So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Yang Ming’s Method

Yang Ming naturally knew the content of Sun Jie's text message even if he didn’t use his telescopic vision. It was because he saw that Sun Jie’s people had already succeeded.

Sun Jie raised her head and looked at Yang Ming. She found that Yang Ming was also looking at her, so she nodded slightly to him and hinted at the door.

Yang Ming nodded as he understood.

"Yang Li, the person who they sent for the money came. I will be going." Sun Jie said and stood up.

"I will follow and go out to see. It should be a big pack with so much money!" Yang Ming pretended to help out and stood up.

"I will help you to take a look?" Yang Dahai saw Yang Ming get up and wanted to help too.

Yang Ming couldn’t let him go, so he quickly said, "Dad, you should stay here in case the kidnappers call again. We need someone to oversee the situation."

"That's right, then you should be careful!" Yang Dahai nodded.

"Right, what do I say when the kidnappers call?" Yang Li didn't doubt anything else. She was just worried about the kidnappers.

"Just say that the money is ready. Ask him where to meet!" Sun Jie said.

"Oh, okay!" Yang Li nodded.

Yang Ming followed Sun Jie and walked quickly toward the door. As he walked, Sun Jie whispered, "We got it."

"I know." Yang Ming nodded.

"How did you know?" asked Sun Jie.

"I noticed you smiled when you received the text message." Yang Ming naturally couldn’t say that he saw what happened.

As they left, Sun Jie looked around and finally locked her eyes on a blue Buick minivan with a Donghai license plate, "That’s the car of my people."

Yang Ming knew it a long time ago, but he couldn’t reveal it. He went along with Sun Jie to the minivan. For safety, Yang Ming scanned his surroundings and deliberately expanded the scope of his vision.

It seemed that this group of kidnappers wasn’t professional. Only the person who was caught was responsible for surveillance.

In the minivan, Yang Ming noticed that the rear seat of the car had been removed. Since the high-reflective film was attached to the outside, the situation on the inside couldn’t be seen.

The cricket cap man had his hands and feet tied. A big bearded man in a black suit sat beside the door and nodded to Sun Jie. "Miss."

"Have you asked anything from him?" asked Sun Jie.

"We didn’t ask without your orders." The big bearded man shook his head.

"Who ordered you to come?" Yang Ming got into the car and sat down in the back seat as he looked at the cricket cap man.

"Hmph!" The cricket cap man snorted coldly. "You have to let me go. If Brother Bear can't contact me, they will kill the hostage!"

"Who is Brother Bear?" Yang Ming secretly swore dumb*ss. This person was revealing the information! What a problematic IQ level!

"How did you know about Brother Bear?" The cricket cap man was shocked and surprised as opened his mouth widely!

Yang Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after listening to it. He was completely defeated by this guy! I really don’t know what the kidnapper’s leader, Brother Bear, was thinking to send such a dumb*ss as surveillance.

Even Sun Jie and the big bearded man couldn’t help but laugh.

"You told me." Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"I? When?" The cricket cap man obviously didn’t realize that he had a slip of the tongue.

"Why did you want to kidnap Yang Dashan?" Yang Ming didn’t continue to entangle this problem with him.

"Do you think I will tell you?" The cricket cap man asked.

Yang Ming found it amusing! Listening to this guy's words, it was obvious what he said was, "Do you think I will tell you?" instead of "I don't know." The difference could be big! The first one is that I know, but I won't say it. The second one is I may know, but it is also possible that I don’t know.

Since he knew about it, then it would be easy to handle. Yang Ming turned his head to Sun Jie, "Let him talk. I think your men should have a way to go about it?"

Sun Jie nodded. Some of her men were retired from special forces or mercenaries. They had a good set of interrogation techniques. Sun Jie instructed, "Make him talk."

"No problem." The big bearded man nodded.

Yang Ming didn't want Sun Jie to witness the bloody picture. So, he said, "Let's go down and wait for a while."

"Why? Are you afraid to witness the bloody scene?" When he got out of the car, Sun Jie teased Yang Ming.

Yang Ming didn’t speak, but he took out a cigarette from his pocket. He opened the front door of the car and took out the cigarette lighter. He lit the cigarette and turned deaf ears to the moaning in the car.

After taking a deep breath, Yang Ming exhaled a puff of smoke and smiled at Sun Jie, "Did you think I would be afraid?"

Sun Jie had seen Yang Ming’s video beating up Liu Xiaosheng, the driver of President Yun. She knew that Yang Ming was a violent person. Certainly, he wasn’t afraid of blood. The reason why she said that was it was meant to be a joke.

Yang Ming leaned toward the car like a ruffian. Since it was a dead corner, he wasn’t afraid of his parents seeing it. As for Sun Jie, he didn’t have to deliberately act in front of her.

Ten minutes later, the big bearded man opened the door.

"How is it?" Sun Jie asked quickly.

"This kid is sturdy. No matter how much I beat him up, he wouldn’t say anything." The big bearded man sighed and shook his head.

Yang Ming had already expected this result. Although the cricket cap man was stupid, the person had an iron will. He was a straight-minded person. It wasn’t so easy for him to yield.

Moreover, Brother Bear should be a ruthless character as well. If the cricket cap man revealed anything, it would bear a rotten result for him.

"I will go and take a look." Yang Ming shook his head and got in the car.

But the big bearded man apparently showed a disdainful look. He was retired from the Vietnamese mercenaries, and he had no way for the guy to speak up! He didn’t believe that Yang Ming had any way to do it.

The big bearded man had used all his interrogation techniques he learned on the battlefield. Regardless if it was the Goddess Chang E’s flight to the moon, helicopters, and even his own unique skill, "a whistle trip to the moon" [1], this fellow endured through it as though daring to challenge them to kill him.

However, he also knew that now he was carrying out his task for the Sun family. In addition, Yang Ming was a friend of the eldest daughter of the Sun family. They could only remain as thoughts that cannot be said.

Yang Ming couldn't see the sense of doubt on his face, but he didn't care. He went into the vehicle and saw the cricket cap man on the floor with blood on his face.

"I won't say it!" The cricket cap man noticed the interrogator had changed, and immediately glared at Yang Ming.

Oh, do you think you have a say on such matters? Yang Ming glanced at the cricket cap man.

As an assassin, it was necessary to learn some special means of interrogation. In many cases, you must get something out of the target before killing them. Therefore, Fang Tian also taught Yang Ming many interrogation techniques.

These techniques were different from the common techniques of the special forces. The techniques used by the big bearded man was purely through physical violence meant to destroy other people's bodies. On the other hand, what Yang Ming learned was the stimulation of certain acupuncture points which escalated the level of the victim’s fate to be worse than death.

Yang Ming walked over and simply pressed an acupuncture point on the cricket cap man. Suddenly, the unbearable feeling of numbness spread throughout the man’s body as though thousands of ants crawled up and down on his body. As a result, that cricket cap man had an unbearable urge to roll back and forth!

However, his hands and legs were tied behind him. He was also fixed on the back door of the car. As such, he couldn’t move. But, the agonizing screams made Yang Ming feel a chill running down his spine! This was the first time that Yang Ming used the techniques he learned from Fang Tian on real people. But, Yang Ming had no doubt about the credibility of these moves.

These were Fang Tian's unique techniques. Although there weren’t many people who knew about them, they had passed the test by the King of Assassins!

"You… kill… me… I… won’t… say… anything..." The cricket cap man had already reached an unbearable state, but his will remained strong.

Even the big bearded man who looked at it couldn’t help but be shocked! Yang Ming didn’t do much, and yet this cricket cap man was actually more miserable than the interrogation from "a whistle trip to the moon"! Looking at the situation, Yang Ming’s techniques were much more powerful than his!

It was also at this moment that the big bearded man really admired Yang Ming! He was an expert! With a gentle and small movement, this person already couldn't stand it!

However, Sun Jie was surprised. How could she comprehend that Yang Ming actually had such depth? However, the current situation was not suitable for an inquiry.

The face of the cricket cap man was getting paler and paler. Yang Ming also knew that although it wasn’t fatal to put pressure on that acupuncture point, if it went too long, there would be a danger to his life.

This guy’s mouth was just a bit too sturdy. Why didn’t he say anything?

Suddenly, Yang Ming "heard" the voice of the cricket cap man, but his mouth didn’t even open!

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