So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 231

Chapter 231: You Reap What You Sow

The sunglasses man, Biaozi, did not expect that Yang Ming’s attack would be so aggressive. He disabled Liangzi with just one kick. He was frightened and took two steps back nervously. "Who are you? Let me tell you this. Don’t mess with us! If you don't want your whole family to die, it is best to give me a satisfactory explanation!"

"Ha! I think you want to have a taste of being kicked in the head." Yang Ming looked at this man with a dead man’s face, yet still acted cool here. Yang Ming could not help but admire his courage.

"I’m telling you. We are all under Brother De. This is not over!" The sunglasses man, Biaozi, looked at Yang Ming and warned.

"Brother De? That stupid Yu Xiangde? Go back and tell him his time will end soon." Yang Ming said faintly.

"What? You dare to insult Brother De..." As he spoke, someone pulled the trousers of the sunglasses man, Biaozi. Biaozi looked down. No one knew when Liangzi’s pain had alleviated but he started shaking his head at Biaozi!

Right! Biaozi thought of something suddenly, Many ordinary people knew that Brother De was the underworld boss, but they did not know Brother’s real name. Even if they knew, there were few who dared to say his full name. Therefore, this student might be a person in the underworld. If the person in the underworld was not from the north, he must be from the south! According to the tone of his speech, it was possible that he was serving Bao Sanli!

Now that the two groups were fighting non-stop, and Yang Ming was so strong, if he really annoyed him, it was hard to protect himself from getting beaten up. When he thought of that, Biaozi quickly lifted Liangzi and ran. As he was running, he left some words, "You go back and tell Bao Sanli this. Brother De is not finished with him yet! Let’s see how long he can be arrogant!"

Yang Ming listened to Biaozi’s words and was stunned. But he understood it immediately, he couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that these two guys thought they were Bao Sanli’s people, and it escalated from the conflict between them into a conflict between gangs.

However, this was good. Let it be a misunderstanding. At least the two of them would not trouble Yang Ming anymore. Because he definitely thought that Yang Ming was provoking them because of the gangs.

"Thank you, Yang Ming." Song Yu was thankful that Yang Ming had beaten the two rogues. However, she was worried. "Yang Ming, should we discuss this with our teacher and ask him to send two security guards over here? I am afraid that they will bring other people to retaliate."

"It’s alright. They won't come back." Yang Ming shook his head indifferently, then took a look at Zhou Jiajia next to him, and faintly said, "Don’t try to bother with other people’s business. If not, you will be risking your life."

Zhou Jiajia was happy that Yang Ming was speaking to her. But looking at Yang Ming’s expression, he seemed to say that she was being nosy. Zhou Jiajia sighed secretly. Was there an underlying meaning in his words? Was he blaming me for being nosy in the past?

When Zhou Jiajia wanted to explain, Yang Ming had already turned his head and continued to distribute leaflets.

Although Song Yu and Zhou Jiajia were fine, the class 01’s class monitor, Yu Shuai, was badly injured by the kick from the sunglasses man! Yu Shuai did not train his body very much, so his ability to take a hit was far weaker. In addition, another kick landed in the middle of his abdomen. It was the position of the bladder. It was a pain in the a**, and it would cause the bladder to bleed if it was serious.

Therefore, Yu Shuai hated Yang Ming. Why didn’t you help earlier? Were you standing there watching the fun?

If Yang Ming knew about Yu Shuai’s thought, Yang Ming might have beaten him on the spot. If you were not eager to be a hero in front of the beauties, would you get kicked? You were not capable of fighting, and yet you still acted like a hero. You’re lucky that you’re still alive!

As Yang Ming expected, the two men didn’t trouble him again. They obviously had targeted Bao Sanli for revenge.

Both gangs were on the edge of starting a war, so it wasn’t a big deal to have an additional conflict. Yang Ming did not feel that this would trouble Bao Sanli.

Half a day had passed in the blink of an eye. For lunch, the school ordered everyone a lunch box. Yang Ming also took one. The quality of the food was not bad. There were two vegetables and one meat, and this was considered good since it was free.

It was November, the season from late autumn to early winter. The terrain by the railway station was large and empty, so the wind was very strong. Yang Ming turned his back toward the wind while eating his lunch. He took a look at the others, and they were doing the same.

The workload in the afternoon was obviously a lot less than the morning, and their enthusiasm was not as high as before. Other groups had similar encounters as Yang Ming's group. They had encountered a lot of unreasonable people, but there had been no conflict.

At the time of the gathering, the secretary and the tutors asked each group to report on their work experience. In Yang Ming’s group, after Zhou Jiajia and Song Yu reported, Yu Shuai added a sentence because he hated Yang Ming. "Aside from the conflict between Yang Ming and the gangsters, the work is considered perfect!"

What is "Aside from the conflict between Yang Ming and the gangsters?" How can this be a trivial matter? The secretary immediately frowned when he heard it. How can Yu Shuai be a class monitor?

Why don’t you say it out in full? Since you’re still pretending to be indifferent, did you think I didn't know what you’re thinking? Looking at your appearance, I’m sure that you deliberately said this so that I would hold someone accountable, right?

The two previous team leaders did not say this, but you reported it. What do you want? Yes, a class committee should be honest, but you are not being honest. You are being a snitch!

The secretary was not happy with the way that Yu Shuai snitched. Can’t you report properly? Then he asked, "What the hell is going on?"

Yu Shuai pretended to be conflicted. He looked at Yang Ming, and then looked at Zhou Jiajia, but he did not speak.

The secretary was even more annoyed by this guy. Yu Shuai, your character seemed to be very problematic! You didn’t dare to admit what you said? You pretended to slip it out of your tongue, and now you’re trying to be a good guy!

Ok fine. You don't have to say anything. I’ll talk to Xie Yongqiang later. This kind of evil-minded person should not be the class monitor, let alone in the student council!

"Let me talk about it." Song Yu knew that the matter was caused by her. Yang Ming was helping her so she told the truth. After she finished telling the story, she apologized, "I am sorry, secretary. I was trying to hide it from you. This is because I was worried that the school would worry about us."

The secretary nodded after listening, but his face did not look good! Yu Shuai, you are really good. You were beaten up, but you did not say anything. People had defeated the punks, and yet you’re being a snitch. Aren’t you to biting the hand that feeds you? Ok, I will remember it!

Yu Shuai listened to Song Yu's explanation, and his face turned red and green. He wanted to snitch on Yang Ming, but he did not expect it to end like this! It seemed that the secretary got angry at him. He made up for himself quickly, "Secretary, I actually meant that the original intention of Yang Ming was good, but the handling was somewhat extreme! He should have gone to the teacher first! ”

"Yeah, I don't know why you didn't go to the teacher at the time." Yang Ming listened and faintly inserted.

"The situation was urgent. I was forced to do it." Yu Shuai was shocked. How did he forget about this? Yang Ming had a checkmate.

"Hehe, you said the situation was urgent. If I went to the teacher, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to even stand up now." Yang Ming said sullenly, but the people present knew Yang Ming was telling the truth.

"Okay, this is the end of the matter! It was good that none of you were hurt." The secretary said in a proper way, "Well, we will dismiss you for today! For those who want to go back to school, stay and the school bus will be here soon. For those who don’t want to, sign here and you may leave.”

Yang Ming was preparing to go home. Yang Ming usually went home on Fridays, but he hadn’t gone back because of this activity. So he decided to go back today.

Yang Ming stopped a taxi on the road and was about to get in. He saw Zhou Jiajia and Song Yu run over. Yang Ming frowned asked, "Is there something the matter?"

"Wait a minute! Hehe, Yang Ming, I heard that your home is near the Song Jiang Bus Factory?" asked Zhou Jiajia.

Are you acting dumb? Yang Ming sneered secretly. Both of them were junior high school classmates. His address was clearly written on the original contact record. Why was she asking again? However, because Song Yu was next to her, and she was the assistant class monitor of her class, and because in the future, he would definitely trouble Song Yu because he and Sun Zhiwei were not on the right track, Yang Ming did not expose it and asked, "Yes, what's the matter?"

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