So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Courting Death

It was a mystery on whether her personality had changed, or she had grown up. Zhou Jiajia viewed things differently. It turned out that Zhou Jiajia, who was realistic in the past, had turned out to be somewhat sophisticated.

The leaflets they passed out were tossed to the ground. Zhou Jiajia just silently picked them up and threw them in a recycling bin behind her. Yang Ming noticed and shook his head. She was different from the Zhou Jiajia in his memory. The previous impression of this person in front of him had shattered into pieces...

However, Yang Ming had a cynical thought. Did Zhou Jiajia have multiple personalities? Didn’t she actually involve herself with the passion video?

"What happened to you? Why are you impolite?"

Yang Ming turned around. It seemed to be Song Yu’s voice. At this moment, she was pointing at a young man with sunglasses and said, “How can you spit on my leaflet and toss it on the ground?”

"Damn, if you gave it to me, then it is mine. I’ll do what I want!" The young man glared at Song Yu.

"It is the citizen’s duty to refrain from the littering of papers." Song Yu frowned as she didn’t expect the person in front of her to be so rude.

"Biaozi, why don't you go? Why are you wasting time here?" A bald head said impatiently as he approached the sunglasses man.

"Ha! This little girl is telling me about five disciplines and four graces [1], the seven forbiddens of the city! Hahaha! Damn, that’s so hilarious!" The sunglasses man unscrupulously laughed as he said, “It reminds me of my childhood. What a familiar voice! Hahahaha!"

"Stop wasting time. Hurry. Brother De instructed us to finish the war strategy today!" The bald head reminded him.

"Little girl, remember. Don't say anything to the underworld about five disciplines and four graces!" The sunglasses man reached out and tapped on Song Yu's face. Then, he grabbed a few leaflets from her hand, tore them into pieces and tossed them on the ground in front of her.

"You--" Song Yu was a bit angry. She didn’t expect this person to act daringly!

Even Zhou Jiajia, who was beside her, couldn’t bear to see it. She spoke with slight agitation, "Aren’t you going a bit overboard?"

“Overboard?” The sunglasses man, Biaozi, said to the bald head next to him, “Liangzi, did you hear it? She said that I went overboard!”

Hahahaha! Stupid!” Liangzi threw a glare at Zhou Jiajia. He promptly portrayed a lewd face to her. “Hey! Little sister is quite pretty! Do you want to have fun with brother?"

"Damn you for saying that!" Yu Shuai stopped what he had been doing immediately. The person who got insulted was the person he liked. So, Yu Shuai acted impulsively. But, he was quite optimistic about the situation. They were only two people, while he had four big men by his side. Also, the lecturers from the college were patrolling nearby. It was impossible for something bad to happen to him.

"Well?" The bald-head, Liangzi, flipped his eyelids and glanced at Yu Shuai, "Who the f*ck are you? You are nobody!"

"Don’t you know how to speak properly?" At this time, Li Xiaozhi also came up. Li Xiaozhi was Yu Shuai's confidant. Naturally, he was going to help Yu Shuai. As a result, Yu Shuai wasn’t afraid of them. A fight on equal grounds with two people against another two. The outcome was still uncertain! "You should apologize to her, then there is nothing wrong with it, otherwise..."

"Otherwise?" The sunglasses man, Biaozi, was also somewhat displeased. He had wasted some time with the little sister, but it was flirting. He couldn't be interested in wasting his time on this stupid trash of a male student. "Otherwise you will hit me? Stupid!"

"What are you talking about?" Yu Shuai went up and pushed the man in sunglasses. It was typical for most males to pretend to be a man in front of the woman they liked. But, if this trick was utilized well enough, it would often come with miraculous effects!

Therefore, many people have tried and tested it. For example, Yang Ming read a web novel where there was a person named Liu Lei who was a bad*ss and displayed his bad*ss full-fledged. [2]

However, it was only exclusive to those who had the strength to be bad*ss in order to succeed. For Yu Shuai, Yang Ming wasn’t clear on whether he had such strength. So, he had been observing it with his keen eyes.

"Little brat, do you want to die?" The sunglasses man, Biaozi, noticed Yu Shuai actually dared to start the fight. He immediately burst into anger as he raised his hand and wanted to slap Yu Shuai.

Yu Shuai wasn’t stupid. After he pushed the sunglasses man, he dodged behind and then yelled, "Brothers, these two guys are picking a fight. Let's teach them a lesson together!"

His words were meant for Yang Ming and Liu Huang. It was because Li Xiaozhi was standing on the same side as him.

Liu Huang belonged to the nerdy type. He only knew how to write and draw, so Sun Zhiwei didn’t recognize him. How could he possibly participate in this fight? As soon as Liu Huang noticed something happen, he went into hiding and ran far away.

And Li Xiaozhi wasn’t a person who could fight. Generally, students who were enrolled in college based on their actual academic skills were basically good students, except for sports students. Like Li Xiaozhi and Yu Shuai, they had never been in a fight in high school. Occasionally, they pretended to be a bad*ss in front of their classmates. If a fight actually broke out, they would be helpless!

Yu Shuai was initially provocative, but he noticed that Yang Ming didn’t intend to help. He was somewhat at a loss on what to do next! He looked at the two people in front of him and at first glance, they didn’t seem to be quality goods. They must be veteran fighters. So, any action from their own side was equal to courting death!

"Dumb*ss?" The sunglasses man saw the situation on Yu Shuai's side. He was arrogant as he took a step forward. Then, he pointed his finger at Yu Shuai’s head and said arrogantly, "Have you gone mad from studying at university, dumb*ss?" Then, he directly launched a kick at Yu Shuai and said, "Motherf*cker, you forced me to do this. How dare you go against me? Are you courting death?"

"Little sister, your boyfriend is a shackle. You should follow brother. I will make sure that you will have prestige wherever you go. There will be people calling you the sister-in-law with a luxurious life coming ahead of you. I will let you see who was the real bad*ss." The bald head, Liangzi, also took the opportunity to creep his hand on Zhou Jiajia.

Zhou Jiajia dodged Liangzi’s lewd hand in an agile manner, and she spoke plainly, "Well, you need to stop. After a while, the school security guards are coming. You can't escape."

"Ha! Are you trying to scare me? Do you think that I can be easily scared?" The sunglasses man, Biaozi, apparently didn’t put Zhou Jiajia's words in his heart. "Is the security very powerful? Let me tell you that I had gone into the detention center many times!"

"Just go with us!" The bald head, Liangzi, smiled creepily and came up to grasp Zhou Jiajia's hand.

Song Yu immediately went forward and pulled Zhou Jiajia away. Zhou Jiajia stood up for her so she could not sit by idly.

"Hey, little sister, do you want to go with me?" The sunglasses man smiled.

"Ha! Not bad, you want to follow us for a foursome!" The bald head, Liangzi, suggested.

Yang Ming frowned. The two of them were getting more ridiculous as they spoke further. Although Yang Ming wouldn’t want to bother about Zhou Jiajia, Song Yu was, after all, his classmate, and even more so, the assistant class monitor. Yang Ming had a moderate impression of her. She wasn’t as bad as Sun Zhiwei. Often, she was standing on the side of the students rather than backstabbing.

"Look at you! Ha, Biaozi, you see, there’s a second idiot watching us on the other side!" The bald head, Liangzi, suddenly pointed at Yang Ming as he laughed at them.

"Damn, do you envy us? Haha, come over. Call me grandfather. Grandfather will bring you along to play. Let's do a 5p!" [3] The sunglasses man smirked.

Motherf*cker, are you uncomfortable with not having me beating you up? Yang Ming could not help but be involved in the situation. He was hesitant to take a shot. This fellow was forcing himself to make a decision and take action!

Yang Ming smiled and shook his head. What was courting death? Some people just liked to play with fire!

"Why are you shaking your head?" The bald head, Liangzi, still persisted with his nonsense.

Yang Ming just walked over and spoke plainly, "Isn’t it endless?" Then he turned to look at Zhou Jiajia and Song Yu, and said, "Both of you continue your work. Don't bother yourself with these two fools."

Song Yu didn’t know Yang Ming’s strength. She found it a bit puzzling and a bit worrisome. However, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Zhou Jiajia’s mouth, He was finally making a move.

"You motherf*cker!" The bald head, Liangzi, and the sunglasses man, Baozi, was just having fun being a bad*sses. Suddenly, Yang Ming poured cold water on them. They stopped as they swore secretly, The current student brat was really not afraid of courting death. Behind the fallen was an endless column of successors!

Yang Ming heard the words of the bald head, Liangzi, in greeting his mother. Immediately, his pupils shrunk as he turned around to face him. He just kicked Liangze’s head. In the blink of an eye, there was a bloody print on the big bald head.

Yang Ming used to be a master of fighting. Now, after Fang Tian’s training, he was even more deadly. If Yang Ming’s kick was slightly lower and stronger, the bald head, Liangzi, would be a dead person.

But even now, this guy was still holding his head as he crouched on the floor in agonizing pain.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Teachings of five disciplines and four graces emphasized good character and good attitude.

[2] Liu Lei - the MC from this novel’s prequel

[3] 5p = 5 person. In this context, it’s used as a sexual term of fivesome. 

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