So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 238

Chapter 238: So That's The Case

... "No, it's too uncomfortable! I can't stand it! Maybe I should tell him the truth?"

...... "No, I can't say it. If I say it, not only would Brother Bear not forgive me, but Brother De would kill me too!”

Yang Ming felt strange about his unusual ability to see through other people’s thoughts. It would only be activated at some critical moments. Yang Ming was sure that he only pressed the acupuncture point of the cricket cap man, and he didn’t do anything else. Could this be the legendary character outbreak? Would the gods give him a favor if he was in a critical moment?

However, Yang Ming just clearly thought about it. This kind of guess wasn’t realistic. He could see other people's thoughts when it was an emergency, which meant that he actually possessed such a unique ability. Yang Ming didn’t think that there was a flaw in this ability. He felt that he could master the skill if he practiced it.

He already knew who sent the cricket cap man, so Yang Ming didn’t want to tangle with him on this issue. Yang Ming was ready to ask the next question. If his ability was sufficient, and even if the man didn’t say it, Yang Ming would get what he wanted!

Yes, when a person answers a question from someone else, even if he deliberately answers wrongly or does not want to answer it, his mind will inevitably flash the correct answer to this question. This is human instinct, and almost no one can escape from this subconscious instinct.

“Where did you guys hide Yang Dashan?” Yang Ming continued to ask, “Why kidnap him?”

When Yang Ming heard him "say" Brother De, his heart was moved. Song Jiang was such a big place. How could there be a few named Brother De? Yu Xiangde must be the culprit! However, Yu Xiangde was now in a war with the Bao Sanli. How could he have the leisure time to kidnap? Could it be that the casualties were too many and there was a shortage of money? Well, there was this possibility. The war between the underworlds needed money. If there was no money, the underlings would not work for you. Besides, won’t the wounded men need some treatment fees? What about death pension?

Even if these could be delayed, they couldn’t fight without weapons. What kind of weapons didn’t need money to buy? It was not possible that the weapons fell from the sky for free.

When the kidnapping was associated with Brother De, Yang Ming suddenly had a feeling that this wasn’t simply a kidnapping. Was it possible that this snobbish uncle had offended the underworld people?

...... "Of course, I can’t tell you where we are hiding him! But, since it was quite painful right now, why don’t I simply make up a place? He needed time to confirm it anyway!"

"The hostage is hidden in a cave at the West Star Mountain!" revealed the cricket cap man.

... "Hehe, in fact, he is in a straw shed near his sand field! Both are located in opposite directions. You would be exhausted looking for it!"

Yang Ming smiled slightly and did not refute him. He continued to ask, "Why did you want to kidnap him?"

"To get some money!" The purpose was true, but the cricket cap wasn’t telling everything.

... "F*ck! This man is so dumb to support Bao Sanli, so Brother De has to give him a warning while Brother De could get some money as well.”

However, Yang Ming already knew the outline of matter, I don’t know why my uncle was related to Bao Sanli. Yu Xiangde was not satisfied with my uncle’s support, so he resorted to such measures.

It seemed that Yang Ming had guessed it right, and it was related to Yu Xiangde! So, Yang Ming was quite anxious. It seemed that Yu Xiangde did this for nothing more than seeking money. He also wanted to warn Yang Ming’s uncle to not support Bao Sanli anymore!

From this point of view, there was no danger to his uncle. As long as the ransom was paid on time, he would be safe. On the contrary, he and Sun Jie were making an unnecessary move!

But since they had already made some moves, they had no choice but to continue. Otherwise, if he put this cricket cap man back, he would definitely report it. This would inevitably involve Yang Ming and Sun Jie.

He wasn’t afraid. If Yu Xiangde provoked him, he could have just killed him directly! Yang Ming believed that with his assassination skills, he could make things seamless! At the very least, he was the disciple of the King of Assassins! Fang Tian was the number one ruthless person in the world!

But what about Sun Jie? Although Yang Ming knew that Sun Jie’s family background wasn’t simple, it was evident from the license plates of these two Buick minivans that the power of Sun Jie’s family was definitely focused on the provincial capital, Donghai City.

In Song Jiang City, Sun Jie was a girl. If she was involved with the grievances between the two gangs, it wasn’t a good thing. Thinking of this, Yang Ming decided to give Bao Sanli a big gift. He could create more tension between the warfare between Yu Xiangde and Bao Sanli!

"What do you want to say?" Yang Ming deliberately lowered his head and leaned over to the cricket cap man.

The cricket cap man found it somewhat inexplicable. Did I say something? However, this was only a momentary thought. The next moment, he was knocked out by Yang Ming’s dagger.

Yang Ming had to pretend, otherwise, he really couldn't explain to Sun Jie how he knew all this.

"In the Dashan sandstone quarry in the south of the city, he is hidden in a straw shed," Yang Ming said.

"What should I do now?" Looking at Yang Ming's tactics to control the situation, Sun Jie naturally asked for his opinion. Yes, the shock that Yang Ming brought to her at this moment was huge!

Is this the little college student who I had a meal with together last time? Seeing his calmness and way of doing things at this moment, he was more skillful than my father! Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with a complicated expression. It seemed that she had never understood him.

"You can go back with the money. Be perfunctory with the kidnappers, and try to delay the time." Yang Ming said, "I will go with your men for the rescue."

"I am going with you." For some unknown reason, Sun Jie especially wanted to see Yang Ming solve this issue with her own eyes.

"No, you must stay with Yang Li. On one hand, you calm her down. On the other hand, it is also the most important. She can't deal with the kidnappers. I am afraid she will show flaws." Yang Ming shook his head and said, "Yes, let’s do it this way. You pass over 200,000 yuan and say that there is not enough. Then, you tell my parents that your underlings and I are going to another bank for the money."

Sun Jie also knew that Yang Ming was right. Yang Li must be looked after, and she could only let Yang Ming deal with the rescue.

Just when Sun Jie was about to get out of the car, the phone that was found with the cricket cap man suddenly rang. The caller on the phone showed the name, "Brother Bear."

"Did you ask them to do what I asked for?" Yang Ming asked calmly.

Without waiting for Sun Jie to speak, the bearded man had taken a notebook from another black-clad man. Then, he pressed the answer button on the phone and switched on the hands-free.

"Hey, Louzi, what's the situation on your side?" There was a rough voice coming from the phone.

"A van just came to the door of the villa. A woman took a suitcase from the car. I vaguely heard them say that there were 200,000 in the suitcase, and they still needed 100,000 yuan. Then the woman asked her man to gather more money..." The voice of the bearded man had become the voice of the cricket cap man through the computer.

This was what Yang Ming had asked before. Yang Ming was afraid that the kidnappers would contact the cricket cap man who was responsible for surveillance, so Sun Jie’s men brought a notebook and a computer-savvy master to simulate the sound waveform of the cricket cap man. Although it wasn’t the same, after the phone's retransmission, there should be no doubt over there.

Certainly, Brother Bear didn’t have any doubts. "Okay, I see Louzi, continue with your surveillance! This is a cut for you!"

"Thank you, Brother Bear!" The big bearded man replied.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming and Sun Jie smiled at each other.

After Sun Jie entered the house, she told everyone that there wasn’t enough money so Yang Ming accompanied her men to retrieve it. Yang Dahai was concerned, "This child, why does he want to be involved in this?"

But they were already gone, he couldn’t do anything to change this. Yang Li didn’t care about Yang Ming's danger. She just kept asking Sun Jie if the money could be collected.

Sun Jie didn’t have a partner because she felt that men were hypocritical. Now Yang Ming’s appearance had changed her views. But, Yang Li was truly a selfish person who looked down on others. So, Sun Jie couldn’t help but despise Yang Li. She was so self-centered! If they didn’t have similar interests, Sun Jie wouldn’t be friends with her.

The phone ringtone on the table rang again. It was a call from the kidnappers. Sun Jie looked at Yang Li and gestured for her to answer the phone.

About what had to be said, Sun Jie had already told Yang Li before so that she could deal with it.

Yang Li hesitated and picked up the phone on the table. "Hello..."

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