a sigh of relief.

He was afraid that Hou Zhenhan’s boss wanted to take a share from him! If Yang Ming wanted to take a share with him, he would be willing to do it! After all, it was a friendship that had gone through life and death. They stayed in the same cell. They fought together. They just did not stay in the same house and screw prostitutes together! But for the people from the underworld, friendship in the prison was a real friendship!

It wasn’t that Yang Ming didn’t want to get a share, but his current status did not allow him to do that. He was just a student. If he joined the underworld now, not only would his parents not agree, Chen Mengyan wouldn’t agree either!

Although Hou Zhenhan was very hungry, he did not eat much. He chatted with Bao Sanli for a while before leaving. When he walked to the door, he simply said, "My boss is not very interested in the underworld of Song Jiang. He didn't want to get involved right now. I will just wait for some good news from Mr. Bao!"

"Hehe, thank you for your boss' kind words!" Bao Sanli was relieved after listening to Hou Zhenhan.

A few glasses of beer were nothing to Hou Zhenhan. His face was not red, and his heart was not palpitating. He could still drive safely and properly. In accordance with Yang Ming’s request, Hou Zhenhan drove around the city a few times. Only after he made sure that no one was tracking him, did he drive the car to a small alley. Then he changed the Donghai license plate swiftly and went toward the hospital. On the way, he saw a snack stall that was still open. Hou Zhenhan went in and bought five meat buns. He finished them in a few bites.

It was ridiculous to think about it. There were so much lobster and abalone just now, yet he still had to eat these cheap buns! However, Hou Zhenhan did not feel that there was anything wrong with it. Now he was working for Yang Ming. Why would he mind so much?

The car was parked downstairs at the hospital. Hou Zhenhan returned to his mother's ward. When he entered the door and saw Yang Ming cutting an apple for his mother, he couldn’t help but feel moved!

It seemed like I did not follow the wrong person! Yang Ming was a person who valued relationships, so obviously he would not treat him unfairly.

"Brother Yang, I have done what you have asked for. Since it was so late already, you should go back!" When Hou Zhenhan spoke, he quickly hinted at Yang Ming.

Yang Ming knew that things went very well. He nodded, "Well, I will go first. You take care of your mom."

"Boss Yang, are you leaving now? Little monkey [1], you should walk him out!" Mother Hou commanded.

"I know, mom!" Hou Zhenhan also had something to report to Yang Ming alone, so he nodded and walked out of the ward with Yang Ming.

"How was it? Did Bao Sanli have any doubts?" Yang Ming asked as he walked.

"No, he was very happy with your gifts." Hou Zhenhan replied, "Besides, this person was not very careful. No one followed me when I came out."

"I get it. You should go back." Yang Ming patted on Hou Zhenhan's shoulder and said, "You did a great job. Thank you!"

"Brother Yang, you are being too polite. This is my job!" Hou Zhenhan quickly waved his hand and said.

"Okay, I understand." Yang Ming nodded. "Wait for my news. The chance to show your talents is not far!"

Yang Ming walked out of the hospital and drove the Buick minivan with the correct license plate home.

Jiii---!” Yang Ming stopped the car on the side of the road, right beside a girl in a white shirt. Yang Ming’s ability was a good tool. Since the vision at night was not great, he unconsciously used his own special ability: night vision + telescope + x-ray vision! His vision became broader, and he could see clearly ahead. Suddenly he found a familiar figure! The person was actually Lin Zhiyun!

If Yang Ming did not see her then it would have been fine. Now that he saw it, he could not sit back and ignore it. This road was so dark, and Lin Zhiyun was walking alone on it. Yang Ming was worried!

Although the current law and order were not very bad, it was still not to the extent that people didn’t lock the doors at night when they slept. Therefore, Yang Ming naturally parked his car beside her and decided to give her a ride.

However, Yang Ming’s move had frightened Lin Zhiyun! It was already ten o'clock, and there was no one on the road. Lin Zhiyun’s heart was beating fast. However, there was no subway station nearby, and the last bus had already gone. So, Lin Zhiyun had to summon her courage and walk home alone. While she was frightened, a small van stopped “Jiii” beside her!

For a moment, the words "kidnapping" and "trafficking" crossed Lin Zhiyun’s mind! Lin Zhiyun ran to the front subconsciously. However, if it was a gangster, how could she run away?

"Shen Lin!" Yang Ming opened the window and shouted.

Lin Zhiyun did not respond to that. But when Yang Ming shouted again, she stopped doubting and stopped her footsteps. She looked back. It was because this was the fake name she told Yang Ming, and only he knew about it! Sure enough, Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming sticking his head out of the car window and smiling at her.

"Yang Ming?" Lin Zhiyun had some doubts, but she still walked in the direction of the car.

"Where are you going? Get in the car. I’ll take you!" As Yang Ming said that, he opened the door on the passenger side.

"This..." Lin Zhiyun hesitated but she still got in the car. She already was scared at the beginning. Later, she was shocked by Yang Ming, and now she was very much frightened. So, Lin Zhiyun did not have the courage to walk back.

However, this was Yang Ming's car. If it was another person, Lin Zhiyun would not get in! Lin Zhiyun was not stupid. She knew that a girl getting into a boy's car in the middle of the night was more dangerous than walking in the night!

However, Lin Zhiyun did not have such scruples for Yang Ming. Firstly, Yang Ming had sent her home once. Secondly, they had… already done that. The consequences could not be worse than this. Therefore, Lin Zhiyun's vigilance to Yang Ming was very low.

"Going home?" asked Yang Ming.

"En." Lin Zhiyun nodded with a blush. She wanted to avoid him, but she always met him by chance. Sometimes life was so helpless. The more you didn’t want to face something, the more likely you would face it.

"What are you doing out so late at night? Don't tell me you were going to dig mushrooms again!" Yang Ming started the car and headed for Lin Zhiyun's home.

"There was no rain. Why would there be mushrooms? You are talking nonsense." Lin Zhiyun was dumbfounded, "Is this a question from university student?"

"Sorry, I did not learn my elementary school classes well!" Yang Ming smiled embarrassingly.

"I just gave a junior high school student some tutoring after school. The lesson was about biology. I think next time you need to attend as well!" Perhaps because of Yang Ming’s nonsense, the atmosphere of the two people had become harmonious. Lin Zhiyun also made a joke.

"So you’re a tutor!" Yang Ming could not help but admire the girl in front of him. She was so hardworking! Especially for a beautiful city girl like Lin Zhiyun, it was rare for people like her to work a part-time job.

"Yeah, otherwise why would I be out so late!" Lin Zhiyun shook her head.

"If it’s too late, take a taxi. You are a girl. It’s dangerous to walk at night!” Yang Ming said with concern.

"Take a taxi? Forget it. I only earn forty yuan for two hours of tutoring. Taking a taxi will cost about ten yuan!" Lin Zhiyun gave a bitter smile. "It was too extravagant!"

Yang Ming nodded and said nothing. Indeed, Lin Zhiyun was right. Since she was working to earn money, how could she simply take a taxi? But he still kindly reminded her, "But this is really dangerous! You can give tutoring to students near the school!"

"Hehe, I thought so too, but this child was a bit reluctant to leave me. I became soft-hearted and decided to continue giving him tutoring..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head helplessly.

As they were talking, a Porsche Carrera GT [2] suddenly came out from a small intersection in front of them. Because it was at night, Yang Ming’s driving speed was very fast. Moreover, he was talking with Lin Zhiyun. So, he only focused on the road ahead and did not notice the side road. Therefore, Yang Ming did not see it beforehand when this Porsche came out from the side. It was too late for Yang Ming to step on the brakes. The two cars inevitably came into contact!

"Bang!" The sound was quite loud, but Yang Ming did not feel any obvious vibration in the car. It seemed like this car had a good modification.

"You stay in the car. Don't get out!" Yang Ming told Lin Zhiyun. Who could guarantee that this Porsche didn’t purposely hit him?

"Be careful..." Lin Zhiyun was concerned. It was because she had already seen that two men got out from the car. They tapped on the front and rear passengers’ door immediately, and they were saying something. The soundproofing of the Buick was just too good so she could not hear anything.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Hou had the same pronunciation as monkey; that’s probably where the nickname “monkey” came from.

[2] Porche Carrera GT 

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