So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 235

Chapter 235: A Calm Analysis

Rumors had it that Feng Chong regretted it after he returned to school! I had been involved with Sun Jie for such a long time, but I haven’t held her hand yet. It seemed that it was quite a failure.

Just now he was lightheaded for a moment when he was shocked by Sun Jie’s words. It scared him enough to flee. In retrospect, since Sun Jie’s family had lost their power, why am I still afraid of her? Initially, if something happened to Sun Jie, the Sun family wouldn’t let him go. Now, they were bankrupt. What am I afraid of? I really should have tasted Sun Jie’s first time!

Feng Chong patted his head in sorrow... Hey, wait a minute! I noticed that Sun Jie was wearing famous brands today. The LV bag in her hand seemed to be bought recently, yet her family was going bankrupt soon? Did that make any sense?

With that thought in mind, Feng Chong quickly called one of his high school classmates. He was enrolled in a university in Donghai City! He should know the situation in Donghai!

So, Feng Chong gave his classmate a call, "Hey, third brother? I am Feng Chong!"

"Oh, second brother, are you calling me for something?" The person at the other end of the line replied.

"Damn, I have said this a hundred times. Don't call me second brother!" Feng Chong protested in dissatisfaction, "Oh, is there a Sun Family Consortium in Donghai?"

"Sun Family Consortium? I don't know. Is it big?" asked the third brother.

"You don't know? Oh ya!" Feng Chong suddenly remembered that the Sun Family Consortium was just a parent company. There was no affiliate business. It was only responsible for the vertical management of its subsidiaries. Thus, it was normal that not many people knew about it, so he quickly asked, “Have you heard of the Global Department Store? I heard that it was closed down."

"Closed down? Damn!" The third brother smiled, "Who did you listen to? How can the Global Department Store with such a big scale be closed down? It was on the TV a few days ago where the Global Department Store bought the commercial building next door which was approaching bankruptcy. Even the city’s mayor was at the opening ceremony! Who have you heard this from?"

Dizziness surged into Feng Chong’s mind. He almost threw away the phone! Feng Chong just said, "I see." and hung up the phone.

The third brother was somewhat baffled. He spoke to himself at the other end of the phone, "This second brother, what’s he doing calling me to ask this question at this hour? What a neurotic person!"

After calming down, Feng Chong realized the key details! Perhaps, Sun Jie was testing him! Damn, how could I do something so rash? Such a simple thing wasn’t challenging to figure out! Feng Chong chided himself for being too eager for benefits!

After getting straight on his thoughts, Feng Chong immediately prepared himself to make up for it. He quickly called Sun Jie, but she had already turned off the phone. When he rushed to the hotel, the waiter told him that Sun Jie had left and checked out the room.

Feng Chong regretted it. He must have been kicking himself. However, no matter how anxious he was, he would need to meet Sun Jie first.

After returning home, Sun Jie managed to calm herself down. She recalled the moments she spent with Feng Chong, and she realized Feng Chong was a stranger to her. In fact, she didn’t like him much. It might have been the unusual flow of events that made her notice Feng Chong. At that moment, Sun Jie found out that she wasn’t feeling lost. On the contrary, she rejoiced for seeing through Feng Chong’s ugly face.

Afterward, no matter how Feng Chong explained, Sun Jie merely sneered. Sun Jie looked at the jumping clown in front of her, and she only felt a sense of disgust. Even more so, she regarded all men as hypocritical animals ever since.

Of course, Sun Jie, who inherited some of the Sun family business made Feng Chong’s life worse. After graduation, he was excluded from major companies in Song Jiang and Donghai. So, he had to go far away from town.

From then onwards, Sun Jie, who lost interest in men, met a woman who had a similar experience with her. The similar encounter led to a special resonance, so both of them naturally became intimate...

Sun Jie did not expect that she would actually have a relationship with a man who was younger than her! Sun Jie had a special feeling for Yang Ming. Right now, she merely regarded Yang Ming as a special person, at least stronger than other men.

"Sun Jie, what are you thinking? What are you whispering to Yang Ming?" Yang Li immediately saw the petty actions of Sun Jie and Yang Ming.

When Yang Li asked this question, Mother Yang also noticed the relationship between Yang Ming and Sun Jie, so she asked curiously, "Big Ming, do you know her?"

"Yeah, it was last time when I came over to cousin's house and asked about things that college students should pay attention to. My cousin took me out to eat, then I met Sister Sun Jie. My cousin also let me pretend to be Sun Jie's boyfriend!"

When Yang Ming’s words came out, not only Sun Jie, but also Yang Li was stunned! Yang Ming’s parents and aunt were even more surprised!

Yang Li didn't think that Yang Ming would actually say it out loud, and he said it in such a grandiose manner! Yang Li was mad because Yang Ming’s words obviously put her as a person who misguided Yang Ming down a wrong path!

Sun Jie blushed as she listened to Yang Min’s words! I was just asking you to put up an act, and yet you indulged yourself too much in your act! However, Sun Jie had great responsiveness. She smiled and said, “Oh, Yang Li’s younger brother is quite useful. Maybe I will get him to help again if I’m ever in trouble. Can uncle and auntie grant my request?”

"Oh… it’s alright, not a big deal." Mother Yang noticed that Sun Jie was such a beautiful girl with such a good status. Naturally, she didn't mind Yang Ming to establish this friendship.

"It wasn’t easy. I had used a lot of physical effort!" Yang Ming said plainly.

After Sun Jie listened, her face suddenly turned red. She glared at Yang Ming in anger.

However, Yang Li didn’t quite understand it. So, she said impatiently, "How can you be exhausted for such a simple task?"

Yang Ming didn’t say anything, but looked at Sun Jie and found that she was staring at him as well. Sometimes, the tacit understanding between two people had a subtle feeling behind it.

"Oh ya, Sun Jie, can you lend me three hundred thousand yuan?" Yang Li suddenly remembered there was something serious, and couldn’t help but have a dull expression.

"Yang Li, it's not as simple as preparing three hundred thousand yuan. I certainly have no problem lending you money, but the question is after you give the money, can Uncle Yang come back safely?" Sun Jie asked calmly.

"This..." To be honest, Yang Li was also worried about it, but she didn’t have any solutions!

"The kidnappers didn't allow you to call the police?" Sun Jie glanced at Yang Li.

"Ya, what should we do, Sister Sun Jie?" Yang Li asked in a sobbing tone.

Yang Ming shook his head. Both Sun Jie and Yang Li were rich girls, but the gap was so big. Sun Jie’s wisdom in an emergency was in complete contrast with Yang Li who was in a panic. Sun Jie’s words were accurate toward the situation, whereas Yang Li just wanted to seek the opinions of others and lacked her own opinion.

"Since the kidnappers urged us not to call the police, we should use our own men." Sun Jie hesitated and said, "Yang Li, I’ll try to help you, but if I can't do it, you shouldn’t blame me."

"Alright, Sun Jie, I’ll listen to you." Yang Li nodded.

Yang Ming was irritated. If you are so obedient in listening to Sun Jie’s words, why did you ask me to come? But, that was good as well, Yang Ming got to slack off.

Sun Jie took out her phone and dialed a number. "Uncle Zhao, I am Sun Jie. Can you help me prepare 300,000 yuan in cash? Then, get me a few people who are capable and wait for my orders. ”

As she hung up the phone, Yang Li had some doubts, "Why didn’t you let those people come directly to my house?"

"At this time, it is better to hide. If the kidnappers didn't let you call the police, it is likely that they will send someone to monitor the situation at your home. If you let them know that you called a helper, I am afraid bad things will happen." Sun Jie analyzed the situation.

After Yang Ming heard this, he couldn’t help but admire Sun Jie. It seemed that she was more thoughtful than him. However, since he was inspired by Sun Jie, Yang Ming immediately used his special abilities to scan through some corners of the villa. Sure enough, at the back of the garbage transfer station in the northwest corner, there was a suspicious man with binoculars and a cricket cap.

Yang Ming took a detailed look at his surroundings and determined that only one person was watching them. He was relieved. It seemed that the group of kidnappers weren’t big-time characters.

Such an inference came from this fellow’s appearance with an earplug on his head. At first, Yang Ming thought it was an intercom device that they used to communicate with each other. As Yang Ming glanced over the terminal of the headphone cord, he couldn’t help but find it amusing. That was actually an mp3 player, and the screen showed that it was playing an old song by Teresa Teng! [1]

Obviously, this person in charge of surveillance was an amateur. In such a situation, did he dare to listen to a song? Was he not afraid of being killed? Yang Ming believed that even if he called the police, the fellow wouldn’t find out. Because he would already be under arrest before he realized the situation!

Chapter Notes:

[1]  Teresa Teng 

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