So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Last Time Was An Accident

Unexpectedly, Yang Li threw a quick glance at Yang Ming and said, "Is there any use speaking to you? You are just a child. Don't stir up trouble!"

Yang Ming was agitated as he pointed at Yang Li and said, "Yang Li, let me tell you, if it weren’t due to my respect for auntie, I would be really too lazy to take care of your family!"

Yang Ming wasn’t the same as in his past. He not only acquired a special ability but also become the only successor to the King of Assassins. With his current strength, it wasn’t difficult for him to aid Yang Li!

"Big Ming, how can you speak like that?" Yang Dahai glanced at his son and quickly comforted Yang Li, "Don't be angry. Your little brother is also worried about him!"

Yang Ming snorted, and he genuinely wanted to leave on the spot! However, he needed to respect his father, so, he sighed with anger and sat to the side.

"Uncle, what should I do now?" Once Yang Li finished scolding Yang Ming, she had no idea what to do next.

“This…” Although Yang Dahai was older, he had never experienced such a thing in his life. He had no idea at all.

Yang Ming was still calm. After all, he was a person who came out of the detention center. Also, his social experience skyrocketed. So, he didn’t appear to be anxious, but rather he calmly asked, “Aside from the warning to refrain from calling the police, what other requirements were mentioned on the phone? Like asking for ransom?”

"You-!" Yang Li was obviously dissatisfied with Yang Ming's intervention. But, she found what Yang Ming said reasonable, so she refrained from making the situation difficult. She replied truthfully, “No, they wanted me to wait for their call.”

“That's right.” Yang Ming said faintly, “Now we should refrain from doing anything and just wait here!”

"Wait! You want to kill my father!" Yang Li was immediately annoyed.

Yang Ming looked at his cousin with disdain. As the saying goes, people who have big b**bs have no brains. His cousin’s b**bs are unmatched with Sun Jie’s. But, Sun Jie was a hundred times smarter than her. It seems that there was no scientific basis for the saying, people who have big b**bs have no brains.

At that moment, Yang Ming opened his mouth in an attempt to explain, but auntie had already spoken up, “Li Li, Big Ming is right. The only thing we can do now is to wait for them to call us! Now they haven’t made any requests so they will not hurt your father. Let’s wait for them to call and do what they request from us. We should analyze the situation before coming up with any ideas."

Auntie was a little bit calmer. She was able to analyze the problem in a rational manner as usual. Yang Li listened to her mother's words and felt that it was right. But, she didn’t want to agree with Yang Ming's point of view. By doing that, she would admit that she had just made a mistake. So, she left a cold and disdainful sigh.

"Right, what is the phone number of the kidnappers?" asked Yang Ming.

"The messy number seems to come from internet software." Although Yang Li looked down on her cousin, from the current situation, her cousin was the person who could best make the decisions. So, Yang Li didn’t dare to make it difficult for him. After all, it was related to the safety of her father and she couldn’t afford to have her anger take control.

"Internet phone..." Yang Ming sighed and said, "That is basically untraceable."

"Why? Isn’t it possible to find the IP address of the machine that made the call through the network company?" asked Yang Li.

Yang Ming was a little surprised. It seemed that his cousin had some common sense after all! However, college students nowadays only knew the surface of computer knowledge. On the other hand, Yang Ming was studying in the school of computer science. Typically, he was interested in computers. Hence, he had a greater depth of knowledge about it. So, he explained, “Nowadays, many internet phones are free to apply for a trial basis. In addition, they support proxy server settings. If the kidnappers are masters in this area, there is no way to verify it through the proxy server, or even dual agents."

"What should we do now?" Yang Li was overwhelmed.

"Wait." Yang Ming closed his eyes when he finished. Yang Ming was relatively an outsider. If it was his own matter, then he would definitely choose to contact Uncle Chen first, so that he could investigate this matter secretly. But, it was his cousin’s, Yang Li’s, matter. The kidnappers had already stated that they should not make a police report. If he made a self-proclaimed contact with Uncle Chen, then it would be bad if his uncle couldn’t escape. Yang Li would definitely put the blame on him!

Therefore, in order to be safe, Yang Ming decided to listen to the kidnappers’ requests before planning what to do next.

Sure enough, after half an hour, the ear-piercing phone rang again.

"What do we do?" Yang Li looked at the caller ID on the phone in horror. "They’re calling!"

"Answer it with the speakerphone." Yang Ming instructed.

"What should I say?" Yang Li extended her hand to press the speakerphone button, but she stopped again.

"Just answer what you need to say. They will naturally mention their request." Yang Ming said hurriedly, "Hurry up, or the kidnappers will be suspicious of us!"

"Ohoh." Yang Li listened to Yang Ming’s words and quickly pressed the speaker button, “Hello..."

"Hehe, did you call the police?" The voice of a male duck came out from the phone.

"No… no!" Yang Li replied, "How is my dad? What do you guys want?"

"You can rest assured that as long as you cooperate your father will be safe." The tone of the male duck did not have any varying tones. It sounded like the voice came from a voice changer.

"How do you want me to cooperate?" Yang Li was relieved when she heard that her father was safe for now.

"Prepare three hundred thousand in cash, then wait for my call. Tell me your phone number." The person on the phone didn’t express any slight change in emotion.

"What? Three hundred thousand yuan!" Yang Li was shocked. Although her family was rich, it was difficult to take out three hundred thousand yuan at once!

"Why? Too much? Oh, I am sorry..." The male duck laughed in a hoarse voice.

"No... no... my phone number is 13xxxxx3333." Yang Li replied.

"No wonder you are the princess of a rich family. The phone number is good. I will call you in an hour. Now I will give you an hour to collect the money.” When the male duck finished speaking, the kidnapper hung up.

"What do we do?" Yang Li looked at everyone as she hung up the phone.

"What can be done? Prepare the money." Yang Ming shook his head, "Or report to the police. You can choose for yourself."

"But, there isn’t so much money at home!" Yang Li turned around and look at her mother. "Mom, how much can be taken out at home?"

"Liquid capital is basically in the books of your father's company. At home, there is only one million in a passbook account, but it is under your father's name, so we are unable to get it!" Auntie said with great concern.

"Uncle, in your home..." Yang Li suddenly turned to ask Yang Dahai.

But before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Yang Ming. If his father lent money to her, and the uncle was released from the kidnappers, it would be fine. If something bad happened, will she return the money to his own family? For Yang Li's character, Yang Ming had to think carefully, "Aren’t you in good terms with Sun Jie? Her family background should be great. You should approach her to borrow some money."

"Ya, how could I forget about her? She must have a solution!" Yang Li’s eyes flashed as she quickly took out her phone and gave Sun Jie a call, "Hey... Sun Jie, I am Yang Li.… I have something going on at home. My father was kidnapped... Well, that’s fine. I will be waiting for you..."

After speaking on the phone, Yang Li was relieved. It seemed Sun Jie was definitely a person with her own way. That being the case, Yang Ming didn’t care much about it. It was best to have someone else intervene. It would save his time to face Yang Li’s attitude since it was an arduous task with no gratitude.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. It seemed that Sun Jie’s new Audi R8 wasn’t bad. It was fast.

After Sun Jie entered the house, she saw Yang Ming there. She was apparently distracted. But, remembering the relationship between Yang Ming and Yang Li, she regained her composure. However, Yang Ming was a bit embarrassed. After all, she had given him something in the bathroom.

"Hi." For his own woman, Yang Ming certainly wanted to greet her.

Sun Jie did not speak but nodded to Yang Ming. The strange feeling made Yang Ming feel a bit uncomfortable! Damn, at least we spent our intimate moments together in one night. You were drugged with an aphrodisiac last time. When you finished using me, have you forgotten about me?

After all, it was still Yang Ming’s male ego. Didn’t you think our relationship was rather intimate? How could you turn a blind eye to it? Thinking of this, Yang Ming deliberately sat next to Sun Jie. He put his gaze ambiguously at Sun Jie's neckline.

But at that moment, everyone was worried about Yang Dashan's matter. No one seemed to notice Yang Ming's petty action. However, the person involved, Sun Jie, felt Yang Ming’s strange gaze. She rebuked Yang Ming’s gaze as she whispered, “I said last time was an accident. I hope you conduct yourself with dignity.”

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