So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 239

Chapter 239: To The Rescue

"Is the money ready?" It was the voice made by the voice changer.

"There is still a portion left. We are trying to find a way." Yang Li said according to Sun Jie’s instructions.

"How much is left?" The other end of the phone asked.

"There is still a hundred thousand yuan." Yang Li replied.

"Okay, I will give you another hour. Before night time, if you still don't have enough money, just wait to collect the corpse!" He hung up the phone.

Brother Bear didn’t have any doubts about Yang Li’s words, because he had already known it through the surveillance. They were indeed short of a hundred thousand yuan.

Sun Jie didn’t expect that things would go so smoothly. The kidnappers believed her words without putting much effort. Yang Li, on the other hand, was worried, "Sister Sun Jie, why are we still short a hundred thousand yuan? Can you get enough funds? You must gather sufficient funds!"

Sun Jie smiled and said, "You can rest assured. There is no problem!"

Yang Ming sat in the shotgun seat as he navigated the driver to his uncle’s quarry in the south of the city. Yang Ming hadn’t been there for a long time. He only came once when he was still in elementary school. After his uncle became rich, he didn’t want to meet these poor relatives anymore. Yang Ming was too lazy to meddle with them and cause annoyance. He didn't expect to come here again to rescue his uncle.

The three underlings of the Sun family in the car were all capable people. Usually, it wasn’t easy for them to recognize others. When Yang Ming got in the car just now, they just regarded Yang Ming as a friend of the eldest daughter of the Sun family. He didn’t expect Yang Ming to be special. However, Yang Ming’s display of interrogation techniques had earned their respect!

What was that technique? It was never heard of or seen before! The three people were originally the leaders of various industries, and now they were recruited by Sun Hongjun to serve the Sun family. They had always been very loyal and responsible to Sun’s family. But in Yang Ming’s case, they respected him from the bottom of their hearts.

For example, this big bearded man was a famous fighting master in a mercenary group in Vietnam. He was dubbed as the "Hu Ren [1]" by his companions because he was too formidable. His real name was Lu Liang.

The person in charge of the computer was Ge Long, a hacker recruited from a US mercenary group. The driver, even though he wasn’t a mercenary, was a racer in an underground car market in the United States. He once maintained first place for a consecutive sixty-four times. However, due to his crime, he had to leave the country and work under the Sun family.

Although they only got to see one side of Yang Ming, these people usually admired people who were capable. Since no one was omnipotent, it was already excellent for one person who managed to perform well in one aspect!

Therefore, after Sun Jie left, the three of them naturally regarded Yang Ming as the boss as they listened to him giving orders.

When the car approached closer to the quarry, it began to slow down. There were some sandstone excavation sites here. In Yang Ming’s memory, his uncle’s quarry was in the front. However, many years passed by, and Yang Ming didn’t know whether there was any removal or expansion in the quarry.

"Park here." Yang Ming said to the driver, Mao Kai.

The car parked at the roadside. Yang Ming pretended to look for the location of the quarry. He used his special ability secretly and started observing the straw shed in his surroundings. There was no one in the straw shed!

Yang Ming quickly searched around with his gaze. Due to the superb x-ray and telescopic vision, Yang Ming identified the location where his uncle was being held!

It was a small straw shed near the third quarry in front of them! No one would notice this place without a detailed search. It seemed that Brother Bear wasn’t a fool.

The uncle had his hands and legs tied with a white cloth in his mouth. But it was obvious that his life wasn’t in big trouble by the heaving of his chest.

In the straw shed, there were only three people who were responsible for guarding his uncle. One of them was a burly figure who sat down in a bossy manner. This person would probably be Brother Bear. He looked like a bear after all.

The other two people also sat on the ground, but obviously, their attitudes were more restrained. From times to time, they had put on a smile on their faces as though they were brown nosing. At first glance, they were the two underlings. The three of them were playing Landlords with great hype, not even looking after Yang Dashan.

There was a laptop next to them in addition to a Voice Over IP phone. Apparently, they contacted Yang Li through the device. It seemed that these people weren’t completely amateurs since they weren’t traceable.

However, in terms of guarding a hostage, apparently, they didn’t put much effort! Yang Ming contemplated a while before figuring out what happened. The south of the city was Bao Sanli’s territory. Yu Xiangde’s underlings were keeping a low profile.

If it stirred up Bao Sanli’s attention, the kidnapping would fail.

Yang Ming commanded Mao Kai to park the car near the straw shed. Then, he spoke to the big bearded man, "There are about three or four people inside. Can you deal with them?"

Yang Ming didn’t say in certainty, but a rough number. He was afraid that the bearded man would ask him how he got the information, so he kept it vague.

The bearded man didn’t ask but merely nodded, "I, alone am enough."

"Okay, knock them out and bring them to the car." Yang Ming said.

The big bearded man grinned, and apparently, he had confidence in doing this kind of thing.

The bearded man came directly in front of the straw shed. He didn’t even bother knocking but kicked open the door of the straw shed with a flying kick. Although Brother Bear had already blocked it, he still couldn’t withstand the kick of the bearded man!

By coincidence, the door panel and the door pin of the straw shed were directly blown away and inflicted trauma on the head of one of Brother Bear’s underlings. This fellow suffered a heavy trauma and fainted on the spot.

Yang Ming found it quite lucky. If it was shot on his uncle’s head, he wouldn’t know what to do! Fortunately, his uncle was far away in the innermost area.

Brother Bear and the other underling who didn’t fall down were shocked. What the hell is going on? Before they could react, a fierce man with a big beard stood in front of the two of them.

"Who are you?" In the end, Brother Bear belonged to the underworld, so he managed to calm himself down hastily.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my straw shed?" Lu Liang asked. Of course, he couldn’t say his purpose directly. His intended to confuse them so that Brother Bear wouldn’t know their objective was Yang Dashan.

Certainly, Brother Bear was stunned for a moment! He thought that he might have occupied someone’s premises. Originally, Brother Bear wanted to beat up the guy in front of him. But now, it seemed he was the one who committed a wrongdoing, and the person in front of him seemed to be quite buff. He thought he shouldn’t cause any extra trouble. So, he smiled and said, “Brother, we are in the middle of something. Can you do us a favor?"

"Favor? But my family wanted to put some goods in the straw shed!" Lu Liang replied in a troubled manner.

"Hah, do us a favor here!" Brother Bear reached out from his pocket and took out a stack of banknotes. He counted and handed five bank notes to Lu Liang, "We will leave tomorrow!"

"Well!" Lu Liang pretended to be happy as took the bank notes. He put his head down and looked hesitant.

Brother Bear didn’t regard him as his enemy at this moment, so he was quite relaxed in front of them. But, he didn’t expect Lu Liang to suddenly dash behind him and hit his neck with a karate chop.

"You..." Brother Bear’s underling noticed something strange. At the moment he wanted to shout, he was already stunned by Lu Liang. Lu Liang disregarded Brother Bear because he was confident of his karate chop.

Lu Liang walked out of the straw shed and grinned at the people outside. Yang Ming actually saw him dealing with the people inside, but he still acted like the people in the car as he smiled and got out of the car.

Yang Dashan might have been dosed with things like sleeping pills. At the moment, he was sleeping. Yang Ming wasn’t eager to wake him up. Hence, he carried him up into the car. Brother Bear and his two underlings had their hands and legs tied up. They were thrown to the back of the car along with the cricket cap man.

What a complete victory. Yang Ming got into the car. He took out his cell phone and wrote a short message with a smiley face. Then, he sent it to Sun Jie. With the wisdom of Sun Jie, she would naturally guess the meaning behind it.

Certainly, Sun Jie took a look at the phone and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Yang Ming was still playing his game at such a moment. However, she couldn’t mention it to Yang Li. Sun Jie had to pretend to be happy and said, "Yang Li, let me tell you some good news. My men found your father!"

"What!" Yang Li was shocked with her eyes full of surprise. "Sister Sun Jie, are you serious? You said that your men found my father?"

"Yes, please wait a moment as I call them again and ask." Sun Jie nodded and said.

"Well, quickly make the call!" Yang Li urged.

Sun Jie dialed Yang Ming’s number. She stood up and deliberately moved to the window. She was afraid that Yang Li would overhear the conversation on the phone.

"Hey, I am Sun Jie." Sun Jie didn’t mention Yang Ming's name. She didn’t want Yang Li to notice it.

"The hostage has been rescued, and we are on our way back. Oh ya, don't mention to my parents and Yang Li that it was my work. Just say that it was your men who found them." Yang Ming reminded her.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The nickname “Hu Ren” carries the essence of a barbarian.

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