So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Sun Jie’s Bitter Past

Ha! Yang Ming was happy to see Sun Jie’s expression! It seems that this woman did not forget me even though she acted differently on the surface! The more aloof Sun Jie was treating him, the more certain Yang Ming had occupied her heart. Otherwise, why she didn’t behave enthusiastically like the first time they met, and instead she deliberately ignored me? Should acquaintances meet with this kind of attitude?

Yang Ming remembered that although Sun Jie wasn’t flustered by her several pursuers such as Guo Jianchao, he would at least be polite to them! Yang Ming smiled and whispered when he thought of this, "Who can guarantee that the accident would not happen again?"

"I'm afraid there is no chance." Sun Jie had adjusted her emotions. Her face became indifferent.

However, the change wasn’t helpful anymore. Yang Ming had remembered her angry yet coquettish expression. Yang Ming said indifferently, "If there is no chance, I can create it! Right, your videos on the mp4 player are good."

"When are you returning that to me?" Sun Jie wasn’t afraid that Yang Ming had seen the things on it, nor was she reluctant to give up that mp4 player. The tone of Yang Ming’s speech just made her somewhat uncomfortable.

Sun Jie usually dealt with men from an advantageous point of view. Those who pursued her were all fooled around by her. Sometimes, there were even some unconventional suitors who had unique ways to pursue her. They deliberately pretended to ignore Sun Jie or played tit for tat so that they could attract Sun Jie’s attention. Unfortunately, Sun Jie simply ignored them.

But the person in front of her was Yang Ming. Sun Jie tried hard to forget that matter, but how could it be forgotten so easily? Sun Jie’s brain wasn’t a computer hard drive which could delete memories deliberately!

No matter what, they had sex. Sun Jie couldn’t accept the fact that Yang Ming was thinking the same as other men.

Sun Jie couldn’t have any deeper relationship with Yang Ming based on his identity. Sun Jie had been hurt once. She had changed from a girl who was obsessed with love to a reasonable businesswoman, the heir to the Sun family!

She could still remember how silly and ridiculous she was. She almost went against her family just for her love that seemed to last forever.

The old-fashioned plot that would only happen on the TV, happened on Sun Jie!

When Sun Jie first attended university, she had just broken free from her family’s supervision. Like many girls who just went to college, she was full of hope for love in university.

Soon after, a man appeared who Sun Jie thought was the destined one for her. This man was Feng Chong. Feng Chong’s appearance wasn’t outstanding, but his grades were outstanding, and he had excellent leadership skills in university. He was elected as the vice chairman of the student council when he was just a freshman!

It wasn’t easy for a freshman student to take this position! Therefore, Feng Chong easily became the Prince Charming for many girls. Sun Jie was also one of them.

However, Sun Jie stood out among many other pursuers because she had outstanding looks and talents, and an extraordinary family history. They soon became a pair.

Although Feng Chong really wanted to further develop his relationship with Sun Jie, her family was strict with her. She never had the chance to build a deeper relationship with Feng Chong. However, her family found out about it. Sun Jie's father, Sun Hongjun, was mad after he learned about the fact. He summoned Sun Jie home and reprimanded her, and instructed her to immediately break up with Feng Chong.

Sun Hongjun was an influential person in Donghai City. Sun Jie was his only daughter, so he valued intensely his daughter’s marriage. He wanted to find someone who would be suited for Sun Jie.

Sun Jie might have gone mad due to her love. She quarreled with her family and left the house without saying anything. She moved to the dormitory of the university and stopped going home.

Perhaps due to the pressure in the family, Sun Jie made a crucial decision. She decided to give her body to Feng Chong. On one hand, she could show her own righteousness. On the other hand, she also created the impression that what was done cannot be undone.

However, Sun Jie also thought that her move might ruin her relationship with her father. She might need to spend her life with Feng Chong. Therefore, Sun Jie decided to give him a test before she completely handed herself over to Feng Chong, so that she could feel at ease.

Although Feng Chong had vowed that he liked Sun Jie and not her family, Sun Jie still retained her rationality and wisdom. After all, it was a time where bridges would be burnt. She couldn’t afford to be careless.

So, Sun Jie asked Feng Chong out and told him that she agreed to go to the hotel with him.

Feng Chong was delighted, and he rushed to a luxury hotel with Sun Jie. When they arrived at the room, Feng Chong was going to take a shower. But Sun Jie stopped him and said that there was something to tell him.

At that time, Feng Chong didn’t care. He thought Sun Jie would ask him if she would love her for a lifetime. But he didn’t expect that Sun Jie wasn’t asking that!

"Feng Chong, something happened with my family." Sun Jie hesitated and said. She didn’t say that she was going against her family.

"What happened? What happened? You can rest assured that I will stand by your side!" Feng Chong thought that Sun Jie was saying that something had happened to her grandparents, so he agreed.

Sun Jie was touched, so she continued, "My father's company went bankrupt, and now the family owes tens of millions in debt..."

"What are you talking about? Your father's company is bankrupt?" Feng Chong said, "The company still owes tens of millions in debt? Are you kidding?"

"No, Feng Chong." Sun Jie shook her head and said, "I didn’t lie to you. The debt collector had come to the door. I really don't know what to do! I will be paying the debt for the rest of my life..."

"You didn't lie to me?" Feng Chong's voice was a little flustered.

After listening to Feng Chong's words and the tone of his speech, Sun Jie suddenly had a bad feeling, but she still shook her head.

"F*ck!" Feng Chong jumped up from the bed and “whoosh”, he jumped three meters away from Sun Jie. "Are you trying to kill me? Are you trying to drag me down with you after having sex? Let me pay for your debts for my whole life?"

"You shouldn't be responsible for paying off debts..." Sun Jie was a little scared and explained a little, "The company's bankruptcy shouldn’t be held accountable by family..."

"Screw it, Sun Jie. I think we should break up!" Feng Chong waved his hand impatiently.

"Feng Chong, what do you mean by this? Didn’t you say that you love me because of me and not my family?" Sun Jie was confused.

"Haha, I was just simply saying it! Who wouldn’t care about the money?" Feng Chong laughed, "I can't deny that Sun Jie. You are really the best woman that I ever had. Moreover, what interests me the most is that you have a good family background! So I chose to be with you! Otherwise, why did you think I chose you? There were many women chasing after me, so what was useful by being beautiful? What I want is a rich family that would save my efforts for twenty years!"

"You..." Sun Jie felt like she didn’t know Feng Chong anymore. She looked angrily at this familiar man, but he was acting like a stranger.

"Ha, fortunately, you are still a virgin. And nothing happened between us, or else I will be in trouble!" Feng Chong said proudly, "Well, Sun Jie, you could still find a rich family son to pay your debt with your appearance. I have nothing to do with you anyway. Maybe he will treat you better because you’re still a virgin!"

"Feng Chong!" Sun Jie was so angry that she didn’t expect Feng Chong to be such a man! She was blind to choose him! Fortunately, the quarrel against her family made her recognize Feng Chong’s true nature!

"Alright, Sun Jie, stop pretending, I didn’t really do anything to you! To tell you the truth, my family is poor, and I wanted to find a rich wife to bring me a fortune in the future! Goodbye!" Feng Chong waved his hand to Sun Jie and walked out the door of the room. He whispered as he walked out, "Damn it, it cost me three hundred yuan for the room!"

Sun Jie almost fainted after listening to it! Was he human? However, Sun Jie was born into a rich family. Her personality wasn’t strong. After crying in the hotel for a night, she decided to start a new life and no longer believed in men.

She cried, not because of Feng Chong, but because she was too stupid. She actually believed Feng Chong’s sweet words and believed in such an animal!

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