So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Going According To Plan

Hou Zhenhan came to the parking lot. He didn't have to look too hard for it before he saw Yang Ming's blue Buick minivan. He verified the license plate and walked over quickly.

Yang Ming also noticed Hou Zhenhan. When he came to the front, he opened the door. "Get in the car!"

Hou Zhenhan didn’t say anything. He sat in the car and closed the door. Then, he asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"There are four people in the back of the car who have been tied up and dosed with drugs. They are the underlings of Yu Xiangde. You should drive to the Nightless Club and follow the plan we discussed before." Yang Ming also asked, "Yes, do you know how to drive?"

"Hehe." Hou Zhenhan smiled, then nodded and said, "How many of those who served the military wouldn’t know how to drive especially people like me who retired from special forces? Not to mention a car, even an aircraft isn’t a problem. Brother Yang, don't worry. I will complete the task."

"Alright, I will go upstairs and look after auntie. After you have finished with your plan, drive the car around the city a few times, and don't let other people follow you." Yang Ming said, "In the car trunk, there’s a license plate from Donghai City. After you have finished with your task, find a remote place and put it back before coming back to the hospital."

Hou Zhenhan nodded and made an "ok" gesture. "That will be a piece of cake."

Yang Ming knew that Hou Zhenhan was a retired soldier from the special forces. He was stronger than the average mercenary equipped with strong anti-reconnaissance and anti-tracking capabilities, so Yang Ming wasn’t worried.

After finishing giving the instructions, Yang Ming jumped out of the car. Hou Zhenhan started the car and left in the night from the parking lot of the city hospital.

Yang Ming went to Hou Zhenhan’s mother’s ward. On the previous visit, Hou Zhenhan’s mother was pushed by Yu Xiangde’s underlings. Consequently, it tore open the wound, leading to the second surgery.

Mother Hou wasn’t awake after the operation. Yang Ming didn’t know if she would remember him. However, it didn't matter even if she didn’t know Yang Ming. The problem could be solved as long as Yang Ming gave a few explanations.

After locating the ward that Yang Ming visited last time, he knocked on the door and went inside. There were now two patients in the ward. There was an old man who had rheumatism. Yang Ming saw him last time. The remaining old lady was Hou Zhenhan's mother. The other two beds were vacated. Probably, both of them were discharged.

"Auntie!" Yang Ming pushed open the door and walked in. He greeted Hou Zhenhan’s mother who was watching TV on the hospital bed.

"Oh?" Mother Hou looked at Yang Ming with a strange look, and then suddenly realized, "I know. You are the boss of my little monkey [1]! Hello, Boss Yang. It’s quite late. Why did you come over? Little monkey just went out. Should I call him back?"

Yang Ming broke into a cold sweat at the nickname mentioned by Mother Hou. He didn’t know how Hou Zhenhan introduced him, but it seemed Hou Zhenhan actually said that he was his boss. Considering the relationship between the two of them, it seems that framing it in such a way was quite accurate! The name of Hou Zhenhan was just a little bit interesting. Little monkey? Haha!

"Calling me boss is just a flattery, haha. After all, it’s just a small business." Since Hou Zhenhan said so, Yang Ming didn’t deny it and nodded.

"Boss Yang is really young and promising. My little monkey in my family may not be capable. Boss Yang will have to take care of him!" Mother Hou said enthusiastically.

"Auntie, rest assured. I will!" Yang Ming nodded.

"I know, I know! My little monkey said you have paid the surgery fee first. He said that you are a good person, unlike the former boss, who not only gave us a low pay but also deducted from it! One month down, and nothing is left!" Mother Hou said with great gratitude, "Right, I have been talking too much. Should I call the little monkey and let him come back?"

"No need, auntie. I let him go out for some errands!" Yang Ming said quickly, "I met him downstairs. He drove my car."

"Oh! It turned out to be a business matter! That's good!" Mother Hou nodded, "This kid just told me that he had to go to work at night. I thought he lied to me! I was wondering what will he need to do at night. I thought he fooled me and looked for his toxic friends to drink. Now, I am relieved!"

Yang Ming was ashamed in secret! But there was no other way. Things still had to be done no matter if it was for him, his family, as well as Lan Ling and Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming must work hard.

"Auntie, don't worry. Most of the time, Hou Zhenhan goes out at night because I need his help to take care of some errands!" Yang Ming said.

"Well, if you say so, then I have nothing to worry about! You are the boss and you pay him. So, he should do things for you! But, this child is retired from the military troops. He may not have a good temper..." Mother Hou came into those words with a sense of worry, "I heard that he lost his first job because of his impulsiveness... Ai, this child, I am afraid that he will do something that will harm the company!"

"Auntie, don't worry. I appreciate Hou Zhenhan's character. There’s no problem with it!" Yang Ming said with a smile, "Moreover, I will also supervise him!"

Yang Ming chatted with Mother Hou for a while. He took out his mobile phone to look at the time. Thirty minutes had already passed. Hou Zhenhan should have connected with Bao Sanli. I wonder how things were going on their side.

According to Yang Ming’s instructions, Hou Zhenhan was to meet Bao Sanli at the Nightless Club. When Bao Sanli confirmed that the man in the car was Big Bear, his face was filled with a smile. He treated Hou Zhenhan enthusiastically.

Bao Sanli had the kitchen serve a table full of banquet dishes immediately. He wanted to invite Hou Zhenhan for a dinner! Many of the dishes in the club were readily-made or semi-finished products, so the preparation was quite fast, and soon the dishes were served.

Hou Zhenhan typically couldn't eat these exotic seafood dishes. Seeing so many kinds of fresh seafood on the table, he naturally coveted them. But he knew that his behavior today would represent Yang Ming in the future. He couldn't afford to have Yang Ming lose face!

He remembered his identity! I am now one of the underlings of an esteemed boss, and I can't let Bao Sanli look down on me!

Certainly, Hou Zhenhan’s calm look made Bao Sanli initiate the conversation, “Sorry, I know that Mr. Hou is a guest from afar, and may not deem the food here worthy, but my club isn’t a luxurious restaurant. There isn’t a big variety. Pardon me for the shortcoming in my hospitality. I hope that Mr. Hou isn’t offended!”

"Not at all. I’m just working for the boss. I have a simple diet usually. Mr. Bao, you’re making this too serious!" Hou Zhenhan said with a smile, "Come, I will honor you first. Thank you, Mr. Bao, for preparing me food! To be honest, today I have been busy all day, and I am really hungry!"

"Haha! It’s alright, cheers!" Bao Sanli knew that Hou Zhenhan was a forthright person based on what he said. Bao Sanli was relieved at the moment. Previously, he was afraid that a foreign ruthless person would be overbearing!

Just now, Bao Sanli also noticed the Guangdong license plate on Hou Zhenhan's car, so it was natural to think that he was from overseas.

After downing a glass of wine, Hou Zhenhan casually took some food into his mouth. He was indeed hungry, but the situation in front of him didn’t allow him to eat fanatically. He could only eat in a polite manner.

"Today, I would like to thank Mr. Hou for giving these four people to me, Bao Sanli. I’m really grateful!" Bao San Li said, "As the saying goes, no gains without pains. I wonder what does Mr. Hou seek from me?”

This was the part Bao Sanli was most concerned about. Although he had the Big Bear, he could take advantage of him. It was also a fatal blow to Bao Sanli. But at the same time, these people were sent by Mr. Hou, so Bao Sanli needed to clarify what was at stake!

"Oh, Mr. Bao. No need to be wary. My boss said these four people are the greeting gifts to Mr. Bao. We don’t seek anything in return!" Hou Zhenhan shook his head with a smile.

"This..."  Bao Sanli was caught by surprise, Wasn’t it too simple? Just a greeting gift?

"Mr. Bao, you don't have to worry about it. I will leave them with you." Hou Zhenhan said with a smile, "I am also doing things for the boss. This is what my boss wanted as well. I don't need to beat around the bush with Mr. Bao, haha."

"Good, that’s forthright!" Bao Sanli nodded and said with great pleasure, "Brother, you are bold. I am not that kind of white-eyed wolf [2]!" As Bao Sanli spoke, he pulled out a bank card from his pocket, "Here is one hundred thousand yuan as a token of my appreciation to your boss!"

"Mr. Bao, you can't do that!" Hou Zhenhan quickly rejected, "Our boss said that in the future, there will be opportunities for cooperation. Mr. Bao doesn’t have to worry about it immediately."

"Excuse me for my abrupt question. Your boss is..." This was a question that Bao Sanli wanted to ask the most.

"This... Sorry, Mr. Bao, my boss is a person who prefers to stay under a low profile. His identity is special. I can't answer it." Hou Zhenhan shook his head in apology.

"It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I was just being curious!" Bao Sanli laughed it off. However, there were some doubts raised deep in his heart. What does Hou Zhenhan’s boss want?

Chapter Notes:

[1] Little monkey is the nickname of Hou Zhenhan. The pronunciation of the Chinese character “Hou” is the same as another Chinese character which meant monkey. In Asian cultures, parents tended to use a more childish name for their child to show closeness.

[2] Chinese slang which represents a person who acted too polite is deemed inappropriate in terms of the social norm.

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